30 Simply Awesome Garage Organization Ideas

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Are you running out of garage space? Did you fill up your workshop with lots of stuff, and it now looks like a dump yard with a car?

If you are passionate about mechanics and love to fix common problems all by yourself, you need some garage organizing ideas to clean up your workspace and make it look awesome! Making the best out of garage space is easier said than done, but it’s not impossible.

Try out some easy and amazing garage organization hackS to manage all the carpentry tools and household items in one place and be proud of it. From simple shelving and overhead shelves to some killer organizing tips and fun DIY crafts for efficient storage and decor, we have it all!

25+ Simply Awesome Garage Organization Ideas

1. Stacked Bins Storage

Via Familyhandyman

Plastic bins are no doubt an efficient storage supply and they can be the perfect fit for your garage organization. Switch to a permanent DIY garage solution and stack the bins up attractively. Organize your equipment by sport or season, color them for a catchy look, and also utilize the sides of the wooden frame to hang supplies like utility hook, fishing rod holders, and many more. 

2. Double Decker Corner Shelves

Via Kenarry

Are you done installing shelves in those obvious blank walls? Let’s move to the corners now! A nifty and cute corner shelf takes advantage of the existing studs and it is very easy to make. You can use scrap plywood, take some measurements and your work is done. These corner shelves are perfect for storing small supplies like glue, waxes, oils, etc. Along with all items that stand a high chance of getting lost in the crowd of your garage supplies.

3. Flexible Garage Wall Storage

Via Familyhandyman

An efficient storage system can solve the challenge of utilizing the narrow alley between the garage wall and your car. It ensures that you have a proper place to install shelves that could store hundreds of stuff. Creating a framework of horizontal wood strips with hooks and shelf standards would transform an idle wall to giant storage. You would require intermediate carpenter skills, but it would be a nice project.  

4. Simple Tile Flooring

Via Handmadecharlotte

Renovate your garage space by simply changing the looks of the walls. Tiles would be a good choice for this one, they are cheap, easy to install, and are available in different colors and patterns. Check out your nearest dollar store to cut down on the tiles price and try out this DIY. This would look much better than those plain, concrete walls! 

5. Space-Saving Sliding Shelves

Via Familyhandyman

Just like the wall storage, you can move a step ahead and install rollout shelves and sliding bypass units in the sidewalls of your garage. This efficient storage hack will ensure the garage looks nice and tidy and there won’t be a space shortage, ever! It would cost you around $500, but it is still very much worth it. 

6. Overhead Storage with PVC Pipes

Via Familyhandyman

This might sound weird and unconventional, but they are no doubt an amazing organization hack for your dearest garage. I mean, who could ever imagine using the ceilings for storage? You can store the bulky items in these overhead racks which are built with the help of PVC pipes. Also, the smooth surface of the pipes would help you with loading and unloading. 

7. Simple Garage Organization

Via Creatingmaryshome

If you have enough storage in the garage and less equipment to store, utilize the space by storing household equipment like sports gear for the kids, picnic baskets, and so on. This simple garage organization DIY would help you in keeping those bulky gears and baskets in place and they come handy. Keeping them right beside your car would make it easy to load and unload and what else do we want? 

8. Pretty Garage Steps

Via Landeeseelandeedo

Garage means a shabby place with concrete walls and no life, but we can always add up some color to the lifeless scenario, right? Spruce up the place aesthetically with this easy steps decor and make the whole area look pretty. You would just need some blue stains and use a stencil, some white and black paints, and a foam brush for the writings. Mix and match the color according to the color of the garage walls and I am sure you will love the results! 

9. Rubbermaid Tool Tower

Via Amazon

I did propose a storage solution for long-handles items that were on the sides of the wooden frames and that works well. Let’s move to the idle corners again which can be utilized with this efficient tool tower. 

As the name goes, it can be used to store items like brooms and shovels in both head-up and head-down way. This rack is Rubbermaid so there is no risk of rusting, rotting, or peeling off the skins. It can store up to 40 tools, have utility wheels, and can be rolled to wherever you need or you can fix a specific corner and keep it stationary. 

10. Peg Rail Organizer

Via Marthastewart

If you don’t have time to install horizontal wooden racks or shelves, no problem! Just install some pegs directly on the wall or some boards and hang in your stuff with ease. Add them to different levels so that you can have space to hang both long and short items. This relatively inexpensive organizing way would keep your garage neat and tidy! 

11. Pegboard for Small Spaces

Via Amazon

You might have a small garage and very little space left after you have parked your car. If you are running low on space, organizing and cleaning up might help. Install a pegboard in your garage wall and use it to keep stuff off the floor. 

This 16 square-foot pegboard would only need screwdrivers to install and it has a whopping 82 flex-lock peg hooks. You can even use this one to hang some heavy gears, but don’t go overboard. From baskets and garden supplies to small totes and brooms, it can hold them all! 

12. Staining a Concrete Floor

Via Younghouselove

Just like adding tiles to the walls, staining those concrete floors in your garage would also glam-up your parking space, and topping it up with some easy organization would complete the look. Using concrete stains for this one is a durable option and are available in many colors. Don’t forget to clean the floor thoroughly before you go for the staining. 

13. Garage Door Makeover

Via Gardenoflove

We did talk about painting up the steps and adding some color to those concrete floors, now let’s move to the garage door. Yes, that is the first thing someone would notice and with constant wear and tear, the exterior of the shutter becomes dull. Gove that ordinary door the makeover of carriage house doors with a simple hardware kit. It is super easy and would take about 15 minutes to finish. 

14. Magnetic Strips for Tools

Via Boomboxstorage

Just like installing pegs, the magnetic strips would again help you if you are running low on space and time and cannot install shelves. Say no to extra-large toolboxes and add a magnetic strip to the wall of your garage. Store drill bits and smaller tools in this strip and you are done with some efficient garage organizing. 

15. Galvanized Steel Pegboard

Via Amazon

If you want to store heavy tools and equipment in the pegboard, going for the steel board would be best. It is very functional, looks great in the garage, and is a handy solution for tool storage. 

This pegboard claims to be 10 times stronger than wooden ones, has a magnetic panel and hooks of different sizes. You can install small shelves here to tore drill bits, hang long-handled equipment, garden gears, and many more. It is a quick way to transform an idle wall to a utility window! 

16. Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Via Popularwoodworking

The garage is a good place to store jumbo duck tapes and other heavy fixing gears. Let’s make the fixing process a little convenient with this tape dispenser. Store rolls of different colors and types in this dispenser and mount it against a wall. Install a hacksaw blade in the opening and your handy tape dispenser is ready to roll! 

17. Add Vertical Storage

Via Sawdustgirl

Setting up a garage workshop is fun and if you want to keep it clean and tidy, take up some organizing hacks and get to work. Save space and increase storage by adding some vertical storage to existing cabinets. Building a vertical drawer is not very difficult and you can make this DIY project in a holiday season to get things rolling at your garage workshop. 

18. Sliding Drawer Storage

Via Sawdustgirl

Having a drawer within a drawer can be a good organizing idea and this DIY would guide you through the process. This is a multifunctional, modular drawer storage organizer that takes the responsibility of storing every small item in your garage. The sliding trays on the sides make this project an amazing addition to your garage. 

19. Tool Organization

Via Garagejournal

Make machine-pocketed trays from plastic or wood to organize drill bits, tools, and other small items in your garage. You would need some cutting board material for this one, and make holders or sections for different tools. From boring bars to small and large screws and nails, you can use this tool organizer for everything! 

20. Organize your messy bench

Via Lifehacker

Are you looking for a key for garage storage where space is limited? Throw something away! I know agreeing and then selecting things would be difficult, but you have to! There are pounds of treasures stored in your garage that you and your family never use, it’s kept for ‘if someday!’, but stop this right away and clean up space. Use the organize, strip, and toss concept for this one and I am sure you will love it! 

21. Screwdriver Coat Rack

Via Homemademodern

I have brought something for the most important tool of mechanics or just car owners and I know you have been waiting for this one. Just like I said, try to hang everything possible in your garage to clean up space, and here we have a screwdriver coat rack. If you are no longer using traditional screwdrivers, make this awesome DIY a decor element and you have intelligently used the junk! 

22. Make use of Extra Studs

Via Designedtodwell

From various sports gears to bikes and cycles, try to dedicate a wall for these bulky items, that are mostly seasonal and you don’t have to reserve a floor space all year long. Make use of extra studs from other projects and hang those items vertically and save tons of space. Also, the wall would look so good, just like in the sports showrooms! 

23. DIY Bin Storage

Via Diydesignfanatic

I always prefer storing tools and other goods in bins and baskets rather than keeping them open on the shelves. This is also a good way to keep the items out of sight for the children. You would just need some big and small bins for your garage tools and organize the shelves. It’s so easy and cheap as you can get them from the dollar store. Try this organization hack and you will never regret it! 

24. Garage Golf Caddy

Via I.pinimg

You don’t have to be a pro golf player for this one, it can be used to store gardening tools and even clothes and utensils. This is a very efficient and easy DIY storage project as you would need basic carpentry skills and this handy caddy would be ready to slay. Install wheels on this and you have a portable workstation wherever you like! 

25. Overhead Garage Storage

Via Anawhite

If you think you need some extra storage in your garage, take up this easy overhead storage idea. Just like the overhead hack with PVC pipes, this one would make proper shelves right there on the ceilings. So, if you have already exploited those shelves to the maximum, shift some of your stuff to the ceiling and your garage would look so clean and tidy! 

26. Cheap Garage Storage

Via Anawhite

We did explore some good and efficient storage ideas for your garage, like the sliding shelves and big cabinets, but they are expensive and can be inconvenient as well. This storage hack would be perfect if you are tight on budget and want to make some crafty projects. This DIY truss shelves would be complete in a few dollars and you will love the results! 

27. Wall Tool Holders

Via Woodgears

An amazing one if you are looking for some decorative DIY and organizing hacks for your hardware tools, this tool holder can store any tool you can think of! From lightweight screwdrivers to heavy drills, make shelves and racks for every member, and make the holder most effective. Storing these items in plain sight is would also save you some time and trouble! 

28. Pegboard Book of Tools

Via Pregnantpower

We have already explored many ideas with pegboards and no doubt, they are just so efficient! Here is a unique one, it is a book, with 3-4 pegboard sheets holding all those essential tools. Try out this exciting and space-saving organizing hack and decorate your garage. 

29. DIY Garage Storage

Via Sugarbeecrafts

If you are running low on bucks, don’t worry. You don’t have to dig a hole in your pocket to organize your garage when you can make a storage cabinet with some basic carpentry skills! Make big and small compartments, moisture-proof lockers, and even horizontal shelves to accommodate sports equipment. Trust me, it’s not a Hercules job and you will do it perfectly!

30. Screw Organizing

Via Listotic

Adding another fun DIY project to this list, this screwdriver organizer has that sassy look and is very efficient! Storing those screws and drill bits in hanging containers is something you don’t see every day, right? Welcome this idea in your garage or workshop and I am sure you will earn some good compliments. 

Organizing your garage is not easy and the toughest part is keeping up the clean and tidiness of the place. Try out your favorite garage organizing idea and I am sure you will love the results! 

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