41 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas that are Game-changers

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It’s a well-known fact that it’s unbelievably hard to find the perfect kind of storage system for your kitchen. And it’s even harder when there are constantly new additions being added to it.

So when the kitchen cabinets and the drawers don’t do their job perfectly, you have to come up with better and effective alternatives for storing all the left out, extra items in your kitchen. This article will help you do the same. It will provide you with many solutions to the problem of storage, regardless of the size of your kitchen. And some of them being the most unexpected, and unimaginable methods.

So brace yourself, because you’re about to witness methods that are on the Marie Kondo level of organization. Scroll down and check out 41 unique kitchen storage ideas that are game-changers.

41 Unique Kitchen Storage Ideas that are Game-changers

1. Let It Show! 

Via Ikea

Put your kitchen utensils and crockery on display—but make sure you showcase only the pretty ones. This can be done with help of a glass cabinet or even floating shelves. This method of displaying using floating shelves will also make sure that you can access the items you want easily.

2. Never Reveal Your Secrets

Via Housebeautiful

All kitchens are messy! We all have our dirty little secrets that we don’t want out, right? But jokes apart, you can create an entire cabinet with a door that can fit all your junk and essential food items. Items lying around like food oil bottles, sauces, fruits, and vegetables can be put in this cabinet.

Say you’re running late with the dinner preparations for a party and your guests are about to arrive, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen; you can just shove all the messy items in the cupboard and deal with it later. It’s a classic storage technique. 

3. Use Drawer Dividers

The top drawers in the kitchen counters are commonly used for spoons, spatulas, and other similar items. With the help of drawer organizers or dividers, you can organize them and other kitchen supplies neatly. Since these dividers can be moved around, you can store items of different sizes easily.

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4. Colander And Drying Rack

[3 Pack] Sink Colander Multifunctional Extendable Over the Sink, Tomorotec Dish Drying Rack Vegetable/Fruit Colanders Strainers Basket for Kitchen

Regardless of whether you have a big kitchen or a small one, there is never enough counter space and keeping it clean is an even bigger task. A colander and drying rack is an extremely useful product that will help you keep your countertop water-free and your washed utensils well organized.

This multifunctional colander is expandable, convenient to use, and is made of quality material.

Buy it on Amazon.

5. Clip-On Basket 

2 Pack - SimpleHouseware Under Shelf Basket, Bronze

Often after having an entire kitchen made, we find unique specific needs unmet by our new kitchen and it seems impossible to build new shelves or drawers without spoiling the design. A clip-on basket is perfect for a situation like this.

It will help you create more shelf space and its unique design will blend into the kitchen decor very easily. You can move it around based on your convenience or you could use it as a permanent shelf. Either way, it’s a great investment for your kitchen. 

Buy it on Amazon.

6. Sponge Holder

Sponge Holder and Sink Caddy – 2 in 1 Kitchen Brush Holder – No Drilling with 2PCS Adhesives Replace – Waterproof & Sturdy Kitchen Ware 

This is yet another fantastic kitchen attachment that saves counter space and keeps it soap water-free. Soap water ruining beautiful countertops is one of the biggest hate crimes against kitchens. An elegant sponge caddy and soap dispenser can be a simple and elegant solution to all these problems.

This 2-in-1 sponge holder sink caddy takes up minimal space and is also pretty easy to install.  

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7. Magnet Bar For Knives

18 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar, Multi-Purpose Functionality Knife Holder, Magnetic Knife Strip, Magnetic Tool Organizer, Home Organizer, Easy Installation.

A magnet bar on the wall next to where you do all your cutting is an efficient way to store your knives in plain view. It adds extra elegance and a professional look to your kitchen. Enjoy the convenience of the magnet bars and the feel of working as a chef in a high-end restaurant. 

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8. Hanging Mason Jar Organizer 

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Organizer- BeSuerte Farmhouse Home Mason Jar Decor Toothbrush Holder, Wall Mount Decor 4-Jar for Office, Bathroom, Kitchen, and Entryway Decor Storage,Brown

Cabinet storage space is the next problem after counter space. Cabinet space always seems to be running out or ends up highly cluttered. A hanging mason jar organizer screwed to the cabinet can be a fantastic way to store grains, cereals, and spices and gives an edgy look to your kitchen.

It’s especially fun if you are a DIY fan, you can even label the jars.

Buy it on Amazon.

9. Containers

7 Pack Airtight Food Storage Container Set - Kitchen & Pantry Organization Containers - Labels & Chalk Marker - BPA Free Clear Plastic Kitchen and Pantry Organization Containers

Air-tight containers are the best way to keep your packaged food from going bad. This is an easy alternative to storing cereals or pulses and legumes. After opening the packaged food, store them in these air-tight containers.

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10. Transparent Food Storage Containers

Silicook Flat Plastic Box for Kitchen for Kitchen&Refrigerator Organization, Transparent Food Storage Container for Kitchen, Fridge, Freezer (5 x 300ml)

These kitchen and refrigerator organizers are the perfect storage solutions. Their transparent nature lets you find the food you want without much hassle and they are made of safe and durable material. Besides, they are quite inexpensive and will utilize space to the maximum.

Buy it on Amazon.

11. Use a Storage Cart

Your old office supplies that are lying in the basement of your house can now be of some use. Utilize every corner of the kitchen with these supplies like an office rack or an office organizer—you can buy it online for a cheap price too. This 3-tier storage cart can hold up to 200 lbs and is pretty easy to assemble.

It’s a great addition to small kitchens as it will help reduce clutter.

Buy it on Amazon.

12. Tiny Spice Rack

EZOWare 2-Tier Standing Spice Herb Seasoning Rack, Jars Bottles Cans Storage Organizer Holder Shelf for Kitchen Pantry Bathroom Countertop - Chrome

For families that aren’t big on spices, this tiny spice rack is the way to go. Simply store your spices in different jars and display them on this rack. It would hardly occupy any space in your kitchen but look cute at the same time. It’s an even better solution if your kitchen is smaller in size and doesn’t have an in-built rack. 

Buy it on Amazon.

13. Cookbook Stand

A cookbook stand is an essential that’s often overlooked. But as the popularity of cookbooks is increasing with a 25% jump, dedicating a place in your kitchen for a cookbook stand is only practical.

Besides, this can also hold a laptop or an iPad, if you’re looking up a recipe on the internet, or if you are a multitasker and want to attend a work call while stirring that pasta sauce in the kitchen. 

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14. Label Stuff!

Talented Kitchen 272 Script Spice Labels Preprinted – 272 Black & White Labels: Spices + Numbers + Blanks. 2 Letter Colors on Clear Stickers. Water Resistant, Spice Jar Labels Spice Rack Organization

When you have tons of different kinds of spices and powders in your kitchen, just imagine how functional these labels would prove to be. With the help of these water-resistant pre-printed labels, you can easily fasten your cooking process. You wouldn’t have to look around aimlessly in your kitchen cabinet searching for that jar of cinnamon. 

Buy it on Amazon.

15. Use Pegboards

Wall Control Kitchen Pegboard Organizer Pots and Pans Pegboard Pack Storage and Organization Kit with White Pegboard and White Accessories

Pegboards also have the same amount of utility as a kitchen cabinet or a refrigerator. By hanging them or attaching them on a kitchen wall, you can store all your tiny, little kitchen items on it. A washcloth, a container for spatulas and spoons, plants (only if you wish to incorporate a little greenery), etc.

Buy it on Amazon.

16. Barbeque Sticks Holder

Bamboo Universal Knife Block - Extra Large Two-tiered Slotless Wooden Knife Stand, Organizer & Holder - Convenient Safe Storage for Large & Small Knives & Utensils - Easy to Clean Removable Bristles

Knives have to be stocked safely. There are just some things in the kitchen that should never be taken lightly. 

This 2-tiered bamboo knife holder can accommodate knives of various sizes. It can be cleaned easily by hand using soap and water and will also be part of the kitchen decor.

Buy it on Amazon.

17. Multiple Tiered Rack

X-cosrack 3 Tier Metal Wire Baskets -Wall Storage Basket Organizer with Wheel, S-Hooks,Adjustable Chalkboards- Hanging Baskets for Kitchen,Fruit, Vegetables, Toiletries, Bathroom Rack(Black)

What’s better than a storage system that has multiple levels of storage? A storage system with wheels. That’s right! These multi-tiered racks can move around the kitchen and serve the ultimate purpose of storage too. With wheels, everything is just easy and exciting.

You can store everything in this like alcoholic drinks, cooking oils, spices, or other supplies, and even move it around while cooking. 

Buy it on Amazon.

18. Machines As Permanent Residents

Via Michellenussbaumer

Too many machines at the same time in your kitchen can look so cluttered. And if you want to approach your kitchen with a minimalist style, then go for this technique that interior designers swear by—permanently fit your machines against the wall.

Your oven, water dispenser, coffee maker everything can be attached to your kitchen walls. This will leave your kitchen looking clean and less cluttered—exactly the kind of minimalism you were looking for. 

19. Drawer Refrigerator

Via Douglas Freidman|Housebeautiful

A drawer refrigerator is a revolutionary alternative to a huge and old-fashioned refrigerating system. Especially for smaller houses with compact kitchen spaces, these drawers provide the benefits of a regular refrigerator.

So if you don’t have enough space in your house or your kitchen for a massive refrigerator then buy a drawer refrigerator. But only the most essential of items that need compulsory refrigeration should be stored in these drawers as there is compact storage space. 

20. Above The Window

Via Stephen Kent Joseph|Housebeautiful

When we talk about utilizing every little corner, we mean every little nook and corner of the kitchen. Even the area above your window!

Windows in the kitchen aren’t looked at as having any more value than to help with ventilation and light. But if you look closely there are so many ways to increase storage space—like building a shelf above the window to store items that you use rarely. 

21. Foldable Table 

Winsome Wood Suzanne Kitchen, Square, Teak

If you live in a smaller house, a foldable table can come in extremely handy. This foldable table with wheels from Winsome has two drawers, a paper towel holder, a drop-down leaf top, and comes with two stools. Serve your meals on it and fold it up and keep it in a corner when not in use!

Buy it on Amazon.

22. Over-the-Cabinet Basket

Spectrum Diversified Grid Storage Basket, Over the Cabinet, Steel Wire Sink Organization for Kitchen & Bathroom, Large, Satin Nickel PC

This over-the-cabinet basket can be used for kitchen hygiene supplies. It can fit in the cabinet under the sink and can hold all kinds of kitchen care products like tissue papers, garbage disposal bags, or for the storage of dish soap bottles and scrubbers. 

You won’t need any hardware to install this over-the-cabinet basket and its grid storage design will let you see its contents easily. 

Buy it on Amazon.

23. Outside The Refrigerator

2 Pack - Magnetic Spice Rack, Fridge Organizer Shelf, Side Wall Refrigerator Storage for Spices, Utensils or Plates, Works as Towel Holder with Hooks, Organization for Home and Kitchen (Black)

When the refrigerator already takes up so much of your kitchen space, don’t just let it go to waste by not utilizing its outside surface. Attach these magnetic racks with hooks on the outside of the refrigerator and store small items that need no refrigeration but have to be always easily accessible.

Also, let’s just agree on how nice it is to have something that will not occupy any floor space and continue to serve the same purpose. 

Buy it on Amazon.

24. Pull Out Organizer for Pots and Pans 

Dr. Organizer Pull Out Cabinet Pot & Pan Organizer, Holds A Complete Set Including Lids, USA Patented, Solid Steel with Soft Close Slide

I consider pots and pans to be the most annoying of all the kitchen necessities. They are huge, they are bulky and they are not the most convenient items to store. 

So with the help of a pull-out organizer, you can manage to keep all the massive pots and pans without having to display them in the open. This organizer can hold up to 8 pots and pans and is made of durable material.

Buy it on Amazon.

25. Broom Holders

BestTeam Mop and Broom Holder, 5 Position with 6 Hooks Garage Storage Holds up to 11 Tools, Storage Solutions for Broom Holders, Garage Storage Systems Broom Organizer for Garage Shelving Ideas

You must have a kitchen storage place for all the cleaning supplies. A holder fit inside a cupboard can do the job of holding multiple brooms. This mop and broom holder has rolling balls that will automatically adjust according to the thickness of the broom handles and will keep everything organized.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Rolling Baker’s Rack

Mr IRONSTONE Kitchen Microwave Cart 3-Tier Kitchen Utility Cart Vintage Rolling Bakers Rack with 10 Hooks for Living Room Decoration

For the aspiring/passionate baker in you, here’s a baker’s rack. This rack also comes with wheels but what’s even better about this one is that the top wooden board can help hold a microwave. Now it’s a microwave on wheels or if necessary it can turn into a cutting board. 

It even has hooks on the side and can be assembled easily.

Buy it on Amazon.

27. Two-tier Counter Shelf

Cook N Home 2-Tier Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer, Triangle, Triangle Stainless Steel

Often, the counter space turns into a main storage unit in the kitchen. But are you utilizing this space to the maximum, even the corners? With the help of this two-tiered counter shelf, the corners of your kitchen counters can be utilized to their full potential. All the extra food items or spices and sauce bottles can be stored on this. 

Buy it on Amazon.

28. Workstation Cutting Board

Kraus KCB-WS103BB Kore Cutting Board, 16 3/4"x 12"

If you lack counter space in your kitchen, this workstation cutting board is the right choice for you. It can be kept right over the sink while you’re chopping and its non-slip design will prevent any movement while you’re working. What’s more, it can be easily cleaned too.

Buy it on Amazon.

29. Sliding Organizer

Household Essentials Glidez Narrow Sliding Organizer, 7", Chrome

A pull-out organizer is one of the greatest inventions of the kitchen furnishings industry.  While building storage spaces many-a-times space gets wasted, which can otherwise be occupied by this 2-tier vertical pull-out organizer that is great for organization. It can be easily assembled and the necessary hardware is contained in the packaging.

Buy it on Amazon.

30. Wine Glass Holder

Wine Glass Rack - Under Cabinet Stemware Wine Glass Holder Glasses Storage Hanger Metal Organizer for Bar Kitchen Black

This wine glass holder can be attached under your cabinet easily and it can hold different types of wine glasses. It can hold up to 6-9 glasses and it’s made of durable material that prevents rusting. It’s a space-saving option that’s a must if you hold a lot of gatherings.

Buy it on Amazon.

31. Hang A Ladder

Via Oldhousecrazy

Yes, you read that right, a ladder. Remember when I said this article will have the most unimaginable solutions to storage problems? Well, here it is. If a ladder is lying around in the house with no apparent use for it, don’t throw it away. 

Hang it up on the ceiling with the help of a few hooks and a rope. Make sure it’s safely attached. Then use it to hang larger lots and pans. 

32. Recycling Drawer

Via Cabinetrydesigns

Recycling is a necessary activity for a household, and needless to say, the environment ultimately. Instead of having different bins allotted to them for recycling different materials of waste, get one drawer that does it all. All you have to do is put together separate compartments for separate disposals in the drawer. 

33. Floating Shelves

SODUKU Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Storage Shelves for Kitchen, Bathroom,Set of 2 Grey

Are you looking for ways to add storage space out of thin air in your kitchen? Then floating shelves are the way to go. Find some free wall space and attach these floating shelves in a vertical manner or whichever way you like. You can store spices or small containers on them and even hang a towel on the towel holder.

Buy it on Amazon.

34. Knife Block

In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block Holds 16 Knives (Not Included) Without Pointing Up PLUS a Slot for your Knife Sharpener! Noble Home & Chef Knife Organizer Made from Quality Moso Bamboo

It’s highly suggested that you don’t keep the knives in the same drawer as your spoons and forks, as you might accidentally hurt your fingers, especially when there are toddlers in the kitchen. And to save up more counter space, you can consider knife blocks as they are safe and hardly occupy a lot of space. Better safe than sorry right? 

This bamboo knife block can hold up to 16 knives and the design allows you to easily retrieve them.

Buy it on Amazon.

35. Bakeware Organizing Rack

YouCopia Bakeware Storemore Adjustable Rack, Standard, White

This bakeware organizing rack is going to be your favorite if you’re an avid baker who struggles to organize your bakeware. Its several adjustable dividers make it efficient to organize pans, lids, ceramic and glassware, baking dishes, and trays. This is one of the absolute essentials that one can’t just live without in a good kitchen. 

Buy it on Amazon.

36. Backsplash Shelves

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Shelf Mounted, Decorative Rustic Wood Hanging Shelving Set of 3 for Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Weight Bearing Shelves for Cats, Pictures, Towels, Accessories If you want to enhance the walls of your kitchen and the tiles on the walls just don’t do it for you, then attaching these floating shelves which come in a set of 3 to your backsplash will be an elegant option. You can store all the beautiful chinaware, earthenware, antiques, and crockery on the shelf and make it look like a display; hiding the boring backdrop of the walls. 

You can even store your spices over here and you’ll be able to access them easily while cooking.

Buy it on Amazon.

37. Shelf Risers

Chuangdi 2 Sets Acrylic Display Risers, Clear Product Stand, Jewelry Display Riser Shelf Showcase Fixtures For Dessert Cupcake Candy Treat Action Figure Display

When all the wall space in the kitchen is mounted by cabinets and no other space is available for cereals, canned food, or spices then make the most out of kitchen counters. Add these shelf risers that will provide vertical storage space on your counter. They are made of clear and durable material and will keep your counter tidy.

Buy it on Amazon.

38. Under The Cabinet 

ECROCY Adhesive Cup Holder Under Cabinet - 3pcs x 6 Hook Coffee Cup Mug Holder for Kitchen, Fit for 1 Inch Thickness Shelf or Less - Only Fit for Flat Buttom Cabinet Without Any Lip

Somehow we always end up running out of cabinet space. This can be the most annoying thing about cabinets, they look spacious but aren’t actually. It’s a mirage. Even though it’s frustrating,  adding a couple of shelves or hooks underneath will help save a lot of space. 

This cup holder has 6 hooks and can be attached to any cabinet if it has a flat bottom. It is a great space-saving option.

Buy it on Amazon.

39. Store Utensils on Top of the Fridge

Via The36thavenue

The top of the fridge is one of the least utilized spaces in the kitchen. If smartly shelved and organized, you can store many utensils and produce on top of your fridge. And it costs nothing at all. Add cookbooks, crockery that you don’t use frequently, or even a bit of greenery here.

40. Expandable Under-Sink Organizer

SimpleHouseware Under Sink 2 Tier Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack, Silver (expand from 15 to 25 inches)

Most of us stock up supplies for months in advance and most of them, especially dish soap, sponge, etc. are stored under the sink all cluttered together. This under sink organizer which can expand from 15 to 25 inches can help you stack up all extra supplies where you can access them easily.

Buy it on Amazon.

41. Counter Extensions

Camco Oak Accents RV Counter Top Extension - Securely Mounts to Your Existing Counter Top With a Metal Piano Hinge for Additional 12" of Counter Space (43421)

I know, too many of these suggestions are to increase counter space, but anyone who has spent time in the kitchen knows what we are talking about. For someone with a small kitchen, there can never be too much counter space especially. Get your hands on this countertop extension which can be mounted to your counter. You can fold it when it’s not in use, easy!

Buy it on Amazon.

These unique and game-changing storage ideas will prove very effective regardless of the size of your kitchen. Incorporate the ones you like the most that would match your kitchen decor and increase storage space!

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