How to Clean Painted Wall Stains

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To be really honest, the walls of my house look like the aftermath of the disaster movie 2012. My brother took it upon himself to take Pablo Picasso’s words to his heart, ” every child is an artist.” And then proceeded to paint, scribble and crayon away on the walls.

Now when I’m bored, my sister and I stare at the wall and try to make out which drawing is an alien, and which one looks like Angelina Jolie. Most of these stains are tough to get out if you try to old fashioned soap and waterway, and there’s no way you should spend money on repainting or renovating. Try these trusty hacks for the unique stains on your wall so that your walls come back to life.

1. Crayon Stains

For most of these stain removal techniques, baking soda is pretty much a godsend. Without it, kiss your walls good. Because those stains aren’t leaving without it! Dip a rag in water, then in some baking soda. Proceed to wipe the walls and it’ll come right off! Another alternative is to scrub some toothpaste onto the wall. As both baking soda and toothpaste are abrasive, it’ll get rid of the marks in a jiffy.

2. Black Mold Stains

If you live in an area of high heat, temperature, or humidity, you’re no stranger to black mold. The condensation of water vapor when it meets a cold surface is the preliminary cause of black mold.

Combine one part bleach and three parts water to form a nice black mold killing mixture, and scrub the wall with it. You can either use a steel wool sponge or a heavy-duty brush, depending on what you have on hand.

3. Pen Ink

It’s easier than it sounds,  trust me. Much easier than getting rid of your annoying ex at least. Dampen a cotton cloth or any soft cloth you have lying around the house with a bit of rubbing alcohol. Dab at the stain on the wall and blot it until it’s gone.

Do not, I repeat, do not, under any circumstances, scrub the wall. This will spread the stain, making it harder to clean up.

4. Wax Stain

After your candlelight dinner went wrong, you’re probably standing in front of your wall wondering how to heck you’re going to get the stain out. Take full advantage of your hairdryer and melt the wax off the wall, and wipe it off with a cloth/ tissue. Apply some vinegar and water solution (1:3) to the stain to get rid of the stickiness.

5. Pencil Stain

I know you’re not supposed to have a favorite stain, but compared to all the other ones this is much easier to clean and maintain. Just like they say, “No one is perfect. That’s why pencils have erasers.” In this case, while your arm may definitely be getting a good workout, try to erase the marks off the wall first.

Use some baking soda on the wall and scrub it in to really make an impact. Be sure to use a damp cloth to scrub the wall. The other alternatives are toothpaste and detergent. See which one works!

6. Permanent Marker Stain

Put those essential oils to use and apply 5-10 drops on the wall and blot away at the stain with a cloth. After it has soaked for about 15 minutes, scrub it off with a cloth and your wall should be cleaned. The lemon is abrasive, which cuts through the stain, while the oil acts as a lubricant.

7. Cigarette Smoke Stain

Nicotine is bad for the lungs and for the walls. It’s also a little difficult to get out of the wall. So while you can make the recommended cleaning solution, it may or may not work resulting in you having to paint over the wall. A gallon of hot water, 3 tablespoons of dish soap, and half a cup of baking soda is the perfect mixture to scrub onto the walls with a cotton cloth.

As Deadpool would say, “maximum effort.” Another alternative is to spray ammonia or vinegar onto the wall, followed by a thorough scrubbing. Take the proper precautions including protective eyewear and ventilation, since the ammonia can sting the skin.

8. Grease Stain

Whether it’s from your hands or from kitchen gunk, there’s now a huge buildup of grease on the wall that seems to be getting oilier by the minute. Much like my hair when I refuse to wash it. Too much effort.

1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of ammonia, a gallon of warm water, and 1/4 cup of baking soda will make a fantastic mixture to be applied to the wall with a clean, soft cloth. Grease stains are a bit hard to get out, so repeated application is necessary.

9. Hair Dye Stain

Considering the fact that its hair dye, it’s likely that the stain is small. Unless you had a hair dye accident gone wrong, and your bathroom looks like something from Carrie. Don’t freak out! A little rubbing alcohol with cotton pads or even nail polish remover could remove the stain.

Don’t go crazy with it on the first try, make sure you apply some on a small area and see if there are any unwanted after effects first. If yes, then try the magic eraser as an alternative……..or repaint the wall. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s the better option.

10. Food Stain

Small toddler at home that won’t stop throwing food? That time you had a food fight but forgot to clean that last stain? Once again, baking soda is here to save the day.

Make a mixture of baking soda and warm water and scrub the wall. If this doesn’t work, try finding an actual cleaner to get rid of the weird stain on the wall.

You can also try combining 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1 cup of ammonia. Mix it all with 3 liters of warm water and scrub this on the wall. This will ensure that the paint stays on the wall, and doesn’t leave any streaks behind.

While baking soda will take care of a majority of these stains, make sure you know what type of stain you’re tackling to prevent further damage. Happy cleaning!

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