11 Unexpected Cleaning Hacks of Kool-Aid

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Are you one of those fellas who hate the ORDINARY?? The one who gets bored with doing things the unimaginative way? Quirky things have always been your style. Your hankering for out of the blue, innovative, and odd ideas is the driving force of your life. 

If all the aforementioned qualities define you in some way or the other, then you have come to the right place!

Or, if you’re out of your monthly supplies of basic cleaning agents and have guests coming over, then thinking out of the box is all you need now.

Have you ever thought of what those sugary powdered drinks could do besides quenching your thirst? If not, then think now. I’m sure you have Kool-Aid somewhere on your kitchen shelves, don’t you?

Now, it’s time to put that stock to work and take your ordinary cleaning routine up a notch—with a variety of colorful flavors.

Here’s a list of the most innovative and utterly effective colorful cleaning hacks just for you!

11 Unexpected Cleaning Hacks of Kool-Aid

1. Orange is the New Hack

Do your window tracks have dirt, pet hair, and everything yucky you can think of? Putting your fingers in those corners can make you nauseous, but, not anymore!

Let the citric powers of your orange Kool-Aid come to your rescue. Just sprinkle a packet of orange Kool-Aid powder over the window tracks and pour some vinegar over it. You might witness fizz and that’s a very good sign! Let it sit for some time. Then scrub it off with a toothbrush and wipe it clean.

2. Leaks Can Be Colorful

Not sure if your toilet tank is leaking? Let’s use our newly found leak detector!

Pour a packet of dark-colored Kool-Aid into the reserve tank of your toilet, and don’t flush for about an hour. After an hour, check the water in the bowl to see if any color has leaked into it. If yes, it’s time to get an appointment with the plumber.

3. A Classic Lemon Brew

Everyone loves their morning coffee. But no one wants their kickass drink to be brewed in a coffee maker contaminated with those hard-water chemicals. Also, cleaning those white blots can never be the most liked task in your weekly to-dos. But what if it was as easy as making coffee?

Guess what, it is! Just pour some water and a packet of lemon Kool-Aid in the water reservoir of your coffee machine, and brew, brew, brew! Smells great, doesn’t it? You’ll get a completely clean coffee maker through this process.

4. Citrus For Silver

Do you still have your grandma’s collection of silver cutlery? Silver provides you that elegant feel while having your supper as well as necessary nutrients. But, none of us have that much time to spend polishing our silver cutlery, unlike our grandmothers.

But wait, we’re not in the 1920s with limited supplies and options! Let’s put the privileges of the 21st century to use.

In a container, take 2 parts water and 1 part sugar. Now add a packet of lemon Kool-Aid and dip the cutlery in it. Remove when all the tarnish has gone. Easy peasy!

5. Dust Off The Rust

Via Awesomejelly

Cleaning the red rust off the concrete might seem just as hard as the concrete itself. But not everything needs to be the way it seems. Yes, we have an easy DIY for this hard-to-handle affair!

In a container, empty a packet of lemon Kool-Aid and mix with just enough water to make a paste out of it. Apply this on the rust stain and leave it there till the rust loosens. Then, wash it off with the garden hose.        

6. Dechlorinate Your Hair

Who doesn’t like to chill in the summers with pool parties, barbecues, and whatnot? But that green tint or rough strands on our hair make us regret the moment we stepped in that pool. People with blonde hair would suffer the most but this issue is not restricted to blondes! This is when we need an instant hack to bring our hair back to its normal state.

Thank God we have lemon Kool-Aid in stock almost all the time! Take some lemon Kool-Aid in your hand and add some shampoo to this (the amount you generally require for a wash). 

Lather it into your hair and let sit for 15 minutes. Then, rinse your hair and re-shampoo. An easy hack to get your shiny and healthy hair back!

7. Rings Won’t Rule

Via Awesomejelly

Everyone gets a cringe-attack while looking down a yellow-stained toilet bowl. But, as lemon Kool-Aid is our “superhero” right now, it can solve this problem as well!

In your toilet bowl, empty 1 or 2 packets of lemon Kool-Aid and let sit for some time. Now using a brush, scrub off all the rings and yellowness. There, as good as new!

8. Burnt Pots? Not A Problem!

Yes, you read it right! It doesn’t take an hour and chipped nails to clear off the burnt food from your pans and pots anymore.

We just need to substitute our dishwashing liquid with lemon Kool-Aid!

In a container, mix lemon Kool-Aid with enough water to make a paste and apply this on the burnt surface. Let it sit for some time. Then scrub it off when it has loosened and that’s it. All hail the “Citrus God”!

9. Lemon Kool-Aid To The Rescue (Yet Again!)

We often forget that our dishwasher needs to be cleaned too once in a while. I’m here to tell you that cleaning the dishwasher is as easy as doing the dishes in it. 

Add 1 to 2 packets of lemon Kool-Aid along with the dishwashing soap in the soap drawer and let it clean itself on a long wash cycle. No dirt on your hands!

10. Make Your Taps Shine

Do those watermarks and rust on the taps not make you want to wash your hands anymore? Have you tried unsuccessfully to make your taps shine again? Then, only “oranges” can save you.

On a clean paper napkin, take some orange (or lemon) Kool-Aid powdered mix. Now, rub this over your taps until all the undesirable stains are gone. 

11. Citric Acid- Our “Messiah”

Via Awesomejelly

You probably won’t be surprised now if I tell you that Kool-Aid can also help get rid of the gunk buildup in your washing machine. Just empty a packet of lemon or orange Kool-Aid into the detergent drawer of your machine and let it run on a normal wash cycle. That’s a pretty easy way to get a spotless washing machine!

Clearly, no one fancies cleaning. But there’s no harm in making the process interesting as it’s a non-escapable chore (Ahh! I wish it were). So why not make it fun instead of sickening! Adding these delicious and fragrant substances to your cleaning routine can transform your regular chores into a fun activity!

Happy cleaning! 

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