21 Best Desk Organizers From Amazon To Organize Your Desks Like a Pro

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Do the piles of files on your desk just make you frustrated amidst a tiring Monday? Or do you keep losing your black pen now and then? Little things like these can prove to be a hindrance to your work. They can get you frustrated and turn a smooth sailing day into a hectic and tiring one.

You might be surprised to know how managing your desk space can make your job significantly easier. It can let you focus on the more important stuff and get your tasks done quickly. For instance, having your frequently used stuff at the reach of your right hand can ensure your creative flow doesn’t break.

Similarly, having a few reminders right in front of you can be the difference between being prepared for presentations and forgetting that. Decluttering of desk space declutters your mind and keeps you sane for longer amidst the insane pressure of work.

And just adding a few space organizers available on Amazon can help you achieve all that. And that’s why we have curated a list of desk organizers available at inexpensive rates on Amazon to achieve your desk organization goals easily.

The products here include those ideal for compact spaces, those with a lot of compartments, those with multiple charging ports and so much more. Instead of finalizing one, we advise you to go through the list to ensure you choose the products that fit your work requirements and fit in well with your office desk.

21 Best Desk Organizers From Amazon To Organize Your Desks Like a Pro

1. Simple House Ware Mesh Desk Organizer

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer, Double Tray and 5 Stacking Sorter Sections, Black

If you are looking for a compact desk organizer that can carry various tools you need to use, look no further than this one. The desk organizer is made of mesh so it’s easy to see your stuff through it. The sliding tray comes in handy for your reference books and project files.

It comes with 5 stacking sorter sections which make it easy to segregate your emails, invoices, and other important pieces of paper. The bottom tray with three-compartment drawers helps keep stationery, staplers, pens, calculator, and more in a well-organized fashion.

Check it out on Amazon.

2. Elephant Pencil Holder With Phone Holder

COOLBROS Elephant Pencil Holder with Phone Holder Desk Organizer Desktop Pen Pencil Mobile Phone Bracket Stand Storage Pot Holder Container Stationery Box Organizer (Indian elephan)

If you have a quirky theme with vibrant colors around your desk, your organizer should also stand out from the crowd. Take a look at this cute elephant shaped pencil holder that comes with a separate compartment to hold your phones.

It comes in handy if you have to use your phone for reference along with your desktop on video calls and more. It’s also a safe place to charge your phone. The three compartments at the back will easily keep stuff like scissors, pens, pencils, and more. Overall this desk organizer is an artist’s delight.

3. Rose Gold 5 Piece Desk Organizer Set

Sorbus Desk Organizer Set, Rose Gold 5-Piece Desk Accessories Set Includes Pencil Cup Holder, Letter Sorter, Letter Tray, Hanging File Organizer, and Sticky Note holder for Home or Office (Copper)

If you happen to have a little bit of space on various sides of your desk, you’d need smallholders here and there instead of a large one-set organizer. Here is a minimalistic piece of the rose gold organizer that looks exquisite too. 

You can hang the file organizer for easy handling and display which also helps avoid clutter on the desk. You are also getting a pen holder, letter tray, and a tray to keep your reference books organized. The set covers it all and provides an aesthetic feel to your office too.

Check out this rose gold organizer set.

4. Metal Monitor Riser Stand

Simple Trending Metal Monitor Riser Stand and Computer Desk Organizer with Drawer, Black

If your cabin is just big enough to keep your desktop and mouse, you need to find other ways to create space. This desk riser stand provides an effective option to create space out of nowhere. You can keep your laptop, books, or hard drives under the desktop while it has separate compartments for phones, diaries, calculators, and other stuff on the sides.

It comes with rubber feet that ensure it won’t slip away accidentally. You can also keep your keyboard in its slide-out tray after work.

5. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Magnetic Paper Clip Holder,Marble White Holder with Gold Paper Clips 100pcs 28mm(1.1") Cute Office Supplies for Desk Organizer

We all want our desk organization accessories to fulfill their roles but they shouldn’t ruin the decor either. If luxury is what you are after, you must have this eye-catching magnetic clip holder just for the view.

But of course, it comes in quite handy for those who can’t complete their work without paper clips. The set contains 100 luxury gold paper clips to keep your important papers organized in some style. The magnetic dispenser ensures it keeps your paper flips safe and the marble white color makes it a must-have accessory.

6. 8 Piece Interlocking Drawer Organizer

madesmart Value 8-Piece Interlocking Bin Pack - Granite | VALUE COLLECTION | Customizable Multi-Purpose Storage | Durable | Easy to Clean | BPA-Free

If your desk can accommodate only a couple of drawers, you have to struggle from not being able to find things in your drawer. Over the months, the drawer becomes a frustrating cluttered space where everything gets lost like in the black hole.

Get rid of this issue by placing this 8-piece interlocking drawer organizer. Now you can keep your clips, pens, calculator, diaries, sanitizer, and more in different compartments inside your drawer! You can also lock the bins together in a manner suitable for you. So, whatever your drawers contain, there’s a setting customized just for you.

7. Monitor Stand with Drawer

Mind Reader PC, Laptop, IMAC Monitor Stand and Desk Organizer, Black

It’s not uncommon to have a desk that just doesn’t suit your height. As a result, you might endure back and neck pains while watching at the screen for long hours. Then is your everlasting struggle to all your office tools organized on a small desk.

Solve two issues at once with this unique monitor stand that comes with three drawers to keep all your stuff in place. It fits under your desktop to keep all your pen drives, stationery, and more in place. You will also get detachable stands with it which you can attach or remove for a comfortable viewing experience.

8. Headphone Hanger Stand

Brainwavz Hengja - The Desk Headphone Hanger Stand Mount, All Metal, Headset Holder

If you have a calling job, you would know the troubles that come with wearing your headphones all day. Keeping them on the desk could also be troublesome as the wires get entangled and the desk becomes cluttered.

Instead, attach this unique metal hanger stand to your desk. You can hang your headphones comfortably after use. It is an adjustable tool and fits all kinds of vertical shelves and you can even hang large headphones on it with the use of its adjuster tool.

9. Transparent Storage Unit with Three Drawers

IRIS USA, Inc. DDS-M3 Medium Desktop Drawer System, Black

Organizing the office desk is all about placing things so that they are easy to find in a decluttered manner. Drawers do well to organize the files and stationery but a transparent organizer solves the identification problem too.

You can easily spot your project files from these transparent sliding trays which makes your task smoother. The open space on the top lets you place frequently used stuff. The stand also has rubber feet which helps it keep intact in a position. The space is just good enough to keep your files and you can accommodate this one in the most compact spaces.

10. 3-Tier Letter Tray Organizer

3 Tier Letter Tray Organizer, Desktop Document Paper File, Black

If your work involves a lot of reading and handling files and books, you’d need a horizontal stand instead of a vertical one. This three-tiered letter tray organizer is just ideal for these needs. You can store all your magazines, files and books neatly in here.

You don’t need to keep a separate stand for stationery and tools either. It has a side compartment that lets you store all these things with ease. Moreover, the stand has a holding bar on the top so that you can carry your stuff from one place to the other easily.

11. Hanging File Folders

AmazonBasics Hanging Organizer File Folders - Letter Size, Green - Pack of 25

File folders may seem like a traditional way of storing but these are still as effective. This modern take on file folders from Amazon Basics lets you store all your charts, records, and documents neatly in a drawer.

You don’t have to deal with stacks of paper cluttering your desk anymore. The organizer includes 25 clear plastic tabs along with replaceable white inserts. You can place these tabs anywhere on the folder to keep a track of the files it contains.

Check out this file folder.

12. 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf Organizer

Sorbus 3-Tier Bamboo Shelf Organizer for Desk with Drawers — Mini Desk Storage for Office Supplies, Toiletries, Crafts, etc — Great for Desk, Vanity, Tabletop in Home or Office

If your office supplies are too much to handle your compact desk, you should add this fairly large desk organizer to create that additional storage space. The functional unit has a lot of drawers and table space to keep your files, pen holders, calculators, pen drives, mobiles, and more easily.

If you have your own office, you can have this kind of an organizer on the reception to put the important spare stuff. The bamboo material makes it an aesthetic and professional-looking unit to keep at your office desk.

13. Tower Desk Bar Storage

YAMAZAKI home Tower Desk Bar - Wood & Steel Organizer, Black

If you don’t want overwhelming multiple tiered organizers and just need a space to keep your smaller stuff organized, this minimalistic desk bar can do the job for you. The steel and wood combination and clean lines make it look exquisite.

You can place it near the walls and it would blend in effortlessly with the background. You can place anything from smartphones, glasses, and writing essentials in this sleek piece of storage.

14. Expandable Drawer Divider Organizer

4 Pack Bamboo Drawer Dividers Organizers, Spring Loaded Adjustable Kitchen Drawer Separators (2.36"High, 17"-22"), Expandable Wooden Drawer Organization Works in Dresser, Bathroom, Bedroom, Desk

You don’t always need more space. Sometimes managing the space you have can be the solution to your organization issues and this expandable drawer divider is the perfect example of that. It declutters your desk drawers by adding partitions to it.

Since it’s expandable, you can use it in any drawer you have. The divider has foam attached on either end to protect your furniture from damage too. The smooth surface also ensures your stuff won’t get damaged when it comes in contact with these dividers.

15. Mesh Corner Organizer

Lorell LLR95252 Mesh Corner Desktop Organizer

L-Shaped office desks are comfortable because they provide you with ample space and lets you keep things organized on two sides instead of one. This mesh corner organizer is just perfect for an L-shaped desk as it fits effortlessly in the corner.

The 5-tiered shelving unit offers ample space to keep your diaries, sticky notes, tapes, staplers, hard drives, and more. Additionally, it has two file units to keep your essential and frequently used documents. It also lets you use your vertical space along the walls instead of scattering things horizontally on your desk.

16. Punched Metal and Wood Desk OrganizerRolodex Punched Metal and Wood Desk Organizer, Black and Gunmetal (E23552), Standard Packaging

The punched metal organizer from Rolodex looks quite premium with its gunmetal finish. It has an ergonomic design that includes a slanted display stand to keep your phones or reminders to ensure you don’t forget anything and struggle with deadlines.

The sorting vanes can hold several envelopes, cheques, and other paperwork neatly while you can use the pen holder to store your stationery. The slanted shelf has enough space to hold a couple of 3-inch notepads. The organizer is compact and does much more than just holding pens despite taking a similar space.

17. Hanging Desk Drawer Organizer

Rubbermaid Hanging Desk Drawer Organizer, Plastic, Black (11916ROS)

If you only have space for one desk organizer to keep all your oversized as well as small items, here is an excellent option for you. You can suspend it from hanging file rails and put all your pens, stationery, notepads, scissors, and calculators separate from each other. This prevents damage from pointed items and ensures your file cabinet is decluttered. It works well for deep file drawers and is quite inexpensive. So it’s one of your best bets inside a budget.

18. Rustic Wooden Desk Organizer

3 Piece Rustic Wooden Desk Organizer Set- Rustic Whitewashed Mail Organizer for Desktop - Great for Rustic or Industrial Home Decor! Rustic Makeup Organizer for Vanity…

Metal and mesh organizer do look modern but having a traditional wooden desk organizer fits in well with aesthetic office decor. You don’t want your desk organizer to look out of place. So if you are looking for rustic storage space, this one is just for you.

It comes with the main mail organizer to keep all your essential paperwork in one place. Then you are getting a cup holder along with a smaller accessory holder. It also has protective foam pads to protect your fragile equipment from any damage.

Buy this rustic wooden desk organizer.

19. 3-Tier Teal Wooden Desk Organizer

Blu Monaco Teal Wooden Mail Organizer - 3 Tier Teal Desk Organizer - Rustic Country Mail Sorter - Kitchen Countertop Organizer Mail Basket

This teal colored wooden desk organizer is as adorable as it’s useful. It’s just a perfect addition to a modern aesthetic office desk. You will get a space to keep all your cheques, mails, and important documents organized. The three-tiered organizers ensure you get enough compartments to keep different documents separately.

Then there’s the space in front to keep your phone, pens, and more stuff separate and well-organized. It’s wide enough to keep wider document files but is a sleek piece of furniture that would sit in any corner of the desk easily. The color steals the show for me and makes it a must-have in the office.

20. Industrial Style Torched Desktop Tray

2 Tier Industrial Style Torched Wood Desktop Document Tray, Paper File Holder with Chalkboard Labels

Another aesthetic organizer is this list, this industrial style desktop tray has a label space on the front to make it easier to identify the things you keep in each tier. It will become even easier for someone new to find things at your desk.

The organizer will leave the impression that you like to work in a decluttered environment and are disciplined. The chalkboard adds a unique handwritten charm to a simple organizer that helps store your notepads, pens, mail, and more. The rustic finish adds a vintage vibe to your decors too.

21. Desk Organizer cum Charging Station with Wireless Charging

Combo Office HUB STEALTHO Desk Organizer - MacBook USB C Charger - iPhone QI Wireless Charger 10W - USB Type C HUB to HDMI USB 3 Micro SD Reader, includes Power Adapter 60W Thunderbolt 3 Cable (White)

What would you give to have a desk organizer that includes a wireless charger, MicroSD slot, HDMI port, USB Type-A ports, Pen Holder, headphone holder, charging cable, aux port, and more? Well, that would be a dream gift for any employee or freelancer indeed.

All your wires, phones, stationery, headphones, and other essentials can quickly create a clutter on your desk distracting you from work. You can now read microSD cards from other devices, charge your laptops and mobile with a 60W charger, charge your mobile with the wireless charging unit, transfer data, connect your headphones to call, and even connect another screen to your laptop at this charging station. It also comes with a potholder to bring freshness to your garden. Overall, it’s a must-have device, especially if you need to use multiple devices at once in your work.

Check out this organizer.

These were some of the best desk organizers available on Amazon at low costs. Choosing the best desk organizer depends on your needs as much as it depends on your space.

You don’t need to have a large organizer when a smaller one can do the job even if you have enough space. It’s essential to understand the importance of space to have a productive and decluttered office space.

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