21 Brilliant DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

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We all want our homes to look the best. From our bedrooms to our backyards, we try to maintain our houses and keep them clean. But the most important place has to be our Kitchen. We cook, sometimes eat, everything in there plus it’s also filled with all our favorite crockery though managing it can be hard and quite possibly, even expensive at times.

But fear not for I have some awesome, easy, and cheap DIY kitchen organization tips, tricks, and techniques for you. So without further chit-chat, let’s get into it! 

21 Brilliant DIY Kitchen Organization Ideas

1. Bamboo Skewers As Knife Holders

Via felicialkramer

It’s extremely important to keep your knives covered for safety as well as sanitization reasons. I for sure have unfortunately hurt myself way too many times because of leaving these sharp objects around. But buying a knife stand can be a little over the top and even seem unnecessary at times. So instead of that, fill up a jar with bamboo skewers or barbeque sticks and place them in that. 

2. Under The Sink 

Via Diynetwork

Don’t just toss your cleaning supplies under your sink. Instead, attach a tiny curtain rod and have your supplies with the help of their nozzle to keep it clean and well maintained. 

3. Cutting Boards As Utensil Holders

Via Diyenthusiasts

Storing your spoons, forks and other such utensils in drawers can occupy too much space and not leave enough room for the big items. Hot glue a piece of cloth to an old cutting board and hang it from your kitchen walls to make this DIY holder. 

4. Box of Spices

Via Bhg

If you don’t have enough space on your counter or in your drawers, use a small tray or even shoebox to organize your spices. Transfer them into jars, label it, and put them all in. 

5. Floating Shelf For Pots

Via Hgtv

Got an extra floating shelf or cabinet with a little space on the bottom? Attach hooks to it and hang your pots and pans from it. You can also make one on your own using wood, a hammer, and some nails. 

6. Pegboard Utensils

Via Paperblog

This is an extremely easy and inexpensive way to fit some extra utensils into your kitchen without buying any costly furniture. Attach a pegboard to a frame, fix it into the wall, and then use hooks to hang your utensils onto it, and voila! There you have your super easy and fun DIY storage pegboard. 

7. Side Rack

Via the2seasons

The side of your counters and cabinets are usually free. A great way to utilize them is to attach hooks which you can then hang your pots and pans on. 

8. Build a Pull-out Shelf

Via Classyclutter

This pull-out shelf may look hard to build but with some tools and a little determination, it’ll be done in no time. Build a ladder-shaped frame with wood and then nail more wood to the back. Attach it to your desired location and add some wheels and hey, if you want to make it more fun, add some paint. 

9. Doors For Storage


Use the inside of your cabinets to store the smaller items. You can nail small hooks and hang your little utensils and also attach some containers to stack spices. 

10. Magnetic Rack

Via Thekitchn

Attach or place a sheet of stainless on your kitchen counter/wall. Then stick magnets to the lids of your spice cans and jars. That’s all you have to do create this easy magnetic rack and save up on a lot of space. 

11. Old Storage Boxes

Via Mandytremayne

Do you have any dusty old storage boxes lying around? Well bring them out and use them to organize the utensils or even your spices. You can even stick some pretty paper or colorful paint on it to make it look more beautiful and match with your kitchen. 

12. Organizing Stickers 

Via Worldlabel

These pretty labels are easily printable and would make your kitchen a lot more cute and aesthetic. You can also get crafty and create your ones at home. They’re both practical as well as enjoyable so go ahead and have some fun. 

13. Toolbox Tray

Via Reddoorhome

Repurpose an old toolbox by painting it with some nice bright colors and using it as a tray. You can place anything from your table napkins to small plates in it and it’ll just always look adorable. 

14. Drawer Dividers

Via Bhg

Drawers get messed up pretty easily because of how often we take this out and then don’t put them back in properly. To avoid this, use a cheap drawer divider. You can even make one at home or use cardboard instead of wood to save up a little. 

15. Daily Planner

Via Cleanandscentsible

Make a huge daily planner on your kitchen walls to remember and keep check of your activities. You can use colorful papers, different kinds of magnets, and even cute pictures of your family members to bring this chic idea to life. 

16. Baking Jars

Via Thefrugalgirls

Those little pastry liners aren’t ones to be easily found…especially when you’re looking for them. Place your cupcake liners in Mason and glass jars to keep them organized.

17. Drawer Of Towels

Via Diynetwork

Dedicated a drawer to paper towels. This will keep them a lot more organized and your kitchen clean

18. Toe Drawers 

Via Edgewoodcabinetry

Most kitchen cabinets have tiny tow drawers in the end but we usually tend to neglect this area or sometimes know nothing about it…so quickly go and check yours. Use this to place your flat trays and plates or even some spoons and forks. 

19. Wire Rack Organiser

YouCopia StoreMore Rack Expandable Cookware organizer, White

This is something that is easily available at any online store and is pretty cheap. You can place this on your counter or in your cabinet and store your plates, trays, lids, and other items in it.  Click here to buy a wire rack.

20. Side Spice Cabinet

Sunix Magnetic Rack, Magnetic Fridge Spice Rack, 12.6x5.2x18.1in New Design Paper Towel Holder, Rustproof Spice Jars Rack, Multi Use Refrigerator Side Shelf Including 5 Removable mobile Hooks (BLACK)

Use the extra space on the sides of your shelves, cabinet, or even refrigerator to add a spice rack. You can do this by simply attaching a wood or metal rack that you can easily make at home.  For refrigerators, you can add this affordable magnetic rack as well. It is a great way to store things in limited space.

21. Hang The Mugs

Via Housebeautiful

You can use a painted curtain or a simple copper wire rod and attach it to your kitchen. Then, attach some hooks and hang your mugs from this. It will automatically make your kitchen look more stylish as well as be more practical. 

With that, we come to the end of our list. The key to organizing a kitchen well is to use all the space you have properly and also…remember to have a lot of fun with it. So go get your supplies out and start organizing!

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