14 Vacuum Cleaning Hacks Every Clean Freak Should Know

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One of the best ways to clean your home is easily vacuuming…after pushing the dirt under your couch, obviously. If you are anything like me then you would probably want to make this task even more undemanding, but come on, how do you do that with just a vacuum cleaner? 

Well, in this article, I’m going to list 12 slightly unusual vacuuming hacks that would make not only your carpet but also your entire cleaning experience a lot smoother. So quickly get into some overalls, awaken your inner Monica Geller, and start vacuuming away! 

14 Vacuum Cleaning Hacks Every Clean Freak Should Know

1. Pantyhose For Retrieving Jewellery And Other Tiny Items

Yes, you heard it right…your tights can now help retrieve lost items. If you have misplaced some precious jewelry like rings or earrings or maybe even tiny tools such as nuts and bolts, then all you have to do is stretch some pantyhose and tie it to the end of your vacuum, and voila! The thin material of your tights would allow the vacuum to function properly as well as catch hold of whatever it is that you have lost. 

2. Ketchup Bottle For Electronics

The keyboards of computers and laptops are truly hard to clean. Attach a ketchup bottle head which has a nozzle at the top (any other lid with this feature will also do) to your vacuum. You can do so with the help of a rubber band or even tape. This will easily suck the dirt and other dust particles out of your keyboard and electronic buttons making it look brand new.

This hack will also work on other ‘tough to reach’ areas like window sills and little corners of your house. 

3. Ice For Carpet Dents

A round of thorough vacuuming usually leaves dents on your carpets or rugs. Placing ice cubes on your carpet right after vacuuming it can do wonders to get rid of these dents.

Put one or two cubes in each dent and let it soak overnight. After this, you should have a smooth carpet. If by chance the dents still remain, just use a credit card or fork to fluff it out. All this together would certainly do the trick leaving you with a soft and even carpet.  

4. Seam Rippers For Removing Hair

Hair stuck in your machine is usually one of the main reasons why your vacuum stops literally sucking and starts actually sucking (this one’s a thinker). In order to get rid of this, all you have to do is get a seam ripper and cut the hair off.

Scissors will work too but not if there’s a lot of hair. You can also use a box cutter for the same, though seam rippers can also later be used to get the hair off of your bathroom drains and other such small tasks. So, I would advise every homeowner to keep one as they are very handy. 

5. Cinnamon For An Aromatic Home

Sometimes all we need to give our homes a clean look is to make them smell good. Add a pinch of cinnamon in the bag or cylinder of your vacuum before cleaning to clear out any bad smells and leave behind an enticing aroma. This also helps your vacuum bag smell fresh even after a few uses.

For those of you who don’t particularly enjoy cinnamon, a teaspoon of vanilla powder will also do the trick.

6. Brush Attachment In Place Of A Duster

Vacuum cleaners usually come with various attachments, one of them being the brush. Use this instead of a hand duster to quicken the cleaning process and make it a lot easier.  The brush is extremely effective, and all you have to do is vacuum like you usually do.

You can use this on everything from your walls to your carpet to even your curtains and expect fabulous results. 

7. Masking Tape To Prevent Scuffing

Walls and cupboard corners are frequently damaged while vacuuming because the chunky machine scrapes and scratches it. To prevent this, you can put masking tape on the parts you know are going to get affected. This would also help you finish early as now you won’t have to worry about your wall being destroyed. 

8. Scented Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

Scented dryer or tumble dryer sheets act as great air fresheners. Place one inside your vacuum bag or cylinder. This would leave behind a great smell wherever you clean. It also works great on pillows and carpets so it is something you can do before having guests at your place to provide them that extra level of comfort.

9. Baking Soda To Make Your Mattress Smell Great

Mattresses tend to get smelly after being used for a while. To get rid of this, you can mix baking soda with a few drops of any essential oil and sprinkle it on your mattress. Leave this in for a few minutes and then vacuum over it. This will leave your mattress smelling amazing and is guaranteed to help you rest better. 

10. Toilet Paper Rolls To Reach Tight Spots

Once you have used up the toilet paper, use the cardboard roll inside it to help collect dust from tiny crevices and corners of your home. You can cut or mold it into any shape and size you wish to. Then, just attach it to the end of your vacuum cleaner and clean like you normally would.

The roll will easily reach the small areas and would inevitably speed up the process and make it more enjoyable. 

11. Extension Cords For Easy Access

Re-plugging your vacuum over and over again can get a tad bit annoying after a certain point of time. It is also not very comfortable to keep taking your vacuum plug out every time you need to move a few steps. To avoid this, always plug in your vacuum to an extension cord before you start cleaning. This will help you move around much more easily and you won’t have to worry about it coming out of the socket. 

12. High Vs Low Foot Traffic Areas

Areas with low foot traffic are usually located under your bed, under your furniture, behind cupboards, and inside your attic. It takes a lot of time for the dust to accumulate in these places. On the other hand, places like your carpets, curtains, and floors are a lot more prone to dirt and grit.

This is why it is always better to vacuum high-traffic areas once every week (double that if you have any children or pets). You can focus less on low-traffic areas and clean them once every two to three weeks. 

13. Follow A Routine

If you leave your home unattended for too long, then your floor with start to looked faded and caked with dirt. Your curtains and carpets will look old and dirty and your home might even start smelling a little. To avoid any of this, have a vacuuming routine. Follow the high vs low traffic hack and try to not miss your cleaning days. This way your home will always look fresh and clean. 

14. Use The Right Vacuum Cleaner

This is the most important one which is why I’ve saved it for last. Take your time and do enough research on vacuum cleaners before getting one. Don’t always look for an expensive model—look for something with more features and attachments as these make your cleaning process a lot less complicated. Try to figure out which vacuum works best for your floor and stick to that model. 

So, these were a few surprising yet easy and doable hacks I had for you that will make your vacuuming process a lot more quick and fun. The most important thing to remember while vacuuming is to be comfortable. Relax, switch on your cleaning playlist, and then get on with it. It will get even simpler with practice. 

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