25 Home Cleaning Hacks From Grandma

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The average American family spends $600 a year on cleaning supply, which amounts to $40 – $50 a month! That’s quite a lot of money that you’re spending on products that promise you “clean shine” or “grease remover”. Only for the result to be pretty much the same as before. Or worse.

We’ve got you hacks for streaked windows, bathroom cleaning, and much more. Trust these hacks and make your grandma proud of you. They don’t cost much, and the amount of products to be used is minimal. I mean hello! Do you want to keep spending $40 a month on cleaning supplies? Just like they say, “happiness is a freshly cleaned house.”

25 Housekeeping Hacks To Save Time And Money

1. Wash walls from the bottom to the top

Doing it the opposite way creates “clean streaks”. It means that cleaning from the bottom is much better because cleaning from the top makes the dirty water run down the wall. Which will piss you off, considering it always takes quite some time to clean walls, no matter how fast you are.

Also, make sure that you get rid of the big stains like crayon or pencil first before tackling smaller stains. This will cut your cleaning time to half because that way you don’t have to clean various types of stains at once. Yes, I have spent 2 hours cleaning a stain.

2. Fridge Shelf Liner

It’s a nightmare to clean the fridge every week. No matter how organized I keep it, the dust always builds up somehow and dirt finds its way into crevices I didn’t even know existed. All you need is some saran wrap or wax paper to line the fridge shelves. Then every week, just replace it! MIND = BLOWN. (Mom, are you listening? Stop making me clean the fridge every week!)

3. Rainy Day Cleaning

It’s common knowledge that coming into the house on a rainy day isn’t the best idea. Trust me, I’ve got an earful at home about how “the carpet was just cleaned and you got it all wet.” Been there, done that.

The women of the 1950s knew what they were doing when they created this hack. Just keep a designated sponge near the door to immediately clean up as soon as you come in soaking wet. To clean the sponge, soak it in a simple saltwater solution.

4. Make Your Cleaning Products

Even though it’s easy to pick up products at the store and use it, you have no idea what goes into actually making it. Sometimes, the chemicals used can be extremely harmful to inhale, especially for pets and kids. Baking soda and water, dishwashing soap and baking soda, or any other DIY cleaners are much safer to make and most of the ingredients are already at home!

5. Crisp Sheets with Less Ironing

Via Onegoodthingbyjillee

Grandma’s secret to crisp sheets? You won’t believe it. It’s a simple 2 step process. First, take out the sheets before they’re completely dry and fold them into sections. Then iron the folded sheet, taking care not to iron the folds. Because………that’s just repetitive, and you’ll end up with crinkles.

6. Toilet Brush Cleaner

Is it a secret that the toilet brush is the item in your bathroom that has the most amount of germs? Nope. Don’t worry, you don’t have to get down and dirty to clean it. Just fill up your toilet brush holder with Pine-sol or a similar cleaner of your liking, and let it soak when you’re not using it.

7. Clean Mirrors

Dryer sheets work out for many purposes around the house. In this case, it’s perfect to clean mirrors and glass and other reflective surfaces. It’s difficult to clean such surfaces given the “streaks” problem, but dryer sheets get rid of that worry.

8. Polish Your Silver

Let’s be honest. On most days, we’re so tired, that we’re lucky if we remember when to make dinner let alone where the cutlery is. The quickest way to clean it (on the weekends obviously) is to put it in an aluminum pan and sprinkle 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Pour some boiling water and let it boil for about 15 minutes.

9. Microwaves

For a spic and span microwave, pour some vinegar into a bowl and place two lemons as well. Fill it up with water, and microwave it until you see steam coming out of the bowl. Turn off the microwave and let the bowl keep steaming for 10 minutes, before thoroughly wiping the microwave down with a sponge.

10. Always Cut Dish Sponges in Half

This is a college-level hack right here. As someone who doesn’t have much to spend, I can relate to this tip. Cutting your dish sponges in half will take your dishwashing game to the next level. Your sponge will be much lighter to use while washing dishes, and it will sustain for many more months rather than the normal duration your big sponge would have. It’s also great to fit into small spaces. As someone who has accidentally knocked over sponges on the floor multiple times, this saves me from diving behind the dishwasher to find the sponge.

11. Dusting

Dryer sheets can also be used to dust around the house! I love multi-purpose things. Kind of like using tennis balls under the legs of a chair to keep the noise to a minimum. This hack will do amazing things for your house, especially the crevices that never seem to stay clean!

12. Upcycling Hack

Via Beachhouseliving

After WWII, the concept of reusability became highly prevalent since many people were living in poverty. Now, of course, the DIY movement is all the rage. (How do YouTubers make their DIY’s look SO COOL? Mine just looks sad)

Regardless, some old household items can easily be used around the house for various purposes. Like, old hoses can be used in an irrigation system and garden hoses can be cut and stuck around bucket handles to make it easier to hold.

13. Make Your Countertop Sparkle

Citrus fruits taste amazing when they’re squeezed, and combined with sparkling water. Turns out, Grandma knew what she was doing when her counter was sparkling clean, and yours was…..not.

Slice a citrus fruit in half and spread it over the counters. Sprinkle a good layer of salt over the same areas and use the fruit to get rid of the dirt on the counters. Wash the counters with hot water and that’s it! A clean and good smelling counter in less than 10 minutes.

14. Dry Windows Directionally

Via Familyhandyman

Might seem like common sense, but once you do it, you’ll realize how you’ve been cleaning wrong all these years. Make sure you clean in ONE direction while wiping down the windows. Use vertical strokes on one side, and horizontal on the other.

15. Deodorized Trash Can

No trash can on the planet will ever smell good. This is why it’s for your safety to deodorize it so that you don’t open a can of horrors every time you need to throw something away. Make your deodorizer with baking soda, water, and essential oils for a good smelling trash can. (Weird right?)

16. Re-purposing Plastic Bottles

Via Recyclart

Tired of losing your keys at the beach? Reuse your plastic bottles by cutting them in half, and putting your keys in them. Place this near your beach blanket, and never lose them again.

17. A Nutty Solution

Via Familyhandyman

Scratches in the wooden furniture and cabinets? Re – stain them by rubbing them with pecan nut which releases oil that gives back the wood color. COOLEST HACK.

18. Practice an Ounce Of Prevention

You know the saying, prevention is better than a cure? Time to implement it. You don’t even have to do a thorough cleaning everyday. Just dust a mat here and there, clean the counters, organize the house twice a week. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it on the weekend when you’ve got demons running around…….I meant to say, kids.

19. Remove Sticky Adhesives With A Little Oil

Via Diynatural

If only I’d known about this hack earlier. I know this is for cleaning around the house, but I’ve ripped many a hair in the process of removing adhesives from my legs (I blame my little brother’s shenanigans). Find any sticky residue on the walls or other surfaces? Do not, under any circumstances, use cleaner on it. Trust me, it’ll just make it worse. Instead, use a little olive oil on the adhesive, then use a cleaner on the area.

20. Wash Toys in Dishwasher or Washing Machine

Via Onecrazyhouse

If I knew this hack, I wouldn’t have to spend 20 minutes cleaning and disinfecting my little brother’s toys. (I lovingly blame my Mom). Run the toys on a light cycle so that they aren’t torn apart or damaged, and make sure you use the sanitize setting so that the heat doesn’t melt it. We wouldn’t want a melted Bob the Builder would we?

21. Clean as You Cook

I cannot stress this enough. As an amateur cook, I made this mistake a few times, then regretted my life an hour later from doing the dishes. CLEAN AS YOU COOK. It’s the holy grail of cooking that many people ignore. The whole, “I’ll just clean the counters and dishes later” attitude will not work. Plus the first thing you do after eating is taking a nap, so don’t fool yourself saying you’ll clean after eating!

22. Freshen The Air Naturally

Kind of a no – brainer! But with a few scented candles, potpourri, or vanilla extract, your house will smell 10 times better than Febreze could ever make it.

23. Clean Toilet Tank

Try pouring some vinegar in your toilet water tank for some much-needed smell relief. Flush it a couple of times so that the vinegar smell flushes out all the other weird ones. But make sure the vinegar doesn’t stay too long in the tank.

24. Invisible Ink

My siblings’ have turned the apartment walls into their real-life coloring books more than once. With a bit of rubbing alcohol and patience, the marks will disappear. You can also try a magic eraser which works wonders in cleaning without harsh chemicals.

25. Couches

Sprinkle a generous layer of baking soda over the couch and let it rest for about 20 minutes. Vacuum the couch with your brush attachment for a couch that you can see the cushions off.

Bust out these hacks to save time and money and make your grandma proud! They require mostly pantry ingredients, a little bit of judgment, and less than 20 minutes of your time. Happy cleaning!

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