13 Best Paint Colors for Small Bathroom With No Windows

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Your bathroom is where the best ideas come to you. The bathroom is the best place to think, ideate, and ponder about the complexities of the universe. You want your bathroom to be this airy, space, well-ventilated with soothing colors that calm the senses.

Unfortunately, life is about accepting the unpleasant realities and so you are stuck with a small, windowless bathroom that seems claustrophobic. You feel stifled there and your only thought is how to make it spacious. Fret not, a good bout of paint and some decor pieces can bail you out.

Here are the 13 best paint colors for a small bathroom with no windows to make your room look spacious and comfortable.

13 Best Paint Colors for Small Bathroom with no Windows

1. Lilac

Lilac is a subdued color that exudes elegance and femininity. It will make your bathroom look spacious and airy. A bathroom with no windows can be claustrophobic, and the subdued and calming effect of lilac helps in preventing that. You can have an accent wall painted lilac and leave the rest of the walls white. Oval-shaped, oversized mirrors and minimal decor pieces make the bathroom look spacious.

2. Taupe

Warm paints like taupe have a subdued tone and are compatible with most other colors. You can pair it with soft green or blue elements like curtains or towels. Taupe gives your bathroom a sophisticated touch without making it seem congested. Gray and beige decor can also complement taupe well.

3. Pale Yellow

If you want positive vibes in your bathroom, pale yellow suits best. Bright yellow can be overwhelming for a small bathroom with no windows but a subdued, pale yellow will bring in positive vibes without making it seem overbearing. Pale yellow can be paired with white, or blue. You can play around with the lighting and the yellow shade will brighten the room. This makes it perfect for bathrooms with no windows as it compensates for the lack of natural light.

4. Off-white

White is one of the best colors to paint small, windowless bathrooms. But, some might find white a little too sterile for their tastes. Thus, off-white gives your bathroom a spacious and airy look without making it look like a hospital ward. You can pair off-white with most colors. With the off-white painted walls, you can go for darker hues for the decor. The walls will reflect light. The room will seem less musty.

5. Pastel Green

Pastel green will add color to the walls and reflect light at the same time. Your bathroom will look bright and airy. The touch of green is perfect for nature lovers as it will soothe their senses. With pastel green, there will be no flashy colors to interrupt your train of thought. Pastel green with white wainscoting will make it less musty.

6. Cream or Beige

Cream or Beige reflect light making the small, windowless bathroom bright and comfortable. You can pair it with a gold paneled mirror and beautiful bathroom lights. The shelves, cupboards, or doorknobs can be done in copper or gold. Your bathroom will look large and spacious with light, subdued hues like beige or cream.

7. Aqua

I know I said that bright colors can be overbearing but aqua is one such color that exudes positivity without being flashy. Aqua manages to be bright and soothing at the same time. Thus, it is suited for small, windowless bathrooms that can be dark and musty in the absence of natural light.

8.  Charcoal  Black or Black

You should avoid dark colors in small bathrooms as a rule. But, many designers opine that black will contrast well with white wainscoting in the bathroom. You can add beautiful lights to brighten the space. The bathroom will look regal with old paneled, oversized mirrors.

9. Ice blue or Pale Turquoise

Ice blue or Light Turquoise creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that calms your racing thoughts. It will provide a much-needed refreshing look to the windowless bathroom. Pale turquoise complements white wainscoting.

10. Pale Teal

Pale teal will add color and make your windowless bathroom vibrant. Teal can be paired with gold, white, royal blue, or lime green decor. Avoid using the normal shade of teal as it will be too bright for small bathrooms.

11. Pastel Pink or Pale Pink

Pastel Pink or Pale pink adds femininity, elegance, and vibrance to your bathroom. A windowless bathroom can often seem stifling but if you use pale pink, you can avoid that. The welcoming hue is perfect for people who prefer sophistication and elegance over calm or bright.

12. Light gray

Who said light gray was dull? Light gray is perfect for small bathrooms as it is subdued. You can blend the shower tile and wall color to make it seem like a continuous space. It can make a small bathroom spacious. You paint in vertical stripes to make the bathroom look taller. You can combine it with charcoal elements or you can also add a bit of greenery to make the setting interesting.

13. Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay is a subdued hue that makes your small, windowless bathroom into a spacious, sophisticated one. You can add small, geometric patterns and shiny, metallic fixtures to make the bathroom appear larger. You can add pretty lights as they prevent small bathrooms from becoming dark and musty.

How to make your small bathroom appear larger?

  • Firstly, you can paint the ceilings white as they make the room look higher. Bathrooms appear spacious with white ceilings.
  • Secondly, you should use big, reflective surfaces such as over-sized mirrors. Low ceilings appear magnified with large mirrors. 
  • Ceilings look taller with arches. 
  • Avoid using dark colors instead go for lighter hues like off-white or cream that reflects light  
  • minimalistic decor
  •  metallic fixtures that shine 
  • Small geometric patterns
  • Small tiles can make your bathroom appear bigger. 
  • You should paint everything in the same tone as it makes the setting appear as one whole unit and helps your bathroom to look magnified. 

Important Pointers

  • Bathroom walls seem wider with horizontal paint stripes. 
  • You should extend the ceiling color down the wall by about 14 inches.
  • Murals make good accent ceilings. 
  • If you want to go bold, add an accent wall. 
  • Painting the moldings lighter than the walls make the walls seem farther back.
  • Don’t use dark tiles on the floor or in the shower if you plan to paint the walls with a light color. This is because the large contrast will use up space and prevent the light colors from standing out. 
  • To avoid mildew, use moisture-resistant paints.

You can make your small, windowless bathroom look magnificent if you follow the pointers above. Use these colors to transform your dark, musty bathroom into your rumination haven. Thank me later!

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