21 Stylish Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

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Everyone has their specific dream home and would do anything to make their vision come true but do you currently have a small space and are having a problem with decorating it in order for it to look not only decent but also stylish? Well, don’t you worry! Today I have 21 different tips, tricks, and ideas to make your small bedroom not only feel larger and look chicer but also make it a lot more lively and fun. So come on, let’s jump right into it. 

21 Stylish Small Bedroom Organization Ideas

1. Change Up The Wallpaper 

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The easiest thing to do to make your bedroom look more stylish is to have a lot of fun with your wall. Go crazy with chic colors and patterns. You can even stick to painting and unleash your creative side. 

2. Get Rid Of The Headboard

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Small spaces can be utilized more if you get rid of the headboard of your beds…or just get one without it. This way you can decorate the walls more too. 

3. Play With Patterns

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Use similar patterns while decorating your room. This gives it a classy look. Paint your room with one specific pattern which can be anything from stripes to polka dots but just remember to coordinate all your furniture with the walls. 

4. Bunk Up

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If you have kids who need to share a room, or just want to have some, get a bunk bed. This will not only free up a lot of space but also make your room cute and adorable. 

5. Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

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May it be a nightstand that doubles as a dresser or a study table that you use to store items, try getting furniture with more than one use. This will not only free up more space but also efficiently utilize the area you have now. 

6. Go Green 

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If you like taking care of things, add plants to your room. Add plants and flowers and make it a lot more healthy and stylish. You can hang them from your ceiling or keep them on the side of your bed. 

7. Bedside Table 

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Get a bedside table with drawers, layers, shelves or a bedside cart in order to be able to store items more efficiently. You can even get a hanging table to save up some more space. 

8. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

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Decorate your mirror with lights on the borders to give your room a chic feel. If you’re not a fan of the glow, then you can always paint the borders to match with your interiors. You can even get a mirror frame to bring it all together. 

9. Swings

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You can always take away the need for chairs by adding a swing parallel to your bed. This will give your room a cozy aesthetic and always make you feel comfy. Add a cute cushion, cover or blanket to make it even more pretty. 

10. Floating Shelves

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Small bedrooms usually don’t have much place for too many furniture items. Install some floating shelves into the wall for more storage. You can display everything from your books to your paintings here. 

11. Get Rid Of The Closet 

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Cupboards and closets are hard to move and take up way too much room. To avoid this, fix a copper or metal rod to your wall and hang your clothes there. You can even add a section for your accessories. 

12. Vintage Lights

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Get these vintage-looking lights that can be attached to the ceiling. Get the ones with yellow bulbs so that they emit a calm glow and your room looks a lot more chic and stylish. 

13. Ladders 

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Got an old ladder? Well, now you can turn it into a shelf. Paint it according to your bedroom interiors and that’s all you have to do to make your own DIY ladder shelf. 

14. Use Everything You Can


From your top shelves to the drawers below your bed, utilize every nook and corner of your room. You can use these places to store items that you may not use on a daily basis. 

15. Set A Colour Scheme 

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Fill your bedroom with one solid color to make it look more stylish and modern. You can choose anything from pink to black to orange and buy a majority of your bedroom items in that colour. 

16. Wall Art

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Does your wall look bland and boring? Add some painting and posters to slice it up. You can either get these things online or at a local store or…paint them yourself to show off your skills. 

17. Add White


White can add a calm and bright look to your room. This also makes your room feel a little larger so what are you waiting for? Go get some white paint and furniture! 

18. Board Up Your Jewellery

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No, I don’t mean for your to actually pack up your accessories. Get a corkboard to hang your jewelry from. You can add a nice frame around it or stick some colorful paper on it to make it look more decorative. 

19. Headboard For Storage

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Store and display your items on your headboard to save up some space as well as make your room a lot more stylish. From painting to plants, you can store almost everything here. 

20. High Drapes

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Hanging your drapery rod extremely close to the ceiling and getting long drapes can make your bedroom look a lot larger and create the illusion of a high ceiling. You can even get poles longer than your windows to make the area look wider. 

21. Bins And Boxes 

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Your old cardboard boxes and dustbins can be used to store small items like papers, accessories or even toys that your children don’t use often. Push these under the bed or in the attic to free up more space. 

A house can only be home when you really start putting effort into making it your own. So go ahead and start decorating and transform your bedroom from boring to bright and brilliant. 

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