21 Dollar Store Closet Organization Ideas

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Owning a full-fledged closet containing all the trendy accessories to keep up with the vogue is like a dream come true! But with a great dream comes greater hurdles ( nothing philosophical here! ). 

If you own a closet ( even something remotely close to it ), you must know how hard it is to manage all the clutter and mess. And to keep a track of all the accessories in the morning rush hour is intense. 

Fret no more because organizing your closet isn’t as dense as it sounds. Although you will have to invest a little time on it, that means nothing against the immense pleasure and cleanliness you’ll acquire. Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse at these 21 dollar store closet organization ideas. 

21 Dollar Store Closet Organization Ideas

1. Linen Closet Redo   

Via Abirdandabean

When was the last time you arranged your clothes systematically? Quite long ago, right? These dollar store baskets are the most frugal and simple method to organize the insides of your closet effortlessly. Just classify the materials into different groups and put them where they belong. As simple as that! 

2. Ponytail Holders Organizer

Via Hiitsjilly

I have a hard time keeping an eye on my ponytail holders, however hard I try they get lost. If you go through the same struggle, here’s the solution! Buy these carabiners from a local dollar store and interweb them around it. 

3. Flip-flop Magazine Holder     

Via Pinterest

Flip flops are probably the most unorganized entity that lies around all over the place and makes it messy. But a magazine holder is sufficient to hold them in the right place – your closet. Thus, whenever you need your flip-flops, you know where to find them! 

4. Organize Jewelry And Accessories    

Via Perpetuallychic

Entangled jewelry pieces can be irksome especially when you’re already late for any event. From necklaces to handbags, get everything organized with these basic supplies from the dollar store. Not only will it save your money, but you can also make a room to store some extra clothes or accessories. 

5. No-slip Hangers    

Via Theshabbycreekcottage

Usually, the clothes with strips tend to fall if you hang them in a normal hanger. But with a few alterations and creativity, you can convert those normal hangers into non-slip hangers. And goodbye to the free fall of your clothes anymore.

6. Hang Handbags    

Via Athoughtfulplaceblog

An easy and inexpensive trick to handle your handbags is using shower hooks. The hooks won’t cost you a fortune but it will save your babies from getting wasted. Plus, storing them nicely would enhance their longevity and scale down the clutter. 

7. Tall Boots Organization    

Via I.pinimg

Knee-high or tall boots are extremely trendy and stylish, your dream closet seems to be incomplete without them. But organizing them isn’t so fun. Presenting you a great way to organize those tall boots that generally take a lot of space in your closet. These hangers from Dollar Store are everything you’re going to need. 

8. DIY Jewelry Organization    

Via Sugarbeecrafts

If you’re a craft lover and looking forward to creating something to store your jewelry, we have a fun project for you! You’ll need some screws, chains, trim boards, and cup hooks. And get those jewelry organized with style saving an equal space in your closet. 

9. Dollar Store Bins    

Via Homemadeginger

Pull up this closet organization hack by using Dollar Store bins at a minimal cost. You can label all the items stored in a particular bin to avoid unnecessary rummaging through them. Your closet will be cleaner than ever and spacious in a soothing manner. 

10. DIY Belt Hanger    

Via Livesimplybyannie

Using a curtain rod and shower rings you can construct an offbeat hanger for your belt collection. Just sling the shower rings into the rod, drill two holes to mount the rod and you’re done! Get rid of rolling and storing them in your closet because they have a better place now. 

11. DIY Tidy Tights   

Via Lenaredstudio

If you feel like your tights don’t fit in anywhere in your closet, you need to go through this DIY project. Get a packet of wooden clothes pegs from your nearest Dollar Store and glue them to your closet or a wall. Best part? The removal process is clean and won’t leave any stain behind. 

12. DIY Hat Holder    

Via Themommytimes

I’m a huge fan of hats and thereby I maintain a significantly huge hat collection. But, I was struggling with organizing it until I found this amazing trick. Head over to a Dollar store and grab binder clips, curtain rings, and a clothes hanger to recreate this cheap and perfect hat organizer. 

13. Storage Solutions From The Dollar Store    

Via Lemonslavendarandlaundry

Give your homeless accessories a nice place to reside inside your closet with these chic storage solutions from the Dollar Store. You can easily personalize them by spray painting with your favorite color and save a lot of money. 

14. Cooling Rack For Earrings    

Via Sewmanyways

My best friend is a sucker for earrings but she terribly fails at organizing them properly. The other day I told her about this cooling rack from the Dollar Store to arrange her earrings. Although she gave me that weird look back then, she still thanks me for it. Go ahead and bring one for yourself. 

15. Accordion Hooks Jewelry Organizer    

Via Adorableantics

Another way to organize those entangled jewelry pieces is by installing accordion hooks. Apart from being a fantastic organizer, these hooks would also spice up the aesthetic value of your closet. Just hang them at the back of your closet’s door(s) and voila!  

16. Ziploc Storage Bags    

Via Iheartplanners

Have you been hoarding all those useless clothes and accessories inside your closet? Well, it’s time to get rid of them, get XL size Ziploc bags from the Dollar Store, and place those things inside these bags. Watch your closet taking a sigh of relief after so long ( metaphorically obviously! ). 

17. DIY Clutch Organizer    

Via Fabulousfashion4sensiblestyle

Have you ever thought of assembling clutches in a lid rack? Well, I’m not kidding about this. Lid racks from the Dollar Tree are really effective in performing this job. Saving money as well as saving a lot of space is easier done than said.  

18. Organize Your Hair Accessories    

Via Theidearoom

The tiny hair accessories like hair bands, rubber bands, etc. are the most vulnerable to getting misplaced. But the craft boxes can accommodate them all under one roof. This will help you save money and keep everything organized once and for all. 

19. Plate Rack Flip-flop Organizer    

Via I.pinimg

Plate racks are nothing new in a Dollar Store but this functionality surely is! It might sound crazy but plate racks are just the perfect organizers for your flip-flops. Instead of keeping them under or inside your closet, bring a plate rack for them and keep them in place. 

20. Hang Eyewear   

Via Abeautifulmess

If you have a habit of storing your eyewear without their case randomly in the closet, their distorted version must be a common scenario for you. It hurts, right? Well, Dollar Stores have a good variety of hangers that you can use to hang your eyewear as well. 

21. Scarf Organization 

Via Ftdofsmcp

Organizing scarves might sound fuzzy but it plays a crucial role in managing your closet. Having said that, create an organizer for your scarves using wooden hangers and hooks from our favorite Dollar Store. 

Save space and declutter your closet using these amazing organization ideas. Since all the materials used are from the Dollar Store you’re going to save some bucks too. So try them and share them with your friends as well :-). 

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