21 Completely Genius Home Organizing Hacks From Japan

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As they say, “We all dream of having a clean house – but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?”. We all love a clean house, no matter which walks of life we originate from. It’s the first thing that guests look at, and the first thing you see before leaving for work.

But let’s be real. We’ve got just enough energy to lift our pinky, turn off the light, and call it a night. Let alone clean the house! Amateurs clean the house. But legends use these amazing organizing hacks from Japan. They’re amazingly simple since the Japanese have learned to utilize every inch efficiently, and you’ll cry after using them. Because that’s how clean your house is going to look.

21 Organizing Hacks From Japan

1. Fold And Roll Your Bath Towels

Via Roomclip

This is about as close to Monica’s organization as you can get. You save at least half the amount of space when you fold AND roll. It makes your closet look tidy, and mimics the ambiance of a hotel. Minus the absurd amount of money, you have to spend to stay there.

2. Floss Your House

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No, not the dance move. Although my dance mastery goes as far as the Cupid Shuffle. Finding it difficult to get in the crevices and cracks? Use dental floss to do the job.

3. Shoe Boxes are The Best Organizers

Via Thekitchn

I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve ended up stacking shoe boxes uselessly in the corner. Or knocked them over and fallen flat on my butt. Don’t ask me how, but it’s happened. These can be utilized in the kitchen, bathroom, or any place you feel like storage is lacking.

4. Install A Tension Bar In The Closet

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My wallet finances my love of shoes. My closet, on the other hand, refuses to accept my overflowing purchases. With this tension bar in the closet, fuel your love for shoes without qualms about the space!

5. Decluttering

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This might seem like the obvious tip, but it’s one we skip very often. As soon as you declutter your house, you’ll find some very unnecessary items that you can either donate or throw away. Skipping this step is like a Friday with no pizza.

6. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Via Japanesecreations

After multiple ramen bowls, chicken, and chocolate, your microwave probably smells a little funky. DO NOT bust out the chemicals! Place a damp towel in the microwave, and let it heat up for a minute to release steam and loosen up the grime in the microwave. Use the same towel to clean the microwave after one minute.

7. Use Bins To Organize Everything From Your Kitchen To Your Bathroom

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Never again will you utter the words, “there’s not enough space! My kitchen is too damn small!” These bins will save your life! And space. From spices in the kitchen to products in the bathroom, the more bins the better. Pretty awesome right? (Not as much as Wonder Woman swinging from lightning, but still.)

8. Discard What Doesn’t Bring You Joy

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Also known as minimalism. And why shouldn’t you do this? If a certain item in your house doesn’t make you happy, why should you have it? It’s your house, which is a sacred space. The items in it should be special and make you happy!

9. Use Binder Clips

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Binder clips are perfect if you have a bunch of wall space, no closet space, and even less floor space. You can even hang food and other small items like makeup and small bit and baubles you’ve got lying around the house.

10. Organizing Drawers

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While the drawers themselves may not be too roomy, put in organizers or shelves This way, you have separated spaces for each item, and you have optimally used the drawer space.

11. Do Everything At Once

Via Goodhousekeeping

As the topic suggests, go all in. Doing everything little by little, especially cleaning, will drive you insane. While the rabbit and turtle story has a great moral, I ain’t gonna apply that to cleaning.

12. Make The Most Of The Space Under The Sinks

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This is pretty self – explanatory. Underneath the sink is the best place to store cosmetic and hair products, cleaning supplies, and much more. Take it a step further and implement vertical storage and tension bars to hang supplies without taking up too much cupboard space.

13. Remove Bulky Food Items

Via Cafemom

Baking soda, sugar, and flour are just a few of the food items that come in very bulky boxes. Storing them in smaller cans or containers, allows you to stack them, thus conserving space.

14. Crosscut Sponge

Via Japanesecreations

Does it feel like no matter how much you clean your steel racks, there’s always some dirt on it? Crosscut it as you would with mango, and attach it to the rack. Make sure your cuts aren’t too deep, otherwise the sponge will fall completely apart.

15. Show Deep Appreciation For Your Belongings

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In Japanese culture, if you thank the items after they have provided their service and done their part, it provides a deeper sense of appreciation. This way, you know exactly what items you need and what you don’t. You form a bond with the item and get some closure before getting rid of it.

16. Use a Plastic Zip File To Organize

Via Livedoor

Plastic bags fly willy nilly all over the house despite my exhaustive attempts to stuff them back in the closet. Organize them in plastic zip files, and never lose track of them again! Plus you can sort of the “good ones.”

17. Freeing The Entryway

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Since you’re already short on space, don’t skimp on the places that need to be kept roomy. The entryway is always free of shoes in Japanese culture, and every shoe is always accounted for in the built-in shoe closets.

18. Use Pantyhose As a Duster

Via Japanesecreations

While pantyhose may be the most uncomfortable thing women have to wear, they can be used around the house. Attaching it around the hangar can be beneficial to get objects stuck behind couches, refrigerators, and underneath the washer. The dust quickly sticks to the pantyhose and easily washes off.

19. Hang Two Towel Racks Vertically

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There’s a normal level genius when skipping 2 grades because you’re smart, then there’s Tony Stark level genius. This is up there! We already discussed the whole fold and roll situation with the towels. But why not make this even more efficient by storing them in vertical towel rods?

20. Organize By Category Not By Room

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Organize your belongings by category. The Japanese believe that by starting with the items you’re least emotionally attached to and work your way up, you’ll sort through everything efficiently. If you don’t feel connected to that item, let it go.

21. Use Surfaces

Via Resourcesrealestate

Utilize the sides of the washing machine to store supplies for laundry. Buy some heavy duty magnets so that you can attach containers to store detergent, dryer sheets, and other necessary items.

The Japanese said it best, “Cleanliness makes it easier to see the details. Keep calm and maintain cleanliness.”

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