13 Best Paint Colors For Study Room

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If you’re someone like me, entering your study room can be a chore sometimes. Because you know as soon as you enter you will be burdened under your endless procrastination, inevitable deadlines, and annoying exams. And what makes it worse is when you have a very uninviting and dull room to look at. There is no way I can find inspiration in a dull room and hence why I usually end up doing all my work in my bedroom or living room. 

But if you have a perfectly good study room that is collecting dust; or want to encourage your kids to work in the study room, I think it’s time you thought about giving your room a much-needed makeover. Keep reading to find out about colors that will stimulate your brain, give calming vibes, and in general boost productivity. 

How To Choose the Best Color for Your Study Room

It is actually scientifically proven that colors stimulate your brain to work better. It boosts productivity and nurtures creativity better as it creates a desirable positive environment. Each and every color has a theory of its own. And you need to find a color that suits your needs the best. 

It is important for spaces like these to have a motivating and positive environment. Hence you need to make sure you don’t put moody and dark tones in the space such as black, dark grey, olive green, etc. These colors aren’t necessarily the best fit for a productive space. These colors usually signify negativity and unpleasant emotions. 

As you choose a color for your walls you also need to make sure that it isn’t too overpowering and distracting to the eye. You need to find a balance between keeping the room and light and preppy and just dumping it with all the colors in the rainbow. 

Of course, the study room is subjective to the age group it is serving. If it is for young children then you can typically go for brighter colors as it is scientifically proven that bright colors like red and yellow boost the child’s brain. But if it is for adolescents or young adults then you could tone down the brightness a bit so as to have a calming effect as well. You usually need a calm mind to tackle all your assignments and studies. 

Now let’s look at a few colors that according to us are the quintessential colors that will uplift and revamp your room. 

13 Best Paint Colors For Study Room

1. Red

Red is a very popular color when it comes to study rooms. As it is scientifically proven that it increases brain activity. It is also believed that red is the color of good luck. But be mindful of not filling the whole room with red as it may overwhelm the brain and have the opposite effect. Balance it out with some neutrals such as whites and beige. Red is one of the colors that attract the human eye the most and hence you will feel much more productive when you’re in the room.

2. Lavender 

Lavender is the ideal choice if you want something that is colorful and yet not too hard on tube eyes. It is always known to have a calming effect. And it couldn’t be more perfect for a study room as it delivers you peace and provides an ideal environment to be productive. You can pair this color with some wood tones and other neutrals to keep a light and preppy mood board. You really can’t go wrong with a color like lavender.

3. Green

As you probably know, green is known to be one of the most calming colors. It also promotes better visibility and exudes strength. There is nothing more calming than painting your walls a nice leaf green. You can pair this with some dark wood and natural greens with some white to balance the color palette. It will make your study room seem like your own little sanctuary. 

4. Ocean Blue 

Blue focuses more on stimulating the mind. It is said to work the mind and really calm it down at the same time. Research has proven that blue continues to be a very popular choice for homeowners to decorate. As it is very versatile, pairs well with other colors and overall manifest positive and productive feelings. This ocean blue will make you feel as if you’re sitting in the balcony of a hotel overlooking the ocean as the cool breeze hits your face while you work. Can’t think of a more ideal work scenario! 

5. Yellow

Similar to red, this color really jerks your brain to life. Yellow is the color of happiness and positivity and what else do you need to study. It makes the room look light, airy, and interactive. Sunshine yellow is one of my favorite colors as it not only pairs well with other colors, it exudes positivity. You can pair this color with some neutrals to even out the color palette. 

6. Maroon

If you are a fan of red but don’t want to go that bright, Maroon seems like the perfect choice. It is still colorful; but isn’t that harsh on the eyes. It will give your room a more mature and sophisticated feel. Paired with some dark wood tones, it will look as if your room was decorated professionally. Not only will the room feel much more inviting, but will also help you concentrate more. 

7. Brown

Brown is a really cozy color and one of the colors which is on the darker side but does not have any negative emotions associated. Usually, we don’t recommend dark colors such as black or charcoal gray for your study room as it may be moody or grungy. On the other hand, Brown is very calming and soothing to the mind. Paired with neutrals like white and beige, it really elevates the space. You can either do it as an accent color or have it as your base color. Either way, if you want something warm but lively at the same time, brown is the color for you. 

8. Pink 

No, I don’t mean hot pink, I mean a light pastel pink that isn’t aggressively bright but is preppy at the same time. You can use colors like gray and white to mature and balance out your space. Add different tones of pink to further add character to the room. Pink is supposed to be a color that signifies happiness, positivity, and creativity And it will do just that to your study room. 

9. Orange 

Orange is bright enough to stimulate the mind but not grossly bright. With a glossy finish to it, it becomes the perfect color for your room. Its warm undertones go well with wood tones and classic crisp white. You can’t really go wrong with a nice wash of orange on your walls. You can opt for a burnt orange color if you don’t like the excessively yellow undertones in classic orange. 

10. Turquoise 

This color is so bright and uplifting, it will instantly up-lift anyone’s mood. It reminds you of clear blue skies and everything beautiful in the world. Blue also helps work your brain, and the brighter the colors, the more your brain will be stimulated. Paired with some ivory white it reminds you of Santorini, Greece. Add some fun pops of pink and color to further add character to the space. Turquoise is one of the best choices for your study room, especially if it is for kids. 

11. Classic Cream

While this is more on the neutral route, it makes the place more floaty and spacious. It pairs well with everything and hence decor is a piece of cake. You can have a monotonous color palette by pairing this with crisp white and beige or, you can add some fun pops of color around the room to make it more interactive and joyful. Either way, a classic cream on the walls will never disappoint you. 

12. Purple

Purple is a happy medium between warm-toned and cool-toned colors. You have the option of choosing a warm-toned purple that will go with a warm color palette and make the room feel cozy. Or you can go for a darker cool toned purple that will mature the space and make it have a timelessly elegant feel. It is a versatile color that is colorful in a sophisticated way.

13. Lime Green

Ending on a lighter and quirky tone, ever considered painting your room lime green? It isn’t as deep as primary green; with its yellow undertones, it really opens up space and makes it feel young and airy. It is a versatile color that is suitable for all age types and pairs well with almost all wood tones and neutrals. It isn’t overwhelmingly bright and brings you overall happiness and positivity. 

Hope you found our curated list of colors for your study room helpful. Included above are the colors that are scientifically proven to stimulate the brain and others which bring about a calming and peaceful environment. There is something for all ages and needless to say, you will be titillated to give your study room a much-needed makeover after this blog.

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