11 Simple Cleaning Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Time

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Do you spend almost every weekend thinking of cleaning your house but find it hard to disengage yourself from binge-watching? Or do you spend hours cleaning, and yet find a couple of spots that look pretty disgusting?

Well, you might be lacking a few intelligent hacks in your arsenal. Employing a few quick, easy, and cost-effective techniques can make your house cleaner and fresher with minimum effort.

And you might be surprised by how easy it is to clean your house if you do things just a bit differently. Did you know that even dryer sheets can be used for cleaning purposes?!

In this article, we’ll discuss 11 stunning hacks that can save you from toiling away all weekend and still get your house spick and span. These techniques come in handy especially when the festive season arrives. This is a time when you can’t let any area of your house stay messy. So, go ahead and try out these hacks to get your home clean enough to host a party!

11 Simple Cleaning Hacks

1. Sanitize Your Garbage Disposal

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House cleaning isn’t just about making your place appear clean; the fragrance matters a lot too. And when it comes to the kitchen, a disgusting odor can easily repel you from the most hygienic of kitchens. 

Your garbage disposal is the culprit most of the time. Get rid of this issue with the help of lemons! Their scent will overpower the kitchen odor and induce a fresh citrus fragrance that will please everyone who enters your kitchen. The disinfectant properties of lemons will also keep your garbage disposal fresh and sanitized.

2. Clean Stove Burners without Scrubbing

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Cleaning stove burners can easily be rated as one of the most challenging cleaning jobs in the kitchen. But this extremely effective method that gets rid of really stubborn stains in a flash is going to make your life easier.

All you’d need is some ammonia and a few other ingredients (and some of your time, of course). This method is so easy that you won’t even break a sweat while cleaning.

3. Use Microfiber Cloths for Quick Cleaning

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No one wants to spend hours scrubbing away stains on the table, walls, countertops, and so on. And something as simple as a microfiber cloth can save you immense time and effort. No matter how simple and innovative paper towels seem to be, they are just not practical. Moreover, they will add up to your expenditure without really offering any real value.

So go ahead and replace your paper towels with environment-friendly microfiber cloths. You can also opt for car cleaning cloths which are thicker. They are more durable and work like a charm, as suggested in this tutorial.

4. Use Vodka to Remove Carpet Stains

Well, this might sound surprising, but vodka or even rubbing alcohol can be excellent carpet cleaners. If you have 5 gallons of vodka left in your stash from Christmas celebrations, use these for cleaning your carpet instead of binge-drinking and harming your health.

It works better than any other counter products suggested by the owners of house cleaning services. Moreover, it doesn’t ruin any fabric, which is a common issue you’ll face with other professional cleaning agents. 

5. Repurpose Dryer Sheets to Clean Screens

Dryer sheets can be excellent cleaning agents, and we are talking about the used ones! So, instead of throwing them away after each dryer cycle, hold onto them.

You can clean tv and computer screens easily with dryer sheets. The silken coating of the sheets helps reduce static and removes the dust in just a wipe or two. But remember to avoid using damp sheets as they can damage the screens.

6. Add an Extension to the Vacuum Cleaner

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How cool would it be if your vacuum cleaner could reach those hard-to-reach spots easily? Well, a simple DIY extension can help you do that. But that’s not all. This hack would also improve the power of your vacuum cleaner, and hence it can suck away dust and grime harder and faster.

Apart from adding the extra-long extension, you should also try to vacuum horizontally as well as vertically. This can help suck all the dust and dirt away, making your house cleaner and your floor shinier.

7. Use Tongs to Clean Blinds

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Cleaning blinds is indeed a challenging and frustrating job. It seems easy at first, but the dirt never seems to vanish. Instead of using a cloth, try using tongs with small rags attached to its ends. You can secure these with elastic bands and clean the blinds one slat at a time.

This way, you’ll be able to wipe the slats effectively, without having to clean the top and bottom sides separately. It’s a simple but highly effective hack, especially if you have more than a couple of blinds at home.

8. Wash Your Shower Liners in a Washing Machine

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Most of us would rather replace our shower liners than try to clean the dirt off of them. It can be expensive, so we choose to leave them messy again for quite a few months. But the soap residue and moisture can make them look extremely disgusting.

You can wash your shower liners in a washing machine instead of replacing them. Toss in a few soiled towels, baking soda, vinegar, and detergent along with the liners into your washing machine. In a few minutes, your shower liners that were previously impossible to clean will look as good as new!

9. Gather Broken Glass Using a Slice of Bread

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This one is just one of those hacks that will leave you wondering “How come I didn’t think of this before?” Yes, you don’t need to waste time and risk injuries picking up pieces of broken glass. Instead, you can just use a slice of bread to gather even the smallest shards of glass. 

This is an excellent way to impress the people around you in case someone ever breaks a glass!

10. Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

Grease stains are easily one of the most stubborn and terrible stains. You can’t really get yourself to wear a greased t-shirt again. But this isn’t how your t-shirt should meet its end. You can use this quick and effective method to get rid of the grease from your clothes without affecting their quality.

Just replace your detergent with some dish soap and toss your grease-stained clothes into the washing machine. This method is a rare one but it will work like a charm on almost all of your clothes.

11. Clean Toilet Bowl Using Vinegar

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If you ever feel disgusted while cleaning toilet bowls like me, here is a quick hack that will keep them clean for weeks and sometimes even months. You just have to pour vinegar into a jar as shown in the tutorial and keep it in the tank. 

The method doesn’t require any strenuous scrubbing and will save you a lot of time. This technique is definitely a lifesaver for bachelors who can’t get themselves to clean the outside of the toilet bowl, let alone the inside.

We have covered all 11 of the most effective and quick cleaning hacks that will save you a lot of effort and time. Employing these will perhaps change the way you approach house cleaning forever. You can also check out other quick cleaning hacks on our website. Happy cleaning!

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