The Ultimate Window Cleaning Guide

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I don’t know about you but I love an open concept of my house, just let the fresh air inside or just have a view while I work. But if I’m paying for a house with plenty of windows and a view, the last thing I want to see when I settle with my coffee mug and book is a dirty window. 

Hiring someone to clean your windows can definitely be a waste of money when you can just do it yourself. Below is a while guide containing tried and tested steps that will get you spotless clean windows in no time from the inside and from the outside. So let’s collect all your materials and get started!

Materials You’re Going To Need To Clean Your Window 

If you want to be successful in this mission it is imperative to have a plan of attack. You need to assemble all the equipment before you get to the cleaning. If you want your windows to look as if they are professionally cleaned then you need to prepare like a professional as well. But don’t worry these materials will definitely not cause a dent in your pocket and you can easily get them on Amazon or your nearest departmental store. 

You’re going to need a:

  1. Window washing bucket 
  2. A squeegee (they are longer than your typical brooms and will ensure there are minimal to no streaks. Just make sure there is an extension rod)
  3. Rubber gloves to protect your hands while cleaning
  4. A scraper (optional) if there are any tougher stains on your window like dirt or dust which is collected and settled over the years
  5. A microfiber or lint-free cloth to wipe after
  6. A window cleaning solution or detergent 
  7. Other household supplies that you probably have lying around your house.

The Perfect Temperature

You need to have the perfect climate to clean your windows or make sure you’re cleaning them in the shade. The harsh rays of sunlight are going to be your worst enemy when it comes to window cleaning. They can cause streaks on your window very easily by drying your solution within minutes. So the perfect time to clean your windows when it is cloudy, or when it is not too hot.

Now let’s get started with the cleaning process!

Prep Your Windows!

Before you start with your cleaning process you need to prep your windows so that they are ready to clean. It is very important to protect the surface to just put an old towel or cloth over the windowsill. Now the towel can catch all the dirt and grime from your initial dusting. Just roughly dust your window to get the surface dust off. Once you’ve done this we are ready to start with the deep cleaning process. 

Mixing Your Solution

This is the heart and soul of the project. You need to make sure that your mixture is perfect so that you get beautiful professional looking windows at the end. You can obviously use a window cleaning mixture. Just follow the instructions written on your bottle.

But if you want a homemade solution then you can just mix some vinegar with water. Mix one part of vinegar with two parts of water. Just make sure that your water isn’t too hot or it will quickly evaporate off your windows. You can also add in some rubbing alcohol to the mix if you want to ensure that there are no streaks on your window at the end of the process. 

If you want a more soapy mixture then you can just mix some Palmolive soap with water. This will give you a much more sud-dy mixture that will allow you to properly see where the stains are. It will also make your rubber glide effortlessly against the window.  Not only is Palmolive soap very cheap, but the sud-dy mixture also tells you exactly where you need to focus your cleaning on. The suds tend to separate where there are fingerprint marks or excess dust and grime which will tell your exactly where all the dirty spots are.

Hence you can wither by a window cleaning detergent, or use either of the easy homemade mixtures I told you about. The result in all three will be very close to each other if not the same.

Prepare this mixture in your bucket and then we are ready to shine your windows.

Squeegee-ing Your Windows

The squeegee is the most important tool in the window cleaning process. You need to make sure you have a good quality squeegee so that you can get beautifully cleaned windows. A good quality squeegee comes with 3 attachments which are the handle, the rubber, and the channel. The rubber when worn out on both sides can be replaceable.

Completely saturate your squeegee with your mixture and start applying it to your window. Start from the top and work your way to the bottom. Scrub away all the dirt and debris and for tougher and stubborn stains you can use your scraper. Make sure you use your scraper at an angle and in forward motions. Don’t use it in backward motions as it will smear dirt over your window and might also cause your glass to scratch. 

Another alternative for using a squeegee is using a newspaper. The compact fibers of the newspaper eliminate any streaks. Although you will have to apply a lot of pressure and it might be difficult to clean the higher windows. 

Also make sure you don’t use a lot of water for cleaning as that will make your mixture very runny and the water will get everywhere, creating a mess.

Dry Off Everything. 

After squeegee-ing everything, make sure you wipe the rubber so that the dirty water doesn’t drip back onto the window or on the floor. Once you’ve put your squeegee aside, take your microfiber cloth and start rubbing it over all the wet areas you see on your window. Make sure you get each and every stop so that you don’t leave any wet patches on your window. 

If you don’t have a microfiber cloth lying around you can use an old t-shirt. That should be a perfectly fine substitute. 

If there are any build-ups on the corners that you can’t get with your shirt then just use a cotton swab. You can always use some more of your solution to clean the edges until they are spotless. 

If you follow all these steps in the order I specified then you will have amazing professionally cleaned looking windows at the end of the day, and you also saved some coin. You can choose a relatively free day, blast some music, and clean all your windows quite easily. Now you never have to compromise on an average view again.

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