21 Smart Ways To Make Your Home Smell Wonderful

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Smelly dust bins to musty beddings, there are lots of things that can make your house smell unpleasant. I am sure it is not a very good feeling when you step into a smelly house after a tiring day. If you are looking for some easy remedies to make your house smell wonderful, we have it! 

Clean and fresh aromas can send your olfactory senses into high gear any day and let’s say, it is bliss. The stakes are doubled when you can achieve this freshness without any chemicals, and just by some home hacks. 

They do say that the actual smell of cleanliness is when you smell nothing, but is it even possible? I would say no. So the next time you cook something spicy or keep a carpet smelly, don’t forget to combat the stale odor with our 21 Smart Ways To Make Your Home Smell Wonderful. 

From making a DIY air freshener or glass jar scents to all-purpose cleaning powder and lavender sachets, we have covered it all! 

1. Add essential oils to your air filter

Air filters do keep those germs and harmful particles at bay, but they don’t make your house smell good. Take advantage of its reach in the air inside your house and add a few drops of essential oils to your air filter. 

The system will push the scent throughout your house making everything smell great. Essential oils like lemon and lavender are free from chemicals, unnatural fillers and they also pose healing properties. This would be an effective deodorizing trick where you don’t need extra efforts to achieve that fresh feeling from your house. It is a win-win situation, you see! 

2. Stovetop potpourri

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Could you smell it? Its heaven coming from your stovetop! Yes, I am not kidding, potpourris are this effective with the correct recipe. Whether you need a festive, fall, or just refreshing scents in your house, the DIY simmering recipes would do the job. 

Try out the simmer and spice recipe with apple, orange peel, and cinnamon sticks. You can also go for a refreshing one with lemon, vanilla extract, and rosemary with a loud scent and can keep your house fresh for hours. Replacing the rosemary with eucalyptus leaves would send out a calming scent and can also relieve headaches. 

3. Orange peel candle

We used orange peels in the potpourri because they have these awesome deodorizing properties and it is all-natural. Want an easy solution to a smelly room? Make a unique, DIY orange peel candle! 

This might sound weird, but it is totally possible and it does work! Follow 4 easy steps to complete the DIY:

  1. Gather the materials for this one. You would need an orange, a knife, and any type of oil like vegetable, olive or canola. You can also use lemon or grapefruit in place of orange. 
  2. Remove the inside fill of the fruit, without damaging the peel. 
  3. Fill the inside with oil and light the center stem.
  4.  The cute DIY is complete and ready to roll! You can also use the other half of the peel and cover the candle to increase the deodorizing effect.

4. Homemade Air Fresheners

A good way to get that fresh smell indoors would be natural and homemade air fresheners. There are many recipes to try out and you would have this handy, any time of the day. Unlike the stove potpourris, you can use it without heating or blending, just some mere shaking before use would do the job. 

The commercial air fresheners are overpriced and the worst thing would be, they are overly perfumed. For making a DIY one, you would just need essential oils, alcohol, and spray bottles, that’s it! Try out citrus mint or summer citrus to get that fresh vibe or check out the sweet lavender one if you are looking for that deodorizing effect. 

5. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

We might not realize it, but more than often a bad odor can effectively ruin all your efforts to deodorize your apartment. Sometimes it is best to locate the root cause of the odor and then eliminate it before it becomes a hazard. 

Among many, that funky smell in your kitchen might be coming from your garbage disposal. Cleaning it up is super easy and you can do it naturally! Gather old lemon and orange peels, freeze them in the ice cube tray with water and then dump the cubes in the disposal. 

This would help you clean the system blades and also deodorize it to keep offensive odors at bay. You can also use baking soda for cleaning and freshen it up with lemon peels. 

6. Coffee Beans and Candles

I like the smell of coffee like nothing else, and if you can relate with me, this easy hack is for you! Coffee grounds and beans are surprisingly effective in absorbing unwanted odors and they are often used as a deodorizer. You can deodorize carpets and tents with coffee grounds and get satisfactory results.

In this hack, you would need coffee beans and the results would be similar. Gather some votive candles or tealight candles. Fill a glass with coffee beans and place the votive candle inside it. This could be a piece of decor as well and let’s say it, it looks pretty good! 

7. Get Rid of Mildew Smell from Towels

If you are done with the garbage disposal, cleaning the mildew smell from towels and other fabrics are very important as they add up to the unpleasant odor in your house. 

Soak the towel in hot water and vinegar overnight. The vinegar, being the most effective cleaner, cleans the grease, strips off dirt, and softens ups the fabric, the hot water helps get rid of germs. The next would be spraying it up with a mixture of vodka and essential oils, but make sure you spray it evenly. 

Finally, let the fabric dry out completely and it would be better if the sun contributes to this. Make sure it is completely dry before folding it up to make sure mildew doesn’t come back. 

8. Clean Pillowcases and Beddings

To ensure that your house smells wonderful, it is very important to make sure every room is clean and smells amazing. Once you are done with the kitchen and bathroom, head straight to the bedroom. The pillowcases and beddings do contribute to the foul smell in your house. 

We release sweat while sleeping and incase of pillow covers, the dust and dirt from our hair also combine with the sweat. The smelly mattress gets the whole room smelly and the only way out would be changing the sheets and cases every week! 

9. DIY natural room scent

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This is similar to the homemade room freshener and can also be related to potpourris because this DIY uses simmering water to induce fragrance in your house. The air in your house can get stale anytime, with the cooking or pipe leakage. Try out this simple, all-natural, and lovely solution, which can also be used as a decor element! 

To make natural room scent, you would need citrus, herbs, pine or cedar twigs, fragrance extracts, and spices. These ingredients would be enough to make several fragrance recipes and they last for days. Heat the mixture before pouring it in mason jars and your scented water is ready to rock! 

10. An all-purpose Cleaning Powder

Having an all-purpose cleaning and dusting powder is always a smart home hack and is very effective to clean dust bunnies that cause odor. You would just have to blend the ingredients together until it is refined and store it in a dry place with tight covers. 

The easy recipe consists of the following ingredients: 

  1. 1 cup baking soda
  2. 1/4th cup cornstarch
  3. 6 Bay leaves
  4. 2 teaspoon clove powder
  5. 2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

Blend the mixture until the bay leaves are thoroughly refined and you can also add some essential oils to the mixture. Use this powder on carpets, and mattress, let it sit for a few hours before you vacuum it up. It is highly efficient in absorbing dust that causes a bad scent. 

11. Add Odor Absorber to Trash Cans

The slime and grease buildups in the kitchen trash bin can contribute to the unpleasant odor lingering in your kitchen. Cleaning regularly might be a solution, but it is always better to prevent the buildups rather than cleaning it repeatedly.  

Adding an odor absorber to the bottom of the bin would do the job. You can add dryer sheets or add a rag or sponge filled with baking soda in the bottom of the bin. Keeping a fabric in the bottom would also absorb liquids that add to the buildup. To create some aroma, put in a few drops of essential oil, and you are done! 

12. Put Vanilla in Your Oven

If you want a strong and quick deodorizing of your house, say right before a house warming party or when you have invited your boss for a dinner, this one is for you! 

We know how strong vanilla essence is in terms of aroma and we can effectively use its characteristics. Pour a few mL of vanilla extract in an oven mug, place it in the oven and bake it at 300 for an hour. Trust me, the house would be wrapped with the soothing scent, and any unpleasant odor would be covered right there! 

13. Cute Lavender sachets

Loved by humans, but hated by moths, the scent of lavender is has a calming effect, medicinal and healing properties, and can make your home smell wonderful. The lavender sachet DIY is easy, pretty, and cheap. You would need supplies like pinking shears, tray, scissors, embroidery thread, and ribbons. 

Collect these items from a local craft store and get to work. For the fragrance, use dried up lavender and be careful with the stitch. Make sure the lavender doesn’t split out and is always there to spread the aroma. Make them look cute and beautiful with the ribbons as an extra touch and the pouch is ready! 

14. Make an Orange Pomander

Don’t freak out with the name, it is nothing but a sliced orange with cloves poked into its skin. Cloves are associated with a strong aroma and it is also mentioned in the potpourri recipe because it releases a scent when it is heated or mixed with a liquid. 

Making an orange pomander will cause the orange and clove scent to release in the air and give that fresh vibe. This would not only cover bad odors but also prevent flies from roaming around your house. Flies cannot stand the smell of citrus and cloves, so this would be a smart hack! 

15. Homegrown Smudge Stick

If you have some idea about smudging rituals, you might understand how this home hack would help with eliminating the bad odor. The smudge stick hack is the perfect way of bringing the freshness of the outdoors inside and it is truly effective! 

To make the perfect herb bundle, clip the leaves into similarly sized lengths. Do not include any dried or bad leaves and make the bundle thick. Tie them up with a string in a criss-cross pattern and let them dry out completely for a few weeks. Ensure that the leaves are completely dry before burning them up. This could work just like an incense stick and your house would be filled with the light aroma of thyme, rosemary, lavender, and so on. 

16. Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

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Another easy DIY that could pass for a decor piece any day, these scented pinecones could give you cozy decor and make your house smell wonderful! As per aromatherapy, cinnamon scent can relieve headaches, relax sore muscles, improve circulation, and has several other benefits. 

You would need pinecones, cinnamon essential oil, food storage bags, a spray bottle, and dry craft glue to complete this DIY. There are two methods to wrap the pinecones in scent, one is by spraying essential oil and the other is by using ground cinnamon and glue. Both of them are quite effective and you must try this out. Also, this could be an awesome Fall decor and the added fragrance would be all worth it! 

17. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is amazing for making dressings and it is even better with household cleaning! Distilled white vinegar can clean almost everything, absorb odor, and make a surface sparkle. It is quite cheap and can easily be found in supermarkets. 

To remove bad smells from the air:

  1. Fill a few small bowls or containers with vinegar. 
  2. Place the bowls in the room, distribute it evenly, and let it do the magic for 24 hours. 
  3. Repeat the process with fresh vinegar until the smell is eliminated. 

This is so easy, cheap, and works really well! I also mentioned the use of vinegar for homemade air fresheners and now you know why! 

18. Homemade Reed Diffuser

There are so many effective ways to deodorize your house naturally and without any toxic chemicals, and this reed diffuser is one of them. Making a reed diffusor liquid is quite easy but you must choose the ingredients according to your requirements. 

The first step would be to figure out the base- water or oil. Going by the absorbing strategy, water would be a good choice and less messy. Next, choose the binder and the sticks. You can always replace reed with bamboo skewers because they are readily available in the dollar store. Finally, select your favorite fragrance in the form of essential oil. Your reed diffusor is ready to deodorize your room! 

19. Make a Mattress Spray

Just like pillowcases and carpets, mattresses do get smelly, and washing them regularly is a tough job. Fix these issues forever with a DIY mattress spray and fill the room with fresh-smelling fragrances. 

The ingredients required for this spray are:

  1. 1 cup of boiled water
  2. 1 cup vodka or white vinegar
  3. Add eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint essential oils in the ratio of 3:5:4 and shake the mixture well. 

Put the mixture in a spray bottle to make it ready to use. Mist the mattress with the spray and allow it to sit for a few hours before you cover it with sheets again. This spray is very efficient and it works like charm! 

20. Keep Your Shoes Clean and Fresh

Shoes can generate bad odor and it won’t be a surprise. Thanks to the constant sweat and bacteria buildups that add up to the problem. We do clean our feet every day, and by cleaning our shoes twice a week, we can prevent any lingering smell. 

Sprinkle baking soda on the shoes spread it evenly and keep it overnight. The bad odor would be absorbed and it would be ready to use. You can also keep a used teabag inside the shoe and add a few drops of essential oil to freshen it up. 

21. Use an Essential Oil Plug in Diffusor

If you have a plugin diffusor, but you hate those chemical fillers, use natural essential oils to refill. Empty the content of the filler or refill it with mild to strong essential oils and enjoy a chemical-free air. 

To fill in the container, make a mixture of half vodka or water and the other half should be the aromatic liquid. Shake the mixture well before you pour it in the diffusor and you are good to go. You might have to give some occasional shakes to it because the oil might settle in the bottom.

All these methods are very effective and would make some captivating aromas flying around every corner of your house. Try out your favorite one and I am sure the results would amaze you!  

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