41 Best Living Room Paint Colors

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Whether you just moved out of your parents’ house, or finally saved enough to get a new place or want to show your colleagues what a promotion looks like; sprucing your living room is the best way to completely accentuate the vibe of your life. The last thing you want is someone to enter your house and see a crusty, mediocre, and old paint job that makes your house look as if it hasn’t been touched in the last 40 years. 

A quick paint job can easily alleviate your space. Whether you’re trying to make your living room more minimalist, modern, wanting it to look spacious, or matching it to your personal aesthetic. Instead of breaking your head at different paint samples, just read this blog. We’ve curated and selected 41 living room paint colors that will give your room a much-needed upgrade. 

41 Best Living Room Paint Colors

1. Minimalist Black and White 

Minimalism is the new trend and it essentially enhances the less is more philosophy. Hence it’s never late to go bold and paint your living room black and add some tasteful white accents. If you’re not the best when it comes to decorating, these walls will do the job for you. It’s classic and trendy at the same time. Very Audrey Hepburn if you ask me. 

2. Magenta and Sunshine Yellow

Via Elledecor

This living room is definitely not for someone who wants to play it safe. It’s very bold and vivacious and filled with energy. If you’re someone who is bold and loves splashes of color this is the room for you. While the pink is too loud, the yellow mutes it down and makes it feel airier and Venitian and less barbie-esque. 

3. One with nature

Green living rooms are a little unique and definitely give a moody grunge vibe. It makes your space feel much more spacious and brings peace. Which is exactly what the color represents. With some natural tones of plants and greenery, instead of clashing it will further allude to a zen space. You can make it look very royal as well by taking a more emerald green route. 

4. Pastel Blue

Imagine all the beautiful blue primroses but in pastel. If you love the color but don’t want it to completely overpower your personality, pastel is the way to go. It will give your living room a very Parisian and airy feel. The decor also gets fairly easy as everything goes well with pastel. 

5. Bring back Beige

Many people wrote of beige as a seemingly boring color or something that has been outdated. But beige is back and it is here to stay. With the right tones, you’ll feel as if you are on a tropical vacation in Mykonos. What could be better than coming home to such a feeling? 

6. Chalky Charcoal

A quick wash of charcoal will give your living room a touch of elegance. Especially when it is a lime wash. You can just do an accent wall or you can go big by painting all your walls. Paired with some matte black or white molding, your room would look like a modern dream. 

7. Blue and Pink

Via Elledecor

While this theme might seem very barbie and ken, if done cautiously and tastefully it will look stunning. These two colors match together perfectly and can make a perfectly gender-neutral space. You can add some pink accents that don’t overpower your blue and look stunning at the same time. 

8. Sunny yellow

Incorporate some of the sunshine in your decor and make your space look vintage eclectic. This sunshine yellow just exudes positivity and good energy and is quite a welcoming sight as soon as you enter. Leave the windows open so the sunlight can stream in and highlight it even more. It reminds me of a beach house in Pennsylvania. 

9. Purple Pink and Grey 

Via Elledecor

As odd as this combination is, it is perfect for that one whimsical soul that loves pink and purple but also wants the space to look a little mature. While pink and purple represent your desire, the grey will mute them down a little and bring about some moderation and balance. 

10. Terracotta Style 

Nothing like some warm tones to make your living room feel cozy and welcoming. If you’re a fan of all and wish to experience it all your round, just incorporate it into your decor. Earthy tones amplify warmth but at the same time give the space a lot of character. 

11. Coral Walls

You can never have too much color. Coral walls will perfectly match with your quirky fun and exuberant personality. It is definitely a very young color and will automatically give your house a Mexican feel. Pair it with some patterns and you’re ready to yell hola to everyone who visits. 

12. Ruby red

Other than being the most attractive and eye-catching color, you can easily manipulate it to suit our taste. You can be modern with it or take a royal route by adding some gold accents and velvet tones. Regardless of that, your evenings with a wine glass will be fixed in this room.

13. Royal Blue

While being very neutral and gender-friendly, it also won’t crowd your space. With equated touches of white, grey or silver you can balance it out to give a regal feel. It also becomes very easy to decorate and is the best option if you’re looking for something moody and dark but don’t want to commit to black. 

14. Crisp White

Nothing like a Crisp White palette. You can keep your decor minimal, or you can have some statement furniture pieces instead. White gives you a full creative direction and makes the decor part much easier. However you choose to style it, it’s going to look clean and perfect right out of a palm springs resort. 

15. Beautiful Buttercream

Via Goodhousekeeping

The buttercream shade might be vintage, but it has never gone out of style. It can really open up your space and give the illusion that your room is larger than it actually is. You can pair it with a bold chocolate brown or go for something more muted like mauve. 

16. Mint Green

If the living room is the heart and soul of your place, might as well make it a statement piece. You can have a mint green accent wall or mix and match with some other greens to make sure it’s not overwhelming. Wood goes beautifully with mint green and with some crisp white finishes it might just seem as of you’re in Santorini. 

17. Deep Brown

Nothing like some deep brown walls to really cozy in the mood. You can have an all brown palette with some hardwood floors, chocolate brown walls, and some nice beige accents. Or you can break the monotony by putting some grey. It’ll give you a really cozy, warm vibe. 

18. Blue and Yellow

Via Elledecor

Blue is a color that honestly goes with everything. If you want to do something bold and beautiful, then blue and yellow together snake an awesome color palette. This cool and warm-toned living room adds a touch of fun and maturity as both the colors balance each other. Some royal blue walls with yellow furniture will really alleviate your space. 

19. Magical Monotony

Via Idealhome

If you’re a bibliophile and have a plethora of books, or if you just have a niche for shelf decor then you can let them do the talking. Match your shelves color with your other decor to make sure all your decor and walls blend together seamlessly. In this way, you won’t have a lot of clashing elements but will still have pops of color. 

20. Pastel Pink or Peach

If you love pink, but not enough to commit to some hot pink boldness. Go with the soffit tones such as peach or pastel pink. You can still make it look very girly by adding some different tones of pink, mauve, and purple. Or you can make it a little more gender-neutral by adding tones of grey. 

21. Striped Neutrals

Via Goodhousekeeping

If you want your living room to stand out, but adding colors is just not your aesthetic; you can build a character with neutrals as well! This striped neutral wall is the quintessential design for someone who wants to do something a little different while keeping it mellow and soft. 

22. Sage Green 

If you love greens but find emerald green a little too bold, this sage green is right up your alley. It is a muted version of green mixed with the undertones of blue and gray. It is fairly easy to decorate with some pops of yellow, dark green, brown, and natural wood. 

23. Blue Black 

Via Housebeautiful

The blue and black walls give a very 90’s British vibe with a modern touch. The walls are this unique color which is oddly cozy. It is the perfect love child of royal blue and glossy black and will give your living room this air of mystery and warmth. You can pair it with some dark wood to further enhance the colors. 

24. Soft Purple 

Soft or ashy purple really sets the tone of a place. It gives it a much more eclectic vibe and if you’re in the mood for something dark but don’t gravitate towards blur or black this is a nice alternative. Mixed with some metals it’ll create a very unique space. 

25. Burgundy or deep raspberry

A burgundy or a deep raspberry color will really accentuate your living room. Its the perfect melody of dark red and purple. Mixed with some white and grey, it really grounds the room and creates some balance. Mixed with some classic molding, this room almost looks regal. 

26. Crimson

Via Housebeautiful

Bright reds may make your house look like a fire station. Instead, go with some crimson. This will provide a pop of color but won’t be too loud. You can keep a dark muted color palette with some dark green and charcoal, or you can break the monotony by adding some pink and blur tastefully.

27. Pink and Yellow

Via Elledecor

This living room looks like a much sophisticated and mature lemon stand. Pink and yellow beautifully offset each other and create a timelessly elegant feel. The colors are far from neutral,  but they aren’t too dark and bold as well. They are perfect for a light and airy palm springs vibe. 

29. Green Blue and Beige

Green, blue, and beige make up for a very bold but balanced color palette. The beige perfectly balances out the blue and green so that they don’t clash with each other. Furniture selecting will be relatively easy and your living room will look magnificent. 

30. Mustard Madness

Sunshine yellow isn’t for everyone. If it’s not done right it can look like a 5-year-old’s room. Hence if you love yellow but want to keep it more on the mature side, you can take a gamble at the color mustard. It marries well with leather brown and natural woods and gives the impression that your room is out of love lucy. 

31. Ombre It

Painting makeovers doesn’t mean you completely have to paint the wall with only one color. You can ombre the walls as well! Add a nice bold color over your base color and to give it an ombre effect, use the dry brush method. This gives your living room a completely unique look. Just make sure your accent color marries well with your base color. 


32. Blue and red

Via Elledecor

Mixing cool and warm tones together is always a good idea. They are the opposite spectrum of the color wheel and hence they beautifully offset off each other. You can also add some patterns to break the solid monotony. This color palette will make your room feel as if it belongs in the Buckingham Palace. 

33. Burnt Orange

While a bright orange can make your living room look like a, well, orange; a burnt orange will actually not be that hard on the eyes and will give your room a fresh new look. Greys and woods go beautifully with this color and it happens to be my personal favorite when it comes to painting walls. 

34. Aqua or turquoise 

Nothing like a quick accent wall of turquoise or aqua to really open up the space and make it feel light and airy. Paired with some crisp white or grey walls, it can make you feel as if you are lounging in front of the ocean on a beach in Sambuca Beach. 

 35. Fifty Shades of Grey

Grey never fails to give about an air of sophistication and nobility. While some might think it is boring, it can actually be experimented by using very tones of grey. It is sleek and modern and looks good at every party, from Easter to Christmas. 

36. Amethyst

Via Housebeautiful

The colors of jewels never fail to impress when manifested in a room. The Amethyst paint really reads well on any layout and with bright pops of purple and blue sprinkled around the room, your living room will look like an absolute dream. 

37. Olive

Via Housebeautiful

If you want to take the more traditional route, then a good old olive never goes out of style. It is perfect if you want to add some trim or millwork in your living room. It marries well with almost every color and will never fail to impress all your guests. For an added pop, you can try playing with various tones of green in your room. 

38. Greyish Beige

If you can’t choose between grey and beige, why not go for the middle ground. This greyish beige color is unique while still being on the neutral spectrum. It is very forgiving when it comes to styling and you can add some pops of your favorite colors. 

39. Fuschia and Green 

Via Elledecor

Again a warm and cool color palette and this time it is Fuschia and green. Fuschia and green always look good together. If you can’t commit to anyone of them, you can tastefully balance both of them in your space. There will never be a dull moment in your living room with such uplifting colors

40. Ebony

Via Housebeautiful

If you have ebony on your floors then why not bring them up to your walls. It alludes to a cozy and welcoming space and can really turn a place around. To deepen the color palette even further you can add some red and blue, or you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum by lightning it with some pink and orange. 

41. Lilac

Periwinkle and lilac will always be in trend. Hence some lilac walls will match your purple girly aesthetic but won’t be too overpowering. You can enhance it by decorating it with some pastel pink and blue. And voila! You have the perfect periwinkle fairy fantasy. 

That’s all we have for you today! We basically saved you a lot of money on an interior design consultation so you’re welcome. Now you won’t have to break your head over countless paint samples trying to figure out which is the nest for your living room. This article covers everything from modern minimalism to vintage eclectic. So go to your nearest Lowes and get painting!

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