51 Smart Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Everyone Should Know

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The rise in Apartment Culture has significantly led to the decline of living spaces. With the constant minimizing of living area, the challenge of staying organized has hiked drastically. One of the greatest challenges that come up while decorating small spaces is fitting all your needs and wants while maintaining the decluttered illusion.

Bathrooms are home to all our necessities, from cleaning agents and toiletries to cosmetics and whatnot! Making such a crowded place look clutter-free demands a lot of creativity and imagination. 

Though there are fancy ways to align and organize homes, not all of us can close our eyes and think of 99 different color palates that would suit a certain pair of curtains.  Don’t worry, we understand!

If you have a small bathroom and are looking for easy and doable organizing ideas, then you are at the right place! Here, I am sharing some of the best organizing hacks that will render your lavatory well managed and clutter-free.

51 Smart Small Bathroom Storage Ideas Everyone Should Know

1. Basket Wall Decor

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Maximize your shelf space by adding fancy baskets to the walls. You will have to take those screws and drill machines out of the warehouse, but it’s gonna be worth it! Pick a theme of choice and choose the accessories that complement the overalls. Align them in whichever way like – stack one above the other, go in a zig-zag pattern or anything else you can think of.

2. Racks to the Rescue

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When short on space, make the most of every inch available to you. Whether it be the corners or even the slightest space beside the toilet, get creative and find new ways to use it. Shop for racks that are suitable for you and fit the area well. Ornament them with linens, plants, jars, etc and you have the perfect little setup!

3. Consume the Corners

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We got the floor covered, now it’s time for the corners! Yes, we’re in no mood to leave any usable area, not even the corners. With some effort, you can do a lot that can add tonnes to your overall lavatory experience. Investing in a corner shelf is one of the most effective add-ons one can think of. Once you find your best match, go fancy with it!  

4. Climb up the Shelves

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Bored with shelving every wall? Try a ladder instead! Be it a simple bamboo ladder or a more evolved staircase, both add a unique and modest look to the bathroom interiors. You can use baskets or install wood planks to keep your toiletries stable.

5. Put Magnets to Work

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Looking for scattered bobby pins on busy mornings can be really annoying when you are already running late. But hey, let’s get creative – why not use the metallic properties of things to make them stick to a magnet? Here is an easy DIY Magnetic Strip that will help you organize your metals like bobby pins and nail tools better.

6. Multiply!

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Shower rods can be used in multiple ways! Curtains top the list as the most popular occupant, but don’t you think it’ll be unjust for the shower rods to only have one companion for the rest of their lives? Instead of limiting them to this enforced relationship, listen to the inner feeling of your shower rods and give them some new hanging toiletry companions! Add an extra shower rod in your bathing area and equip it with all your toiletries.

7. Bucket Wall-Hanging

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Have spare sand buckets? Turn them into wall-hanging cum storage! These are incredibly useful and you can organize your accessories by usage. Grab the buckets, some rope, and a rubber sucker. Now get to work with this step-by-step tutorial.

8. What’s up? A Towel!

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The space behind the toilet usually goes unused. Why not use it to give some statement pieces and utilities to the bathroom? Fill this space with a towel and some picture frames.  This is one of the best ways of using this space, especially when you have a sink next to the toilet.

9. Create Pockets for those Liners

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Organizing those kohl sticks and eyeliners can be extremely challenging when you have them lined up for different occasions and purposes. What if there was a place where all these things would always be nicely organized? Well, use an organizer perfectly hidden behind the doors of your cabinets. Just take some super glue, an organizer of choice, and do the magic!

10. Hooks Up

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Adding hooks to the bathroom walls can give them a very classy look along with a new organizing option. Use multiple hooks and arrange them in a variety of patterns all over the wall to create personalized graffiti!

11. DIY Makeup Carousel 

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Are you one of those forgetful people who always search for their glasses when they’re wearing them? Then this DIY is just for you! Tiny things are the easiest to lose and the hardest to find. Store all those things which you easily lose on this candlestick carousel.

12. Below the Sink Cabinet- A Must Have

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Covering your sink pedestal can give you an extra storage opportunity if use a cabinet here. Keep all your everyday essentials just where you can access them with no trouble at all!

13. Shelf Everywhere!

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You see a wall, I see more decorating space! We have used the corners and the floor, so why should we leave the walls? Add a fancy shelf everywhere you see empty wall space. In fact, make a shelf collage! Go quirky with choosing your shelves and devise your own patterns.

14. DIY Electronics Organizer

via nelliebellie

Tangled wires are a big NO when it comes to hairstyling equipment. In the rush to get your curls just right, you can’t afford to spend precious minutes sorting through wires. This easy DIY by  Nellie Bellie provides an easy solution to this. You’ll never be bothered with detangling wires ever again!

15. Rack-n-Roll

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What a chic look! Adding wheels can give a nice upgrade to your lavatory. Use those spare bar carts and let your toiletries roll to you! Pro Tip: Add plants and flowers for that 5-star feel and thank me later.

16. What about something Tall and Slim?

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Having a cupboard that doesn’t consume space but gives loads of it is like a dream come true! Install a full-size shelved cabinet with a minimal width to meet your storage needs.

17. Display the Whites

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Why hide everything? Let’s flaunt all that we have! Invest in a display cabinet and flaunt all your linens and other fancy toiletries. Preferably, choose a tall and slim cabinet to decrease space usage.

18. Shelves above the Toilet

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As aforementioned, the wall above the toilet can be used in many ways. One more way to do this is by employing shelves for toilet rolls and towels. Empty toilet rolls will no longer be a problem, as everything needed will be within arm’s reach.

19. Out of Toilet Rolls? Look up!

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One of the perks of having a small bathroom is that you get to be creative with the usage of space that is generally overlooked. One such place is the space above your doors. Adding shelves to these places can effectively increase the space and can be used to add statement pieces to the place.

20. On the Floor

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Why store everything in the cabinet when you have the floor? Use various patterns and styles in baskets to give your bathroom a cozy feel. You can also add plants or use colorful baskets for a pop of color!

21. Check all the Corners

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When decorating a small bathroom, remember to use each and every corner in the best way possible. Like, adding a shelf to store toiletries just behind the bathing area makes it super easy to grab the essentials in the shower.

22. Circles upon Squares

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Free up some wall space by replacing your ordinary squared mirrors with round ones. These are out of the league and add a thoughtful sense to space. They also use minimal room, allowing for empty space on the wall.

23. Cake Stand as a Carousel

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Have some old baking accessories lying around? Let’s put them to work! Use a cake stand in different parts of your bathroom as per need. You just got a carousel for zero dollars!

24. Be a Basketeer (if that’s a word)

Yes, a basket just might be your storage-solution knight in shining armor! Use multiple of them to organize all sorts of things. Don’t worry if you’re out of the wall and floor space to add more of these. You can simply turn them into wall hangings with a little rope and just some effort.

25. Pair your Skirts with a Sink

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Don’t want to invest in a wooden cabinet? Not a problem. Just sew a skirt and stack all your cleaning supplies underneath it and breathe out! Just remember to keep the cloth as dry as possible to avoid mold.

26. A Sectioned Shelf

via itsybitsandpieces

Don’t want to clutter the surface? Use this divided box for convenience without compromising on the organization. All things in one place yet separate, making no fuss at all!

27. DIY Makeup Board

via laurathoughts81

Who needs a carousel when we can have a magnetic makeup board? This innovative DIY from Laura Thoughts is a complete lifesaver and the best hack I have ever seen!

28. Everything at the Span of a Hand

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No one likes crawling out of a warm shower to grab the shampoo bottle. Why not have them at a place that never interrupts your dream bath? To achieve the same, install some shelves on your shower wall and never look back.

29. Who needs a Shelf when you have a Toilet Top!

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Did you ever notice the surface the toilet top offers? If you didn’t, do it now! This is one of the best places to store your toilet rolls. Just grab a basket that matches your bathroom interior and you’re done!

30. Multiple Towel Hangers behind the Door

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Doors can be the new walls if you want them to be. Add as many towel racks as you want to align all the towels you have. This is extra smart as you can hide these behind an open door!

31. Replace shoes with Toiletries

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You always don’t need shelves to store your toiletries. Just hang a spare shoe organizer in your shower and let it do the needful! The best part is that it’s transparent, meaning you’ll know where to find what you need in just a glance.

32. Ropes as Towel Rods

via hometalk

Aren’t towel racks a bit overused? Use ropes instead for a unique look! Grab some screws, a drill machine, and some rope. Now follow these step-by-step instructions for a beautiful and functional outcome!

33. Upgrade your Hooks

via notjustahousewife

Funk up your regular hooks by replacing them with old doorknobs! This hack adds a vintage feel to the environment and can go really far if paired with the right interior.

34. No Door Goes Empty

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When short on space, add extra storage shelves in the most unsuspecting corners. Cabinet doors are always the best options to add extra shelves for your deodorants and body mists as they allow for easy access as well as extra space.

35. Invest in Slim and Tall Cabinets and Drawers

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Going for tall storage cases and cabinets provides you with a lot of extra storage space. Whenever investing in cabinets, go for tall and slim alternatives as they take up less space in width and look beautiful against plain walls.

36. Recycle Tissue Boxes

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Plastic bags can be difficult to keep in place because of their tendency to occupy a lot of space. To keep them from covering the whole shelf, take an empty tissue box and fold those polybags inside them. Now stick this box to the cabinet door back and that’s it!

37. Bathtub with Storage Panels

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The space surrounding your bathtub is wasted since there is no possible storage container you can add in there. But what if there was no space left empty around the curves of the tub? Manufacturers have understood your problems and made a tub that solves all the problems. This bathtub with storage panels is a must-have!

38. Plant Pots make Awesome Organizers

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After the kitchen, garden accessories have made their debut in the bathroom organizing industry. These plant pots make excellent makeup organizers and match the modern aesthetic vibe with ease.

39. Spice It Up!

Who said a spice rack is just for a kitchen? Obviously the unimaginative peeps. Not anymore! Go grab some spice racks and a drill machine. Now fix them to the back of your cabinet door. Ta-da! You just gave an extra pair of shelves to your cabinet.

40. More Spice!

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Why just stop inside the cabinet when these racks can spice your walls as well? Again, grab the spice racks and drill machines( glues gun if you don’t want to spoil your walls), and fix them to the wall. Store all your hair styling products and perfumes on this spicy shelf!

41. The Glassier the Better

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Whites with the glass always add so much class to the surroundings. Such an elegant combination can be achieved by taking your cotton balls and Q-tips out of the cabinets and placing them in classy glass jars. You don’t need to invest much to achieve a rich look!

42. DIY Picture Shelves

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Framing a shelf can be another interesting DIY that can be carried out to increase bathroom storage. Just add some shelves to an old picture frame and hang it up the wall. Just make sure the frame is sturdy enough and won’t fall apart before you get to work!

43. Add that Vintage Touch

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Plumbing pipe is another not so out-of-the-bathroom accessory that can be used as a nice piece to decorate and organize. Use these pipes in place of basic towel rods to add kink to space.

44. DIY Canvas Hangings

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The bathroom can be a new place to try your hands on all the possible DIYs out there. One such DIY is this canvas bad wall-hanging. Just some sticks, ropes, and canvas bags. You’re all set!

45. Spin it!

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Make-up organization can be a lot more interesting than you think. One storage option is this spinning carousel. This not only adds elegance but also ample space for all your makeup. One spin and your mornings will be a breeze!

46. In-Drawer Organizing

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Okay, imagine, you put your hands inside a drawer to find a bobby clip but get a Q-tip instead. Now you have no choice but to dig inside the drawer again – such a waste of time and effort! Let me eradicate this problem for you. Just pick up some of those baskets and separate a basket for each category. Now, everything you need is right where you want it!

47. Multipurpose Storages- Must-Haves! 

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Whenever shopping for a bathroom, select things wisely. Look for options that fulfill more than one purpose, like a storage mirror. Keep all your things just behind the place where you spend most of your bathroom time without sacrificing lots of space.

48. Outlet Shelves

Official Power Perch Single Wall Outlet Shelf. Home Wall Shelf Organizer for Outlets. Perfect for Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedrooms with Cord Management and Easy Installation. White 1-Pack

This is the best buy if you want to keep the clutter out of your skin platform. All these wires tend to mess up the place and create a lot of fuss. Installing this outlet shelf can take the organizing game up a notch.

49. Trays to Clear the Surface

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Another kitchen accessory that can be used in a bathroom is a tray. Use a tray to keep all the small things in place and keep them from creating chaos around the surfaces.

50. Vertical Organizing Stands

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Don’t have a jewelry drawer? Not a problem, as vertical storage is the savior of all! Just bring in a paper towel holder from your kitchen and organize all your bracelets around this stick!

51. Hooked

Just like shelves, hooks can be a lifesaver if placed at the back of the cabinet door. Hang your scissors and cleaning brushes right where no one can see them!

Organizing might seem complicated, but that’s certainly because you’re trying to sew with a knife. There is always an easy way to solve the most difficult problems. All you need is the right pair of glasses to see it.

The very first step you take while organizing any space is to identify your needs. Look out for the places and things causing any kind of obstructions in smooth functioning when you’re in a hurry. Next, go for the technique that wipes out the problems for you.

Once you have learned to scan through the problem, it’s all a piece of cake! 

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