21 Most Calming Paint Colors For Every Room

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Psychology says that color is a powerful communication tool and can influence our moods. In fact, you must have witnessed that umpteen times by now. We all have a favorite color, don’t we? If you really think about it, one of the reasons we like that color is because of how it makes us feel.

Apart from classy, comfy furniture, hi-tech appliances, and art pieces, a very powerful force in our lives that gives our homes the ‘homely’ vibe is the paint we choose for our walls. It really is omnipresent throughout the house. How would you feel if you walked right into a room painted blood red top to bottom? Witnessing that wouldn’t feel so good, would it?

With that in mind, it is needed that we choose the colors for our walls with great care. After all, we expect our homes to give out calming vibes along with endless comfort.

Some Tips On How To Choose Soothing Paint Colors For Your Walls:

  • Think of what you want the space you’re choosing to paint to make you feel

What kind of emotions do you want that space to evoke within you? Do you want to feel happy, or just simply calm? For a happy vibe, you can choose a soft color like a pale lilac. For a calm vibe, you can choose from a variety of colors—teal, forest green, deep blue, etc.

  • Think Neutrals

Neutral colors are hues that appear to be without color, for example, beige. As opposed to yellow, beige does not look colorful (they typically don’t even appear on the color wheel). Neutrals have the ability to instantly make your space look calm if painted on walls.

  • Light and soft shades

Lighter and softer shades of warm and cool colors can magically turn your space soothing. An example of a light warm color would be pale yellow, while that of a light cool color would be pale sea green.

  • Don’t just go with one shade

The best way to make the most of soothing colors is to choose a color palette and adjust accordingly, that is, choose a darker shade for one wall and lighter shades for the rest of the walls. As opposed to using just one shade, this will bring in a lot of variety in terms of creating a calm, soothing space.

Now that you know what all you need to keep in mind before you embark on your journey of selecting soothing colors for your walls, let’s first tell you what all colors are there that have the potential! Here are the 21 most calming colors you can paint your walls with to have your very own color therapy at home and chill BIG TIME.

21 Most Calming Paint Colors

1. Teal

This color is at the top of the list for a reason. A mix of blue and green, teal is a favorite color of the masses, and looking at it gives an ultimate sense of bliss and peace that can’t really be just put into words.

A dark, deep, and soothing teal will emit a pleasant ambiance whenever you enter the room. Because of its intensity, consider painting just one wall with it and a lighter shade on the rest so it can be balanced out.

2. Gray

Soft Gray

A soft gray is a very light shade of gray, with warm gray undertones. Since it’s a very neutral shade, it can be painted in any room. Painting your walls soft gray will not only give the room a classy look but also make it appear airy and spacious. It creates an effortlessly calm atmosphere.

Medium Gray

Take soft gray and make it a shade darker and you get the regular, medium gray. This color has the capacity to turn your space extremely classy and chic. Although this color will look good in every room, you can consider using this for your office to add a whole lot of elegance.

Charcoal Gray

A darker version of regular gray,  charcoal gray upscales the ambiance tenfold if painted on the walls. It is a really soothing shade too and gives out a rich luxurious feel. This is one of the dark shades that do not make your room appear smaller.

3. White

Although having white walls can be nothing short of taking a risk when you have kids around, it is the vanilla flavor of colors—plain and simple, but one of a kind. If you are bold enough, go with white walls and let the simplicity work its magic.

If paired with the right furniture and accessories, white walls will give you an unornamented royal look, something a lot of colors don’t have the capacity to do to your space. Also, I guess we need not mention its soothing overtone, because you must already know how subtly white works its way into your sense of calm.

4. Sky Blue

When you get out of the house and the sky is blue and clear, the stillness it exhibits along with a dash of coolness just feels so familiar, right? You can have that in your very own home if you decide to paint your walls a sky blue color.

A soft, faint blue room will definitely lighten your mood.

5.  Mauve

Pale Mauve

Via Cocolapinedesign

Pale Mauve is a soft mix of light gray and lilac and gives out a very flowery and lively feel. It is one of the colors that can easily make your room look abundantly colorful without being too bright at the same time, which is why we absolutely love it. This can be a great choice for kids’ rooms or even living or dining rooms.

You can also use the following shades of Mauve:

 Mocha Mauve

Via Glidden

Mauve is a great color, and really any shade will work its charm in your house. But compared to a pale version, a mocha mauve is more vivacious and gives off flowery feels. Again, it’s not too bright, but dark enough and sooo easy on the eyes.

You can consider using this shade for just one wall and balancing it out with lighter colors on other walls; but if you’d like it on all walls, go ahead!

Deep Mauve

Via Shapelessstudio

Want to triple the flowery feels, comforting vibes, and liveliness in the living room or bedroom? Paint your walls a deep mauve. This darker shade of mauve will instantly soothe your eyesight as soon as you enter your room.

6. Lilac

Pale Lilac

Via Hgtv

A pale lilac is a mix of light purple with gray undertones.  Go to your pale lilac-painted room, take a deep breath, and immerse yourself in the tranquility this shade produces. Thank us later. This toned-down version of lilac can go in any room and will make your rooms look spacious and perky without looking bland.

You can use other shades of lilac as well, like this one, which is a bit brighter:

 Plain Lilac

A shade darker than pale lilac, a plain lilac is a regular lilac and can totally modify your house if you choose it for your dear walls. This is where the lavendery feels start to subtly creep in, and kicks the charm of lilac up another notch.

7. Deep Purple

Deep purple walls can manage to look mysterious and serene at the same time. It’s a very intense shade that looks black in certain lighting. Use decor that’s gold in color—it’ll go along with this shade perfectly and give a rich vibe to your room.

8. Beige

This color is a very soft, creamy pastel with undertones of brown, and makes your space appear very cozy and embracing. It is like the white paint shade—it can go with every piece of furniture or art decorations. This flexible nature of beige makes it a good choice for every room.

9. Sea Green

Remember teal? Sea green is somewhat a softer version of teal, with undertones of blue and green. Go for this color and your walls will always give you a cold, minty, and beachy feel. The very appearance of this color is enough to make you calm instantly and switch your “chilling” mode on.

10. Deep Blue

Deep Blue is one such shade of blue that instantly radiates royal feels. It’s just the right amount of dark without a lot of brightness. As soon as you set eyes on walls painted deep blue, they’ll induce a sense of calm and coolness, and we bet you wouldn’t want to leave unless you have to.

11.  Tan

Tan is a darker shade of beige and can do wonders for your walls. All the shades of beige are classy and simple, but the darker ones add a different touch.

Tan is deep but still has the potential to make your room look spacious. In fact, you can use this color for all four walls and still wouldn’t have to worry about your room looking congested like most of the other dark colors.

12. Sage Green

Pale Sage Green

Sage green is a color that resembles that of a dried sage leaf—it’s a dusty kind of soft green with a pale gray undertone. This green pastel will give your walls a soft, neutral look without making them look bland. It’s almost as if the green there but not there at the same time. Amazing, isn’t it?

Dark Sage Green

Via Farrow&Ball

A darker shade of sage green builds up an extremely unique calming effect in your space while also creating a rich atmosphere.

Remember what the dark shade of beige can do? That is exactly what this one does. It will make your rooms look spacious despite being a dark shade. This is a very desirable quality only some selective colors display.

13. Black

We know, we know. Hear us out. Choosing black as a wall paint color may sound like an extremely absurd idea, but if used in the right manner it can easily turn alluring. There is no doubt about its calming effects because it’s clearly anything but BRIGHT. You need to use black smartly for it to create the right effect.

If the room is small, paint one wall black, but if it’s big enough you can also go for a completely black look. Use minimal furniture in colors that don’t stand out too much against black, and you will have a serene AND posh room in no time.

14.  Coral

Coral is a soft shade of pink with an orangish undertone. It’s a really fun color, kind of different from all the others on the list.

It’s slightly bright and soft on the eyes at the same time. It can very smoothly make your rooms appear bubbly and chirpy, AND it looks amazing when paired with indoor plants.

15. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown gives a very classy and down-to-earth look if used for the walls. It’s pleasant to the eyes and can look fabulous paired with a bit of dark beige. Again, it’s a part of the cool wall colors club (kind of like the popular kids club)—it can make your room look elegantly spacious despite being a dark shade.

Additional pro (con?)—it will make you crave chocolate.

16. Sage Gray

Via Thegatheredhome

This color is a dreamy mix of a deep, muted shade of gray with a dash of a green undertone. This amazing shade will give your room a neutral look while being easy on the eyes. It has just the right amount of grey and green to make your walls ooze a sense of tranquility.

17. Pale Yellow

Want that 60’s country look that instills a sense of warmth and energy as soon as you enter the house? Paint your walls a pale yellow. This color is light enough to make your room look spacious while also adding a bit of liveliness to your place.

18. Forest Green

Forest Green will give your rooms a forest-like feel—in the lap of nature surrounded by greenery all around, but in the absence of actual trees. What we love about this shade so much is that it has the immense ability to make you serene as soon as you set your eyes on it. What more, you can even add plants to your forest green painted rooms for an enhanced effect!

This shade of green with some golden decor can give a serious royal look as well.

19. Pale Blush

Via Southernliving

Another beautifully soothing color that’s also bubbly is Pale Blush. This softer, lighter shade of a medium bright tone of red-violet has the ability to make your room look both calm and luxurious. It will definitely bring back memories of those 90s highschool romcoms where pink was THE ultimate favorite.

20. Griege

Via Sebringdesignbuild

Griege is simply beige plus gray—it is richer than beige and gray by themselves and works both in cool and warm color schemes. It will give a simple, neutral, and classy look to your walls without looking too extra.

21. Blue Gray

Upon mixing gray with a bit of blue you get this shade. Blue and gray alone are classy colors, so imagine what mixing them would give birth to! This shade has the capacity to add elegance to your home and also give the walls a sleek, royal finish.

Now that you know a whole lot of colors that can transform your house from a stressful place to one where you can relax, choose whichever ones you like, and start customizing your very own space! Happy painting!

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