32 Brilliant WD-40 Cleaning Hacks You wish you Knew Sooner

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If I’ll tell you there’s a magic chest in your home, you straight-up won’t believe me unless you witness its magic by yourself. Well, here we are to help you encounter the wizardry of a bottle of WD-40. Yes, you read that right, WD-40 can do wonders around your home!

Lubricate a stuck-up door? Head over to WD-40. Frustrated with the snow build up on your window panes? WD-40 to your rescue. The list of WD-40 hacks would be longer than the list of gadgets in your home. Isn’t that amazing?

Except for a couple of jobs, tell me something that blue and yellow bottle can’t fix, I’ll wait. It wouldn’t be fair to define it merely as a lubricant or a rust-preventing solution, in a nutshell, it’s simply a petroleum-based solvent that can fulfill various purposes.

Is WD-40 Safe?

With such a vast and popular use, it’s evident to consider the safety of WD-40. There’s no harm in using the product topically. However, inhaling fumes or ingesting it can jeopardize the working of your internal organs. After all, the product is petroleum-based and contains hydrocarbons in a large quantity.

Thus, it’s recommended to keep it away from the reach of children and pets. Also, it’s not advisable to use WD-40 on certain electronic items, locks, and bike chains.

32 Brilliant Household Uses Of WD-40

1. Remove Nail Polish

Are you one of those ‘artist’ types who love to perform creativity on their fingernails? If yes, then you must be quite familiar with the struggle of running out of acetone or a nail polish remover.

Let me tell you that you don’t need a nail polish remover at all, you just need to grab a bottle of WD-40 resting quietly in your garage. Spray the solution on your nails and wipe it down using a cotton cloth, the nail polish will come out within no time!

Don’t forget to properly wash your hands after this treatment, not doing so will surge the risk of ingesting deadly chemicals.

2. Get Rid Of Rust

No matter how hard you try to preserve your tools from catching rust they eventually end up with it. Rust is downright irksome and unwanted and if you happen to reside in a humid region, it ought to be your most sought-after enemy.

Fret no more! Take that bottle of WD-40 and topically apply on the rusty area, wait for a few minutes and clean it off using a dampened sponge or cloth. From battery sealed rust to the rusty tools, this method can effectively terminate them all!

3. Revive Leather Accessories

Judicial application of WD-40 can prolong the longevity of your leather goods. Leather accessories, as we all know, needs to be diligently taken care of because they wear out unseemly fast. You’ll be glad to know that WD-40 can rejuvenate the worn-out leather couch, handbags, and even the tiniest item containing leather.

Simply squirt it on the affected area and wait for the magic to happen. It will automatically heal the distorted leather making it as good as new.

4. Defog The Mirrors

One of the most underrated problems we all have to go through is foggy mirrors. Be it your bathroom mirrors during a shower or windowpanes on a freezing day, foggy mirrors are a handful. But today we got a way to deal with this annoyance, yes you guessed it right!

A sprinkle of WD-40 can easily defog these mirrors and its water displacement action can prevent the mist from accumulating in the future.

5. Weather-shield Your Footwear

With a bottle of WD-40 handy, you can prepare a weather shield for your footwear. Spray the solution on the externals of your shoes and distribute them evenly using a brush.

This would not only protect the integrity of your shoes during the winter and rainy season but also give them the effortless shine, for which you spend dollars on the commercial shoe polish. Note that the internals of your shoes must remain out of contact with the WD-40.

6. Lubricate Stuff

Does your house have one of those squeaky doors that almost get on your nerves every time you pass through it? If yes, then pour a splash of WD-40 on the troublesome hinges and move it back and forth to facilitate the movement. You can also use this formula to treat jammed up bike stands, door handles, and other joints.

7. Polish Glass

In the absence of a cleaner or otherwise, you can undoubtedly use WD-40 to shine up your glass and alike surfaces. Just spray a bit of the solution and spread it all over the dirty surface using a microfiber cloth. The grime will come right off, leaving the top-notch polished surface behind. Try out this effortless method and you’ll fall in love with the cleaning.

8. Swift Your Ride

Smoothen your next ride with a little application of WD-40 along the inner edges of the accelerator of your motorbike. Remember to use a narrow nozzle to avoid unnecessary wastage. Protect your eyes from its fumes and move the accelerator after a few minutes of applying. This would regulate the distribution of lubricant throughout the accelerator and make your ride swift.

9. Treat Jammed Zippers

Suppose you plan to go out with your friends and decide to wear your favorite pair of jeans, and you find out that the zipper is jammed up. Ugh, that’s stressful! But hey, you’ve got WD-40 to solve your issues.

Just spray it on the zipper, wait for a few moments, and let the lubricant perform the work. The next time your zipper denies to move, you know what to do!

10. Clean Electric Circuit Board

Goo and dust particles find their way to the remotest spaces like the back of your electrical circuit boards. Cleaning them might sound like a back-breaking job but trust me it’s not. Head over to your garage staple and let it handle the rest.

Although it’s advisable to use specialized cleaners for this purpose, there’s no harm in using WD-40 in case of urgency. Take proper cautions and care while you’re at it as the board contains several electronic components as well.

Get this special WD-40 electrical contact cleaner for the purpose.

11. Loosen Up Glassware

My mother has this weird tendency of storing glasses by keeping them one into another. If this is the case with you too, you must be knowing the effort goes into separating them every time you need them. Well, we’re here to save you some struggle here!

Spurt WD-40 at the point of contact and let it sit for a minute, try out once again and you’ll notice that the glasses will come out pretty easily.

12. Revamp Your Watch Dial

Every once in a while, either during a craft project or fixing something, your watch dial might get an essence of stuck-up glue. Needless I mention, it makes the dial completely opaque and useless for that matter.

But since we’re counting on our blessings today, this nuisance is easy to get rid of. Pour a bit of WD-40 on the glue and after a few minutes scratch it with your hands. No special tool required, voila!

13. Polish Mobile Phone’s Screen

The mobile phone is probably the dearest possession I have. The result being, I carry it along with me wherever I go. The screen has to suffer the most, due to which it loses its newness. One of my friends suggested that WD-40 can quickly heal the dirtiness of my phone’s screen.

I simply sprayed WD-40 on the screen and wiped it off using a microfiber cloth. The screen seemed professionally polished and I’m in love with this hack ever since.

14. Clear Windshield

If you frequently engage in off-road driving or an adventurous trip to the wilderness, you wouldn’t be oblivion to the besmirched windshields.

Sending it for a wash to the local car wash wouldn’t be financially viable. Well, WD-40 is up for your service 24/7 without letting you spend those extra bucks. Apply the solution on your windshield and using circular motion clear it off with a dampened sponge.

15. Treat Locked Up Scissors

The blades of your scissors get stuck-up into each other if you leave them unused for a while. You might manage to work with them whatsoever but the swiftness is gone.

In such cases, pour WD-40 on the blades of the scissors and allow it to rest for a couple of minutes. Clean it with a piece of cloth. You’ll not only notice the effortless movement but also the increased intensity of those blades.

16. Prevent Dirt On Tools

Make your existing gardening tools dirt-resistant without sparing any extra penny to buy professional ones. Use a handsome amount of WD-40 on the metal part, this will clean off the dirt which is already present on the surface and also prevent it from catching more of it in the near future.

All thanks to the ‘water displacement’ technology! Moreover, you can apply some WD-40 on the wooden handles to get rid of the splintering effect.

17. Prevent Thistles And Weeds

Thistles and weeds are unwanted species that consume all the nutrients that otherwise belong to your plants. They hinder the growth of your plants and leave no space for them to thrive further.

However, using WD-40 on these thistles and weeds can eradicate their undesired existence leaving a ‘happily ever after’ surroundings for your plants. WD-40 exclusively work against those prickly thistles and kill ’em all.

18. Sterile Fish Food

One of the lesser-known applications of WD-40 is luring the fishes. I bet you’re scratching your head to figure out how! So, let me tell you that you can spray WD-40 on any ordinary fish food.

The presence of WD-40 eliminates the human smell from the fish food attracting more number of fishes to have it. The rest is your skill but WD-40 is a top-notch player in this regard.

19. Untangle Fishing Wires

Catching fishes seems all fun and games until you have to untangle the fishing wires – the basic necessity to carry out fishing! When they’re left disorganized for a long time, they usually turn inside one another.

An application of WD-40 can ease the game very well. Just squeeze it all over the wires and let it sit for a few minutes. The solvent will decrease the obstructions making the wires easy to solve.

20. Kill Bugs

Just like weeds and thistles, the existence of bugs ruins your crop drastically. It’s tough to keep them at bay as they survive on your green friends and happily destroy them. Well, not anymore!

Thrash them out using WD-40 by spraying it beneath the pots or containers in which you grow your plants. The fumes and traces suffocate the bugs and kill them, let me tell you bugs homicide isn’t a felony.

21. Shoo Away Squirrels From Bird-feeder

If you’re fond of managing a bird feeder in your backyard, you must be knowing the struggle of keeping it preserved from the nearby squirrels. It’s like you just keep some food into it and the moment you turn your back there’s a pack of squirrels already having a party!

There’s no crime in eating food but as a result, the rightful owners stay deprived of their meal. In order to keep these nosy squirrels away, apply some WD-40 around the edges of that bird feeder. Its aroma is sufficient to guard the birdfeeder.

22. Twinkle Up Headlights

Over a certain period, the headlights of your car might become foggy. This is possible due to the accumulation of dust, grime, or seasonal changes.

Grab the bottle of WD-40 to treat the foggy and smudgy headlights and bring them back to life. Just spurt it on the headlights and use a dampened microfiber cloth to wash it off. Don’t use any other fabric or pad as it might scratch up the glass.

23. Remove Gum

We should declare sticky chewing gums in the hair as the worst possible personal tragedy a person goes through. God forbid if someday it happens to you, just remember to use WD-40. This will save you from getting a terrible haircut and that frustrating scenario. Just spray WD-40 directly on the gum and thoroughly wash your hair afterward. You can do the same with the rugs, jeans, or any other fabric as well.

24. Launder Stains From Fabric

Whether one is a fashion freak or not, nobody likes stains on their favorite dress (or even on those they’re not very fond of ). If you got one such pig-headed stain on your favorite dress, we’ve got news for you!

Now, without discarding your dress or exposing it to harsh chemical treatments, you can use WD-40 on the spot. Just squirt a bit on the affected region and later on wash the fabric as usual. The stain will vanish before you realize it.

25. Clear Counter-tops

After a delicious supper, disoriented and dirty counter-tops are an expected sight. Cleaning the stains like that of tea, coffee, spices, condiments, etc. are way harder than preparing a lip-smacking meal.

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t like investing time in cleaning also can’t tolerate the grime in the vicinity, then you must try out WD-40 to get rid of the stains. A clean and shiny counter-top is just a few sprays away!

26. Fix Body Scratches On Cars

You must’ve experienced the aftermath of the proximity other vehicles have with your car in a parking lot. The repercussions are downright mortifying (scary enough to give you sleepless nights). You know what I mean, right? Yes, the body scratches on our beloved car are no less than a nightmare come true.

Why visit a mechanic and drain your bank balance to fix this when you can do the part easily at your place? As long as a body scratch is an issue, a spray of WD-40 is competent enough to get it right without any professional assistant.

27. Shine Engine Bay

You wouldn’t wish for your vehicle to suffer the consequences post an adventurous ride. No matter how cautious the driver you are, the engine somehow ends up wearing that dirt coat. Since the regular detergent solution isn’t recommended for this clean-up, you will need a bottle of WD-40!

Just spritz a significant amount of WD-40 on the engine bay and wait for a few moments to witness the diamond-like shine. Best part? You won’t have to put your lovely hands into that mess.

28. Improve The Functionality Of Spark-plug

The connectivity of the spark-plug of your car goes through a major ordeal during the winter and rainy season. You better fix it before you get lost on an isolated highway. The water displacement technique of WD-40 is a blessing here, spray the solution on the tip of the plug and within a few minutes, the plug will be resistance-free. Contact an expert in case the problem persists.

29. Remove Permanent Marker From Virtual Surfaces

A permanent marker is a convenient utility item that can neatly be used to mark on almost every sort of stuff. But removing it can be a neck-aching activity. The marks are stubborn and require a dedicated cleaner to be removed. But guess what? Yeah, you got me! WD-40 is a magic solution that can remove such stains within the blink of an eye.

30. Polish Piano Keys And Guitar Strings

Regular usage of the piano keys or the guitar strings leads to their disfigurement, and they look filthy. Their overhaul is necessary to maintain longevity and appearance. Heard maintenance? Head over to WD-40 to get the job done ease. A squirt of WD-40 can effortlessly clean your piano keys and guitar strings. Wash them with a regular soap and water solution later on to terminate the chemicals aggregated on them.

If you’re thinking of doing the same with your laptop keys as well, then trust me it’s a horrible idea.

31. Smudge Off Mascara Spots

YouTube make-up tutorials buck you up to such an extent that you end up ruining everything on your dressing table including the mirror. One of the most handful spots is that of mascara, it seems gorgeous in your eyes but not in the mirror.

Get rid of those smudges by spraying WD-40 on the affected area and wiping it down using a wet cloth or sponge.

32. Wipe-off Crayons From The Walls

The favorite place to showcase the talent for our little budding artists is the walls of our living room. No matter how hard you try, they persist in exhibiting their talent on the poor walls.

If you’ve got any such wall that’s been a victim of this brutality, then this hack’s for you. Apart from giving them a brand new shade, you can use WD-40 to get those colors off your wall. Just apply it on the affected area and rub it off using a wet sponge. Thank us later!

Told you the bottle is magic, right? Try some of them and discover some on your own. There’s a lot more to that simple bottle of WD-40 than you can even fathom.

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