30 Brilliant Denture Tablets Cleaning Hacks

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Are you looking for some easy home cleaning hacks? Wanna get rid of tough stains with less effort?

Your one-stop item, which can help you with the cleaning of the toughest stains, is none other than denture tablets. They are inexpensive, easily available, and super easy to use. The chemical combination of the tablets enables them to be a good cleaning product and we don’t mean just dentures. 

They are so much more than just dentures cleaner. Wanna deodorize dirty shoes? Soak it in denture tablets mixture. Want to get rid of coffee stains from mugs and carafes? You have denture tablets again. 

We have put together 30 uses of denture tablets that would definitely help you with your home cleaning routine.

30 Surprising Uses of Denture Tablets in Cleaning

1. Shine a Diamond

Just like any other metal, diamond jewelry can also lose its shine with regular usage. Fill in a container with water and one denture tablets and place your diamond collection inside it. Let them sit for a minute and once done, take it out and rinse them thoroughly. You will see them sparkle and the old shine would be restored. So easy! 

2. Armpit Stains

We know how irritating and embarrassing armpit stains are, and they are unavoidable. Some of your daily use clothes are an easy target and they often get stained in the armpit areas. 

Get rid of these stains with denture tablets and water. Place your clothing in a mixture of warm water and three denture tablets and soak for an hour before you put it on a regular wash. The denture tablets would break up those tough stains and your clothes would be good to go! 

3. Stained Plastic Containers

Plastic utensils like tiffin and lunch boxes often get stained with tomato sauce, chili sauce, and many more. They affect the border areas and if not treated on time, they might end up ruining the taste of the food. 

Fill in the container with warm water and add one or two denture tablets on it. Let it sit for an hour, followed by a quick scrubbing. The stains would be gone! 

4. Clean Thermoses

Thermoses are an efficient utensil that keeps our soup warm and it is always a good idea to carry water in it if the temperature is freezing outside. 

Thermoses are mostly narrow and very difficult to clean. Just like water bottles, you can pour a denture tablet solution in it and let it sit for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse it thoroughly and you have a clean thermos! 

5. No Baked-on Food Stains

Food stains are very common in our kitchen utensils and it is an everyday occurrence. While most of the stains go away with scrubbing, caked-on residues are very hard to wipe out. Soak the utensils in warm water with denture tablets for an hour. Do the regular scrubbing after this treatment and you will get rid of tough stains. 

6. Clean Crockpots

Crockpots go through a lot and in the process of making our life easier, they get nasty and stained. Get it cleaned by filling it with warm water and about two to three denture tablets, depending on the stains. Let it sit for a few hours before you toss it in the dishwasher or scrub it out. All the burnt food stains would be gone! 

7. Tea Kettle Cleaner

Tea and coffee kettles get stained mineral deposits and regular build-ups. The blackish stains look dirty and can also alter the taste of the beverages if they start to smell. 

Clean those stains with denture tablets and avoid those mineral deposits. Just like crockpots, soak them in warm water and denture tablets mixture and scrub it after an hour. The stains would definitely lighten up, and get away with regular treatment. 

8. Stinky Shoes

Your shoes are very likely to get stinky owing to your everyday morning walk or exercises under the summer sun. You don’t have to stop your workouts or ditch the summer sun to avoid this. 

Soak the shoes in a solution of warm water and 3 denture tablets for about an hour. Rinse it thoroughly and let it dry. This hack would definitely work and you can also wash with a detergent later to get that fresh smell. 

9. Clean Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are very efficient and mostly biodegradable, so environment friendly. They enable us to drink more water, but the more we use, the more we welcome bacterias. 

Most of these bottles are not dishwasher safe and they’re shapes aren’t permitted for scrubbing. After scrubbing what you can with soapy water, fill the bottle with water and drop a few denture tablets. Leave them for a night and you have it bacteria free!  

10. Clean Baby Utensils

If you have an infant or toddler at your place, you must be surrounded by teething toys, baby bottles, and pacifiers. It is extremely important to disinfect these items and follow a regular cleanup routine. 

Get rid of any stain in baby bottles or teething toys by submerging them in a mixture of water and denture tablets. It would not only work on the stains but also kill bacteria and make it safe for the baby.

11. Clean Mouthguards

Related to oral hygiene, you must have this at your home if someone from the family is a boxer or rugby player. These mouthguards can get icky if they are not cleaned from time to time. 

Soak the mouthguard in a warm cup of water with one denture tablet and let it soak until the fizzing stops. Once done, rinse it out and you have a clean one!  

12. No Cloudy Glasses

Transparent or crystal glasses can become foggy and cloudy with regular use and the materials are most affected by dishwashers. Denture cleaner would be a good solution if you want those glass fog-free.

Just like diamonds, you have to submerge the object in a mixture of warm water and a denture tab and wait. You will see the fog disappearing and you can rinse the glass clean. 

13. Iced Tea Containers

If you are an iced tea person, you might be familiar with the fact that iced teas can stain containers way more than regular tea. Even some tough scrubbing treatment does not work for the stubborn stains.

You can just soak the containers in a denture tablets mixture for an hour before you start the scrubbing for better results. It will definitely consume less effort and the stains would go away. 

14. Odd-shaped Wine Carafes

By odd-shaped, I didn’t mean anything about its beauty. Such carafes are extremely appealing and they look so good, but cleaning them would be a real pain! 

You can use denture tablets solution to clean wine carafes and make it stain-free. Just let the solution sit for 1 hour before you rinse it clean. 

15. Freshen Coffeemakers

Coffee makers are no doubt heavily stained and get clogged with build up over time. It is very important to carry on regular cleaning and maintain kitchen hygiene.

Vinegar surely does its job and cleans the machine in and out but the strong smell associated can be off-putting.

To avoid this, add denture tablets in the cleaning water and you will see the bubbles doing its job! 

16. Clean Ceramic

If you have ceramic vases and showpieces, do a routine cleanup for them with denture tablets. I mean, they do get dirty with all the dust and dirt and might even get discolored.

Fill in a vessel with warm water and denture tablets and soak the ceramics in it. Leave it for 15 minutes and they would come out clean and shiny. Mild scrubbing would wipe out stubborn stains as well. 

17. Stained Coffee Carafe

Not only coffee mugs and coffeemakers, but coffee carafes can also get stained with regular usage. They end up looking very nasty if overlooked while cleaning and something must be done to avoid this. 

Fill the carafe with warm water and toss in some denture tablets in it. Let it sit for an hour before you shake it out and rinse. You can also do some scrubbing if the stains are still visible.  

18. Clean Bathtubs

Hardy stains in bathtubs are very disturbing and if left untreated, they can even damage the tiles and fittings. You can scrub those stains away by using some denture tablets. 

Fill in the bathtub with warm water and add 7 denture tablets, yes, a bathtub is really huge! Let it soak for a few hours before you start the scrubbing. Once done, drain the water and you might even see loosen mineral deposits near the taps as well. 

19. Clean Hair Brushes

Since comb and hair brushes are meant for regular use, they are bound to get dirty and greasy, thanks to dirt and pollution all around. Clean the buildups with denture tablets so that the next time you comb after a refreshing shower, your hair blushes! 

Just like cloudy glasses, fill in an empty bowl with warm water and add two denture tablets. Soak the comb and brushes in it for an hour before you take them out and scrub. Rinse with clean water and your comb is all clean. 

20. Clean Toilet Bowls

Cleaning toilet bowls can be an issue because they get dirty everyday and commercial cleaners are costly. Moreover, they are full of toxins and can have adverse health effects. 

To avoid commercial cleaners, you can drop three denture tablets in the toilet bowl and let it sit for 30 minutes or longer and then flush. Your toilet would be clean with minimal effort and time. You can also pour a used denture mixture into the bowl, follow the above procedure, and give a quick scrub to the toilet in the end for the best results. 

21. Brighten Up Laundry

Want to restore that old shine in your laundry? You don’t have to dye them, we have denture tablets for you. Just make a mixture of warm water and two denture tablets and toss in some whites or other pieces of clothing in it. Let the fabric soak for an hour before you rinse it clean. You will notice a healthy shine and brighter appearance of the laundry!

22. Clean Shower Heads

Not only bathtubs and floor, but water stains can also be found in showerheads as well. It is not an easy job to clean them and sometimes, scrubbing with soap does not help. 

Fill a bag with warm water and add two denture tablets in it. Tie the bag over the showerhead, making sure it’s completely immersed. After soaking them for a few hours, try some mild scrubbing with a sponge and the stains would go away in seconds. 

23. Clean Sinks

Just like bathtubs, kitchen, and bathroom sinks get heavily stained with regular usage and if not cleaned regularly, the marks might never go! 

Ease your efforts by soaking those sinks in a mixture of denture tablets and warm water. After a couple of hours, carry out regular scrubbing and you would get rid of those stains in a few minutes! 

24. No Stained Tiles

Bathroom tiles, both on the floor and walls, do get stained from regular use and they even develop mosses during the monsoon days. Scrubbing them isn’t always a good idea since it is unlikely to work and you might give yourself an elbow cramp!

Add some warm water and 3 denture tablets in a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas and let it soak for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse with clean water and it would be clean and bright. 

25. Unclog Drains

Clogged drains in your kitchen sink can create a huge mess if not cleaned immediately and drain in the bathroom is clogged, can block water passage making the bathroom dirty. Don’t take the strain of unclogging drains with brushes and sticks, just use denture tablets. 

Toss some broken up denture tablets with a cup of vinegar in the drain and then fish it with hot water. Keep on flushing until the clog is clear. This easy method requires less effort and is very effective. 

26. Clean Toothbrush Holder

Always ignored while cleaning, toothbrush holders must be kept clean and dirt-free because of all things, your toothbrush should be stored in a clean place. Just like vases and water bottles, toothbrush holders are not easy to clean. 

Avoid buildups and slimes by filling up the holder with warm water and denture tablets. Soak it for 30 minutes and then rinse it clean. The holder is all shiny and back in shape! 

27. No rust Glassware

Not only metals but glasswares can also form rust with time and usage. Mostly mason jars, which are used for growing herbs, storing kitchen essentials and what not, can become rusty from their lids. 

Fill in the jar with warm water until it reaches the lid. Drop-in some denture tablets and let it sit overnight. Rinse and scrub the next day and you will see the rust has already big Adieu! 

28. All-purpose Spray

We have already talked about making a spray solution with denture tablets while cleaning tiles, this one is similar to that.

Take a spray bottle, fill it with warm water and denture tablets. Let it sit for 10 minutes before you put the cap on. Shake it well and your all-purpose cleaning spray is ready! This one is effective, cost-efficient, and comes handy for your home cleaning

29. Clean A White Couch

If you have a white couch at your place, it is very difficult to prevent spilling of juice or wine and even crayon marks can stain your white couch. 

Fill in a container with warm water and three denture tablets. Soak a rag in the solution and use it to scrub the stains on your couch. You will see the stains lightening up and eventually disappearing. Avoid using flavored tablets like mint as they turn green or blue and might affect the white setup. 

30. Clean Your Dentures

This one should top the list since denture tablets are manufactured for cleaning and disinfecting dentures. You know how important it is to clean your dentures and they are primary to maintain oral hygiene. Follow the directions in the box for the cleaning or consult your doctor for detailed aspects. 

Denture tablets are cheap and they can do the cleaning job quite well. It can be a regular home hack ingredient when it comes to cleaning. So, would you call this a magic tablet?

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