31 Best Bathroom Paint Colors

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It is a proven fact that colors affect our mood. The paint of a room alone can create a desirable atmosphere—for example, light and bright shades create an energetic and vibrant atmosphere. So, it’s important to choose paints carefully, no matter which room they are for.

If you’re giving your bathroom a makeover, the major point that you should keep in mind while selecting the paints is what ‘vibe’ you want in there. For example, if you are a person who works all day long and wants to feel relaxed under the shower after an exhausting day, then you should go for the paints that will create a soothing and calming atmosphere in the bathroom.

So the first step is to decide the ‘vibe’. But that’s not all. There are a number of colors and each of them has hundreds of shades. Even after knowing the vibe, you might be confused about the right shade.

But no worries, this article covers everything you need to know before choosing the right paint shade for your bathroom. So scroll down and check it out!


Before moving on, you should know that these rules are not only applicable to the bathroom but to ANY room. So if you are willing to paint any other room, you can follow these rules.

  • Choosing the Vibe-

As mentioned above, you have to decide the vibe you want in your bathroom. Personally, I think light colors give out a relaxing feel which is desirable. But the effect of each color differs from person to person. So you should choose the shade which makes you feel relaxed and chill.

  • Lighting is Important-

The light in your bathroom—whether natural or artificial—complements the paint color. It brings out the paint’s nature and makes your bathroom appear warm, relaxing, gloomy, etc.

Sunlight brings out the true shade of the paint, incandescent lights bring out warm shades and yellows, and the fluorescent lights bring out a sharp blue shade.

  • The Color Wheel-

There are gazillions of colors from which you’ve to choose the best ones for your bathroom. Of course, it’s confusing. So use the color wheel to learn which colors compliment each other well.

  • Choose Any Three-

Choose any three colors from the color wheel—one neutral, one rich, and one accent. Keep a proper proportion among them—70:20:10 is the best one. If you don’t want to go for three colors, choose at least two (then the right proportion will be 70:30).

  • Play with the Colors-

You can mix up the colors and play with them instead of going for just one. The best hue for any bathroom is a neutral one. So pick up two neutrals and keep the proper proportion i.e. 70:30. Pair it up with tiles and floorings with designs.

Often people hesitate to paint dark colors in their bathrooms but there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Hues like cocoa and charcoal give the bathroom a bold and classy look when paired up with white fixtures.

But if you want something super vibrant, then mix up two bright colors. For example, orange and blue will make a great couple! And if you are a nature-lover, go for the organic or earthly colors.

Keep in mind, when you choose a vibrant, bold color, balance it with a neutral.

  • Test Your Choice-

Do NOT hesitate to test the hues you’ve picked for your bathroom. Paint them on a poster board and check whether they look good or not.

Now that you know the different rules of thumb to follow, here are the BEST paint colors for your bathroom.

1. Decorator’s White By Benjamin Moore

Decorator’s White is from the Designer Classic Collection by Benjamin Moore. It’s a warm white tone, with LRV-84. This classic hue is perfect to enhance your mood and make you feel relaxed at the same time.

Combine it with various styles and designs for bringing out its true nature. You can go for a light and warm shade of blue to complement it. Or you can color all the walls with it and pair it with elegant marble fixtures and floorings.

2. Softer Tan By Sherwin Williams

Softer Tan is a beautiful shade of yellow by Sherwin Williams with LRV-60. This hue has similar shades that vary in saturation and LRVs but this one is the most preferred over all the other ones—its warm tone pairs up gorgeously with white marble floors.

Combine it with a warm white color to finish the soft, neutral look but it alone can make the bathroom look sophisticated and make it appear like a serene place.

3. Tranquility By Benjamin Moore

Tranquility belongs to the Affinity Color Collection by Benjamin Moore. It is a soft blue color with a tinge of green in it that makes it appear gray, with LRV-54.

The palette of hues used to create this shade is blended in such a way that the hue appears deep but not too much. It can work its charm alone but will be enhanced if complemented with grayish-black or dark brown and tan yellow colors.

The cool and relaxing atmosphere is what this hue aspires to give to the bathroom. Designed fixtures and tiles will pair up beautifully with it.

4. Twilight Magenta By Benjamin Moore

Twilight Magenta by Benjamin Moore is a glossy pink shade with LRV-13. If you want a shade that stands out, then this color is perfect.

Combine it with a deep shade of black to give out a moody and mysterious vibe, just like the essence of twilight. It’ll look alluring when paired up with white marble floors and countertops.

Crushed Berries (by Benjamin Moore), which is similar to Twilight Magenta, but relatively lighter, can also be applied in place of it.

5. Blushing Pink By Sherwin Williams

Blushing Pink paint by Sherwin Williams is a light shade of orange that appears pink in certain lighting, with LRV-68. It’ll give the bathroom a playful and sweet atmosphere with a sophisticated edge. A kind of peachy pink that is loved by the kids out there, it is perfect for a girl’s bathroom.

You can combine it with cool white paint for a pretty yet grown-up look. White fixtures and accents will go well with this.

6. Inkwell By Sherwin Williams

Inkwell by Sherwin Williams is a shade of black appearing dark grayish in color, with LRV-4. It gives a bold and sharp atmosphere yet relaxing. A similar shade like the Black Of Night (also by Sherwin Williams) can be used in place of it.

You can even combine it with an off-white shade to give a classy and monochrome look for your bathroom.

7. Palladian Blue By Benjamin Moore

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore is a fresh mint paint that is a perfect blend of sky blue and a touch of green, with LRV-61. It’ll give the bathroom a fresh, calm, and relaxed atmosphere.

Combine it with a light shade of black or brown and cream white color to get the desired vibe. Similar paint like Turquoise Mist by Benjamin Moore can also be used in place of it.

8. Icy By Sherwin Williams

Icy by Sherwin Williams is a dusty blue shade, with LRV-56. It pairs up beautifully with any design, style and ends up giving a fresh and calming atmosphere. Mix it up with dark tan or cream white paints.

A similar paint called Mild Blue by Sherwin Williams is a comparatively lighter shade but gives off the same vibes. White accents and designed tiles and floors will blend in a charming manner with this shade.

9. Balboa Mist By Benjamin Moore

Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore belongs to their Classic Color Collection and is a mixture of several beautiful hues, with LRV-67. It is a perfect timeless paint that will give an elegant atmosphere to the bathroom. Complement it with gray paint or stone tiles or light colors for a graceful look.

It’s similar in color to Athena (also by Benjamin Moore) and can be used instead of it. Beautiful white accents are enough to finish the look.

10. Chantilly Lace By Benjamin Moore

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is a crisp, clean white shade that seems like soft and pure silk, with LRV-92. It will give a sophisticated and delicate look to the bathroom. It is perfect for creating a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere that you desire after a long tiring day.

It can be combined with a deep shade of gray or a dusty blue shade.

11. Charcoal Color

Charcoal is a bold and classy shade of gray which gives a moody yet sophisticated atmosphere to the bathroom. Although it seems a little dark, it will undoubtedly give the relaxing vibe you want in there and make you feel cozy but with an edge.

Finish off the look by combining it with natural wood tones and metallic accents to make your bathroom bold yet calming.

12. Pistachio Paint

It is a beautiful and subtle shade of green that will create an energetic but soothing atmosphere. A combination of this color with white accents will give a sophisticated look to the bathroom.

To get an earthy vibe, Pistachio with wooden fixtures. An off-white or cream white hue along with white marble floors will go pretty well with it too.

13. Rainwashed By Sherwin Williams

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams is a versatile light green shade, with LRV-59. The moderate LRV makes it seem ever-changing as the lighting changes throughout the day. It will look gorgeous combined with a fresh white shade or stone brown hue.

There are similar shades of this hue with different LRVs but this one is more neutral and, thus, is more preferred for bathrooms.

14. Cerulean Blue

This bright tropical sea hue will give a charming look and a relaxing atmosphere to the bathroom. It instantly creates beachy vibes and will make you feel like you are on vacation.

Pair it with crisp whites to get a traditional, sailing atmosphere or vintage whites along with bright lights to get a beach house style. You can even paint the floor blue or get a white marble floor.

15. Veiled Violet By Sherwin Williams

Veiled Violet by Sherwin Williams is a lovely muted purple shade having a warm gray undertone, with LRV-47. As it’s neutral and not dull, it’s perfect for guest bathrooms. It will look beautiful combined with cream white shades and white accents.

Beguiling Mauve (by SW) is comparatively a darker one, can also be used instead of this.

16. Soft Gray Paint

Soft gray, which is a cool shade of granite and concrete, will keep the atmosphere neutral but with an edge. Add dark wooden furniture or flooring to match the coolness of this hue. Or, if you want a classic look then match it up with neutral accents.

You can choose your own style as soft gray can be combined with anything from soft pink to bright orange. It is indeed perfect for giving a soothing vibe to the bathroom.

17. Brown  Paint

This shade is perfect if you want an earthy look in the bathroom. It will give you a relaxing, more spa-like atmosphere.

Pair up dark chocolate brown with metallic gold accents for a sleek look. Light brown looks better when used to complement cream-white, soft blue, or beige. Keep in mind that medium shades look better with lighter accents, so go accordingly.

18. Ashley Gray By Benjamin Moore

Ashley Gray by Benjamin Moore is a muted shade of gray with an olive tint, and LRV-32. It will give the bathroom a neutral look but with an attitude, and create an elegant and rich vibe.

Complement it with off-white and dark gray colors, along with hardwood floors to bring out that verve.

19. Naval By Sherwin Williams

Naval by Sherwin Williams is a navy blue shade, with LRV-4. It is perfect to give a nautical, Meditteranean look to the bathroom.

For a traditional, sophisticated, and relaxing atmosphere, pair it with white accents or wood details.  You can also combine it with icicle or cream colors or white tiles.

20. Gray Owl By Benjamin Moore

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore is a very light gray shade, with LRV-65. It is a perfect mixture of bold, saturated colors that will illuminate the bathroom and make it vibrant with its extraordinary nature.

It’s rich enough to be painted on just one wall and neutral enough to paint all your bathroom walls with it too. Also, the combination of Gray Owl with white marbles looks classy.

21. Passive By Sherwin Williams

Passive by Sherwin Williams is a pale gray color, with LRV-60. It reflects light in such a way that it forms subtle shadows of the furniture without contortion and will give the bathroom a sophisticated and subtle look with a certain warmth.

Also, it pairs up well with cream white having a yellow undertone, along with white marble tiles. However, it can slay all on its own too.

22. Ballet White By Benjamin Moore

Ballet White by Benjamin Moore is an off-white shade, with LRV-73. You can paint all the walls using this hue and pair it up with stylish furniture and tiles. It is a sophisticated and versatile hue that won’t take the attention away from the designed tiles and other accents but rather puts them in the limelight.

23. Ardent Coral By Sherwin Williams

Ardent Coral by Sherwin Williams is a soft red shade, with LRV-30. It is bright and gives life to the room by pairing up beautifully with white tiles and marble floors. You can also combine cream-white or darker red hues with it as well.

Although it looks sweet and energetic, it will surely help you feel relaxed after a long day.

24. Childlike By Sherwin Williams

Childlike by Sherwin Williams is a flirty pink shade, with LRV-60, and is perfect if you’re a pink-lover. It looks gorgeous with white accents and tiles, and especially marble. It can also pair well with an off-white shade or a shade of greige.

25. Mopboard Black By Benjamin Moore

Mopboard Black by Benjamin Moore is an intense shade of black, with LRV-4, and is perfect for giving a bold and mysterious look to the bathroom. The best part is that it goes with almost EVERYTHING— metallics, whites, or neutrals.

So if you want that classy and modern look in your bathroom, this shade is the right choice. Also, it can carry the whole look of the bathroom on its back alone, no other hue is needed to complement it.

26. Sparrow By Benjamin Moore

Sparrow by Benjamin Moore belongs to the Affinity Collection and the versatility of this color makes it impressive. It is a sophisticated color created by a palette of beautiful hues, with LRV-19. It goes along with cream or ivory accents or furniture.

You can also combine it with both light and dark shades of gray for a classic look.

27. Light Yellow By Benjamin Moore

Light Yellow by Benjamin Moore is an illuminating shade of yellow, with LRV-85. It is pretty unusual for bathrooms as it’s more of a “beach house” paint. But, if you wanna do something out of the normal, then this is perfect for creating a bright and happy atmosphere in your bathroom.

It will pair up beautifully with white accents and marble floors. It will also complement wooden furniture.

28. Morning Glory By Sherwin Williams

Morning Glory by Sherwin Williams is a lighter navy blue shade, with LRV-8. It is perfect to get the oceanic or nautical atmosphere in the bathroom and looks amazing with designed wallpaper. You can also go for white accents and instead of wallpapers, tiles with designs can also be used.

If you wanna keep it simple, combine it with off-white or cream color with a yellow undertone.

29. Red Paint

This bright, reddish coral paint is not at all subtle. Paint the bathroom walls with it and pair up with white accents and crisp white tiles. Keep it simple by not combining any other color with it.

If you are hesitant to paint such a bright color in your bathroom, paint just one wall red and the rest white. You can later paint more areas if you want or keep it as it is.

30. Blackish By Clare

Via Claire

Blackish by Clare is a moody shade of black, with LRV-7. Instead of painting it on the walls, paint the bathroom ceiling with it, for a change. It is a bold, classy, and sophisticated color.

Pair it up with white tiles and marble floors and the combination will give an attractive look with a soothing vibe.

31. Clover By Sherwin Williams

Clover by Sherwin Williams is a dark shade of sea green. You won’t usually find it in bathrooms so you can try it out on a poster board first if you don’t want to take the risk. The hue pairs up well with white accents and white tiles.

You can also paint the other walls a dark shade of off-white or light gray and use Clover on just one wall.

Your mind must be brimming with ideas after going through this list of fabulous shades. But before buying the paint of your choice, remember to first decide what is the exact vibe and atmosphere you want in the bathroom. You can either go for a single paint or a combination, just make sure they complement each other…and have fun!

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