21 Best Craft Room Organization Ideas

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If you are one of those people obsessed with DIYs and other craft projects, you are bound to have a craft room in your house. This is the one place where you can de-stress and completely lose yourself in whatever you’re crafting at the moment!

But, this room is going to turn into your worst nightmare if you leave all your craft supplies strewn around and don’t know how to go about organizing them. You need a proper storage and organization system in this part of the house so that all the supplies are accessible to you at all times—this is absolutely necessary to keep you sane! 

So, to save you from such a situation, we have carefully curated a list of 21 of the best craft room organization ideas. Check them out and try out the ideas you love the most!

21 Best Craft Room Organization Ideas

1. Clear Jars

Use glass jars to store all your essential supplies like pencils, buttons, beads, etc. Using glass jars makes organization easier and efficient because you can get to the stuff you want quickly without wasting a lot of time and know what has what. They come in a lot of shapes and sizes, so get the ones that appeal to you the most aesthetically and storage wise. They are great multitaskers as well – They double as home decor AND add liveliness and color to your craft room space.

2. Pegboard

Via Feelingnifty

Pegboards have holes that allow you to hang hooks or pegs and store stuff on your walls. They are often used for tool storage. But you can really put on them any and every kind of storage attachment and hang whatever you want, from keys, jewelry, scarves, to even stationery supplies. Sky’s the limit. For a craft room, a pegboard is really a blessing, because it gives the room A LOT of storage potential, and you have the freedom to customize it as per your needs. You can hang it up near your workstation for easier usage.

3.  Hang a Towel Rod

Via Hometalk

The use of towel rods isn’t just limited to the bathroom. They can come in really handy for hanging stuff like paintbrushes, crayons, sketch pens, pencils, etc. Just get some hooks, attach them to containers with holes, or get ready-made hangable pencil holders with hooks. It creates a ton of free storage in a limited space and places essentials in a position of easy reach.

4. Paint Board Organizer

Via Handcraftedcreations on Instagram

You can make your very own DIY Paint Board Organizer for your craft room. Get a pack of paperclips and a wooden bulletin board. Then, hammer nails into the bulletin board just like the arrangement in the picture. Use the metal clips by attaching them to the end of the paint tubes and hang it up on the nails using the other end. Bravo! Now you don’t have to sift through the whole box full of colors to find the ones you like, you can easily spot them on the board. And the best part? You can arrange them shade wise! Assign each column/row to one color and arrange the shades in that specific row/column.

5. Necklace Holder

PAMANO Jewelry Stand Holder, 3-Tier Necklace Hanging Wooden Ring Organizer Earring Tray, 8 Hooks Storage Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings and Watches on Desk Tabletop- White

Necklace holders are not just for necklaces – You can use them to use your hangable craft supplies/tools like scissors, ribbon rolls, tapes, and so on. You can buy one and put it at your work station where you spend the most time in your craft room so you have access to the supplies that are usually needed.

Check out this amazing necklace holder with a lot of storage capacity.

6.  K Cup Organizer

Via Thecraftypickle

This for us is by far one of the MOST creative hacks for craft room storage – Using K Cup Holders to store craft supplies like buttons, emblems, beads, pins, etc. Take a look at this guide by THE CRAFT PICKLE to learn better how to turn an inexpensive K Cup Holder into a storage solution using a bunch of mini cups.

7.  Glitter Shakers

Via Markmontano

What’s better than glitter? Glitter in a salt shaker! Yes, you heard it right. Instead of having to store glitter packets/small bottles in your craft room, store them in salt shakers. The best part? You won’t have to use your hands whenever you want to majestically sprinkle the glitter like salt bae putting salt on some juicy steak (Although we admit not being able to do it salt bae style is really, in fact, the worst part, but hey, ease is a priority!). Just take the shaker, shake it and you’re done!

8.  Rolling Craft Carts

If you don’t have a lot of space in your craft room, investing in a rolling craft organizer is definitely a great idea for the long run.  You can throw in a bunch of clear plastic totes in your shopping cart and you will have the best mobile craft station.

These pack in a lot of storage space and are MOVABLE – so you can store your supplies and roll it around, bring it wherever you want to with you in the craft room as you pick out the supplies for the next project, and then take it back next to the work station.  Sooooo efficient and hassle-free, isn’t it? Check out these cool clear totes and this rolling craft cart to create your very own mobile craft station.

9.  Display Your Art

Via Styleanddwell

You can reserve one wall of your craft room for art displays. Why keep them away in the closet only to take them out once a year to show your friends? Attach a wire curtain rod to the walls and hang up your mesmerizing creations – obviously the projects that were made purely for display purposes. You can also display the art created by your little ones, they will be so happy!

10. Don’t Let Free Door Space Go Unused

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

If you have a craft room, chances are you have a door (Sorry). Doors are overlooked often when we think of potential storage spaces, and they can really help us reduce clutter and organize our craft room. Just buy a vertical pantry organizer and attach it to the back of your craft room door and store jars, ribbons, threads in them. You can even store your gift wrapping supplies in there. DO NOT ignore this space. This hack will save you money and time both!

11. Install a Chalkboard

Via Mojezielonewzgorze

An indirect but equally useful method of storage organization is putting up a chalkboard in your craft room. You can organize your crafting ideas on the chalkboard so you don’t have to put up post-it notes here and there or have to visit your internet history to find out which DIY project you wanted to work on next.

Just write down essential stuff on the chalkboard, you can do the drill at the end of the day as well when you’re in the midst of a project and want to make sure what all to buy and take care of the next day. This can save a lot of space and time both. Also, zero paper wastage!

12.  DIY Hidden Door Craft Paint Storage

Via Infarrantlycreative

Imagine having a double-duty sliding door that has paint storage AND some closet space. Also, it has just ENOUGH space to store the paint, and the storage space that’s revealed once you slide it is enough to hang an ironing board. Only in dreams? No. You can definitely have this in your very own craft room, just follow the steps. Check out the whole guide here.

13. Double Duty Ironing Station

HOMCOM Drop Leaf Ironing Board with Shelves and Storage Boxes - Hawaiian Flowers

If you are into sewing, you can buy this cool ironing station that also will serve as a storage space for all your fabrics. For added efficiency, you can attach shelves for other sewing supplies near the station so you don’t have to leave every time you need something. Check this one out.

14. Sewing Foot Storage

Via Sewwhatsnew

If you have a number of sewing feet, arrange them in a plastic container with partitions and label each one so you can find them easier without having to identify them from a pile. You can also store other sewing supplies like buttons in the same container.

15. DIY Glue Gun Holder

Via Virginiasweetpea

I think glue gun is the one essential tool we all have in our craft rooms, yet there is no one proper way to store it. You can make your very own Glue Gun Holder and place it on your workstation for easier access and storage efficiency. Follow this easy tutorial by Paula Skulina and learn how to do it here.

16. Washi Tape Dispenser

2pcs HomDSim Washi Tape Dispenser Cutter,Roll Tape Holder Organizer,Masking Tape Desktop Tape DIY Sticker Roll Tape Cutter Holder Storage,Washi Tape Box Brown

If you are a Washi Tape lover (they’re so cute!), this invention is just the thing that will soothe your Washi Tape loving soul. It is stackable, and also comes with a cutter! Organize all your adorable Washi Tapes in one place so you never have to bother arranging them again, by getting one here.

17. Organize Your Paper and Embellishments

Via Cardgrotto

Craftwork calls for a lot of supplies, the major one being paper. It could be anything, from plain to a handmade decorative kind. It’s not easy storing all this paper only to have to end up getting annoyed and not being able to find the one you KNOW is in there somewhere. Check out this guide to this super cool Paper and Embellishment Organizing Idea which teaches you to store all your paper in file cabinets to learn how to better store your ‘staple’ supply with ease in your craft room.

18.  Entryway Wall Organizer for Fabric Storage

Via Heyletsmakestuff

If you have a spare entryway wall organizer, use it for fabric storage in your craft room. It has enough space to fit a whole lot of folded fabric that you’d have to keep away in a closet otherwise. This way the fabric will be on display and it will be easier for you to pull the one you need out whenever you are at your sewing station. You can also arrange the fabric colorwise like in this photo, it will act as decor too!

19. (Another) DIY Paint Organizer

Via Sugarbeecrafts

Yep. But this one is pretty creative and awesome too. Take a few nails, a wooden board, and cheap metal bins. Pin them to the board with nails and arrange your paints on them by stacking on top of each other. They won’t even fall if you do this right, because, well, gravity.

20. Build your very own Table with Major Storage Potential

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

Your table is the central, most important part of your craft room because that’s where you bring to life all your ideas. A table should not be messy at all, and if you have one with very less storage capacity, we’re guessing other supplies usually take up a lot of the tabletop space already. Building your own custom workstation with maximum storage space isn’t too hard. Learn how to do it here. This will also ensure that your craft room space is not wasted and the one taken up by the table is used up properly.

21. Wrapping Station

Via Styleanddwell

Remember how gift stores have cute little wrapping stations at the back? The same can really benefit if you add it to your craft room. Instead of rolling up wrapping papers and keeping them away somewhere only to have to turn everything upside down to find them when it’s someone’s birthday or Christmas time, just set a small wrapping station in your very own craft room.

This will save you time, and you can put away all your ribbons, bows, and tapes in one place. Also, this year you wouldn’t have to go buy additional rolls of wrapping paper for Christmas just because you can’t find the old ones. Attach a shelf to store pencil holders with markers and scissors, and tension rods to hang wrapping paper rolls and ribbons. Put some small jars on the shelf and fill them up with embellishments, gift tags, and other gift wrapping essentials.

Okay, our fellow artists. Now that you know all the possible ways you can completely transform your craft room and make it a better storage space with efficient organization, go do the ones that fit your current craft room needs!

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