41 Best Closet Organization Ideas to Keep Your Space Neat and Tidy

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Have you ever rifled through your closet to find that sexy black dress before your date night? Did you have to spend precious hours trying to track down your kid’s shorts in their messy wardrobe? If you’re saying yes right now, you’re at the right place!

No matter how hard we try, our closet seems to hate organization. It becomes a mess eventually and is left as nothing less than a catch-all for everything. Besides getting overwhelmed by the mess, I was also inspired by Tiding Up by Marie Kondo this time and have dug up some ideal hacks and ideas to keep your closet neat and tidy.

From easy-to-build shoe organizers to DIY laundry hampers, we have it all. There are clever storage and organization ideas for every space and budget and everything can be done in no time.

To help you maximize your closet’s footprint and keep it tidy always, we bring to you 41 Best Closet organization ideas to keep your space neat and tidy!

41 Best Closet Organization Ideas to Keep Your Space Neat and Tidy

1. DIY Built-in Closet

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Why spend so much on a built-in closet when we can just DIY it! Divide the built-in closet into board shelves and support shelves to create divisions for your belongings. Making these divisions will help you keep the closet organized and it won’t turn into a mess in a few days. 

Install painted shelves and boards on the bottom and top of the closet. Use these areas to store shoes, and equip the top shelf with cute bins and store your things. The clothes won’t come in your way now and will peacefully stay in place! 

2. Cubbies Closet Organizer

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One of my favorite ideas from the lot! This pretty closet organizer has got an elegant look and will help you keep your space nice and tidy. If you prefer to have compartments to divide your things, the cubbies are perfect for you. 

This custom closet organizer is very easy to build and you won’t have to spend much on the materials. Build or buy wooden boxes, place a couple of rods for clothes and other things, and you are done with your quick renovation. This closet would maximize the space and the number of boxes would hardly leave any room for a mess!

3. Cheap and Easy Closet Shelves

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If you are looking for an easy and fun DIY project for the holidays, try out these cube shelves for a quick closet renovation! This is an amazing DIY for built-in closets and it not only optimizes the space but also helps in keeping all your stuff in the right place. 

You would need pine and poplar boards, a nail gun, screws, and bright paint for this one. Make the cubbies according to your space, buy some regular bins from the dollar store and color them. The bins would be ideal for stashing those socks, sweaters, and other seasonal items. 

4. IKEA Pax to Custom Closet

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The best closet organization ideas do need expert certification – this IKEA pax ticks all the boxes of stunning looks and efficiency. If you are not on a tight budget, you can buy a ready-made closet to renovate your room and then customize it according to your requirements. 

Don’t freak out, it is very easy and this IKEA closet is quite flexible and has got you covered! Add extra drawers, crown moldings, and new hardware to increase the functionality of this eye-pleasing closet and I am sure you would be very proud of the results!

5. Nursery Closet

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If organizing my closet was hard, working on my son’s closet was 10 times harder. If you are a parent, I am sure you can relate to me. Kids have tons of stuff and no matter how many times we try to clean it up, it gets messy real fast. 

Say goodbye to those woes with this DIY where you are renovating a built-in closet for your kid. From pretty drawers and compartments, create zones for every category like shoes, booties, and so on. You can even add a cute pattern to the closet wall to make it fun!

6. Statement Closet Makeover

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Having a closet where I can keep my shoe collection without disturbing the garments is a dream come true for me – I have found my solution in this one. If you have a closet like this, it is time to renovate it with some plastic boxes and zinc bars. 

You don’t have to spend much, just run to the dollar store and get these white boxes for the shoes, install two zinc bars to hang your casuals, and keep shelves on the extreme right for your formals. You can dedicate an empty wall for this project and trust me, you will not regret it! 

7. Closet with Dressers

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This closet gives us dreamy movie vibes where the millionaire has everything and a space for everything. This walk-in closet has dressers everywhere to suit your moods and personality. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this one, but you do need some effective planning. 

Get 3-drawer and 5-drawer chests from IKEA and DIY them right into your closet with some drilling and power tools. You can fix drawers as per your need and equip them with L compartments for the shoes and miscellaneous stuff. With just some effort, you can build these multi-purpose closets by spending so little! 

8. Sunglasses Storage Solution

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Always losing your sunglasses and accessories? We have an efficient organizing hack for you! If you have a huge collection of glasses, you can put them on display, and trust me, they look amazing if organized properly. 

Equip your closet door with a statement nail polish rack and use it to store sunglasses and accessories. This would not consume space and you are utilizing the back of the door to the fullest. It’s a win-win situation, you see. 

9. Coordinate Items Together

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A streamlined wardrobe is nothing less than harmony, where things belonging to a particular category work together. The best way to organize garments is to find out their category, and it can be based on anything! 

Keep your interview skirts and dresses on one side, keep the items that you combine while dressing together, and so on. It is said that a closet is a boutique filled with fresh possibilities and you can discover anything, anytime! 

10. Scarf Hanger

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Whether you admit it or not, there are probably many colorful scarfs shoved in your drawer right now. Don’t let them get overwhelmingly wrinkled, save yourself from the horror of ironing before use, and try out this idea now!

Switch to this easy scarf organization with the help of a towel bar and you are good to go. You will also need a drill, wall anchors, and white paint for this one – you are ready to organize them perfectly inside your closet!

11. DIY Jewelry Storage

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Get those earrings and bracelets under control with this amazing DIY jewelry organization. Most of us have a huge collection of jewelry and we lack proper storage for them, and that’s the reason why we can never find a matching pair! 

Make a stunning earring frame with white wood, glass and put eye hooks in the drilled pilot holes to make those earrings hang. You can also make an earring storage bar with a zinc rod and install the structure on the insides of the door of your closet and you are done! Simple, isn’t it?

12. Store Items by Frequency of Use

Among several good closet organizing hacks and ideas, the best ones are often overlooked due to how obvious they seem. Storing things by how often you use them might be the solution you need to fix your everyday mess! You must have left an air mattress in the center of the linen closet and you barely use it. Similarly, if your middle shelf is occupied with seasonal items, you went wrong there. 

Stack items that you hardly use on higher shelves and keep them way back. Fill up the center and front of the closet with frequently used fabric and you won’t have to maneuver inside it every time you look for an item. 

13. The Perfect Gifting Closet

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You can also call this a crafting closet because it serves both purposes and makes crafting a breeze. We usually have so many craft and gifting supplies that finding everything we need takes longer than making the actual craft.

Take out some time and hit your nearest dollar store to buy these transparent white boxes of different sizes and wired bins. Store items in bins and boxes instead of keeping them loose and the results will surprise you! You can also use this closet to store your seasonal decor items, I know they’re important! 

14. Hacks for a Small Closet

Organization is step one of achieving a neat and tidy home, and if you have small closet space, it becomes the most important thing to take care of. You need some genius hacks and tricks to expand your closet space and fit them all. 

From utilizing a nearby nook or wall space to adding a separate dressing area with a mirror, these easy ideas will help you optimize the space you have and help you achieve that dreamy look. 

15. Raise the Bar

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The clothing bar is usually installed in somewhat the mid-section of the center of the linen closet – time to change your mind! Raising the bar a little higher frees up space below to store essentials. 

Install stand-in dressers if you want to replicate a built-in and it would look the same. Fix drawers according to your need and don’t forget to put dividers for the ultimate organization. If you have compartments like this one, make sure you utilize them to the fullest! 

16. Efficient Tiny Closet

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No matter how much you love an item, you won’t remember to use it if it’s out of your sight. The most vulnerable thing here are those bags and clutches. If you have a tiny closet, organize it to keep the wallets and clutches on display. 

Bring in new hangers and rods to increase the space and help with the organization. You can also bring purse hooks and install garment organizers to beautify it. Also, while we’re talking about efficient closets, lighting is very important. Make sure you have it in a good location and the closet is well lit! 

17. Doors and Bags

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I have already mentioned that we can use the insides, and even the outside part of the closet door for storage, and here is another example. Storing bags isn’t easy owing to their shape. We cannot stash them here and there or they can lose their shape and get wrinkled – not very graceful!

Utilize the doors and install a few hooks on the insides. Hang small and big bags on them and you are done! This won’t be a permanent solution if your collection of bags is huge, but it’s perfect for a few special bags that need some extra love!

18. Baskets and Bins

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We went through many ideas where using bins was an optimal solution – the best way to keep things organized, be it in the kid’s closet or the crafting one. If you want to organize your closet that doesn’t hold loads of garments, but it does have tons of small stuff, this one is for you! 

Make these baskets and bins your best friends and have a neat and tidy space. These roped baskets add that rustic vibe and keep things organized. Dividers and compartments are good, but you can go up a notch with storage bins! 

19. Dresser Inside the Closet

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You don’t need to have a big room closet for this one, trust me. Just a little space inside your regular closet and you would love the new look. All you need to do is buy a dresser according to the space available and you would be good to go. 

This would ensure some free space in your bedroom and you would also have all your clothing items and accessories in one place. Tried and tested it, I have a dresser inside my closet and it is way more convenient like this. You can also get dressed faster this way!

20. Take Advantage of the Vertical Space

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We did see one where the closet was mainly set up in horizontal space and I know it looks pretty amazing, but that’s not a very convenient option for everyone, right? Also, if you are living in a studio apartment like me, you most likely have more vertical space. 

Let me be clear, if you want a dreamy closet without any clutter, optimize the vertical space as much as you can. Start from the floor and don’t leave out any space. You can use the high shelves for seasonals, the lower ones for shoes, and so on. As I’ve already said, organizing a closet is all about exploring new possibilities! 

21. Girly Glam Closet

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From having the dresser inside the closet to a drool-worthy jewelry organizer, this DIY closet makeover has it all. The good news? It doesn’t have a wide area but has those stunning looks!

The best part here is how efficiently you can use hangers and drawers. We’ve learned the concept of putting jewelry on display and you can see how amazing it looks. You can also install a pretty mirror near the jewelry organizer and it fits perfectly!

22. Install a Hidden Hamper

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A hamper like this is very effective as it can help you keep the floor clutter-free and you don’t have to stack your clothes and linens someplace else after use. You can add this while installing the shelving unit, and it would be very useful. My advice would be to use a lower compartment here just like the picture as it is way more convenient that way. 

23. No Shoes on the Floor! 

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This truly can’t be emphasized enough – you must keep the floor clean if you want your closet space to be neat and tidy, and the rule mostly applies to shoes. What else would you keep on the floor, anyway? 

Easily find your date night heels and those comfy gym sneakers on the cubbies below the shelves. You can do some good organizing on the shoe rack like categorizing by color or purpose. It’s just so fun! 

24. Take the Help of Shower Rings

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This one is specific for scarves and you can see why. They do require an entire hanger and if you try to fit them in one, wrinkles! Switch to an efficient solution instead and use shower rings for those scarfs.

They won’t cost you much and you can use one for each scarf. It is time to say goodbye to wrinkled and knotting multiple scarves! Put them on display if you can – those colorful essentials can light up the closet.

25. Label It Up

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This is a very important hack for closet organization, especially if you share a closet. People do forget where they have kept their belongings last minute. This is human tendency, but we have a solution.

Use reusable labels for marking up those storage bins and baskets. You can put labels on the compartments and drawers as well, and save yourself the time and effort of sorting things. It would also add some extra flair to the walk-in closet and we all love that!

26. DIY Drawer Organizer

via thriftdiving

I’ve mentioned using drawer dividers and how effective they can be when it comes to closet organizing, but what if you could DIY them? With some dedication and a few thrift store supplies, you can DIY these drawer dividers and organize your drawers. 

Use bright and patterned scrapbook pages to make them colorful and full of life. Arrange your accessories in a pattern and you will never lose them again. This DIY will give you that extra dose of happiness every time you open the drawers!

27. Double Hanger Hack

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Save the soda tab from your favorite soft drink and make a double hanger in a few seconds. It is that easy and you get to save so much space. Just one hook on the closet door and you’re done with five shirts! 

If you want some more scarf hacks, take a big coat hanger and knot them side by side. You would save space and except for the knotted part, the rest would be wrinkle-free! 

28. Keep It Clear!

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Bags and clutches are the first ones to get lost in that messy closet – here’s an amazing solution to that problem. Work with acrylic holders for this one!

Those clutches are so colorful and shiny, and what else do we want? They can be the best things to be put on display and you don’t need to install big shelves, just some transparent holders. The organization is super easy and those clutches won’t get lost in the chaos again. 

29. Slide Away Storage

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Maximizing the space you have becomes very important when you have to accommodate lots of garments and accessories in a shared closet. This is where the significance of wall space shows up.

Use slide-away storage from now onwards and slide out all your struggles. You can make a belt organizer and keep it away from sight when not in use. Try to use the wall in displaying attractive things like a mirror or jewelry and you’ll have a super happy closet! 

30. It’s All About Colors! 

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Are you looking for the easiest way to transform your closet from junk to jaw-dropping? Color coordinate everything! You won’t realize how powerful this method is until you try it out. 

I have renovated my closet last year, played with color and I still get complimented for my work. You can not only categorize the garments and shoes but also work on the color of hangers and drawers. With a little effort, you will achieve a super organized closet! 

31. Toys and Books Organization

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Here is a good one for that messy kids’ closet and again, no one can be blamed. Kids have so many things, big and small, and it’s hard to find something when we actually need it. Save the search time here and install shelves in the closet. 

Once you are done with the clothing and shoes, use the closet door to store books and toys. They are an integral part of their lives and you would also save tons of desk space. The toys won’t be left here and there anymore! 

32. Organize with Drawers

via iheartorganizing

If your closet doesn’t come with drawers, there is nothing to worry about. You can install as many as you want and trust me, customizing them will make it better than the built-in ones. 

It would be perfect if you install each drawer with a purpose and label them for your convenience. You can either color coordinate them or categorize them by activities like work, gym, casuals, and so on. Don’t forget to DIY the dividers and you will have a dreamy closet soon! 

33. Bags on Hooks

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Forget the bathroom, those shower hooks have a new location! They can fit on a long wooden or zinc rod inside the closet and you have those bags and wallets for hanging! 

You can also use it for garments, but that won’t be effective usage. This could be your go-to step if you want to optimize the space in your closet and accommodate those bags and clutches. 

34. Double-duty Storage

via freckleschick

As the name suggests, use multipurpose shelves to optimize your closet space and avoid clutter as much as possible. If you have a narrow space, make a long shelf, and use the compartments for more than one item. 

This narrow shelf here is used for storing shoes on the lower racks and the upper racks have been used for jewelry and other accessories. It looks so chic and you get a shoe rack and a vanity, all in one piece! 

35. Use Top Space

via confessionsofaserialdiyer

While you are installing shelves in your closet, make sure to use every inch of your space. I know you won’t be forgetting the lower section, but you might not have thought of building the shelf right up to the ceiling height. 

It might be inconvenient for regular use due to the height issues, but you can always use it to store seasonal garments and bulky accessories like a college bag and so on. Don’t forget to use bins here and trust me, it is very necessary as that area is prone to dust and you don’t want your things covered with a layer of dust! 

36. DIY Hoop Hamper

via makingniceinthemidwest

Having a reserved place for everything is an important aspect of keeping your closet neat and tidy. We often forgot about the laundry fabrics and dump them here and thereafter use them. No more cluttering due to laundry because I have the perfect DIY hamper idea for you! 

Make this beautifully embroidered hamper with a hoop, and hang it right behind the closet door. You can use bright colors for a pop in your decor, or you can match the interiors of your space. You will get all the supplies in a dollar store and it is convenient.

37. Cami Organizer

via dreamdesigndiy

Use unconventional hangers and you won’t regret your decision. The sole purpose would be to prevent clothes from getting lost in the pile of everyday clothes. 

A relevant example here would be those sexy cami tops that you own. We know how often they are covered amidst the chaos in your intimates drawer. Buy this belt and accessory hook from Walmart and use it to hang those camis. The solution is easy, cheap and you can hang it in between your regular hangers – they won’t get lost in the crowd this time! 

38. Use Space-saving Hangers

Amazon Basics Slim, Velvet, Non-Slip Clothes Suit Hangers, Black/Silver - Pack of 50

Did you know that hangers could take up space and your dresses aren’t at fault all the time? Choosing the right set of hangers is very important when you are organizing your closet. 

Velvet-covered hangers would be your best choice because they will not let your clothes slip away, take less space, and are very durable. Try to buy them in bulk to save cost and place them as close as possible, even if there is space. I am sure choosing the right ones would help you keep your closet neat and tidy. 

39. Boxes for Bulky Items

105L Extra Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer with Reinforced Handle Thick Fabric for Comforters, Blankets, Bedding, Foldable with Sturdy Zipper, Clear Window, 3 Pack, 28 x 20 x 12inch

While baskets and storage bins can be a great option to store garments, you might want to rethink them if you are storing sweaters and sweatshirts. They get musty real quick if the storage is not proper and you have a hard time when the winter arrives.

Use a quilt storage bag for the seasonals and stack it under the bed if you have space. You can also store it on the top-most shelf in your closet if there is enough space. It is a foldable storage organizer and is very efficient.

Buy a storage bad organizer.

40. Structure your Lingerie Drawer

Simple Houseware Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider 4 Set, Gray
Via Source unknown

Keeping the lingerie drawer organized is very important and it is not only about finding things on time. An unorganized drawer would be prone to dirt and bacteria, which could result in nasty health issues.

Use adjustable drawer dividers that come with a spring to keep the lingerie in place. You can also divide the socks from your intimate wear and keep them neat and clean. A divider like this can be used for your accessory drawer as well! 

41. Fancy Jewelry Organizer

via anthropologie

I have fallen in love with this jewelry organizer and if you are a fan of aesthetic beauty, you would love it too. Displaying that colorful and shiny jewelry in your closet has been the best idea so far and you can take that up a notch with this stunning organizer. 

Place it near a mirror and hang those rings and necklaces on the floral hooks. You can always go for a simpler one because our goal here is organizing and we achieve it either way! 

Organizing a closet can be tricky, and keeping it clean and tidy can be challenging considering our busy lives. But as they say, nothing is impossible and with some easy hacks and tricks, you can maintain a tidy closet with ease and minimal effort. Pick your favorite from the lot and get to work right away!

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