11 More Habits of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

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We all have been here—trying to make the house as neat and organized as possible and failing at it. There’s always that one thing that looks unclean even after we are done our daily cleaning. Whether it’s the kitchen, the dishes, the ceiling, or the surfaces—the house doesn’t seem to be completely clean at any given point of time.

If that is the case with you, we have an effective solution here. One primary reason why the house doesn’t seem to be clean overall is our habit of avoiding the details and minor issues.

As a result, you would feel annoyed living in a messy environment despite spending hours cleaning every day. Another issue that comes with leaving areas of the home dirty for a long time is that you’ll take more time to clean them.

So, leaving things for later will only add up to your cleaning miseries. In this article, we have listed a few quick hacks that would make your house look cleaner and more organized without taking up much of your time. Each one of these hacks takes just a minute or two but goes a long way in helping you maintain a cleaner and more peaceful home.

11 More Habits of People Who Always Have A Clean Home

1. Run The Dishwasher After Dinner 

Keeping the house clean can be a challenging proposition if both you and your spouse have jobs. So, between cleaning this and that, cleaning out the dishwasher is probably not one of your favorite jobs. 

You can save time and effort by running the dishwasher right after dinner. In this way, you can clean out the dishwasher at night and you’ll be able to wake up to a clean kitchen. You don’t have to wait till the dishwasher is full, just make it a point to run it after dinner.

2. Clean The Fridge Weekly

We all have opened the fridge to the stinky smell of last week’s mac and cheese. We are so caught up in the daily routines that we only remember to keep new food items in the fridge—no one remembers to dispose of old food items.

Well, keeping the house clean includes protecting it from bacteria, algae, and odor. Before going on your weekly visit to the grocery shop, you should take a look at your fridge to see what’s missing and what’s rotting.

You should also wipe off any spills or so to prevent the stains from setting in before restocking.

3. Baskets Are The Way To Go

Baskets might seem space-consuming and boring. But these are excellent storage solutions that can store so much in an organized way. Your kids can have a basket in their rooms into which they can toss in their toys after playtime. It’s easy to maintain, and your kids won’t find this a tiresome chore.

Similarly, you can keep baskets anywhere you want—under the stairs, in corner of any room—to store items that you might need now and then. Everything will look neat and organized in this way.

4. Dispose of Packaging As Soon As Possible

Stop procrastinating! That is the first behavioral change you need to cultivate to keep your house always clean. Did you receive any package today? Unbox it instantly, and get rid of the packaging.

Dispose of the bubble wrap, unnecessary packaging, and even useless boxes. You might think that these boxes will come in handy later, but you can grab them from your nearby store any time. To save space and to keep your rooms uncluttered, this method is necessary.

5. Focus On One Room At A Time

Apart from your regular cleanup, you should also pick a room to deep clean every week. This will help you clean up one area that is always ignored. In the process, you’ll ensure that dust, dirt, and grime don’t stick around for a long time in any of your rooms. 

It would help if you concentrated on cleaning that room’s baseboards, doors, windows, curtains, and more. Give these spaces a deeper scrub to make them remain cleaner and fresher for longer. It will also save you the hassle and cost of getting a professional deep clean. 

6. Use Shower Gels And Handwashes Instead Of Soap

The tiles in the shower get so dirty despite being in touch with water all the time. You can’t keep wiping the scum off your bathroom every day. If you’re scratching your head for a way to fix this, take a cue from people who keep their home clean.

I have seen a whole lot of difference in the buildup of dirt and scum since I have started using shower gels instead of regular soaps. The high content of fats and oils in regular soaps makes it challenging to clean away the foam with just water. Shower gels typically just slide off the tiles instead of leading to build up. Go ahead and buy some already!

7. Using Socks To Clean Blinds

Blinds are one of the most challenging areas of the house to clean. They attract a lot of dust and dirt too. They can be a reason why your bedroom doesn’t look that great even though you’ve just scrubbed the floor clean.

An easy and quick way to clean the blinds is by using a sock to wipe the dirt off. You can keep an old sock just for this purpose. Just store it somewhere near the windows and give your blinds a quick wipe whenever you see that they are starting to get dirty. Always stay one step ahead of that dirt!

8. Put Some Press’n Seal to Keep Fridge Shelves Clean

Fridge shelves are susceptible to splashes and food stains. The sauce or soup that you spilled four days can be very challenging to clean. 

You can prevent these mishaps from spoiling your fridge shelves through a quick hack. All you have to do is wrap Pressn’ Seal on your fridge shelves. You can dispose of this wrap or give it a quick wipe whenever it gets dirty. This will keep your fridge cleaner and will save you time too.

9. Create A Pet Station

Pets are cute and adorable, but one adjective that we forget to include is ‘messy’. And with pets and kids in your home, it might seem impossible to keep the house clean for long. But having a pet station can change the game for you.

It would help if you kept a separate corner for your pet’s stuff. You can hang leashes and harnesses on hooks and keep a broom and pan handy to clean up the feces and the food that they spill. Having a bottle of safe pet spray around can help you clean up spills before they harden and turn into a stain. If possible, try to transform a drawer into a pullout feeder to keep the place uncluttered and minimize any mess.

10. Don’t Forget The Ceilings

We often forget about the ceilings in the process of cleaning the floors and shelves and people notice stains or dirt on the ceiling even before they spot them on the floor. Webs on the upper corner of your room can be embarrassing when you have guests over. They should be there only on Halloween!

You can easily clean the ceiling using a microfiber cloth attached to a broom every once in a while. It’d just take a few minutes to clean the whole ceiling and scrape off any webs.

11. Buff The Mirrors Regularly

All kinds of mirrors attract some sort of dirt and stains now and then. The bathroom mirrors get dirty through splatters of toothpaste and soap, while your dressing table mirrors draw the stains of gels, serums, and whatnot. 

But mirrors are some of the easiest surfaces to clean. All you need to do is spray a little white vinegar and water solution and wipe the mirror with a microfiber cloth. Keep buffing the surface until the mirror shines like it’s brand new. You’ll also be able to capture those eye-catching mirror selfies then.

As explained in this article, it’s not a humongous task to keep your house clean all the time. You just have to include a few smart habits and methods actively in your lifestyle. Keep including new ideas to your cleaning habits, and you’ll feel the difference sooner than later.

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