21 Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors

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A small bathroom usually comes with space issues, but did you know you can use different colors to make the space feel a little less cramped? The problem of a small bathroom does get a bit annoying where shades of white are all you have on those walls.

Ditch those same boring shades and experiment with some lively and amusing paint colors!

We’re here to foreground the best colors for your small bathroom. You’d be amused to know the effects of the right pick of colors. Keep scrolling to know more about the best colors for your small bathroom!

Rule Of Thumb For Choosing The Best Paint Colors For Small Bathrooms

In order to choose the right color, it is important to be aware of your bathroom interiors. Some other observations are also essential for making the right choice. Here are a few tips and rules that you can consider before shopping for paint colors –

1. Observe the ventilation sources in your bathroom to estimate the amount of lighting that gets in naturally (actual daylight) and the light you choose to bring in (the artificial light sources) and choose the shade accordingly.

2. Keep an eye on tile colors and patterns – they play an important role in bringing the look together.

3. Subtle and neutral tile colors will allow you to play with colors, while patterned tiles will work best with contrasting paints.

4. Glossy paints are preferable in the case of a kids’ bathroom, since a lot of splashing and water-related fun might happen there!

5. Due to limited space, moisture is bound to retain in the walls, which might give mold issues. Use mold-resistant paint to avoid this.

6. Invest some extra time in repairing and cleaning the walls in order to get the best out of the paint’s quality.

7. Contact a professional painter for your painting needs. While DIY might seem appealing and easy on the budget, an expert’s work goes a long way!

21 Best Small Bathroom Paint Colors

1. Vintage Velvet 

Via Heidicallierdesign

In today’s modern approach to interior designing, adding the vintage element gives a very innovative and unique touch to the colors one chooses to paint their house with.

This classic velvet color gives a touch of imperial look to your confined bathroom. There is also the added benefit of making your small bathroom seem comparatively larger.

Tip – Adding some mirror work to the velvet-painted wall can make it look aesthetic and appealing. You can use an innovatively framed mirror or anything that can add an antique touch!

2. Pastel Blue 

Pastel colors are the new go-to alternative for painting ideas. If your bathroom has a white background, pastel blue will look great in contrast.

The benefit of choosing this combination is that it enhances the size of a small bathroom visually. Make sure to use appropriate lighting, just in case your ventilation sources aren’t that strong.

This contrast of blue and white is also mentally soothing and helps you achieve a subtle bathroom look.

Tip – Use fluorescent lights in this combination of paint colors to make your bathroom appear spick and span.

3. Neon Spunk 

Via Ghisvainelinas

The literal meaning of neon is bright and energetic. These colors are also believed to carry psychological traits – the electric blue emits calm and peaceful effects, while neon pink takes on the lively and frisky traits of pink.

A glossy white and the perfect play of neon colors offer a vigorous touch to the small bathroom by giving it a more playful edge. Best part? You have a wide range of colors to pick from!

4. Timeless White 

Undoubtedly, white color comes with the superpower of making things look larger in appearance. Adding a hint of grey in the corners of the bathroom can give it a sophisticated look.

This color combination is popular for several home decor ideas for painting. Indeed, a perfect yet simple way to make your small bathroom striking!

Tip – You can add few wooden elements with a little greenery ( like a small plant) to add a pop of color and to make it look unique in its own way.

5. Leafy Green 

Experiment with green shades to make your mornings fresh and cheerful! You can either go with absolute forest green color or use contrasting hues of green shades.

Make sure to gain expert advice on the combination of these hues, since it’s easy to create a mess when working with similar shades. This color combination will definitely give a whimsical look to your bijou bathroom!

Tip – Make use of pendant lights and nothing more – the green contrasts will play out correctly and make the overall look of the bathroom amusingly appealing.

6. Romantic Rose 

Via Heidicallierdesign

A dusty rose color gives the perfect blend of oozing romance vibes for your confined bathroom.

Combining it with hints of golden paint and sharp edgy colors like royal blue can accentuate the romantic, sweet, and tingling effects of this color.

This hue of pink is a great idea for a couple’s bathroom, making it romantically alive!

Tip – Make the use of golden LED modern lights to enhance the entire look.

7. Neutral Chestnut 

Via Robertmckinley

Chestnut color, a shade of brown, is an eccentric idea for painting your bathroom. But, it surely gives a neutral yet classic look to your small bathroom.

You can contrast this color with darker shades of brown in the areas that need more attention, like the washbasin or the ceiling of the bathroom.

In case you have a small window, cover it with a blind, preferably of a color that is contrasting to your choice of brown.

Tip – You can use a woven lampshade and other jute goodies for decoration to enhance the look like nothing else!

8. Bold Teal 

Via Blesserhouse

Being a young and vibrant color, it can add personality to your small bathroom. Surprisingly, pairing it alongside other bright colors can change the mindsets of many who think of the color as too vibrant for a bathroom.

It adds richness and enhances the soaprock countertops without making them look over the top. Alternatively, combining teal color paint with a crisp white will give you a classic and modern look.

Tip – Avoid using too many vibrant colors with teal colors as they might take away the spotlight from the color.

9. Intense Aubergine

Via Farrowball

With colors, there is a misconception that darker ones make a small room seem even smaller. With aubergine, there is no such bias.

In fact, this color deepens the look of a small bathroom by targeting its corners. It enriches the whole look when combined with chalky white paint, giving a traditional touch and a hint of extravagant class. How lavish!

Tip – Make sure to match the bathroom accessories in color contrast when using this color, otherwise it might look absurd.

10. Quaint Grey-Brown 

Via Laurejoliet

The seemingly cool undertones of this color bring in the right splash of the olden days – how soothing! Indeed a perfect choice for traditional small bathrooms.

Using this color with a hint of cream or just off-white can give it the stylish look you desire. This color is extremely underrated but its warmth can make it welcoming for any guest.

Tip – You can customize this look with all the antique collections you possess and turn it into the most happening corner of your home!

11. Playful Yellow


It might seem overpowering to use yellow as a paint color for small bathrooms. Believe it or not, it’s just the right color to add voguish effects! In case you don’t have much lighting entering your bathroom, yellow is perfect to brighten up the space. Combining this vibrant color with a pastel white can surely give it the edge it requires!

Tip – Use handcrafted wall decor in contrasting colors and simple framed mirrors to enhance the overall look

12. Pumpkin Orange 

Haven’t you heard? Orange is the new black! It can be paired with the most vibrant colors, turning the phrase into reality.

It enhances the undertones of your bathroom tiles and gives a fresh and lively look to the bathroom. This energetic color can either be contrasted with colors like a bold blue or be used with neutrals and pastels.

Tip – Use a lighter color for tiles or it may look a bit cramped with the orange color.

13. Sweet Pink 

Hark back to soothing pink skies that originate from a unique combination of pink and a bit of yellow!

Combine it with either pastels or a bold blue and experience this subtle shade of pink. It gives such a modern look and radiates calmness.

Tip – Use creative bathroom accessories with minimum customization. Minimalism is the key to make this shade pop!

14. Lily Lavender 

Via Bungalowsanity

This refined color tranquilizes the whole look of a small bathroom with its soothing properties. You can use it with most pastel colors and enhance it with a little wall decor.

Undoubtedly,  using subtle colors does magic to a small bathroom. This lily lavender color is the perfect blend to keep it simple and lively.

Tip – If you are a fan of fresh blooms in the bathroom, this color will breathe life into lavender or white flowers!

15. Classic Burgundy 

Via Interiorforlife

This color is the perfect amalgamation of a rich, quirky, and stylish look – all under one color!

Do not take the size as an obstacle to your innovation! This color is an appealing choice to play as the most classic blend of shades of red!

Either use crisp white or hints of black along with this combination to get the best out of this color.

Tip – Make sure to balance out the depth of this color with appropriate lighting.

16. Sophisticated Black 

Via Decorhomeideas

Do not be afraid of using black to add depth to your small washroom – this color can result in one of the most dramatic and sleek looks!

Add splashes of silver and mosaic tiles to give it the desired appearance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that this combination looks so stunning when put together properly.

Tip – Add the right amount of lights to yield the best out of this paint.

17. Rustic Copper 

Via Houzz

Glimmering bronze can add elegance to your confined space. Rustic and metallic is the new trend, so why not pair it with this amazing color?

You can also use marble countertops and other marble interiors to enhance this gorgeous look! These additions will also make the space more interesting and give your bijou bathroom a posh look.

18. Girly Magenta 

Via Jenerationinteriors

Uncoil your girly side by splashing the magenta color to your bathroom walls! This color can be enhanced by adding graphics or geometrical designs to the walls and spark the entire look.

This is also the perfect wall color for anyone who is in the habit of doing their make-up in front of the bathroom mirror. This wall naturally helps in penetrating the right amount of light, so you can be better equipped for the outside world with the perfect makeup on!

19. Shades of Grey 

Via Homeposh

Light and darker shades of grey can make your small bathroom look aesthetic and charming. Use light grey as the base and background for the walls, while darker shades of grey can be used to accentuate the corners of the bathroom.

This is a very fresh and popular combination of colors. Pair this entire grey look with mirror work and a bit of greenery on the countertop. How chic!

20. Opulent Sapphire Blue 

Via Reathdesigns

Who doesn’t love a rich blue color? If black seemed too overwhelming, this blue is a great alternative since it enriches the entire look of a small bathroom. You can pair this look with any of your customized goodies that hint at luxury, like your antique mirror collection or maybe even organizers!

You can even use stylish rugs and modern lights to bring this look to life.

21. Alluring Purplish Paint 

Via Interiorsbycolor

Sparkle the feminity within with this beautiful color! You can combine this color with other shades of purple like lilac, grape purple, lavender, etc to add more depth to the aesthetic.

Hints of gold and a tinge of rustic decor or contemporary designs will turn this look into a sweet wonder. This color can complement most shades of white – splash your desired shade of white along with this one!

Indeed, painting a small bathroom can be fun if you have the right knowledge of colors and color contrast. Also, with small bathrooms comes an added benefit, you can actually wind it up in a day! What are you waiting for? Pick your choice of colors and splash right in!

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