21 Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves For Small Countertops

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Are you looking for some organizing hacks for your small kitchen? Okay, just because a kitchen is small doesn’t mean you cannot optimize the vertical space and nothing could be a better solution than wall-mounted shelves!

Open kitchen shelves have been a thing for a long time now and why not? They are the best way to deal with cramped, apartment-sized kitchens which mostly have unused vertical space. So, no more cluttering of those countertops because you are switching to wall shelves and racks.

From cooking utensils to decorative trinkets and cookbooks, these shelves have been a great help in keeping things organized and the display looks great as well. The evolved version of kitchen shelves would help you introduce elegant style, openness, and freshness in your kitchen. Just mount a floating shelf in the vertical space above the countertop, and your kitchen isn’t small anymore!

Check out 21 Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves For Small Countertops and make your cookhouse feel large in no time!

21 Wall Mounted Kitchen Shelves For Small Countertops

1. 3-Tier Floating Shelf

Del Hutson Designs Industrial 3-Tier Floating Shelf with Towel Bar (24 Inch, Walnut)

Fully covered cabinets can never be a good solution if you want to organize a small kitchen and use the space effectively. Nothing could be better than floating shelves if you have small countertops. 

This 3-tier, the walnut color shelf is perfect to maximize space for those bowls and mugs and it can also add that modern flair to your kitchen. It comes with a handy towel rack which is very useful we do need a towel while cooking, right? 

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2. Bucket Utensil HolderIKEA Fintorp Utensil Holder, White, Black

If your kitchen utensils need a forever home, this one is perfect for you! Get this classic bucket utensil holder from IKEA and fashionably organize those utensils. It would also maximize the countertop space and you can use the buckets to store anything you want. 

The rustic wall bar here adds a vintage vibe and keeps the must-have cutlery at an arm’s reach. You can combine this with a floating shelf to store the bowls and mugs and that’s it. You have successfully organized your kitchen! 

Get it here.

3. Stainless Steel Kitchen Caddy

Eastore Life Spice Rack Organizer with 4 Hooks - 304 Stainless Steel Storage Shelf for Kitchen & Bathroom, Wall Mounted Seasoning Shelf, Easy to Assemble, 15.7-Inch

If you are looking to declutter your kitchen and add some space to your countertop, these wall-mounted, punch-free shelves are perfect for you. Beautify your kitchen by organizing those spice bottles, jam, and jelly jars in place and optimizing the small space. 

This kitchen caddy is made up of thick stainless steel material with an anti-rust technology and can hold up to 60 pounds of weight. Easy to mount and dismount, if you want to add some flair to your kitchen and maximize the space, go for it! 

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4. Multifunctional Storage Wall

BESy Multifunctional Kitchen Wall Storage Pot Lid Rack, Hanging Pot Rack Organizers Wall Mounted, Kitchen Cooking Utensil Holder Caddy with Bottle Rack, Knife Pan Hanger with 10 hooks, Matte Black

I have fallen head over heels for this one, and I don’t think I can be blamed. I mean, it super functional, has got those pretty looks and it can fit in small countertops as well. What else do we need? 

Small kitchen countertops aren’t a surprise these days since the city apartments are small, and so is the kitchen. Building a multifunctional storage wall with this shelf would be helpful to organize kitchen essentials conveniently and it is super easy to install, unlike a bulky cabinet. 

Check out this wall storage.

5. Wire Grid Organizer

BULYZER Grid Wire Board,for Memo Picture Panel Wall Decoration for Room Office Mat Photo Hanging Art Display Frames Desk Storage Organizer,25.6'' x 17.7‘’(2Pack) (Gold)

If you have a slightly higher budget, this wired grid look would fit perfectly in small kitchen countertops and be super-efficient. This grid could be used for some extra storage in case you are running out of space in your kitchen, fridge, or pantry. 

It comes with a basket shelf and multi-hook support so that you can hang anything and everything. It can also be used for hanging succulents, small notes, and to-do-lists. I didn’t use multifunctional yet, but it does tick all the boxes of functionality! 

Check it out now!

6. Wall Storage with Grids and Racks

We did saw storage grids, floating shelves, and hanging racks. Well, this is the most functional and combined version of all three of them. You have two big shelves, a grid, and knife racks to organize your kitchen utensils in one place with no hassle. 

If you have an empty wall, ready to be used, install this amazing wall storage and maximize the space. Just like in a restaurant kitchen, you have all the durable materials here and it is so easy to install and replace if needed.

Check it out on IKEA.

7. Knife and Cutlery Holder

Via Homewhis

The best match for a modern kitchen, this wall-mounted knife and cutlery holder is worthy of praise. It saves space and keeps those knives organized. You can free the counter clutter by storing that everyday use spatula in this holder. 

The statement black color is my favorite part here and I am sure you are attracted to it as well because it is just stunning. Free up that counter space with this 2-in-1 holder right away! 

8. Wine Glass and Mugs Rack

EigPluy Wine Glass Rack - 2 in 1 Under Cabinet Wine Glass Holder and Mug Hooks Hanging Rack - Multifunction Nail Free Stemware Rack Coffee Cup Holder Mug Wine Glasses Storage Shelf

Whether we accept it or not, wine glasses do take up space and due to their odd shape, it becomes inconvenient to keep them shut in a cabinet. Also, we cannot ignore their attractiveness when they are put on display, so here I have a permanent solution to wine glass storage. 

This statement rack here can hold up to nine wall glasses or 6 coffee mugs without using an inch of your cabinet space. The good news is, you can install this below the cabinet, utilizing the left-out countertop space in your kitchen. The display is amazing, space is saved and those wine glasses have got a permanent place! 

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9. Modular System- Container Rack

Almost every kitchen is modular now and it comes with that modern touch, utilizing the small space efficiently. This rustic black modular system from Pottery Barn can make your life easier in the kitchen by organizing those spices and cereals in a one-stop location. 

You don’t have to overcrowd the kitchen counter with spices anymore, instead use this efficient container rack that would take up a small portion of the storage wall, and solve a bigger space problem. Like I said before, you can install that cool wine rack right below this one and you have a statement corner in your kitchen! 

Buy it on pottery barn.

10. Wooden Rustic Shelf

4-Tier Wall Mounted Iron Floating Pipe Shelves/Racks/Storage/Bookcases/Brackets, DIY Open Bookshelves/Shelving for Kitchen/Office, Retro Black(2PCS 4-Tier Shelf Brackets Without Planks

Another one with a rustic vibe, this shelf is here to give you that warm and timeless vibe with its beauty. With its rugged allure and modern design, this wooden shelf is very efficient as well. 

You can use it to store bowls and mugs, coffee supplies, little indoor plants for decor or use it as a spice rack. No doubt, kitchens are the best places to test rustic components and if you want to add a new dimension to your modernized kitchen, go for this one. 

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11. Wide Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

DecoBros 3 Tier Wall Mounted Spice Rack, Bronze

A larger and wider alternative of floating shelves, this wide spice rack can accommodate your entire pantry and still have some space left. I am not exaggerating here, it has 3 tiers, it is wide and can utilize that wall in your kitchen. 

It comes with durable, smart screws to make the wall hanging easy and it is can be used as a dish rack, spice rack, or as an add-on shelf. This rack provides enough room for all the essentials and the best part is, it won’t clutter any space despite being big! 

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12. Wall Shelf with Metal Rail

Metal Floating Shelf Wall Shelf with Rail Decorative Storage Shelf for Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen

A sort of decorative piece, this shelf cannot accommodate tons of stuff, but it can surely beautify your kitchen. This is also a very good choice for those with small countertops since it doesn’t take up much of the wall space and it won’t be cluttering as well. 

Treat yourself with this adaptable, wall-mounted shelf which comes in a pretty white body and a metal rail for towels and other essentials. Employ this piece of elegance to store oils, spices, kitchen tools, and so on. 

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13. Drill Free Bowl Rack

Via Homewhis

We know how inconvenient drilling can be and yes, it doesn’t affect much while installing, but it becomes a problem while we unmount a wall shelf. Switch to drill-free options like this chic bowl rack that can save cabinet space by moving those bowls to another location. 

This pretty shelf can hold up to 10 bowls and keeps your kitchen look clean and tidy. Best for kitchens with small countertops, this wall-mount shelf is made of stainless steel material and is coated with a durable paint. 

14. Floating Shelves

Okay, this one is floating and it takes very little wall space. Floating shelves are the heart of any modernized interior and we know why. They look so pretty, the floors are free and they never clutter! 

This light walnut stained shelves can be installed on the tiny wall right above the kitchen sink and it would look great. Make your kitchen more accessible with this and store plates, bowls, mugs, dry foods, and many more. I am sure you won’t regret this new addition! 

You can get this shelf on IKEA.

15. Open Shelf with a Metal Frame

Yuanshikj 2Pc (42" Tall) (12" deep) Industrial Wall Mount Iron Pipe Shelf Shelves Shelving Bracket Vintage Retro Black DIY Open Bookshelf DIY Storage offcie Room Kitchen (2 Pcs 4Tier Hardware Only)

An easy to install design, this open shelve wall-mounted rack can be a fantastic addition to your kitchen countertops. It has three shelves, and modern frame designs at the sides to add up the beauty. The iron pipe shelf support is worth the special mention as it makes the structure super durable. 

From kitchen utensils like plates and bowls to small cooking devices like mixer grinder and juicer, it can hold everything. It can also be used to double up the display platforms by storing some decorative items or decor kitchenware. 

Check it out here.

16. With a modern white finish

A functional and versatile kitchen shelf constructed from stain-resistant wood and comes with an attractive white finish. It can perfectly blend with any design and decor and this modern beauty is optimizes space to the maximum. 

Use it to store jars, bowls, or mugs, make it a spice rack or store oils, and use those divisions intelligently to store plates and wine glasses. I am sure you would earn some compliments as soon as you welcome this baby in your kitchen! 

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17. Statement Floating Shelves

HOMBYS Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 3 Hanging Wood Shelves for Bedroom Bathroom or Kitchen

Yes, this one is just like any other floating shelf, but it comes with statement holders! I mean, those S-shaped power brackets provide it more capacity, makes it sturdy and durable. The wooden finish of the shelves also adds up to the beauty. 

These shelves are not only perfect to display your belongings but it can also be used as the best assistant to plan your living space. Use it to store kitchen essentials because we are talking about kitchen countertops and I know how important space is on that location! 

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18. 3-Piece Tiered Shelf

Another floating shelf with a striking design, this versatile accent shelf comes with an eccentric white finish and I cannot get over its looks anytime soon. Crafted from manufactured wood, you can use this piece anywhere. 

The metal side braces take a crisscrossing silhouette that makes it perfect for contemporary spaces. You can use it to store kitchen essentials, keep cutlery safe by installing some hooks and so much more. 

Buy it on Wayfair.

19. Shelf and Pot Rack

VDOMUS Shelf Pot Rack Wall Mounted Pan Hanging Racks 2 Tire (Black)

If something can define versatility, I would say its none other than this shelf which is also a compact pot rack. Those hooks add functionality to the design and let’s say it, it doesn’t clutter at all! 

You could hang those bulky pans, spoons, and even small kitchen utensils and probably, you would still have some space to spare. Use the upper racks to store bigger utensils and you have maximized that storage wall. I know it’s amazing and you must try out this one if you want to optimize space with a minimum pocket pinch. 

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20. Stainless Steel Corner Shelf

Winmien 2 Pack Bathroom Corner Shelf, SUS 304 Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Shower Corner Caddy with Adhesive and Hooks, No Drilling, No Rust, Storage Organizer for Dorm, Toilet and Kitchen, Silver

Are you looking to utilize the corners of your kitchen? Here is to those who have small countertops and you need some extra space, install this stainless steel shelf in one of the corners. 

It can hold all your seasonings and spice bottles in one place and optimize the space. Also, this stainless steel is coated with a rust-free finish and it is super easy to install. The corner shelf is great for the kitchen and bathrooms so it is versatile! 

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21. Wall-mounted Hanger

Wallniture Gourmet Kitchen Rail with 10 Hooks, Wall Mounted Wrought Iron Hanging Utensil Holder Rack with Black 17 Inch

We did talk about floating shelves, holders, corner shelves, glass racks, and the combination of some of them as well. This final variety is a wall-mounted hanger that is capable of making a statement, any day! 

I am not exaggerating, it has got those chic looks, it is functional and it can fit in the smallest of storage walls. Store everyday spatulas, cutlery, and other essentials in this one, and I am sure you won’t regret this choice! 

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These easy-to-mount shelves are here to bring some organization in your kitchen and add that extra flair. Analyze your requirements before you choose one and I am sure you would love your choice. Don’t wait, bring home a pretty kitchen shelf right away! 

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