31 Best Bedroom Colours for 2020

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Some things in life cannot change. This includes your annoying boss, your monotonous job, and your hatred for the morning alarm. Some might want to go back to a bedroom with a soothing aura after a bad day at the office. Others might want their bedroom to energize them every morning for tolerating another tiring day at work.

Your bedroom reflects your personality and the bedroom color should match your needs. Unfortunately, there are too many colors to choose from and hundreds of color combinations that make it an overwhelming job. It is also difficult to picture how the color will look on the walls and compliment your decor. You cannot go wrong because paints are expensive.

To help you out, here are 31 Best Bedroom Colors for 2020 with pictures to show you the final look.

But first, remember this, before finalizing the paint for your entire bedroom, always start by buying a small sample. Brush it on a poster board that you can easily lug around the room and test during different times of day by keeping it next to the room’s furniture and fabrics.

31 Best Bedroom Colors for 2020

1. Beige

Via Houzz

This is what you want to come home to after a tiring day. The subdued tone calms your nerves. The room reflects sophistication that is not flamboyant. It reflects a minimalist taste. The dark furnishings complement the light beige perfectly and give the room a somber atmosphere. The color has been named Olympic by stormy weather. The bedsheet and pillow covers are also done up in hues that lend a soothing tone to the bedroom.

2. Royal Purple

If you are someone who prefers luxury over minimalism, then royal purple is the color for you. It looks majestic and even though you may not be a blue blood, you can feel like one. Since royal purple is a dark hue, you can pair it with light-colored curtains and furnishings. Some might prefer painting only one wall royal purple because the color may seem overpowering when used on all four. 

3. Deep Ocean

Via Veranda

This glossy tropical shade is called deep ocean by Benjamin Moore. This color transforms your bedroom from your sleep haven to an exotic locale. The white bedsheets with the blue pillows complement the wall colors well. You can also put shells and coral-shaped trinkets as part of the decor so that the room resembles the ocean. Be careful to not overdo it because, with a color so rich, you can easily make it look clustered.

4. Terracotta

Via Houseandgarden

This color has been trending since 2018 and never seems to go out of fashion because of the warmth it exudes. You can pair it with modern furnishings as they have done here. You can also use earthen pots and pans to give your room a more traditional touch. This image shows how you can pair dark-colored rugs with terracotta well. Most people while choosing rugs or curtains use those shades that clash with terracotta. So, remember that furnishings can make or break the whole picture if not chosen wisely.

5. Olive green

Via Inredningshjalpen

If you are a nature-lover or simply love green but don’t know how to use it well for your bedroom,  here is how you do it. The green does not look bland instead it adds a touch of sophistication and minimalism to the bedroom. The pictures on the top of the headboard add to the vibes of the bedroom. Even though the bedsheets, pillow covers, and even the door are green, it does not come off as overbearing or overdone.

They have carefully selected different shades of green that complement each other instead of clashing. If you love any color and can’t get enough of it, you should choose different shades of it that complement each other, to do the decor.

6. Yellow

Via Dominic Blackmore/ Idealhome

This is the bedroom you want to wake up to, after snoozing your annoying alarm button. It gives a cheery aura to your bedroom and it will fill you up with positive energy every morning.  This can also double as a work or study room because you will be more energized to study. There are fewer chances of over-doing it with this mellow yellow color. Bright, lemon yellow can easily transition to “too flashy”.

The hexagon shelves are a unique addition to the decor.  You can invest in one unique decorative piece to your bedroom and keep other things simple. This way your room won’t look bland and you won’t need to spend a fortune on decor to make it look beautiful.

7. Lilac

Via Homeklondike

Lilac is generally associated with children’s bedrooms as it gives a fairy tale, fantasy look and feel. But, you can use it in your bedroom to give it a soothing touch. Lilac adds femininity and elegance to your bedroom. It also adds a bit of a romantic touch and you can easily add scented candles to transform it into a date night at home.  They have decided to give the room a serious air in the picture, shorn of adornments, the room looks practical and beautiful at the same time.

8. Charcoal grey or Dark grey

Via Cocolapinedesign

Grey is reminiscent of stormy weather and overcast skies so most feel it will give the room a gloomy feel. But, not anymore. Charcoal grey or dark grey ooze class and sophistication. They have added a bit of green with the plants in this otherwise black, grey, and white color palette. The best thing about grey is that it does not clash with colors.  You can use it with yellow, blue, black, or white. Add pictures to make the room look complete.

9. Ice Blue

Via Pinterest

Nothing soothes better than blue. The icy blue walls with soothe your senses after a tiring day. You can add bright colored flowers like the one in the picture. It breaks the monotony of blue and white as well as adds some variety to the room. You can add more furnishings because icy blue can easily go from ‘simplistic’ to ‘boring’. So choose some unique rugs or curtains for lending it an atmosphere of liveliness.

10. Red

Via Unknown source

Red is for the bold. Red makes a statement if done well. Most people cramp too much red or too bright red that makes the room feel overbearing. Madder red or crimson red is perfect for bedroom walls. Madder red is elegant and subdued while the crimson red is bright and bold.

Here, the other walls have been left white which enhances its beauty and gives the room a distinct color palette with the bedsheets and other furnishings done in those two colors.

11. Charcoal Black

Via Countryliving

Most people would be surprised to see black in the bedroom because black is generally associated with a somber, dark, dungeon atmosphere. But, charcoal black is a color that exudes elegance and sophistication.  The black walls have been complemented well with the white curtains, ceiling, and floor. If you are a fan of the color, you should complement the black with other colors to prevent it from becoming dull.

12. Peach

Via Decorpad

Peach satisfies both your needs. It is a warm tone that is inviting and welcoming. At the same time, it is soothing and pleasant to look at. With colors like peach, you should have the unique decor in mind otherwise it can look bland. The bedsheets and the headboard steal the show in this one. Peach is compatible with most colors but steel blue or bright red will look stunning.

13. Burgundy

Via Apppie

Burgundy exudes power and ambition. You can pair it with gold if you have a penchant for luxury. It fits well with accent colors like tan, wheat, or cream. Pale grey with burgundy will give a muted and subdued look. Burgundy makes the room feel luxurious and the simple furnishings make the room liveable and practical for everyday use. If you want to combine luxury and simplicity, this image is a perfect example.

14. Aqua

Via Homeemoney

Aqua is an uplifting color that is perfect for your walls as it also helps in balancing emotions. The black and white frames are good additions though the polka-dotted pillow covers seem a bit too much in my opinion. The furnishings follow a set color palette which makes it seem structured and planned. You can also make it bold by pairing aqua with orange or bluish-grey.

15. Wisely Pink or Pink Ombre

Via Bergerpaints

Pink is the color of inner peace and affection. This pink ombre shade exudes warmth and love. It is soothing to the eyes. Pink can be paired with grey or light blue for the best effect.  The grey heart showpiece and the dark-hued pillow covers add to the charm. If you want to combine simplicity and warmth, this is an excellent example where you don’t need to spend a fortune on furnishings but still manage to make it look pretty.

16. Vermilion

Via Dulux

Grey and orange vermilion? Hell, yeah! The beautiful lampshades, the patterned grey rug, the white and grey bed sheets, and the orange vermilion wall color to break the monotony, all complement each other perfectly. The vermilion is subdued without being too flashy. This room is convenient for daily use yet stylish. It exudes confidence and class.

17. Neon

Via Homedit

If you want to add a bit of a zing to the room, you can paint one accent wall in a neon color like pink or yellow.  Neon can easily transition to flashy hence it is best to paint just one accent wall instead of the whole room. You can pair it with neon lightings for better effect.  If you are painting neon, keep the furnishings subdued and muted to complement the wall color.

18. White

Via Countryliving

White is not boring and this image shows you why. Your white painted bedroom will look elegant and classy, provided you know what decor to choose. The pictures, the golden swan, the alarm clock, all of these complete the room. These simple furnishings make it minimalistic and classy. White can look stark if you don’t know how to furnish it well. Paint your walls white if you believe you can select the right decor for it.

19. Silver or silver grey

Via Lovehomedesigns

Classy? check. Sophisticated? check. Beautiful? check. Silver or silver-grey paint can achieve all three. The lampshades, the chandelier, and the picture, all add to the charm of the color. The bedsheets complement the decor and the room will charm anyone who enters.

20. Coral

Via Decorpad

Living coral was the Pantone color of the year for 2019. Coral exudes warmth and acceptance. An accent wall with coral will make your bedroom seem welcoming. Coral can be used to decorate your kid’s room as well because it has a playful touch to it. You can pair coral with tan, beige, or any light shade. You can also add beautiful family pictures to add a personal touch to your bedroom.

21. Teal

Via Designmeetstyle

This blue-greenish color reminds us of the deep lakes and oceans. It combines the calm of the blues with the brightness of the greens. The glossy cushions are excellent additions to the decor. The ceiling has been done in a lighter shade because teal can be overbearing. It is best to avoid using it on all four walls. An accent wall painted with teal suits better. Teal can be paired with white, royal blue, or gold.

22. Lavender

Via Homebunch

Lavender symbolizes serenity, grace, and purity. It is soothing, pretty, and looks magnificent on bedroom walls. It is perfect for decorating a children’s bedroom. The cute pillows are from Homesense and the drapes are from QE Home. You can match lavender walls with lavender-colored decor as they have done it here. You can also pair it with beige, magenta, or yellows.

23. Emerald green

Via 123homefurnishings

Bold and beautiful, emerald green signifies prosperity and growth. The fringe lampshade and the pillows exude luxury and wealth.  The plant is an excellent addition and the solid, brown furniture complements the decor well. Emerald green looks good with neutral tones.

24. Classic Blue

Via Italianbark

Classic blue is the Pantone color of the year 2020 as it is reassuring and oozes confidence.  This trendy color is comforting, subdued, and bold much like charcoal black. Classic blue can be complemented with yellow, bright whites, or lush green. A cream-colored lampshade or white drapes will enhance the look. The best part about colors like classic blue is that you don’t need expensive furnishings to make it look pretty. It is such a beautiful color that it can make a few simple furnishings look luxurious.

25. Caramel

Via Source

Caramel gives your walls the shine and sheen it needs.  It looks opulent and inviting. Cream-colored lampshades complement it well. The glossy bedroom bench is the show-stopper here. Pictures with broad, white frames go well with caramel-colored walls.  The warm, neutral tone matches the understated colors of the furniture well.

26. Greige

Via Decoist

The color greige is between grey and beige. Greige can make your bedroom your haven, your retreat when everything seems troubling. To add a little more color to your room, you can add blue, coral, or green decor with greige. Pattern-printed pillow covers on smaller pieces like cushions and pillow covers will accentuate the look. Greige is relaxing and comforting as a color.

27. Gold

Via Homebunch

Gold and yellow suit feng shui bedrooms. Gold brings positive energy. It is associated with compassion, courage, and grandeur. The shade used here is called “Monroe Bisque HC-26” by Benjamin Moore. The bedside bench and the regal chandelier add sophistication to the setting.  Purple, blue, and black are some colors that look stunning with gold.

28. Brown

Via Flickr

Brown symbolizes dependability, security, and resilience. The bedsheets, pillow covers, rug, and even the picture frame follow the color palette of brown and white. The chandelier enhances the room’s beauty. The solid brown color is bold but not bright. The subdued shade makes it perfect for your bedroom because too bright colors can be a problem when you want to sleep peacefully.

29. Cream

Via Dunelm/Idealhome

Cream is not bland and the picture shows you how to make cream look subdued, simple, and classy. The chandelier is a beauty and it adds to the charm of the room. Pair the cream-colored walls with an elegant chandelier. You can also source unique decor pieces if chandeliers bloat your budget. But, ensure that you have at least one unique piece to make the room lively.

30. Brick Red

Via Veranda

The room gives off a cozy aura due to the brick red walls. The wall paint color is Picture Gallery Red by Farrow & Ball. The cotton-wool blanket and lampshade make the room convenient for use. The atmosphere resembles a ranch’s earthy environment.

31. Navy or cobalt blue

Via Kimarmstronginteriordesign

This paint(Benjamin Moore Stunning) by Benjamin Moore will not align with everyone’s choices. But, if you want a blue that is bold and subdued, this is the one. The white and blue color palette has been used well.  The headboard, bedsheet, and decor pieces like the rug go well with navy blue.

Colors have a different impact on different rooms depending on the light, furnishings, and the direction your room faces. These colors may not look the same on your bedroom walls and hence it is best to get some samples first.

Now, that you know all the trendy colors you can paint your bedroom with, you must try them out in your next bedroom makeover. Your bedroom will look stunning and you will have a haven to go to after an annoying day of “Boss talks”.

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