21 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

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Bathrooms might not be the most conspicuous niche of your house but it’s certainly more valuable than your bedroom. Just imagine having a rejuvenating shower after a hectic day at work or an organized bathroom in the morning coming right from the dollar tree!

If you’re here, you probably are tripping over clutter in your bathroom every morning or looking for ideas to save some space. Whatever your reasons are, the solution is to stick along. 

Whether you’re at a full-time job or a full-time homemaker, organizing your bathroom is the most underrated task in your to-do list. We’re here to help you spruce up your bathroom with the most vogue hacks. 

Surprisingly, you’re going to save a lot of money and invest a little time. So stay aboard to discover 21 dollar store bathroom organization ideas and bring on some creativity! 

21 Dollar Store Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Dollar Tree Make-up Organizer      

Via Lizmarieblog

The wire hanger or spice rack that you normally use in your kitchens can be a great addition to your bathroom too. If you have a spice rack getting squandered at your place, just utilize it in your bathroom. Organizing little stuff like nail polishes, makeup compacts, earrings, etc. will become super easy for you. 

2. Wine Rack Organizer   

Via Homedit

Conventionally, you’d find no use of a wine rack in your bathrooms. But wait, let’s try something contemporary today! You can make a chic towel storage unit with these wine racks from a dollar store and get the whole mess sorted. 

3. Bathroom Drawer Organization   

Via Thesummeryumbrella

Finding something from your bathroom drawer while you’re rushing in the morning seems like the mission impossible. And it’s certainly not easy to maintain the tidiness there. Putting baskets in the drawer can help you with that. Just arrange all the things in the little cubicles and you’ll find them right there. 

4. DIY Under Sink Paper Towel Holder     

Via Sewmanyways

Have you ever thought about what purpose that space under your sink is serving? Probably nothing. So just mount a paper towel holder in that cabinet and hook up all those rolls onto it, you won’t have to handle those disordered rolls regularly now.

5. Organize Toothpaste And Toothbrushes Out Of Sight    

Via Livingwellmom

If you’re someone like me, anything ( even the toothbrushes and paste ) on the countertop must piss you off irrespective of the amount of space it’s using. However, I found this simple and neat idea to organize those toothbrushes and toothpaste. And the new space is simply invisible and will remain out of sight until your permit :-P.

6. Command Hooks Organization Hack    

Via I.pinimg

These tiny command hooks are so versatile and functional around the home. You must already be having some of them in your bathroom but are you using it to its full potential? You can store hair styling tools by a cord in those command hooks to avoid unnecessary mess. 

7. Dollar Store Shoe Organizer To Store Grooming Supplies   

Via Cosmopolitan

Suppose you have an early morning meeting and you’re running late. Plus, there’s clutter all over your bathroom counter and you’re unable to find your make-up brushes. How irksome would that be! Therefore, get a shoe organizer and use it to store your grooming supplies. 

8. Vertical Storage Shelves    

Via Houseofthehepworths

Set up command hooks in your bathroom wall and you can make a vertical storage shelf for yourself. This will assist you to arrange your moisturizer bottle, deodorant bottle, face cream, and so on systematically. Just remember not to stack it up with the things you rarely use. 

9. Rustic Bathroom Storage     

Via Audreypettit

Rustic, as you know, is the new contemporary so why let your bathroom remain untouched from its vibes? This simple and wonderful space-saving basket is sufficient enough to store anything you want and you can hang it anywhere inside your bathroom. 

10. Dollar Tree Earring Organizer   

Via Yesterdayontuesday

Losing an earring or unable to find one is among the worst-case scenarios in the morning. This ice-cube tray will help you with that enabling different sections for each of your earrings pair and avoid them getting lost or stuck into each other. 

11. Dollar Tree Trash Basket Storage   

Via Twoityourself

A Dollar Store trash basket can handle much more than just trash. Cover it with gorgeous yarn and give it a make-over, and they’re ready to be used in your bathrooms. This basket can hold paper towels, brushes, nail polishes, hair tools, etc. 

12. Paper Towel Holders  

Via Dollartree

How efficiently do you think you’re using those paper towel holders in your bathroom? If you’ve limited its use to just hang a paper towel roll, you’re doing it wrong. You can also hang wet swimsuits, bathrobes, and normal towels to make the best use of it. 

13. File Box Bathroom Storage

Via Dreamgreendiy

Office supplies have nothing to do in our bathroom, that’s exactly what I used to believe earlier. But, you can fix a file box or two in your bathroom and this will serve multiple purposes. You can keep your curling iron or flat iron into it without them consuming all the space in your cupboard. 

14. Heavy-Duty Suction Cups  

Via Dollarstorecrafts

Head over to your nearest dollar store and grab some heavy-duty suction cups to handle your bathroom supplies. Just fix these cups on the walls and they’re handy to hang storage containers, shower caddies, racks, etc.

15. DIY Tree Store Lazy Susan    

Via Blogarama

To keep everything in sight and visible from the front, install a lazy Susan in your bathroom. All it’s going to need is someplace on the bathroom counter and there you go! No more clutter and lost pieces lingering all around the countertop. 

16. Hang Baskets  

Via Youtube

Step up to transform the normal baskets into a hanging one and store toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, shampoo bottles, and other utilities inside them. This will be feasible even if you don’t have a spacious vicinity inside your bathroom. Just grab the supplies and get started with this project. 

17. Use Plate To Keep Beauty Products 

Via Cosmopolitan


Place two plates on a candlestick holder lying on our kitchen shelf, and upcycle them for some organizational hacks. Place this stand on your bathroom’s counter and keep your beauty products in an organized manner. This will also dazzle up your bathroom decor. 

18. Store Items In Mason Jars 

Via Thediyplaybook

The star of your kitchen – a mason jar can have practical usage in your bathroom as well. Additionally, to provide it an aesthetic look you can mount it beside the mirror or any other wall. The list of usage is never-ending.  

19. Two-tier Stand   

Via Goldenboysandme

Make extra space on your bathroom’s countertop by installing a two-tier stand. This is going to provide you a shelf-like open space on which you can keep mason jars, tiny baskets, etc.

20. Caddies To Stash Bottles  

Via Flickr

Use shower caddies from Dollar Tree to stash spray bottles, deodorant bottles, shampoo bottles, etc. Apart from this, you can also use it to organize your tiny accessories like earrings, hair bands, bracelets, and so on. 

21. Add Another Rod 


Via Goodhousekeeping

I didn’t know that the addition of one more rod would assist me so much in organizing stuff in my bathroom. But thankfully it did! Simply mount another rod from the Dollar Store to get extra space in your bathroom. This frugal, simple, and neat hack turned out to be helpful to me. 

So you see, things that you overlook in a Dollar Store could be of great help if you use them wisely. And a tidy and organized bathroom isn’t even that hard to maintain!

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