27 Pantry Organization Ideas to Make Pantry Feel Twice as Big

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The pantry happens to be my favorite place in the house (after the bedroom, of course), ‘cause it’s filled with tasty snacks, foods, beverages, and my favorite Cheerios! Do you feel the same way too? Even if it falls later in your ‘favorite place in the house’ list, we all face a common problem related to pantries—the way it gets cluttered in there.

There never seems to be enough space in the pantry for storing all the necessary items and it soon ends up looking messy and disorganized. I’m pretty sure most of you can relate!

Now stop worrying and start learning some organizing tricks and ideas that will make your ‘kitchen life much easier. These ideas involve racks, shelves, boxes, and many more! Also, irrespective of whether you have a small pantry or a big one or only a spot designated for it, these hacks WILL make it look organized and free up space.

Surprised? Scroll down to check out the ideas and start applying them to your own pantry!

27 Pantry Organization Ideas to Make Your Pantry Feel Twice as Big

1. Storage Bins

Via Dorseydesigns

The easiest way to organize your pantry is to use storage containers. Buy some and segregate all the pantry items in different containers—one for white sugar, one for brown sugar, one for coffee, and so on. Make sure you get transparent ones and label each according to its contents.

2. DIY Labelling

Via Abeautifulmess

If you are new to cooking, then it’s highly probable that you’ll get confused between the various varieties of spices and food ingredients. The best way to NOT mix up the spices is to label them! Store all of them in mason jars and label each using paint pens.

If you decide to stop using any ingredient, just throw the jar in the dishwasher for the paint to come off and it’s ready to be used for some other ingredient, simple!

3. Lazy Susan Turntable

Copco 2555-0187 Non-Skid 2-Tier Pantry Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable, 12-Inch, White/Gray - 2 Pack

It’s a lot of trouble to put your hand all the way to the back of the shelf and search for that one ingredient that somehow got pushed in there—and this usually comes with the added risk of the jars in front falling off of the shelf. But a Lazy Susan turntable will eradicate this problem for you!

Use one with a rimmed edge to store the spices, sauces, snack bars, etc. so that nothing falls off.

4. Storage Baskets

Via Thehomesihavemade

Empty your entire pantry and segregate all the items in white baskets of different shapes and sizes! Why white? Because the pantry is going to be filled with food items in colorful packaging and so to neutralize them, use white baskets. But of course, it TOTALLY depends on you.

Fill the baskets with a variety of items and label them accordingly—one for spices, one for snacks, one for sauces, etc.

5. Wire Shelves

Via Thenavagepatch

Wire shelves are pretty good for storage—especially the one with high sides. So, install slide-out wire shelves in your pantry if you want to renovate it entirely. Use the inside of the door to hang wire baskets and store stuff in them—when it comes to pantries every inch of space counts!

You can even add hooks to the side of the door and hang up aprons and mitts there.

6. Can Organizer

Simple Trending Can Rack Organizer, Stackable Can Storage Dispenser Holds up to 36 Cans for Kitchen Cabinet or Pantry, Chrome

Food cans are always at a greater risk of rolling off the shelves. So store as many as you want using a can rack organizer. If you have different varieties of cans, then divide them using the plastic dividers that are available with this organizer.

7. Packets’ Rack

Via Makebakecelebrate

A pantry is mostly filled with jars and bottles among which the packets kinda become the “odd one out”. So, why not allocate a separate space for them?

Use the inside of the door for that purpose. Install some racks there and begin storing all the snack packets and other packet items in them. You can even use sink caddies instead of racks for this.

8. DIY Chip Hanger

Via 11magnolialane

Everyone’s got chips in their pantry! But if yours is overflowing with chip packets, then make a DIY chip hanger to organize them. Use a yardstick or a finger joint trim and install clip hangers on it. That’s pretty much it. This hanger is quite simple to make and creative enough for the pantry.

9. Pull-Out Organizer

Household Essentials 1215-1 Glidez 1-Tier Sliding Organizer | Pull Out Pantry Shelf | White | 12 Inches Wide

If you got quite some spaces left beneath each shelf, fill them up with sliding organizers. Your kids will be able to reach it easily and so it’s the best place to store their snacks. You can even get plastic dividers to further organize the drawers.

10. Plastic Containers

Via Thesocialhome

Plastic containers are a boon for those with a small pantry. Get your hands on some flat, stackable ones which will help you save more space compared to jars and bins. Store coarse or granulated ingredients like bread crumbs, rice, nuts, etc. in these containers.

11. Use Wasted Space

Via Domesticimperfection

There is another spot in the pantry that is often wasted—the space between the door and the end of the shelf. As I’ve mentioned earlier, every space in the pantry counts, so hang up some narrow cubbies in that area and use them to store cans or spices (they’ll fit in perfectly).

12. Clip Hanger

Via Hip2save

I absolutely LOVE this idea. Get your hands on some plastic hangers and hang up food packets on them. You can even use a hanger to hang your cookbook right beside you while you’re whipping up some tasty dish—it’s multipurpose!

13. Hang Pans

Via Eclecticrecipes

Your pantry will look untidy and clumsy if all the pans and pots are stacked together, one on top of the other, wasting valuable shelf space. If you hate it, then go for this idea! If there’s free wall/door space in your pantry, install a pegboard there to hang up these utensils.

14. Makeshift Pantry

Via Sarahhearts

There are some people who don’t have a separate cabinet as a pantry. If you are one of them, then build a small pantry in whatever free space you’ve got. Install some sliding drawers along with a shelf or two and utilize whatever space you’ve got.

15. Sliding Door

Via Thepapermama

An open pantry can maybe make you feel embarrassed when guests come over. Install a sliding door so that you can close the pantry whenever guests come around. You can even paint it with a pretty color, that goes with your wall of course.

And if you don’t want to install a sliding door, hang up pretty curtains to hide your pantry!

16. File Holder On The Door

Rolodex Mesh Collection Single-Pocket Wall File, Black (21931)

Install mesh document holders on the pantry door and store anything from snack packets to cereal boxes over here. They are easy to install, convenient to use, and pretty cheap as well! You can easily take them down and wash them whenever they get dirty, then put them back.

17. Use a Pegboard 

2 Pieces Pegboard Wall Mount Display Metal Pegboard Wall Panel Kits Pegboard Organizer Accessories, 2 Installation Methods, No Damage to The Wall for Garage Kitchen Bathroom Office (Black)

If you don’t have enough shelves and can’t put up new ones, install a pegboard on the pantry wall to add a bunch of racks to your pantry.  You can add as many racks as you need, and even take them down as per the need. You can organize spices, canned goods, snacks, and other goodies on the racks.

18. Chalk Board

Via 11magnolialane

Install chalkboards on the inside of your pantry’s doors. You can add your grocery list here or write down your weekly meal plans. You can easily erase it too if you feel like it.

This board can be put up anywhere else but a pantry is a place where you visit every day, so it’s better to have it installed here.

19. Keep a Ladder Handy

Telescoping Ladder 9.5FT - ARCHOM Portable Aluminum Telescopic Ladder Multi-Purpose Folding Extension Ladder for Roof Indoor and Outdoor with EN131 Certified

The top shelves are often hard to reach and thus are ignored by many people. Do not fall for that and waste space. Store stuff up on the shelf and to reach them, get your hands on a ladder. Use a telescoping ladder as it won’t take much space storage space.

20. Special Spice Organizer

This 30-bottle spice organizer will utilize space to the maximum and prevent your pantry from getting cluttered. Organize the bottles according to your needs and preferences.  Keep the most used at the top, least at the bottom—any way that’s convenient for you.

You even get 96 labels for free with this organizer!

21. Nook Pantry

Via Themerrythought

If you are running out of space in your pantry, and not even the storage hacks can save you some more space, then head over to your kitchen. Hang up some wired baskets on a free wall there, and you’ve just created space out of thin air!

Store the spices and ingredients that are mostly used in cooking over here as they’ll be easy to grab.

22. Get a Small Cabinet

Via Abowlfulloflemons

Don’t let your food items lie in some corner of the kitchen! Build your own pantry with the help of a small, glass cabinet or an antique one. Organize everything with the help of the ideas mentioned above—use labeled glass jars, baskets, and anything you wish to!

23. Veggie Baskets

Via Theidentite

Keep separate baskets for vegetables and arrange them accordingly. Buy some pretty baskets and label them as per their contents. You can also use sliding drawers to store your veggies.

24. Magazine Holder for Pans

Leven Collapsible Magazine File Holder/Desk Organizer for Office Organization and Storage with 3 Vertical Compartments

You can store your pans in a plastic magazine holder too. Simply place it on a shelf and arrange the utensils. It’ll help you organize your pans according to your convenience. And of course, will make your pantry look neat and spruced up.

25. Organize Spice Jars

Via Boxwoodavenue

Storing your spices in jars is not enough. You need to organize the jars as well. Use a drawer with dividers and store the spices according to their usage—frequently used ones in the front and the least used at the back. You can also store some spoons if you’ve got space left in it.

26. Overcrowding is a Big No-No

Via Roomfortuesday

It is not necessary that you have to use all the space on your pantry shelves. It might look clumsy even if you have organized it. So make sure there is always some space left so that it looks neat and you can easily locate different items in there. Try to leave a gap between the varieties of items stored.

27. Pan Organizing Rack

Heavy Duty Pan Organizer, 5 Tier Rack - Holds up to 50 LB - Holds Cast Iron Skillets, Griddles and Shallow Pots - Durable Steel Construction - Space Saving Kitchen Storage - No Assembly Required

This heavy-duty pan organizer is a super space-saver! Just give it a corner on a shelf and it’ll store six-seven pans and pots all in one place. Keep the wide ones on the bottom, and the smaller ones on the top. You can even install it horizontally.

Not only will this organizer make your pantry look neat and organized, but will also surely make it seem more spacious.

So these are some of the best organizing hacks and ideas for attaining the pantry of your dreams. Follow them and give your pantry a makeover or you can take inspiration from them and come up with some new organization hacks! Have fun!

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