21 Tricks that’ll Squeeze Every Inch Out of Your Small Closet

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Nowadays most of us don’t have the luxury of huge closets because we live in small apartments. And if you’re anything like me, then you must be struggling to accommodate all your numerous scarves, shoes, purses, seasonal clothing, and much more in your small closet.

And having a small closet also doesn’t ensure that it’ll never get messy! This happens when we haven’t organized the space properly—one second you’re searching for a handkerchief and the next moment the whole place is turned upside down.

So how do you deal with this mess and fit everything into your small closet? Scroll down and check out the 21 tricks covered here to maximize the given space and organize the hell out of it!

21 Tricks that’ll Squeeze Every Inch Out of Your Small Closet

1. Adjustable Hanging Rod

SimpleHouseware Adjustable Closet Hanging Rod, Chrome

Ever noticed all that empty beneath the clothes rod? The higher you employ the clothes rod, the more the space left unused.  

You can use a smart tool to use up all this space you have left. Add an adjustable hanging rod to double up the space for hanging your clothes. The middle bar can be moved up and down as per your needs, and no mechanical equipment is needed for installation!

2. Wonder Hangers

Wonder Hanger Max New & Improved, Pack of 10 – Triples Closet Space for Easy, Effortless, Wrinkle-Free Clothes, Comes Fully Assembled, Grey

If on a job interview, you tell HR that you alone can do the work of five people on the pay of one, then it’s pretty sure you’re getting the job. Who wouldn’t like someone like that?

This is exactly what these wonder hangers can do for you. They can be used to hang multiple clothes in both vertical and horizontal orientations. This is one of the cheapest ways to get maximum storage space! Your clothes will also remain neat and wrinkle-free with the help of these hangers.

3. Add A Second Rod

Via 320sycamore

If you examine your closet carefully, you’ll see that there’s some dead space left on the sides of the closet. You can install two rods there with a little effort and hang all your extra clothes! 

Install rods in a direction perpendicular to the main rod. It’s that easy. This will make it easy to organize and access all your clothes from the sides as well. 

4. Organizer Bags for Seasonals

1Storage Charcoal Fiber Clothing Organizer Bags, Breathable Material, 3pcs, Grey 171-01A

We always have a pile of clothes that are not going to be used during a specific season. And the end result will be a huge mess after trying to find your favorite crop top in a stack of turtlenecks. Why not keep them away till the next season? 

These charcoal fiber clothing storage bags are the best way to keep away all your seasonal clothes and empty a lot of shelf space giving your closet some air to breathe. This has the additional benefit of keeping all the stored clothes fresh, so you don’t need to have a laundry day when the seasons change!

You can stow these bags away on the topmost shelf of your closet or in a corner.

5. Baskets for Vertical Space

Via Containerstore

Using up vertical space in the closet is something most of us don’t do. You can use up this dead space by using containers and baskets.

Stack multiple containers and baskets one above the other in such a way that they consume minimum space and provide you with maximum storage. 

Also, these containers can add a theme to your closet, just make sure to color coordinate them with other organizing accessories.

6. ThreadStax

Clothes have a tendency to stick to each other even in the most difficult times (for you). Do you want to take a folded top from the shelf? Bam, you get two instead, disturbing the third one. 

This can be really annoying not only because of the mess it creates but also because it spoils the well-ironed clothes too.

Why not keep all of them separate? These Stack Organizers are all you need! Use separate stacks for all your clothes and you will never have messy closet shelves again. You’ll also find out that you suddenly have some extra space after using them!

7. Hanging on the Doors

Doors can be equipped with lots of things that can be used to organize your closet. For example, adding hooks to the doors can be extremely helpful. Hang your belts, handbags, etc. on those hooks and you’ll never have to search for them again!

8. Create a Vacuum for Extra Space 

7 Pack - Large Size Vacuum Storage Bags to Space Saver for Towel, Blanket, Clothes (21.5" x 33.5")

In Science classes, we’ve been taught that all the space around us is occupied by air. This means that the maximum space in our closets is taken up by air and not our clothes. Now, as we know that clothes don’t need to breathe to survive, why don’t we remove the air and consume all the space?

These vacuum storage bags can be used to do exactly that. Store your clothes in them, and suck out all the air using a vacuum. Then stack them on a closet shelf.

9. Separate and Label

Via Simplifyingmomlife

One of the prominent issues with a closet less in space is not being able to find things we need. Due to congestion, things tend to get lost in some secret corners.

But, you can resolve this issue easily. Separate everything category-wise and place them in separate baskets. Then, add a label on these with names of the things they contain. Now know exactly where to find your belts and socks! 

10. Pants Hangers

DOIOWN Pants Hangers 5 Pieces Non Slip Space Saving Hangers Stainless Steel Clothes Hangers Closet Organizer for Pants Jeans Scarf(Upgrade Style)

Do your ever struggle to find your favorite pair of jeans in that endless pile of trousers and pants? Finding the one you want is really difficult when they are kept stacked one over the other.

Just like scarf organizing, organizing our pants and trousers can be a bit tricky. But no worries, there are a variety of hangers ready to help us out there in the market.

One such hanger is the Pants Hanger. The multiple rods make it very easy to display your pants without consuming a lot of space. 

11. Tie Rack

Tenby Living 2-Pack Black Tie Rack, Organizer, Hanger, Holder - Affordable Ti.

Ties are mostly seen hanging on a hook or lying somewhere in between your shirts, always making the process of finding them troublesome. Here’s a simple solution to make space for those pesky ties in your closet.

These awesome tie racks are made solely for you if own a lot of ties. Just hang them over this rack and you’ll never have to waste time finding the right tie and ironing it. 

12. Shelf Dividers

Spectrum Diversified Small Set of 2 Linen Closet & Wardrobe, Pair of Shelf Dividers, Closet Organizers & Storage Straightener, Chrome

One of the best ways to keep everything organized is to categorize them. Take all your clothes out and divide them into different categories. For example, shirts together, trousers together, pants together— then proceed in the same way for all your belongings. Then, keep them all in separate stacks with the help of shelf dividers.

This way things will never mix up with each other and you know exactly where to find your favorite pajamas!

13. Multiply Your Shelves

2 Pack - Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket, White

When in an extreme crisis, try to look for opportunities everywhere. Like, the place beneath the bottom shelf in your closet. This place is usually left unused because what can a person possibly keep there when you live on a planet with a strong gravitational field? 

But, don’t worry. Manufacturers know their customers and their needs extremely well. So get your hands on this very smart invention, known as an Under Shelf Basket.

These hang below your shelves and can be pulled out like a drawer to store clothes.

14. Repurpose Old Curtain Rods

Via Hometalk

When having a small closet, stacking all your shoes on the shelves doesn’t seem to be a wise decision. Also, why should we use shelf space when we have bare walls?

Take some old curtain rods or purchase some cheap rods. Now, rush to your closet with a drill machine and attach these rods to the walls. Make sure to check that these can hold your shoes and match the theme of your closet. If not, then paint them or replace them before starting with the drilling work.

15. Shoe Slotz

Shoe Slotz Space Saver, 6 Piece Set (1)

Stacking your shoes in a line takes a lot of closet space. But as we know, vertical storage is the new way to minimize space consumption and make the most out of it.

These shoe stackers are actually a genius invention for people with a lot of shoes and less storage space. They allow you to stack shoes one above the other, with one available for display and the other kept beneath it safely.

16. Use Baskets on Top

Via Apartmenttherapy

The area above the closets is mostly empty and of no use. Why not use it to keep all your traveling bags, suitcases, or even things that you rarely use and are eating space in your closet?

Place covered baskets or containers above the closet to store all the things that are not a part of your daily use. This way you can clear the clutter off your closet and make space for the rest.

17. Hanging Shoe Organizer

24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

Not everything needs to be stored on the shelves. Also, why should you sacrifice your precious shelf space when there are doors and hooks?

One of the best ways to use your behind the closet door space is by hanging a shoe organizer. This clear shoe organizer with 24 pockets can be used to not only store and display your shoes effortlessly but also organize other things such as handkerchiefs, scarves, socks, etc. 

Or, you can even store multiple things in a single organizer by giving a separate row to each category.

18. Store Shoes Heel to Toe

Stacking your shoe heel-to-heel is the traditional and space-eating way to stack them. 

Taking a look at this method of organizing shoes, one can easily tell that less space is consumed when shoes are stacked heel to toe rather than heel to heel.

So, change your regular stacking habits and make space for your new pair of shoes!

19. Floor Space

Via Containerstore

Make sure you use every inch of the floor space while organizing your closet.

They can be used in multiple ways. Use cabinets, install a shoe rack, placing baskets, add a full-size mirror, and much more. You can go a further step with all these things by color coordinating them.

Adding a carousel on the top of the cabinet can also be a nice option to store your jewelry and watches.

20. Frames For Accessory Display

Via Martysmusings

Jewelry organizing is yet another tricky task to perform when it comes to neatly organize them in the closet. No one likes to detangle those necklaces every time one decides to wear one.

Just mount an old picture frame on the closet wall or door (as per your choice), attach a steel mesh to it and hang all your jewelry on it—this will also be a classic and simple closet decor! 

21. Organize thoughtfully

The last and the most important trick or tip while organizing your closet is to carefully think of what you need in your daily schedule and organizing them accordingly. For example, if you use your scarves every day, keep them in a place where you can easily access them without having to dig too deep into the closet.

Thoughtful organizing is achieved when you analyze your daily routine and place everything accordingly. After all, this whole organizing game is meant to help us, so why not make the most out of it?

Organizing your closet is not as scary as you think. Start by analyzing your needs and problems and then work accordingly. Once this is done, these simple tricks will help to make your closet less chaotic and increase space. So get to work!

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