21 Dollar Store Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

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If you have lived or currently live in a small space, you know very well the importance of organization. The organization is the key- it enables ease of access, it helps implement an appearance of neatness, and helps even a small space look relatively large.

Of course, the benefits do not just end there, neither do the ways to organize. The Dollar Store offers a bevy of options to do the same- versatile options using which one can store, save, organize, and file. The best part? One can operate on a tight budget, and still get the best of the possible options.

The Dollar Store happens to be just that cheap, which is not to say, that it is not good. The Dollar Store provides solid, reliable services at very reasonable prices.

21 Dollar Store Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Jean Organization

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Cloth shoe organizers are not just for shoes, they can be used to store and organize a host of other articles. This trick works particularly well for rolled-up denims- they can be stowed away neatly and yet are visible enough to be selected and taken out in a glance.

2. Wicker Bins for Storage

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Wicker bins make for great storage devices, and, they look deceptively high-end too! Of course, they are not expensive- you can buy them for just a dollar at the Dollar Store.

These wicker bins are ideal for storing books, CDs, records, etc.

3. Refrigerator Bins

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Refrigerator bins are quite the game-changer. They help you keep your refrigerator in running order, and also helps one keep separate inventories for different edibles.

4. Drawer Dividers

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Drawer dividers, I will have you know, are excellent organizational tools. They do much more than just segregate, they prevent your drawers from looking at the site of a landslide in a few weeks.

And while drawer dividers ideally should be in-built, fabric dividers are not quite so bad either. They are available at most Dollar Store outlets and are good value for money.

The bonus? It is a step towards adopting eco-friendly measures in the home.

5. Divider Trays

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Another alternative for drawer divider is a divider tray- a filing system that can be used to keep one’s drawers in order.

This is a trick that can be used for office spaces as well and helps a great deal in increasing the ease of access.

6. Adhesive Hooks to hang Hair-Styling Tools

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Hair-styling tools are, usually, rather bulky. Add to it the eventuality of a tiny bathroom, and you really cannot afford to have them strewn around, on the sink counter.

This is where adhesive hooks come to the rescue- they can be easily attached to the inside of bathroom cabinets. This not only helps keep your accessories organized but also makes them look so.

7. Concentric Vertical Pan Stacking Rack

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If you happen to be a whiz in the kitchen, then this one is for you.

Invest in a concentric vertical pan stacking rack and store all your cooking pans in one place. A great space- saver and an interesting structural element, too.

8. Kitchen Wrap and Tissue Organizer

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Here is a cheap and easy way to store kitchen wrap, clingfilm, and tissues- an under-shelf organizer! It is a wire rack basket, that comes with (sometimes) magnetized holders so that they can attach themselves to the bottom of cupboard shelves.

9. Wire Baskets

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If I were to offer my personal opinion, wire baskets are the perfect accessory to have strewn around the house. They are light-weight and therefore easily movable, and are unusually elegant.

These can be used as magazine and book holders, as towel baskets and linen caddies, or as places to keep spare cushions.

10. Fresh Fruit Crate

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A boxy accessory that is abundantly available in Dollar Stores, these unique baskets can be installed easily in kitchens to store and display fresh fruit.

11. Flower Pots as Craft Supply Buckets

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Here is a fun way to display craft supplies and coloring implements- flower pots! Use a curtain rod and attach it to a wall or the inside of a desk. Proceed to attach adhesive hooks, and hang from them the flower pots( you can even paint them if you like).

12. Rattan Storage Baskets

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A trick I use in my kitchen, this is something I would highly recommend to anyone with a love for baking. Muffin tins, cookie-cutter molds, and smaller-sized knickknacks- rattan storage baskets/holders are your best bet.

They are compact, light-weight, and look especially well in rustic decor.

13. Gift Wrapping Station

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A gift wrapping station is something every well-organized home ought to possess- it elevates the facilities that the home boasts.

What’s more- you can create an accent wall out of a gift wrapping station, for a very low price!

14. Nesting Bins

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Most commonly spotted in a particular shade of green, nesting bins are my go-to when it comes to storing cleaning supplies under bathroom counters.

They are stacked able, spacious, and look quite nice.

15. Magnetic Strips for Accessories

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These magnetic strips, I will have you know, are surprisingly useful. They can be used to store and organize metallic clips- all you gotta do is bring them close enough. They can also be used for grooming supplies- nail files, tweezers, etc.

It helps display these small articles in a way that makes them noticeable, and thereby, accessible.

16. Pipe Shoe tree

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Another Dollar Store organizing hack that goes a long way, purchase plastic pipes, and cut them into uniformly-sized cubby holes. Stack them one on top of the other to construct a tree- a shoe tree, for all your shoes can now go inside the hollow spaces created by each pipe.

17. In-Door Broom Closet

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When without the space for an actual broom closet, purchase the adhesive strip attachments that can be stuck onto the inside of normal doors. Add a few hooks( also adhesive), and hang brooms and other cleaning equipment from them.

18. Hanging Shower Tote

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Similar in concept to tote bags, shower totes are mesh bags that can be hung from shower doors and used for storing bath supplies- shampoo, soap, and body wash.

19. Wall-Mounted Trash Bag Rollers

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Toilet paper rollers for your trash bags. A true Dollar Store hack.

20. Makeup Brush Fish Bowl

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Here is an elevated way for you to display your makeup brushes- in a way that they will be both highlighted and easily accessed.

Use a fishbowl as the base foundation and fill it to about halfway with pebbles or colored Styrofoam rocks- these rocks will provide friction that will enable the makeup brushes to stand up of their own accord. Colorful sand is another alternative that suits the purpose admirably.

Finally, insert the makeup brushes, vertically, inside the bowl, and have them stand still as sentinels of your dresser.

21. Three-Ring Binders

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If I were President, my first decree would be for the mass production and purchase of 3-ring binders. These miraculous inventions are absolute godsends when it comes to keeping important documents and paperwork in order.

And, as adequately evident from the title, they are available at every Dollar Store.

In conclusion, there is little else to say save the many benefits of organization, especially in small spaces. As elucidated quite clearly above, the ways to achieve the same are plentiful. The onus is, of course, yours.

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