21 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks using Cream of Tartar

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If you’re here, you probably have found a long-forgotten jar of cream of tartar in your spice shelf. More than 90% of the American households have the cream of tartar in their homes but sadly most of you are unaware of its offbeat functionalities. 

To those wondering what the fuss is all about, let me give you an insight. Cream of tartar is a white colored powder ( you expected it to be a cream, didn’t you? lol! ) that you can find in your kitchen. The scientific name of cream of tartar is potassium bitartrate and it’s a byproduct of the wine-production process. Okay, let’s wind up the chemistry class here ( even I don’t like the subject! ). 

Let’s unravel some of the lesser-known uses of cream of tartar around our homes and get the best out of that wonder bottle! 

Is Cream of Tartar Safe?

Cream of tartar profusely contains potassium and its too much consumption can lead to several health problems. If by any chance you happen to over-consume it, you may have nausea which is quite normal. Just go out, breathe in some fresh air and you’ll be fine. 

If your skin is extra sensitive to the acidic substances, it can cause skin irritation. Plus, nonchalant contact with the eyes can also lead to situations like swelling and irritation. 

In a nutshell, if you take precautionary measures and use it properly then it can be your best buddy. 

21 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks using Cream of Tartar

1. Wave Goodbye To Rust

Like an uninvited guest, rust somehow manages to get inside your house. But this time you have a tested remedy to waive it a goodbye. Mix cream of tartar with hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions and apply it to the rusty area. Clean it with a dampened sponge after a while.

2. Remove Stains From Porcelain

Spotless and polished porcelains with a variety of imprints on them are a true sight to behold. But unluckily they end up catching stains too. Don’t fret! A mixture of equal parts of cream of tartar and an acidic solution say vinegar will do the thing. Just apply it, rub it, and wipe it off!

3. Clean Metal Utensils

Some of you must be fond of collecting metal Utensils (antique ones) but with the course of time grime and dirt begin to accumulate over their surface. If you face such a condition, you know what to do! Yes, cream of tartar to the rescue.

Two and a half cup baking soda blended in one and a half cup regular salt and two tablespoon cream of tartar. Sprinkle this mystical powder on the dirt and wash as usual. You can also store it in a preserved container for future use. 

4. Unclog Drains

Unclog your kitchen or bathroom drains using this homemade Drainex. Pour a quarter cup baking soda and salt, one tablespoon cream of tartar into the pipe. Add a tad bit of water and allow it to rest. 

The chemical reaction between all the ingredients will have the same effect as that of Drainex. Start running water and tada! 

5. Shine Your Bathroom

A glamorous and shining bathroom is just a cleaning spree away! Take an equal amount of cream of tartar and baking soda, squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into it and your instant bathroom cleaner is ready. You can use it even on the hardest stains to give your bathroom the shine it deserves.

6. DIY Slime      

Slime is everyone’s favorite irrespective of the age, so let’s get to a quick DIY to prepare slime. Best part? You don’t need glue for it! Simple ingredients, easy steps, and a will power to carry out the process is all you are going to need. 

7. Prevent Discoloration Of Vegetables      

Boiling veggies prior to cooking them is a healthy practice, however, this leads to their discoloration and they lose their aesthetic value. You can revive the lost shine of these vegetables by adding half teaspoon cream of tartar while boiling or after that. 

8. Launder Stains From The Fabrics     

Say, you got an irksome stain on your favorite garment. Well, nothing seems more frustrating and disheartening than this. But guess what? Yeah, you got me. Add 3% hydrogen peroxide to the cream of tartar and glycerin, prepare a thick paste and apply it on the stain. Let it sit for a solid 10 minutes and then just wash it off as usual.  

9. Treat Scratched Up Plates     

The plates that we use every day get scratches and they downright degrade their appearance. Say no more to scratches! Scale them down to minimum using the cream of tartar. Just apply it directly on the scratched surface and rinse them clean. You can obviously use this method on other such surfaces too.

10, Freshen Up Your Skin       

Time for a face clean-up! Prepare an instant face wash using one teaspoon cream of tartar and half cup of orange juice. Its topical application on your skin will glow you up. You can also use it as a face mask by keeping it on for 15 minutes or so. Remember to do a patch test on your skin first before you proceed further. 

11. Polish Copperware

Owning a collection of copper wares is elegant until it begins to interact with the moist environment. The green color pigment and foul smell are some of the signs that you can comprehend to confirm the disfigurement of your copper wares. 

Wait till you decide to disown them! Apply a solution of two parts of cream of tartar and one part of lemon juice to give a brand new shine to your copper. 

12. Remove Hair Dye Stains

Hair dye stains are one of the most stubborn spots that leave an impact on our fabrics. We can’t forbid ourselves from dying our hair, neither can we control the motion of those drops. However, smudging off the stains using lemon juice and cream of tartar is a viable option here. 

13. Clean Burner Pans      

No need to spend bucks on buying commercial cleaners to clean burner pans. For this purpose, we’ve got a home-made cleaner made up of equal parts of white vinegar and cream of tartar. Apply the cleaner on pans, allow it to rest for about 15 minutes, and scrub it off to finish up the process. 

14. Revive Stainless Steel Utensils      

Stainless steel utensils lose their shine (just like anything else) after a period of time. If you have no plans to go for a shopping trip anytime soon, you can revive their shining by yourself. Prepare a thick paste of water and cream of tartar to polish your stainless steel and rinse them clean afterward. You can also use this formula for aluminum. 

15. Clean Your Oven     

Think of the last time you cleaned your oven. You don’t remember, do you? Well, don’t be ashamed of yourself (you ain’t alone! ). Grab the bottle of cream of tartar and make its mixture with white vinegar. Spread it all over your oven using a dampened microfiber cloth and let it sit for at least three hours. Wipe it off at last.

16. Shine Door handles

From greasy hands to rust, door handles suffer a lot. We empathize with it and therefore we’ve got a solution! Just sprinkle a paste of white vinegar and cream of tartar on the stains and rinse it off with a clean dampened cloth or sponge. Easier done than said. Lol! 

17. Get Rid Of Mildew     

Let’s agree with the fact that mildews are irksome. Either on the driveway or on your bathroom tiles, they just ruin the whole thing. You can use a solution of cream of tartar and white vinegar ( or even water ) and spray it on the mildew. Within the next few moments, you’ll watch it disappear. 

18. Clean Fireplaces     

Winter season adds an extra task on your to-do list which is cleaning up the fireplaces. It might sound like a neck-aching activity but the cream of tartar has simplified it as well. Just make and use a quick paste of cream of tartar and water. Scrub it off using a nylon brush to clean up the mess.

19. Remove Pee Smell From Your Washrooms    

Needless to say, the pee smell in your washroom is extremely troublesome and discomforting. You must use cream of tartar and white vinegar in every inconspicuous area of your washroom including the toilet bowl ( more than obvious ). Just scrub it using a nylon brush to give it a finish.

20. DIY Bath Bombs     

Bath bombs are a luxury item to me (well, they actually are expensive!) but there’s always been an urge to own them. If you feel the same way, you can now make your own customized bath bombs using the cream of tartar without draining your bank balance.

21. Clean Your Coffee Pot

Give your coffee pot a professional-level cleaning therapy using the cream of tartar. Pour in one to two tablespoon cream of tartar and water to the main pot. Heat it carefully and rinse it off. Thank us later! 

So now you know a variety of its applications. And you won’t perceive that tiny bottle of cream of tartar the same ever after. So try them out and share with your friends as well.

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