21 Brilliant Household Uses Of Dawn Dish Soap

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Springtime cleaning or otherwise, managing homes isn’t an easy deal, especially with the high-rise prices of every commercial cleaner these days. However, we’re a firm believer in money-saving life hacks. 

Yes, you read that right! Dawn – reputed for being one of the most commonly used dishwashing soap in the States. But guess what? Dawn has a million cleaning uses aside from its very obvious (duh, cleaning dishes!). 

Stick along to discover some of the brilliant uses of Dawn Dish Soap and they’re definitely more functional than forming bubbles out of it. 

You’d much rather not be acquainted with most of them, so hold your horses to learn the methods that would cover almost everything nasty. 

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe?

Before heading over to an ill-advised adventure, let me tell you that the Dawn dish soap is as safe as drinking water (no, you can’t drink it!). Researches show that the Dawn dish soap is biodegradable and contains considerably nil amounts of phosphate. 

Thus, you can nonchalantly use it on your pets and to yourself. Considering that the Dawn dish soap is biodegradable, it is an eco-friendly product ensuring the safety of the environment as well! 

21 Brilliant Household Uses of Dawn Dish Soap

1. Clean Sunglasses And Spectacles

Sunglasses and spectacles are an essential aid to the vision but their overhaul can be very complex at times. But wait we’re here to talk about easing up things, right? Coming to the solution, apply Dawn dish soap and rubbing alcohol on the lenses of your sunglasses and specs. This will get you a crystal clear vision plus prevent them from getting foggy in the future. 

2. Clean Your Driveway

Before you seek any professional cleaner’s help to get rid of those grease stains on your driveway, head over to your kitchen. Because Dawn dish soap is perfect for the job! Just squeeze some Dawn on the oil stains and scrub it off using a nylon brush. Repeat the steps until the spot is cleaned and finally wash it off with water. 

3. Get Clear Skin

Acne is nothing but a horrible result of excessive facial oil, Dawn is the best when it comes to greasy and oily stuff. Just use Dawn as a face wash oftentimes and say goodbye to the acne. Who knew that aside from glowing dishes, it could glow your face too! 

4. Shower Your Pets     

Use Dawn as a shampoo to shower your pets ( most vets use it ). It’s an inexpensive solution to all your pet’s problems, whether it be flea infestation or greasy body hair. You can use it as a shampoo as well to get rid of that greasy hair after a long day out. 

5. Sparkle Your Bathroom     

Dawn is bliss for cleaning bathrooms, you ain’t human if you don’t find it fascinating! Heat white vinegar in the oven to make it warm, mix equal parts of Dawn to this vinegar in a spray bottle, and shake well. Splash it on the tiles, showerheads, tubs, etc. to get a sparkling bathroom. Just rinse it off with water later on. 

6. Degrease Your Garden Tools     

If you have a green thumb, you must be aware of the situation where your gardening tools become downright greasy and gooey. The next time you do so, take warm water in a bucket and add a mug of Dawn into it. Let the tools sit into it for about an hour and scrape out the mold using a nylon brush. 

7. Get Rid Of Hair Dye

Did you know you can also lighten your hair dye using Dawn? You probably didn’t, but it’s true! Shampoo your hair with Dawn after you dye them to regulate the color of your dye. Essentially use a hair conditioner to avoid dryness and frizzy hair. 

8. Save Your Fabric     

One of the troublesome and tiresome scenarios is when your clothing gets stained by food, grease, paint, etc. Unfortunately, this situation is very common but it won’t be tiresome hereafter. 

Mix an ounce of Dawn into two ounces of hydrogen peroxide, and add 1 tablespoon baking soda to this solution. Pour it on the stains, allow it to sit for 15 minutes, and toss it in the washing machine. You can also use this formula to pretreat your fabric before every wash. 

9. Deodorize Your Hands     

Garlic and ginger are strongly aromatic and leave an odd smell in your hands whenever you deal with them. But you have a solution at an arms distance in your kitchen. Just wash your hands with the warm water and Dawn, its cleansing action will eliminate this ill odor. 

10. Deep-clean Bathroom Tubs     

Taking a hot water bath in the tubs is all fun and games until you realize how filthy it can be. The soap scum that aggregates around the corners of your tub doesn’t look nice at all. Let’s banish it using Dawn! Squirt Dawn all over your tub and let it rest overnight. The dishwashing soap will cut down all the grime without harming the ceramic. Rinse it clean the next morning. 

11. Make Your Hair Gum-free     

If you have a notorious kid at home, chances are there that they might have gotten chewing gum in their hair. Dawn dish soap can do the trick to get that nasty gum off their hair. This is going to save you from horrible haircuts and expensive treatments. So the next time you or your kid get gum on hair, Better Call Dawn! 

12. Revive Your Make-up Sponge    

Make-up sponges really catch grime and become gooey over time. And if you regularly wear make-up, you must be familiar with it. Soak your sponge in a couple of drops of Dawn in warm water. Rinse it thoroughly under the running water. Repeat it until it becomes fresh and properly dry it under the sun. 

13. Remove Skunk Smell     

Dogs love to play with those smelly skunks bringing their quirky odor back to your house. You can’t stop them from messing around but you can definitely terminate the skunk smell. Prepare a mixture of a quarter cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, half cup baking soda, and a cup of Dawn. 

Squirt this mixture on the upholstery of your living room ( mostly where your dogs play ) even in the most inconspicuous areas. And wash it clean to get a fresh-smelling environment. 

14. Clean Exhaust Fan Of Your Kitchen     

Think of the last time you got your hands on that exhaust fan in your kitchen. Probably never, right? Well, it’s never too late. Head over to your kitchen and bring your kitchen down for a cleaning spree

Put boiling water in a bucket, add baking soda, and Dawn into it. Use a nylon scrubber to scrape out grime and grease. Repeat the process as required and finally dry it naturally under the sun. 

15. Wash Air Conditioner Filters     

Washing the air conditioner filter sounds like a professional-level job but it’s not. You can easily clean it at home using, yes you guessed that right, Dawn! Soak it in the warm water and Dawn for a few minutes, scrub it using an old toothbrush and rinse it thoroughly. Dry it under the sun and screw it back. 

16. Degrease Carpets     

Carpets can become really filthy by the footwear dirt, pet hair, and other grime-causing substances. Sometimes, even the regular vacuum cleaning doesn’t work and the carpets start to form grease. Use warm water, a quarter cup of white vinegar, 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and Dawn each and brush it vigorously till and vacuum clean the water. Continue the process till clean you witness clean water coming out of it.

17. Clean Your Blender     

Whether you make a highly nutritious smoothie or salsa sauce in your blender, the residue ( especially the smell ) is hard to get rid of. But wait, you’ve got Dawn to the rescue! Just pour warm water and Dawn into the mixer and switch it on for a few seconds. This will help the cleaner to reach thoroughly to the remotest corners and rigorously clean the blender.

18. Patio Furniture Cleaner      

Just think of all the hardships your patio furniture has to go through, be it harsh summers or humid rains. Don’t you feel they deserve a treat for their selfless service?

We’ve got the perfect feast for your outdoor furniture. Warm water and Dawn! Prepare the soapy solution and wash all the furniture using a brush. Let it dry under the sun and keep a cover handy to further protect them. 

19. Window Cleaner     

Pro tip: Never clean your glass windows with only water. Try out for yourself to know the reason ( just saying! ). One-stop solution to make your windows shine as new is a mixture of warm water, a few drops of Dawn and white vinegar! Just soak a microfiber cloth in this solution and wipe down your window panes to get the look.

20. Treat Your Barbeque Grill      

If your barbeque grill is lucky enough, you might clean it after a couple of cooks, but we’re here to share a quick and effective method to wash those grills. Soak the grill in a mixture of warm water and Dawn for 10 minutes and let the cleansing action rip off every last particle from the surface of the grill. 

21. De-soot The Fireplaces    

There are a lot of methods to clean the ashes near our fireplaces but I’m personally in awe of this one. Make a paste of Dawn dishwashing soap, Morton salt, and water ( consistent enough to produce excessive lather ). Rub this paste over the soot and ashes and allow it to rest for a couple of minutes. And clean it using a sponge later on. It’s easy and will be readily available any time you need it. 

So, you see Dawn dish soap isn’t just a soap, it’s a million utilities in a single bottle. These were some of the uses that I personally like. You can try out and add some on your own. Just imagine the possibilities!

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