21 Best Paint Colors for Small Rooms

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The mansion that you dreamed of is nowhere in sight. The fairy tale palaces don’t exist. You are stuck in your small apartment with a cranky landlord or, if you are lucky, in your small house

You don’t come home to your soothing, haven. Instead, you return to a clustered house with small rooms. Thus, it all seems overcrowded.

You want to make it appear larger. But, white is too sterile for you as it reminds you of the hospital ward. In other words, you need variety. Fret not, here is a list of the best colors that can help to make your room appear bigger. This list is a combination of dark, subdued, and light colors to cater to everyone’s tastes and needs. 

But first, let’s go through the things you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect paint.


1. Choose  color after taking into account your home furniture

Select a color scheme that suits the furniture. A color that matches the flooring makes all the elements flow together. Space out the furniture so that the painted walls are visible.

2. When in doubt, start at the bottom

If the one at the bottom suits you, then you will like the middle and top. Choosing colors by looking at the lightest colors, will confuse you as all the cards in that category will start to look the same.

3. Neutral shades and light colors give the room an airy look.

Light colors reflect more light that makes the room appear larger. It also gives the room a cool and fresh vibe. You should avoid using dark colors like red in small rooms. If you want to use it, try painting an accent wall instead of all the walls.

4. Place the paint chips side by side to notice their differences.

While choosing paint chips, lay them side by side so that you can see the slight differences between similar shades.

5. Take them home

After you have selected some colors, take them home to see how they look with the lighting in your house. Lighting makes a huge difference to the paint color. The paint may look different in your house. This is due to the difference in lighting. It is best to look at the color in all light conditions, both day and night in your home before finalizing.

6. Get a sample

Don’t buy a gallon of paint straightaway. First, get a sample quart to see how it looks on your walls in large swatches.

7. Add mirrored furniture

Glass furniture can make a small room appear bright and more open. Furniture with exposed legs also helps to open up space. Select functional furniture that can double as a storage space. You can also add a clear coffee table to make your room seem bigger.

8. Keep a distance between furniture and walls

When you keep your furniture away from the walls it gives you more walking space.

9. Sprayed finish is perfect for small rooms as it allows natural lighting to bounce off walls.

10. Don’t paint your low ceilings

If you have a low ceiling, paint it white to make it look higher. It is best to avoid using color paint on low ceilings.

11. Use complementary colors

Colors that are opposing the color wheel look great if you wish to use more than one color in a room.

12. To get a cohesive look, match the colors to the rest of your house.

21 Best Paint Colors for small rooms

1. Light Mint

Mint or light mint can brighten up space and make it appear roomier. White ceilings will make your room look taller. You can pair mint green walls with large reflective surfaces. It will give a soothing vibe to your room. Therefore, it fits perfectly as a small bedroom paint.

2. Sky Blue

Sky blue is perfect for small bedrooms. Firstly, it is a light color that will reflect light and illuminate the room. Secondly, it has a comforting aura that will soothe your nerves. Painting walls in vertical stripes make them appear taller.

3. Taupe

Taupe is another color that fits in perfectly with your bedroom decor. Firstly, it is a soothing shade. Secondly, it is a versatile color that pairs well with most colors. Taupe looks best with soft yellow or olive tints. You can use white drapes and yellow bedsheets with taupe colored bedroom walls.

4. Outrageous orange

Though traditional wisdom is against using dark colors in small rooms, some designers feel that small rooms are perfect for experimentation. You can go bold by adding artificial, low lights, and artworks. You can also paint an accent wall orange. It suits a foyer or mudroom as it raises the temperature. It also draws attention away from the overcrowded space.

5.  Mellow Yellow

Yellow, particularly mellow yellow, is one of the best colors for your kid’s room. Firstly, yellow will reflect light. Secondly, it will also add positivity to the room. Soft shades of yellow can brighten up any small room. Thus, you can pair it with a brown bookshelf and mellow yellow pillow covers for your kid’s room.

6. Peacock Blue

Skinny spaces can appear squarer by painting one side a different color from the others. Peacock blue can help to widen a narrow space. This is because opposing walls feel as if they are moving apart with cool colors. Most importantly, peacock blue is both relaxing and vibrant.

7. Purple

Purple is another flexible color that can be used both in your bedroom and in your kid’s room. It is royal, elegant and also adds a feminine touch. Above all, a deep purple hue can be great for an accent wall in the living room. Gold-paneled mirrors will magnify the small space. You can also add wall stickers in your child’s bedroom.

8. Onyx

You can paint a room dark, then put light furniture in it. It tricks your eye into thinking that the room is bigger with more natural light. Most importantly, onyx blurs corners and lines. Thus, creating an6 aura of consistency which makes us think that the room is bigger.

Paint the woodwork in a small room the same color as the onyx-painted walls. This makes the ceilings appear higher as fewer horizontal lines cut through.

9. Peach

Peach is perfect for small rooms. Firstly, it is a subdued shade that can be paired with most colors. Secondly, it makes the room feel airy and fresh. You can use peach in your living room as this warm color will make the small room seem more inviting and cozy.

10. Beige

Painting your ceilings and walls beige makes a small room appear bigger. The continuity in color allows your eye to travel around the room without stopping. If your room has more height than width, you should paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This is done to make it look well-proportioned.

11. Green

Light green or yellowish-green can be used in the windowed living room as it makes the area feel as if it extends outdoors. This makes space appear expanded. Above all, the color pairs well with any amount of natural or artificial light. Thus, if you have a living room with a view of the greenery outside, you should go for light green or yellowish-green.

12. Alabaster

Alabaster is for those who find white too sterile for their rooms. Alabaster paint on the walls, trim, doors, and ceiling creates a spacious feel. Alabaster complements lavenders and grays. This neutral color reflects light and thus is a perfect choice for small rooms.

13. Teal

Teal is a vibrant color that may be a bit too dark for the small living room. Hence, you can use it to make narrow passageways appear wider. When it comes to narrow passageways you can paint the wall at the end of a hall an entirely different color. This amplifies the space as it erases the tunnel effect by creating a destination. Moreover, you can also widen a narrow room by painting one side teal and a different color on the other walls.

14. Gray

Gray can give your room a breezy look. You can also go for an accent wall painted gray. Dark gray can restrain your creativity. Light gray, on the other hand, allows you greater freedom to experiment with the decor. Furniture with exposed legs can be a valuable addition to a gray painted room. Moreover, gray on the kitchen walls add a sophisticated touch.

15. Blueberry

You can paint an accent wall blueberry or paint the small room with blueberry paint and put light furniture in it. Keep the furniture away from the walls to make more space. Blueberry is a bold hue but it is important to remember that it won’t match everyone’s tastes. Moreover, since lighting plays a big role in the final look, it is best to test with a small sample in your house.

16. Pink

Pink can brighten up any space and add a feminine touch to the room. Select a light-colored double bunk bed for the room. Thus, pink can make your kid’s room cozy and inviting.

17. Lemon Yellow or Bright Yellow

There is nothing better than bright yellow to liven up a small space. It reflects ample light to brighten up any dark place. Moreover, it gives off warmth and positivity. In other words, it is perfect for both your living room and your bedroom.

18. Dark Blue

Dark blue is another color that won’t be on everyone’s list for a small room. But, dark blue can look majestic on an accent wall. However, it is important to be careful with dark hues as it can easily become overpowering in a small room. Cream-colored drapes can be good additions.

19. Tan

Tan colored walls are a great choice for your living room. Firstly, the subdued shade will calm your nerves. Secondly, the bronze decor will complement the room well. Moreover, a clear coffee table or potted plants can make space appear prettier and bigger.

20. Silver

Silver can be an unconventional choice for small rooms. But, if used well it can make your small room spell sophistication, charm, and luxury. Moreover, silver scores over gray because of its luminosity. Thus, silver is a better alternative to gray as it isn’t dull.

21. Brown

Brown makes your living room warm and cozy. It brings intimacy to the sitting space. However, it is best to paint an accent wall brown. Thus, preventing the room from becoming overbearing. Most importantly, you shouldn’t forget comfortable sofas and the warm hearth. 

In conclusion, you don’t have to spend huge sums on buying a new house for making space in your room. Some smart furnishing in addition to tasteful paint choices can achieve your goal. Try out these colors to make your small room appear majestic.

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