17 Genius Paper Organization Ideas To Keep Documents Safe

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No matter how far the digital revolution has come, we are still surrounded by piles of paperwork. Everything from shopping receipts to tax receipts to insurance documents, the list is endless and contributes to the paper mess.

We often ignore the need to organize our paperwork, and as a result, there’s paper junk everywhere. We seemingly ignore these piles unless we have to refer to them for our use. 

Increasing the use of cloud storage also ramps up the possibilities of getting hacked. But then, excessive paper clutter could be overwhelming. So what’s the solution? 

Well, we’ve got 17 genius paper organization ideas to keep your documents safe. It’s time to curb this paper mess and get organized. Let’s get started. 

17 Genius Paper Organization Ideas To Keep Documents Safe

1. Pocket Shelf Organizer         

Via Wayfair

Has your paperwork invaded all the functional space of tables, countertops, etc? If yes, then you clearly need to perform your organization skills with immediate effect. 

Get these pocket shelf organizers with label holders and install them on your wall. They’re capable of holding your journals, diaries, files, receipts, and much more stuff. 

2. Letter-size File Box    

Bankers Box STOR/FILE Storage Boxes, Standard Set-Up, Lift-Off Lid, Letter/Legal, 6 Pack (0071303)

Give those documents a humble abode to reside. Use an elegant and top-notch file box that would let you organize papers, magazines, invoices, letters, etc. The file box you buy will depend on what you want to store in it.

This is a feasible option that will add to your decor and will declutter all the paper junk. 

View this file box on Amazon.

3. DIY Wire Mail Basket    

Via Remodelalcoholic

If you’re someone like me, you wouldn’t approve of spending bucks to buy something when you can easily pull it off at home. So, here it comes —DIY wire mail baskets. 

Store your mails in one place to avoid losing them or misplacing them. Besides, you can also separate out bills and receipts in different baskets. 

Pro tip: Discard away the mails that you find unnecessary. No stashing, no junk. 

4. Put Labels     

Via Thirdstoryies

One of the most efficient ways to organize stuff is to put labels on them. You may have a variety of documents and paperwork accumulated all over the place. It’s viable to file them separately and use labels. 

So, the next time you’re storing your files, just stick the labels to make them easily identifiable. 

5. Portable File Box

Storex Portable File Box with Organizer Lid, 17.13 x 9.63 x 11 Inches, Letter/Legal, Black (61510U01C)

If you’re someone who’s always on the go due to office work, you must be familiar with the struggle of handling a bunch of files. We’re here to curb this mishmash for you. Get this portable file box to carry your documents wherever you go. This box is weather-resistant and is competent enough to hold up to 30 lbs weight. 

Buy an amazing portable file box.

6. Categorize Paperwork    

Via Thecrazyorganizedblog

Before you move further into the up-close treatment of your paper clutter, make sure you categorize it. Categorizing will ease the process of organization. You can make categories like save, shred, medical, to-do, medical, and taxes.

Pro tip: Make as many sets as possible to minimize confusion and chaos. 

7. Receipt Organizer      

Via Iheartplanners

If your handbag or purse is filled with more receipts than currency notes, then this one’s for you, my friend. With this receipt organizer, you can free up a lot of space in the bag to keep the necessary items. 

Moreover, the organizer can easily be carried along and will help you keep a track of all the products you have bought. 

8. DIY Calendar     

Via Bhg

To organize your weekly reminder slips, important meetings, anniversary dates, or simple date reminders, try making this wall calendar. It’s more functional than just writing reminders down on paper slips and storing them anywhere nonchalantly. 

The calendar will not only upgrade your organization game but will also make your home decor fancy by adding some style. 

9. Organize Kids’ Artwork And Papers     

Via Honeywerehome

One of the most tedious tasks of having a kid at home is safekeeping their artworks. Now, you wouldn’t want to misplace the testament of their growing talent, would you?

Organize their artworks and school documents in order to avoid a little addition to your daily clutter.  With the help of this technique, you can also store the photos of all important occasions. 

10. Organize Taxes     

Via Abowlfulloflemons

Doing taxes can be really taxing (get it?) Furthermore, all the tax documents and receipts will make this chore downright hell. Organize all this paper clutter before to lessen this pain. 

For this, you’ll have to arrange a desktop filing system and keep it within your reach. Now, you can file a receipt in the blink of an eye. 

11. Smead Cascading Wall Organizer    

Smead Cascading Wall Organizer Gen 2, 6 Pockets, Letter Size, Gray/Jewel Pockets (92063)

Get this oh-so-amazing and functional storage unit to clear all your paper clutter. This Smead Cascading Wall Organizer is space-friendly and will be light on your pocket too. 

Just mount it on an unused region of your office or home wall, and you’re good to go. If keeping your documents safe is on your to-do list, this wall-organizer is a must-have for you.

12. Color-coded Files Organization    

Via Cleanandscentsible

Incorporate a little dazzle into your organization method by using color-coded files. Pay attention to the kind of documents that you’re handling and classify them into categories. Grab these colorful files and arrange them in drawers or shelves.

Color-coded files would be super easy to identify from a distance. Plus, color makes everything better, right?

13. Organize With Binders    

Via Organizingmoms

Binders and accordion files might seem like things of the past but they’re remarkable when it comes to organizing paperwork. Therefore, you must increase the utilization of binders around your home and office to preserve your important files.

You can then store these binders on your bookshelf in a neat manner—no more clutter!

14. DIY Personalized Mail Organizer     

Via Hertoolbelt

Here’s another DIY project for all the crafters out there! Pull-off these amazing personalized mail organizers to handle the bulk of incoming mails. You can extend its use to make similar folders for your bills, invoices, etc. 

To carry out this project, you’ll need a few nuts, bolts, some machining, woodwork, and a little bit of effort. Hang it in your entryway or living room so that it’s always conspicuous and easily accessible.

15. Hanging Clipboards     

Via Bhg

This is probably the easiest takeaway on the list. Find an unused wall in your home and simply hang a few clipboards over there. Attach labels on each clipboard to indicate what it is meant for.

This chic yet functional organization unit will spruce up your place. Plus, it’s frugal and highly customizable.

16. School Papers Storage Organization     

Via Thehomesihavemade

Another great storage idea to manage school-related documents and artworks of your kids is this one. This sophisticated yet simple approach will protect the documents from the dust, dirt, and pretty much everything.  

You can stack them on a shelf and reduce the amount of clutter covering a significant amount of space.

17. Filing System Organization

Via Thespruce

To set up an effective filing system at your place, you’ll need a file box, file folders, a shredder, and a marker or pen. The task might seem a bit burdensome at first but trust me, it will ultimately help you in staying organized. And guess what? You just got the perfect weekend plan!  

We have covered some brilliant ideas that are going to help you tame that paper clutter. And I’m sure you hate clutter as much as I do, so what are you waiting for? Practice these genius ideas and shoo away those unorganized piles of paper.

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