17 Brilliant Castile Soap Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

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If you’re going the vegan way, it’s essential to eliminate every use of animal-based products in your life. You might be surprised to know the host of animal products we use in our daily life.

Most of our detergents, cleaners, soaps, and such have animal products in them. Castile soap is an excellent plant-based alternative to replace many of these household cleaners.

Yes, you read it right, this single natural oil can be used to make a host of recipes for different cleaning and deodorizing purposes. We have 17 great Castile Soap cleaning hacks.

Read the list thoroughly, and we bet you’d instantly order the Castile Soap if you don’t have it already.

Is Castile Soap Safe?

While a bottle of Castile soap can replace an array of cleaning products, it’s natural to be skeptical of it. The product is safe to use for most cleaning purposes, but you should avoid it in the following cases:

-You should avoid using it with hard water on glass or other shiny surfaces. Install a water softener or use it sparingly to avoid a white film residue on your glass.

-Avoid using it on color-treated hair, or it may affect the color quality

-Avoid combining it with too much of acidic products to avoid the white residue on hard surfaces

Other than these exceptional cases, Castile soap is safe to use on everything. That’s the reason why people have been using it for so many years for household cleaning purposes.

17 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks using Castile Soap

1. Castile Soap Car Wash

Buying a cleaner for as rare use as car wash seems like a burden to most of us. There has to be some kind of car wash soap in your house.

Well, castile soap was hiding in plain sight. Keep in mind that you should make a thicker paste of it to get the best results.

Mix a part of Castile soap with two parts of water, and you’re good to go. Scrub your car thoroughly with a sponge and rinse it with clean water afterward.

2. Homemade Body Wash

Cosmetics and beauty products these days claim of being organic, but hardly show any real benefits. If being natural is the hack, why not be self-reliant too?

Replace your body wash bottles with this castile soap recipe to reap natural benefits. Grate 2 cups of castile soap into half a gallon of distilled water.

Pour two tablespoons of vegetable glycerin into the solution. Warm the solution and mix it well. Add 15 drops of essential oil and mix it well. You can now use the recipe in a bathtub or for your pets.

3. Floor Cleaner

Stop changing cleaners for the right fragrance on your floor every month. Instead, use this Castile soap mixture to mop your floor to its fragrant best.

Put two tablespoons of liquid castile soap into a gallon of hot water. Add 15 drops of orange essential oil and ten drops of lemon juice or essential oil into the mix.

Mix and pour it all into the mop bucket and wipe the floor as usual.

4. Handwash Soap

Your handwash liquid has finished, and the store is not open yet. You can’t risk eating with dirty hands. Should you use the shampoo or something?

Well, we have a better idea. You can create a mild hand wash liquid by pour one part of castile soap into four parts of water. Adding a small amount of any essential oil you like will make your hand smell sweet and fresh too. 

Add this to your hand wash pump, and you’re ready to become hygienic again.

5. Facial Steam

A tough day in the searing heat or overnights at the office can suck the sheen out of your face. Refresh your body and mind by soaking a hot washcloth in a few drops of scented castile soap.

Open your eyes to hydrated, glowing skin. It will also be a great piece of mind relieving you of stress.

6. Shaving Cream

Are you one of those who can’t step out without shaving the last of your facial hair? Well, it gets challenging when you’re getting late, and shaving cream has finished.

Use a mixture of Castile and virgin coconut oil to make a foamy shaving cream just as good as the professional one. Just pour the two ingredients and blend it in a processor until you get the foamy texture.

7. Cleaning Wounds

Castile soap can be useful in cleaning mild or minor wounds you suffer at home. Moreover, the solution isn’t as hurtful as saline solution and thus is ideal for the sensitive ones.

Mix 2 teaspoons of liquid castile soap into 2 cups of fresh water. Pour it on the wound or soak the cotton ball and apply it with soft hands.

It will clean up your wounds of any bacteria, and you can use your antiseptic afterward. It’s a suitable replacement for Dettol and so.

8. Deodorant

If deodorants in the market cause irritation to you, make something subtle and natural at home. You’d need to put ½ teaspoon of liquid castile soap with a teaspoon of sea salt.

You can mix it with water and pour it into a spray bottle. Don’t use the old deodorant’s spray bottle and instead use the cleaner’s one.  Spray it to eliminate the stink from you underarm and be confident among the ladies around.

9. Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can get quite dirty too soon, especially if you’re the Instagram influencer we all look up to. No worries, castile soap will help you clean them up like new.

Just add a few drops of Castile soap in a cup of warm water. Now put your brushes in front of the tap and rinse them thoroughly.

Soak them thoroughly in the solution and rinse them back again. Your brushes are ready to give that smoky look to your face still!

10. Washing Vegetables

The extensive use of fertilizers in growing vegetables has left us all concerned about eating them. Indeed they are filled with harmful toxins that can have adverse effects on our health.

Castile soap turns out to be an effective veggie wash. It saves you the cost of buying expensive vegetables and fruit washes too.

Add a tablespoon of liquid castile soap into 2 cup water and put it in a dishwashing liquid bottle. Squirt it one vegetable and rinse them thoroughly for the best results.

11. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are useful to protect your newborn from rashes of harsh clothes and chemicals. But they can be an expensive proposition, especially if your baby is notorious for getting wet all time.

You can cut pieces of an old rag and pour a solution of one part of castile soap and four parts of water into it. It will be soft on your baby’s skin, and you can rewash it to use it multiple times.

12. All-Purpose Cleaner

You can wipe your stovetops, countertops, tiles, and other furniture in a matter of seconds with this all-purpose cleaner. You’d need four of the most potent DIY ingredients that are surprisingly inexpensive.

Add baking soda, castile soap, tea tree oil, and water and mix it well. Put the toxin-free solution in a spray bottle and clean any corner of the house you’d like.

13. Carpet Cleaner

Carpet cleaning products can be tough on the pockets. Use your versatile castile soap instead to clean that rug. 

Mix one part of castile soap into four parts of water and blend it thoroughly. When you see the consistency of a regular carpet cleaner, turn it off.

You can also add lemon and lavender essential oils to freshen up the carpet and spread some fragrance around the room.

14. Honey Facial Cleanser

This honey and castile soap mix is like no other in keeping the skin hydrated and retain essential oils. It fights away the long-standing issue of face washes stripping your skin of natural oils and moisture.

You just need to add three tablespoons of honey in a mixture of 2 tablespoon castile soap and half a cup of vegetable glycerine. Put the ingredients in a covered lid and shake it well.

Massage your face and neck for at least 30 seconds and wash your face with warm water for the best results.

15. Foot Scrub

All your face washes, dresses, and makeup accessories can go to waste when you cracked heels are visible under that one piece. You suddenly feel older, and most of your effort goes down the drain.

Get silky smooth legs by making a quick scrub using castile soap. Mix 2 tablespoons coconut oil, a tablespoon of Castile soap, a cup of sugar, and four drops of peppermint essential oils. 

You can grind the mixture and use a scrub brush to soften your heels and feet.

16. Toothpaste

Not the best of castile soap use, it can come in handy when you’re traveling and don’t find toothpaste. Just add a single drop of castile soap directly onto your toothbrush.

It will have that soapy feel but clear your teeth just fine. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and avoid tasting it. 

You can also add essential oils to it to make it taste a bit better. It’s just for temporary purposes, and you may not use it regularly.

17. Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwashing detergents are something you can’t afford to run out of any day at your home. But if you run out of stock and can’t have to go to the store with the baby at home, here’s a hack. It’s so effective that you might even use it afterward.

Add a cup of Castile soap and three teaspoons of lemon juice in a bowl of water and shake it gently. Now add a cup of vinegar in the closed compartment of the dishwasher and a cup of the solution in the open compartment. You should add more vinegar if you have hard water in your area.

These are some of the brilliant uses of Dr.Bronner’s Castile soap. You can also make excellent natural soap at home using a DIY recipe.

Having such a cleanser at home always comes in handy and can fulfill an array of purposes. So always have a bottle of it at home and use these recipes to substitute various cleaning products.

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