41 Beautiful Paint Colors for Front Door

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Your front door is an essential part of the curb appeal of your house. In a neighborhood full of the conventional and ordinary, you want your house to stand-out. Your front door is the first thing someone will notice hence it has to make a statement. It shouldn’t be an afterthought but a priority.

A house that looks majestic from the street leaves an excellent first impression on anyone driving in whether it is your Boss for a business dinner or your friends for a house party. A door with the paint chipping – off or a horrible clashing color can leave you embarrassed and also be a potential deal-breaker since the first impression is the last.

So a beautiful exterior is an important part of your decor and design. Painting your front door comes cheaper than renovation and it can be done over the weekend all by yourself. Unfortunately, with so many colors, contrasting advice, and the additional responsibility of complementing the color with the exterior of your house, it can be a little overwhelming.

Fret not, we got you covered. Here is a list of 41 beautiful paint colors for your front door. It has been curated keeping in view everyone’s tastes so you are sure to find the one that perfectly suits your needs.

But, first some pointers for choosing a color for the front door.

Rules Of Thumb For Choosing The Best Paint Colors For Front Door

  1. Even though a front door is a small investment, you wouldn’t want to repeat it again and again. Hence, timeless hues like neutrals, blacks, whites, or classic reds, and blues have become popular choices.
  2. Find a color that blends in perfectly with your house’s overall look and feels. For eg., if your house is designed in the Victorian style, a lime green door can be a bad choice.
  3. But, that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment. Since the front door is a small part of your house, you can go bold and choose unconventional colors. Your eccentric color choices can find an expression on your front door.
  4. Test before use. Lighting, environmental conditions, and surroundings will play a huge role in deciding the impact of the color. Hence, paint a small part or stick paint swatches on the door and see how it looks under different lighting conditions throughout the day.
  5. You have to prioritize paint quality because your front door will have to brave bad weather and changing seasons. You must use an exterior primer then follow it up with latex paint as it is weather-resistant. For metal doors, choose paints with rust protection.
  6. Draw inspiration from your surroundings. You can paint your door in green, blue, or brown hues to complement the surroundings.
  7. A semi-gloss paint finish is perfect for front doors as high-gloss exposes the flaws on a door.
  8. Monochrome can make your house appear larger than it is. So paint the exterior, trim, and door in the same color.
  9. Consider all the elements like the screen door and the trim before selecting a paint color. You can go for the good, old, reliable white or choose contrasting colors to add a bit of drama to your front door.

You should also clean the door before painting. Clean with a wet rag and then use sandpaper to smooth out.

41 Beautiful Paint Colors for Front Door

1. Bright Red

Red, in Chinese culture, symbolizes good fortune, success, and happiness. Bright red on the front door will bring good vibes and draw anyone’s attention to your house. Hence, it is one of the most popular front door color choices. A bright red front door is bold and looks regal from the street.

Thus, it will amplify the curb appeal of your house. It works wonders in making your house stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. It is especially useful if the exterior of your house is painted in a muted shade.

2. Teal






The teal on the front door is bright, calm, and inviting at the same time. You can pair it with a bronze light on the wall or gray shutters. Off-white or cream and teal form a very popular combination.

Teal is a mixture of blue and green. Depending on the proportion of these two colors in the mixture, there can be different shades of teal. Choose the one that suits your surroundings best.

3. Living Coral

Living coral was the Pantone color of the year 2019 and it is an excellent option for your front door. It is inviting and muted making it perfect for those who desire a calm and soothing look.

Living coral will match perfectly with neutral siding colors. A cream-colored exterior with a coral painted door is one of the best combinations.

4. Lime Green







Like I said earlier, this is the perfect space for flaunting your eccentric choices. A lime green painted door is vibrant and adds color to plain exteriors.

If you have no additional panels or windows or screen doors on the front door, then lime green is a good choice as you will have a completely blank space to display your color choice in full glory.

5. Off-White








Even though it looks very pretty, I would suggest this color only if you are good at maintaining your house. Off-white can easily become dirty especially when it is on the front door so use it to paint your door if you are sure you can keep it clean.

6. Indigo

If the exterior of your house has too many elements like trims and pillars and fancy railings, then you need a bold color like indigo to draw attention towards the front door.

Brass handles and bronze fittings will look royal with indigo painted front door. Houses designed in Victorian style will be ideal for indigo painted front door.

7.  Orange

Magnetic and charming, it is no surprise that orange is among the most popular front door colors. You can trust orange to add color and drama to any monochromatic color scheme or a gray painted exterior. 

8. Black

Glossy black-painted doors make a statement. It becomes a conversation piece even before the guest enters your house as it is an unconventional choice for a front door.

Pairing it with olive makes for an even more out of the ordinary look that is sure to grab people’s attention. It will also manage to make your house stand out in the neighborhood.

9. Yellow

This mellow yellow shade is perfect for your front door if paired with pots of yellow-leaved plants. It can break the monotony of white on the exterior walls and exudes positivity.

Subdued yellows work best for front doors as too bright ones are found to be widely disliked if you wish to sell your house.

10. Mint Green

This mint-green shade on your front door will complement the greenery of the garden. Mint green goes with most colors hence whatever may be the siding color, you can use mint green with it.

Mint green is soothing and will be an excellent choice for the front door if you live in the desert region. It will be a welcome relief from the sandy yellow topography around you.

11. Rustic red

If bright red isn’t for you, then rustic red provides a more subdued shade and can is perfect for houses designed in farmhouse style decor. Rustic red goes well with taupe exteriors and acts almost as a neutral color on the front door.

12. Brown

Many consider brown to be a very conventional choice for a front door and opine that brown makes your house look dull. This may be true in some cases but not when your house has columned porticos, marble steps, doors with glass fittings, or white trims.

Brown, in this case, will stand out from the background and become an attention-grabbing paint color for the front door.

13. Slate Blue

Slate blue has a touch of gray in it that lends it elegance and class. It looks beautiful on Georgian doors. If you want to keep it fresh and friendly then use slate blue on the front door with white trims.

14. Gray

Gray complements houses that have stones around their front door. If you have black trims then a gray front door will work well for you. The greenery around the house will break the dull, monotony of gray and thus you will have an interesting mix of green and gray for the curb appeal of the house.

15. Gold

A subdued golden shade is more suitable than bright yellow for the front door. It will make your house stand out in the neighborhood since not many people choose gold for their front door and at the same time it isn’t too bright or overwhelming.

16. Dark Green

Elegant dark greens like these make a bold statement on the front door. They are dark enough to pass off as black from far. When paired with white or cream-colored trims, they look majestic. Green symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

You can also use different shades of green on the exterior to create a structured look. The door can have light green sides to create a beautiful contrast.

17. Navy Blue

Dark colors like these are good at hiding flaws and imperfections on the door. If you want to hide any faults on the door, then simply paint it in a dark hue like this navy blue. It looks bold and saves money spent on buying a new door.

18. Cranberry Red

A muted shade of red with an earthy black undertone describes this hue well. Red has long been painted on American front doors to show that weary travelers are welcome inside.

Thus, this color has a bit of history and tradition to it. Plus, it also looks gorgeous on front doors. To continue the tradition, you can paint your front door in this cranberry red shade.

19. White

To reiterate my point above, paint your front door white only if you can maintain it well. White is elegant and can be used on the trims, moldings, and even the front door.

It looks pretty on front doors that have glass panels on them. Add some potted plants to provide a touch of color to the setting.

20. Blush Pink

A light shade is perfect for exteriors that have too many design elements like brick sides. A subtle shade will prevent the exteriors from looking overbearing. You can add a red wreath on the door for a bit of drama and charm.

21. Terracotta

Greet your guests with a warm, welcoming, and earthy shade like terracotta. It suits the modern decor and looks beautiful with doors that have glass panels. You can pair with a dark welcome mat and white side trims.

22. Soft gray

If you are wondering what to paint on the front door of your red brick-walled exterior, here is the answer. A soft gray shade is perfect for exteriors like these. It creates a contrast and makes your house stand out for its uniqueness.

23. Sky Blue

This sky blue shade is all things calm and soothing. This peaceful shade will be a refreshing break from the bold reds and bright yellows in your neighborhood. Use this hue if you live in a neighborhood that is saturated with colors. It will make your house stand out from the rest.

24. Muted Oak

This muted oak shade is ideal for houses that have a lot of architectural details. This hue will make those details stand out and allow you to display your house exterior in full glory. Shades like these are popular for being stylish yet subdued.

25. Purple

Purple can be an unusual choice for a front door but if done right, it looks royal. There’s no middle ground for purple, it either suits your house or it doesn’t. There is no ‘it looks okay’ with purple on your front door. So a proper test before use is recommended.

To pull it off your exterior has to have beautiful architectural elements that can complement the purple door.

26. Olive Green

Olive green is another unconventional but pretty choice for front doors. If you have an all-white exterior, then olive green is perfect as it will become the focal point and enhance the overall look. It will add immensely to the curb appeal of an all-white house.

27. Light Orange

Not all oranges are born bright. Some are subdued like this shade. These shades are suitable for painting dutch doors. They make your house look liveable and cozy unlike some of the overwhelming oranges that belong only to interior design studio decor.

28. Sage

Another color that looks good with red brick walled exteriors is sage green. This shade complements the red brick walled exterior and makes for an interesting contrast. It will add both charm and sophistication to the look.

29. Cobalt blue

For modern houses, cobalt blue can be bold and beautiful paint option for their front doors. Cobalt blue is brights and charming. You give your house a structured look by using it with white trim. You may even pair it with ochre or light brown exteriors for an interesting contrast.

30. Sunburst yellow

I know I said bright yellows are a no-no but you just can’t resist this sunburst yellow hue. It will bring positivity and cheer to your front porch. This cheery shade is sure to bring a smile to the people who enter your drive.

31. Plum Brown

Taste alert! This is a very niche color that may not suit everyone’s taste. It caters to those people who have a unique sense of style and want their house to reflect it. You can paint your front door in plum brown but be sure to test it on a small patch first.

32. Vermilion

A vermillion painted front door will make a bold statement. A light blue painted exterior with a bold vermilion front door is the perfect example of contrast done well. Add some bronze light fixtures and your front porch is ready.

33. Fuchsia Pink

Again, not everyone’s taste but looks pretty good when done well. This paint will set you apart from the rest and make your house the most unique one on the block. If you have black painted exteriors, this will be an unconventional but pretty choice for it.

34. Begonia

This shade will add a pop of color to your front porch. It can be elegant or adorable depending on the way you style it. It can also complement the pink flowers blooming in your garden giving your house a more structured look.

35. Peach

Peach is warm and welcoming which makes it perfect for your front door. This soft shade gives a cheery and breezy feel to your house. You can add light fixtures and a beautiful wreath to complete the look.

36. Aqua

For a refreshing and cool vibe paint your front door in Aqua shade. The greatest strength of the color is its versatility. It can be paired with gray, tan, brown, and green. It looks beautiful with both stone and brick-walled exteriors. The color exudes confidence and power.

37. Greige

If subtlety is your style, then you can go for greige painted doors. These neutral shades may not stand out on their own but they put the spotlight on the stone-walled or brick walled exteriors. They blend in seamlessly with any decor. You won’t face problems of ‘color clashing’ or ‘too flashy’ with this hue.

38.  Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray with white trims will look good on all front doors no matter what type of exterior you have. It is universal which adds to its appeal makes it so popular among the masses. If you have orange walls, charcoal gray can make it appear less overbearing while a monochrome look can be achieved by pairing gray with white or black.

39. Obstinate Orange

Obstinate orange is bold, warm, and welcoming. Yet, it manages to appear less flashy or bright than other shades of orange. You will find it easier to find a color that pairs well with orange shades that have red undertones than orange shades with yellow undertones.

It looks majestic paired with subdued shades on the trims or columns. It coordinates well with blue, blue-gray, blue-green, and off-white. Avoid gold or brown with orange as it can be tricky to pull it off successfully.

40. Pastel Green

Though this pastel green shade will look good with neutrals, there are chances that the house might come off as too bland. To create an interesting contrast, use it on your front door if you have dark-colored exterior walls.

This play of contrast will add drama and charm to your front porch. It will also amplify the curb appeal of your house. Since it is a pastel shade, it is perfect for home staging as well.

41. Burgundy Red

And…….we close the loop. We started with red and it is fitting that we should end with this warm and welcoming color that has a special place in American tradition. Burgundy red is classy, sophisticated, charming, and magnetic.

It is an eye-catching color that will be a great conversation piece for any house. With burgundy, you get the intensity of red without the overbearing quality of bright reds. Doors with glass panels look regal with burgundy red.

With this, we come to the end of this journey and I hope you have found your perfect fit. The list has been carefully curated keeping in mind the tastes, styles, exteriors, and needs of all.

Do remember to test your paint in different light conditions before zeroing in on one. Your front door is your pride as it will reflect your personality and taste so style it well.

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