31 Mind-Blowing House Cleaning Tips That You Need to Know Now

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Spring is here, and you don’t have any excuses now. It is the official cleaning season after all, and who would not love to come back to a clean and organized home? Household cleaning should be a routine priority to keep your family safe and healthy.

I know it sounds easy, but it is not, and cleaning certain things can be a pain, I am here to help you with the chores! Though no one can be a master in cleaning, you can reduce your efforts with some easy hacks and tips, right?

Work your way with some cleaning tips that I have dug up for you. From tackling small appliances at a time to make your house dust, grime, and mildew free, these ideas can add sparkle and shine to every room. The good news? Most of them are DIYs and all-natural, you can bid adieu to those chemical cleaners.

31 Mind-Blowing House Cleaning Tips That You Need to Know Now

1. Clean the exhaust fan

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If the grille on your kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan is clogged with dust and dirt, there are high chances that it would make the surrounding dirty. Try out a more effective and robust solution instead of vacuuming the grilles. You can use the blast-out-the-dust method here and it blows the dust outside.

The same method can also work on your central heating or cooling system where you can just return the airflow to drive out the dust particles. Try out this super effective method and say no to dusty grilles!

2. Descale your coffee maker

Coffee makers are the hot-spot for caked-on minerals and they stain the utensil like nothing else. Say goodbye to those mineral scales with white vinegar. 

You just have to fill up the reservoir with a mixture of half water and half white vinegar. Brew the solution for about 30 minutes and let it sit for another 30 minutes. The cycle is almost done here and I am sure the scales are gone by now. For a final touch, brew it with clean water and boom, it’s done! 

3. Bring home the best cleaning supplies

Yes, this is very important! You cannot achieve something smoothly if you don’t have the right supplies for it and this applies to household cleaning as well. Did you know that synthetic soap simplifies bathroom cleaning? Yes, soaps like zest and ivory do not form a foamy layer and can make your cleaning job super easy and quick. 

Similarly, polishing countertops with microfiber cloths are much better than normal fabric and a magic eraser sponge works wonders on bathroom stains. Some amazing hacks would make your household cleaning quick and easy and you must switch, right away!

4. Use homemade hardwood cleaner

With constant usage, hardwood floors lose the much-praised shine and look pale and dull. Using industrial polish to bring that shine back is not only costly but also harmful to health. 

Switch to a natural, homemade polish for this and make this eco-friendly cleaner with some home ingredients. You would just need vinegar, castile soap, rubbing alcohol, and a few drops of essential oils, that’s it. Make your dearest hardwood floors go oh la la with the shine all over again! 

5. Clean a cast-iron skillet

Cast iron pans are surely an important part of our kitchen utensils and they are so useful. From deep frying to quick roast, everything can be done with this amazing tool, but they are easily left ignored and aren’t cleaned properly. 

Avoid scrubbing it in and out and don’t damage the seasoning. Right after cooking, wash the cookware with dish soap and take it back to the burner for 30 seconds until the water is evaporated. If the surface is rusted, you might have to use a non-metallic scrubber to remove the rust and then re-season it. 

6. The easy way to clean your microfiber couch

That relaxing couch in your living room has made your leisure days and gave you the ultimate ease while you were binge-watching your favorite show. They are no doubt the hotspot of dirt and dust and hence, they deserve regular cleaning! 

Ease your couch cleaning chores by spraying rubbing alcohol on the spots and use a hairdryer for the final touch. You can scrub the spots with baby wipes until it is gone and the work of hours would be complete in a few minutes. 

7. Cleaning tips for long-lasting carpet

From regular vacuuming and dusting, cleaning carpets can be tricky and with some easy hacks, the chores would be much less. These cleaning tips would keep your carpet healthy and you don’t have to replace it in 4 years! 

The first thing would be to clean the carpet before it gets too dirty. Clear the stains right away, never overwet it and dry it out thoroughly after a good cleaning session. It is also very important to place the vacuum at a proper height and make sure the filters are clean enough to make the carpets clean! 

8. Steam clean your microwave

That caked-on food from the last spillage in your microwave might give you an elbow grease while cleaning and I don’t want that for you. Luckily, steam can make your job easy and it is effective as well. 

Avoid scrubbing while cleaning your microwave by heating a bowl of water for five minutes. The steam evolved will loosen the grime inside and it would be easier to clean. You can try out this method as many times as you want to get the surface clean and tidy again. 

9. The easiest way to clean oven glass

Your oven glass goes through so much when you’re preparing that yummy pizza or making the oven work to grill that turkey. The grime and grease buildups can get messy if left unchecked. 

The easiest way to say goodbye to all the dirt is by using dry and wet magic erasers. Depending upon the mess, you can use it dry or damp it a little bit. No chemicals or cleaners, just 15 minutes of scrubbing with the eraser and the glass is sparkling clean!

10. Cleaning stove burners just got easy! 

Stove burners go through so much every day and their work doubles on holidays and weekends. Don’t spend hours scrubbing those burnt and stick-on food residue and switch to an effective cleaning method. 

You would just need a cup of ammonia and a ziplock bag for this hack. Allow the burnt food to soak in ammonia overnight and wake up to a shiny and clean surface. Just wash off the soft residue, give a little soap wipe and the stove burners would have a new look. 

11. Deep clean your washing machine

When was the last time you cared for the washing machine in your laundry? They can make clothes clean but not themselves. Deep cleaning at least once a month is very important to prevent dirt build up inside and keep your washing machine long-lasting. 

Run one cycle of bleach and water to clean and sanitize the interiors. Next, pour in diluted vinegar and run another cycle. This would ward off those grime and soap scum. Finally, use scrubbing pads to clean and wash the washer’s drum. See, it’s super easy! 

12. Homemade cleaner for tubs and tiles

You must be familiar with the cleaning power of baking soda and here we have a homemade baking soda cleaner for tubs and tiles. We know how bathroom tiles become dull and dirty with dirt buildups and industrial cleaners are never a good solution. 

You would just need baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap to make this eco-friendly and all-natural paste to clean your bathroom. Make it shiny in a few minutes and you don’t have to scrub for hours as well! 

13. The best way to make walls sparkle

There are many natural and mainstream methods associated with wall cleaning, but let me tell you, all of them aren’t effective. Before you choose a method, make sure you research it and match it with your requirements. 

You can clean painted walls in a 1-2-3 step procedure and it is super effective. Similarly, if your wall has a latex paint with a flat finish, you can use a dry sponge with a cleaning solution. You see, making the walls sparkle is not a tough job and you will get amazing results if you do this the right way!

14. Polish stainless steel sink with tartar

Yes, you have read that right. I did mention that some household ingredients can make your life better when it comes to cleaning and tartar cream is one of them. 

Replace the dish soap with cream of tartar from the tub cleaner and you have a natural cleanser with baking soda and tartar. If you have slightly unsettling stains on your sink, get them away in minutes and make the stainless steel shine like nothing else. 

15. Deep clean your dishwasher

Just like your washing machine, the mighty dishwasher also needs some care. They cannot clean themselves and you have to come to their rescue. Deep clean them once a month to keep it functional and long-lasting. 

Pour the ingredients in separate washing cycles and make the dishwasher clean and fresh. You can also scrub out the visible stains if possible and achieve a sparkling dishwasher in no time. This 3-step cleaning process would also save you that expensive repair bill and trust me, it is super effective! 

16. Clean water stains with vinegar

I am not talking about the ceiling drips that had stained your walls, that would require cleaning and repaint, but those hard water stains on glasses and mugs can have an easier solution. 

Create a mixture of water and vinegar, take that in a spray bottle and start with the work. The vinegar solution would break down the debris, and you can scrub away the scum with an old toothbrush. This method also works on faucets that are prone to hard water stains. If the stains are tougher, make a strong vinegar solution or add some baking soda to the mixture for the best results. 

17. Grime-free shower head 


Just like the tubs and floor tiles in the bathroom, grime and limestone stains also grip the showerhead, and let’s say it, it does look tacky. If you think you need a replacement to get a new-like shower head, you have to rethink it! 

A sandwich bag and some vinegar would do the job and dissolve the grime in just one night. Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar, dip the showerhead in it and wait for a night. In the morning you would see it shine with a new look. 

18. Fluff feather pillows

Not only does your cooking utensils need a super effective cleaning strategy, but your closet and bedroom linens also need some attention as well. The most vulnerable here are pillows and their cases. The outer fabric gets discolored with regular use and if you don’t use covers with pillows, cleaning it can be very frustrating. 

Washing machines would take your pain away in seconds! Yep, you can wash and dry pillows in a machine. Load two pillows together, pour a small amount of detergent, and wash it in the delicate mode with the extra rinse for some backup. It is super effective and foolproof option! 

19. Clean window blinds with kitchen tongs

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Window blinds are extremely vulnerable to dust and dirt and if left unchecked, the dust bunnies keep on increasing and ultimately make their way into your house. I know they aren’t easy to clean, feather dusters don’t do good, and making the dust go can be a real pain.  

Use kitchen tongs wrapped in microfiber cloths instead and you have an efficient cleaning method. Spray the cloth with your favorite clean and go ahead. You can get two rows done at once and it feels amazing, isn’t it? 

20. Dryer sheets to clean chrome faucets

Stainless steel sinks are very durable and they aren’t prone to damage if we use industrial cleaners, unlike chrome faucets. They are easily stained by chemicals and the faucets require regular care. 

Make them the star of the sink by using dryer sheets. Out of several effective uses of dryer sheets, cleaning chrome surfaces works wonders. Just buff that chrome surface with it and you would see all the stains dissolving and the shine is back! 

21. Keep the toilet brush fresh 

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The toilet cleaning brush keeps the toilet clean, but they are vulnerable to dirt and can get smelly if the buildups are left unchecked. Keep the toilet brush and other supplies smelling fresh with a few splashes of Pine-Sol.

Splash it in the bottom of the brush container and it’s done! This would not only deodorize the cleaning tool but also disinfect it effectively.  

22. Easy and effective dusting hacks

On average, a home in the USA collects 40 pounds of dust in just one year. I don’t want to exaggerate this, but it is huge! While you cannot keep dust at bay, you can surely reduce their effect and restrict them from entering your house with some effective cleaning hacks

From using dryer sheets to dust a fan that is out of reach for most of us to using microfiber cloths to trap the dust particles, these hacks can make your cleaning chores super easy. You can even purify your air with a filter every day to reduce dust and get effective results. 

23. Easy tips to clean a humidifier

You might think what is there to clean and disinfect in a humidifier? The water that runs the machine smoothly can also be the breeding ground for molds and microbes. It is very important to clean it once in a while. 

Fill up the humidifier tank with undiluted white vinegar and give it a good shake. Let it sit on the base for about 15 mins before you dispose of the residue. Scrub out the remaining buildups and it’s all clean. You can prevent the build-ups by regularly changing the water and let the tank dry out at least once a week. 

24. Remove mildew spots with vodka

Yes, you have read that right! While you might know how alcohol is an amazing disinfect, that bottle of vodka in your freezer can work on mildew spots as well! Those mildew spots in your bathroom would be gone in no time with a vodka spray. 

Mix vodka and water in a ratio of 1:1 and spray the mixture on the affected areas. Leave it for 10 minutes and then wipe it clean. The spirit clears up the mess and works well on mildew! 

25. Home remedy to un-scratch plates

A little slip of knife here, an overzealous fork and spoon there, and boom! You have overwhelming scratches in your favorite crockery set and eventually, every set is affected more or less. 

Fortunately, these can be reversed and you can have those brand new look back again. Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it on the scratches and leave it overnight. Rinse it away in the morning and the scratches would be gone. 

26. Clean wax from carpets

What can be more soothing than an intimate candlelight dinner? I can’t think of anything and if you could relate with me, you might be familiar with all the extra work this mood lighting can bring to our carpets. 

Get rid of those wax stains with a bag of ice, a hairdryer, rubbing alcohol, and a butter knife. This combination could cure the oldest wax stains and you take my word, your carpet won’t be harmed at all! 

27. Clean burnt-on messes with rhubarb

Dish soaps do work on burnt-on messes, but they do require our elbow power and it is not an efficient solution. Switch to an easier method of using rhubarb from your fridge or garden to treat those caked-on stains. 

Add a few sticks of rhubarb and some water and boil it on the pan leaving them to simmer for five minutes. Once the water cools down, scrub away the stains and it would be gone. It is proved that rhubarb contains acids that react with the caked-on stains and make it easier to scrub it away without damaging the pan.  

28. How to clean a mattress

It is probably the last thing in your house you think to clean, but yes, they do require some attention. If not regular, mattresses do need to be freshened up at least once a month. 

You can deep clean a mattress by vacuuming it thoroughly and then deodorizing it with baking soda. If you don’t have time, go for a quick freshening up session with essential oils. Regular cleaning is also a sort of health check for your loved mattress and they do deserve the love, right? 

29. Disinfect the keyboard with a toothbrush

You would be surprised to know how many bacteria live in your keyboard and that needs to be disinfected. A study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health stated that our keyboard has contained strains of bacillus and viruses that could cause upper respiratory tract infections. 

Dip an old toothbrush in a diluted mixture of vinegar and clean your keyboard thoroughly. Say goodbye to germs in between keys with this simple hack and be safe! 

30. Get rid of black mold naturally

If you are a clean freak, you might crave home solutions to every household problem and here I have one for black molds. Black molds are dangerous to our health as they can cause respiratory issues. 

Some natural remedies like tea tree oil solution that is often used to keep spiders away can also be used to clean black mold as it is a natural fungicide. Other easy solutions include grapefruit seed extract and baking soda, both extremely effective and you can try this out any day! 

31. Make an all-purpose surface cleaner

It feels great to have an all-purpose cleaner that is natural and can make every surface gleam no matter what. You can make a DIY surface cleaner with vinegar or castile soap and both are very effective. 

Combine castile soap with 2 cups of distilled water and a few drops of essential oils and pour it in a spray bottle. For the vinegar recipe, replace castile soap with white vinegar and add lemon juice to it. These cleaners also eliminate bacteria and other germs on the surface and you have it clean and shiny! 

These house cleaning tips are here to make your cleaning chores easy and extra-effective with little or no extra expenses. Try these out and I am sure you will be surprised to see the results! 

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