31 Brilliant DIY Home Organization Ideas That’ll Blow You Away

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Let’s agree that one of the most underrated struggles of being an adult is keeping our homes organized—something most of us have failed at. Although decluttering and keeping things in place is essential, we somehow end up standing in front of an unorganized pile. 

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of those piles this weekend, we’ve got your back! We’ve rounded up 31 brilliant DIY home organization ideas that’ll blow you away. 

Now, you won’t have to buy any equipment or additional utilities for organizing stuff. Funny thing? Instead of acting as home utilities, these purchases are going to add up to your clutter.  It’s better to ditch them!

So without any further ado, let’s get organized! 

31 Brilliant DIY Home Organization Ideas That’ll Blow You Away

1. DIY Pegboard Organization Idea     

Via Woodsmith

If you’re fond of woodworking, gardening, or fixing your vehicles on your own then you must be familiar with the struggle of managing your tools. Because no matter how much space you’ve got, it’s never enough. 

However, with the installation of a pegboard around your workspace you can organize your tools and also save a lot of space. 

2. Pretty Plastic Bag Organizer    

Via Marthastewart

Every time you visit a grocery store or supermarket, you get a party favor disguised as plastic bags ( lol! ). You know, an average American family takes home almost 1500 plastic bags a year. This figure vividly explains the need for its organization. 

Therefore, we’re presenting you with an eco-friendly pretty plastic bag organizer. You can install it around your kitchen and keep your plastic bags under control. 

3. Mason Jar Bathroom Wall Storage     

Via Thediyplaybook

We know you’re exasperated by all your grooming supplies lying on that bathroom countertop. Why not try a hand in organizing them? 

To pull off this gorgeous bathroom wall storage, you will need mason jars and some basic carpentry tools. This storage unit will accommodate your bath-time essentials like a pro. You won’t have to worry about a crowded countertop anymore! 

4. Hanging Make-up Organizer    

Via Buzzfeed

Reclaim the large space used by your makeup supplies by putting them in a hanging organizer. You can hang this on the back of your closet or bathroom door and stack all your make-up products into it. 

This is also going to save a lot of your time on those rushed Monday mornings. Plus, this organizational unit isn’t going to cost you a fortune. 

5. Laundry Basket Dresser    

Via Infarrantlycreative

Does the laundy room at your place look like another trash bin? Don’t fret, we all go through this! Nevertheless, you can organize the laundry baskets by constructing a viable dresser. 

It’s an entertaining yet productive way to spend your weekend with your family. You can also label the baskets to separate different kinds of clothes. 

6. Use Shower Rings To Store Scarves    

Via Hip2save

To all the scarf-addicts out there, this one’s for you! We know how obsessed you are with your scarf collection. Although you try your best to keep them in place, it’s hard to get a hold of them when you need them. 

You can use shower rings intertwined on a hanger to hang your scarves. It’s a mobile and hassle-free storage solution for your favorite fashion accessories. 

7. Modern Wine Rack Using PVC Pipes    

Via Marthastewart

Do you want to own a flamboyant collection of wine bottles but there’s not enough space? We’ve got a cure for you. Build a modern wine rack using PVC pipes! Yes, you read that right.

You can also store various things other than wine bottles in PVC pipes. Just go through the basics and modify the pipes accordingly. 

8. Sunglass Solution    

Via Cupcakesandcashmere

For someone who possesses a plethora of sunglasses, I’m way too ignorant. As a result, I end up either breaking them ( unintentionally, of course! ) or losing them. 

If you’re like me, build this seamless solution to keep track of your sunglasses easily. This project won’t take more than half an hour to complete but will be there for you for a long time to come. 

9. DIY Cork Storage Boxes    

Via Sugarandcloth

To preserve the little notes, letters, and magazine clippings lying around your place, all you need is a cork house storage box. This project is super fun and the result looks visually appealing. Therefore, it’s going to add a lot to the aesthetic value of your home decor. So, go ahead and hide all your supplies in these stylish little houses. 

10. DIY Key Organizer    

Via Instructables

 Earlier, my keys used to lie all around the house as if they didn’t belong to anybody. And instances of losing them were quite frequent. But guess what? I came across this amazing method to organize my keys collection. 

To pull off the project, you’ll most importantly need to put in some effort. Although it’s a no-brainer, you’ll have to stay consistent and soon you’ll be done in no time. 

11. Pretty Pen Pots    

Via Toriejayne

Some of you folks must be pretty fond of your pen or pencil collections. But they can turn annoying when you begin to spot them in almost every corner of the house—everywhere but the workspace, ironically.

Try creating these colorful and pretty pen/pencil pots to tackle the issues of space management and organization. 

12. Makeup Magnet Organizer    

Via Factualfairy

 One hack which is taking the internet by storm these days is the makeup magnet organizer. All you have to do is assemble a properly functioning set-up near your dressing table or any other location that is easily accessible to you.

By storing all your makeup essentials in one place, you’ll save a lot of time, especially when you’re in a rush. You can now have easy and unobstructed access to your essentials. 

13. DIY Sunglasses Stick    

Via Tatteredtotaylored

Another trick to managing your eyewear is by mounting a piece of wood for your sunglasses in the vicinity of your dressing table. You can paint the wood in such a way that it matches your room decor. The project is super cute and is going to save you some bucks. 

14. DIY Cereal Box Drawer Dividers    

Via Iheartorganizing

What do you usually do with the empty cereal boxes? You might most probably toss them into the trash. Well, you’d be surprised to know that these empty boxes can be of great aid when it comes to organizing your cluttered drawers. 

You can pull off this project by simply using empty boxes, wrapping paper, and a box cutter. A little bit of creativity and patience will lead you to fantastic results. 

15. Hanger Organization Idea      

Via Lovebugliving

Whether you want to organize your jeans or jacket collections or hang your purses, you immediately reach out for hangers.

Hangers are effortlessly useful and they can help in organizing your closet like nothing else. You can find unique ways to maximize their power. All you need are some hangers, index cards, and rubber bands! 

16. DIY Handy Washi Tape Holder    

Via Pillarboxblue

Washi tapes are a blessing for craftspeople. Their versatility and affordability make them the crafting staple of the modern era. 

However, organizing them can be a real headache. But wait, we’ve got an extremely lucrative method for this. Construct these handy washi tape holders to accommodate your washi tape collection and other craft supplies as well. 

17. DIY Mail Organizer    

Via Noodlehead

No matter how advanced technology becomes, mails are here to stay. If you feel lost and overwhelmed by the number of mails stacked up in your living room, this project is for you. 

Build this gorgeous mail organizer to keep the track of all your mail. It has various sections to help you classify them. Gather the supplies and get working!

18. Baker’s Twine Solution    

Via 32turns

If you’re someone who loves crafting and working on creative projects, you must be aware of the struggles of managing your craft supplies. This storage solution is here for your rescue. You can easily pull off this project, as it’s really affordable and simple. Go ahead and organize your twine, ribbons, etc. with ease. 

19. DIY Sliding Storage System     

Via Familyhandyman

Have you ever thought of using the ceiling space of your garage judicially? It’s one of the most underrated spaces where you can store rarely-used items. Grab your tools and head over to your garage to construct this sliding storage system to fulfill all your storage needs. 

This is an inconspicuous storage system, therefore, you can stack as many unused items as you want without disturbing your home’s decor.

20. Organizing Pet Food    

Via Realcreativerealorganized

I hope you believe in this lesser-known theory which says that having fur babies are better than having a human baby (there’s no theory per se, lol! ). But if you have a fur baby at home, you must be familiar with the tender love and care they require.

Their diet is an important part of their upkeep and thus it’s necessary to organize their food properly. Create this functional pet food organizer to store your cute baby’s food.

21. Entryway Mirror Makeover    

Via Tattooedmartha

Time to transform your entryway mirror into an organizer. Yes, you can do that! With a little bit of creativeness and woodworking, give that mirror a makeover. You will be able to organize small to medium-sized things like your car keys, door keys, some change coins, etc. You can even screw some knobs in and hang your handbags and satchels over there.

22. Hidden Toothbrush Organizer    

Via Familyhandyman

Have you ever thought of a hidden toothbrush organizer? Like an organizer which is there but not conspicuous enough to compromise with your bathroom decor? If you’re looking for a way to organize your toothbrushes by using minimal space, try building this offbeat yet practical organizer.

All you have to do is cut some notches in your cabinet shelf and you’re good to go. With some minimum extra space and a lot of creativity, you can own this masterpiece! 

23. Jewelry Storage Solutions    

Via Honeywerehome

Do you store all your jewelry in a box or a drawer and waste precious time rummaging through them when you need something? It’s time to switch to your door which can be used to organize your jewelry easily.

With this organizational method, you’ll be able to access any piece of jewelry easily. You just need some command hooks and some other easily found supplies, and that’s it. You just got yourself an entertaining project for the weekend! 

24. DIY Tic Tac Bobby Pin Case    

Via Lovelyindeed

Imagine if you had to sit down and recall the number of bobby pins you’ve lost to date. Brutal, right? The number justifies the dire need to get your bobby pins organized. 

Create a chic tic tac case to store your bobby pins. This will definitely keep them in order—remember to put them back in their case after use. And you’re done! 

25. Wall Basket Storage     

Via Simplydiy2

Mount some baskets on your bathroom walls to store innumerable things here and there. This versatile storage unit is going to look ravishing in your bathroom and ameliorate its overall look. 

Grab a few chic baskets from your local store and get started with the organization. 

26. DIY Sofa Organizer    

Via Artgalleryfabrics

A sofa organizer is something that you never knew you needed. Spare a couple of hours this weekend to pull off this amazing storage unit for your living room. This organizer can accommodate various things like remote controls, magazines, books, etc. for your convenience. Plus, it’s easy to create and definitely gorgeous to look at. 

27. Under-sink Organization    

Via Jenthousandwords

The area under the sink is usually left unused, and being a space-saving individual myself, I can’t bear with that. If you’re anything like me, you’d agree. Therefore, it’s high time you start utilizing this space. You can install a tension rod, place a basket, and include a plastic bag too. 

This method will let you organize bleach bottles, insect sprays, sterilizers, etc. seamlessly. 

28. DIY Hexagon Display Shelf     

Via Jenniferperkins

Why not build a hexagon display shelf in your living room? It would be a great option for showcasing your creativity and for organizing various stuff. 

You can easily get these hexagon boxes in your nearby craft store.  The only other thing you need is double-sided wall mounting tape—it’s that easy to make.

29. Recycled Paper Basket    

Via Designsponge

Let’s all agree that the number of paper bags we utilize in a day are uncountable. But have you ever thought of creating something functional out of that trash? Well, we’re presenting with you a recycled paper basket project. 

A little bit of cutting and sewing will ensure the construction of a flamboyant organizational unit. 

30. DIY Rolling Book Basket    

Via Interiorsbysarahlangtry

By putting together a wire basket, four castors, and a wooden board as a base, you can have yourself a rolling book basket. A large number of books are hands down quite heavy to carry. Now, just imagine how thrilling it would be to effortlessly shift your favorite books anywhere you prefer. So, get building!

31. Screw Glass Jars Organizer   

Via Thehandyhomemaker

Deploy the space under your garage shelf by installing an array of mason jars there. All you need are some mason jars, screws, glue, and some other things that are lying around your house. You can stow a plethora of stuff in these jars, the list is endless! This project is a must-try and you definitely won’t regret the efforts you put into it.

The above-given organizational methods are a sure-fire way of making your humble abode look wonderful. So, get your creative hat on and pull off these DIY projects for a better-organized home!

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