21 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

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The Dollar Store. A veritable paradise for reasonable shopping. A haven for every item under the sun-towels and dishcloths, wire racks and mug cozies, mugs and china cups, coasters, and faux plants. And everything, as the name of the store, would suggest is exactly a dollar, and sometimes just slightly higher.

I gravitate quite naturally towards the dollar store when shopping for the house- whether I want to purchase new glassware set for the kitchen or whether it is a question of refurbishing a neglected balcony with string lights and succulents.

The Dollar store, despite its value for money products, is a trustworthy organization. There is variety, there is a modicum of reliability, and there is the delicious ease of finding everything under the sun, under one roof.

21 Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Magnetizing Plastic Cups

Via Madeeveryday

A great hack for ease of access and the appearance of many, many cups- invest in round magnets and glue them onto stacks of cups. Colorful cups are available at almost every dollar store. They are plastic and very durable.

2. Additional Fridge Space using a Wire Rack

Via Lifehacker

Here is a thrifty way to maximize fridge space- because everyone needs more of it, right?

Purchase a wire rack from the local dollar store and use it to add storage to what may be an already overloaded fridge.

3. Fridge Magnets as Storage Devices

Via Tatertotsandjello

Fridge magnets make for great storage devices- only if one knows how to use them right. The hack is simple- all you got to do is glue the magnet(s) onto the interior walls of the fridge- and proceed to add little boxes of whatever it is that requires storage and has not found a space in the fridge.

4. Binders Clips to Keep Frozen Goods in order

Via I.pinimg

My experience with binder clips, until recently, was restricted to securing sheets of paper to drawing boards. They function also as admirable holders for frozen food bags, helping to separate as well as club different categories together.

This way, one can keep the meat separate from the peas, with a minimum of fuss and effort.

5. Storage Containers

Via Howtonestforless

Storage containers are THE Holy Grail of pantry organization and exactly what one needs to keep their supplies in order. Add to it the many benefits of labeling, and you have yourself a proper filing system- the edible one.

6. Plastic Baskets for the Cutlery Drawer

Sorbus Flatware Drawer Organizer, Expandable Cutlery Drawer Trays for Silverware, Serving Utensils, Multi-Purpose Storage for Kitchen, Office, Bathroom Supplies (Cutlery Drawer Organizer - White)

Here is a cheap and convenient way to keep the cutlery all in one place- plastic basket organizers! Perfectly sized to hold forks, spoons, and knives, these plastic baskets are the ideal fit for kitchen drawers and will save you precious time when hunting for dessert spoons.

7. Sink Caddies to hold Sachets

Via Makebakecelebrate

Give your pantry that much-needed makeover by updating its interiors with the addition of sink caddies. These pocket-sized nooks can hold spare, loose items that are often in danger of getting misplaced in cavernous pantries. Sachets, of course, are prime candidates for sink caddies- followed closely by sauce pouches and little jars of condiments.

8. Magnetic Spice Rack

Via Instructables

A nifty hack to keep condiment jars in their place, this tutorial involves the skillful use of glue guns, pencil holders, and of course, magnets. All of the mentioned items are sure to be available at the Dollar Store.

9. Magazine Holders to Store Canned Goods

Via Pbjstories

Metal magazine holders can be used to hold more than just magazines. They ought to be permanent fixtures in the kitchen- perfectly sized as they are to hold cans- of soup, soda, and peas.

It is very easy to install one( or a few) in the kitchen-use a drill and some handy screws. It can be perched on the walls, or by the door- this is also a great space-saving technique.

10. Mason Jar Organizer

Via Popsugar

If you are a regular visitor to the Dollar Store, you will know that there is no dearth of mason jars. Ever. And while mason jars are more conventionally used to store chutneys and pickles, they can also be used as fancy organizers.

Paint and label mason jars to hold different items of cutlery or kitchen equipment- spoons, forks, whisks, and spatulas.

11. Over-the-Door Snack Holder

Via Savvysavingcouple

Many uses for an over-the-door shoe rack. Some of which might be quite the surprise.

Use one of these regular fixtures from the Dollar Store to display and store non-perishable snacks. Candy, chips, Pringles, biscuit cakes- all of your tasty treats in one place.

12. A Magazine Holder for paper goods

Via Organisingmadefun

Outdoor parties call for paper utensils and plastic cutlery- paper plates, napkins, and the like. Use a magazine holder to store exclusively the goods you reserve for parties for both ease of access and to avoid mixing up.

13. Cooling racks as Spice Shelves

Via Thestonybrookhouse

Cooling racks make for great spice shelves- they are just the right size, the right overall length, and width. Add to it the fact that they are super inexpensive and can be installed onto the insides of cabinets or the fridge with only a pair of pliers- you have yourself a kitchen organization hack that is surpassed by few.

14. Hang Baking Accessories from Hooks

Via Thehyperhouse

A trick I have always found is super helpful, in addition to space-saving- is the installation of a few conveniently spaced hooks in cabinets and cupboards. This allows one to hang up bulky accessories that would otherwise consume a lot of space. This can include anything- starting from a whisk, ranging to different shapes of baking trays.

15. Tension Rods to Organize Flat Kitchenware

Via Marthastewart

Tension Rods can be used to organize flat kitchenware, with great success. They help store items so that there is general ease of access, and the storage can be both organized and put-together.

16. Store Fruit in Stackable Bins

Via Iheartorganising

Stackable Bins are the Hail Mary of any kind of organization. They can be used to store shoes, books, newspapers- and now, fruits.

They allow one visual access- you can look at which fruit you wish to eat instead of an absent rummaging through a haphazard pile. Additionally, labeling the bin(s) helps one distinguish between the different kinds of fruit- one bin can be assigned to citrus, one to berries, etc.

17. Store Cupcake Liners in a Mason Jar

Via Tablefortwoblog

Storing cupcake liners in a mason jar keeps them crisp and organized.

18. A Towel Bar to hang Pots and Pans

Via The2seasons

A towel bar saves precious space- and allows one to access pots and pans without any din.

19. Use a Shower Caddy to store Cleaning Equipment

Via Neathousesweethome

Shower caddies are just the right shape and size to stow under the kitchen sink- chock full of cleaning supplies, of course.

20. Tension Rods to Hang Cleaning Liquids

Via amynewnostalgia

Tension Rods can be used to conveniently hang and store cleaning liquids.

21. Pretend Pull-Outs

Via Doitonadimeblogs

Install some faux drawers in the kitchen, with the help of plastic containers, to store and reach for clunky kitchen equipment.

And there you have it, 21 dollar store kitchen organizing hacks. Twenty-one, only, among the many, many possible options.

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