21 Mind-blowing Cleaning Uses Of Magic Eraser

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You must have heard the phrase ‘ jack of all trades, master of none ‘ a million times but have you ever heard ‘ jack of all trades, master of each one of them ‘? You probably haven’t ( quoted here for the first time, lol! ), and this goes right for today’s star product that is a ‘ magic eraser ‘.

Magic eraser is made up of melamine foam which was originally used as a soundproofing and insulating material. Later on, some genius figured out a commendable way to use it as an abrasive cleaner.

When a magic eraser is treated with water it acts like super-fine sandpaper. The creation turned out to be a bliss for mankind and Pinterest hacks ( of course! ).

Let’s take a look at some of the uses of a magic eraser that would cast a spell on you! 

Is Magic Eraser Soap Safe?

A while ago there were some issues associated with the safety of a magic eraser as it consists of a formaldehyde-melamine-sodium-bisulfite copolymer. But guess what? That’s just a compound’s name and it doesn’t contain formaldehyde as it is which means the product is non-toxic and safe. 

However, like any other cleaner, it’s not advisable to ingest or swallow it. Also, keep it out of your children’s and pet’s reach. 

21 Mind-Blowing Cleaning Uses Of Magic Eraser

1. Revive White Sneakers    

My constant go-to outfit includes a pair of white shoes but no matter how cautious I am they somehow end up dirty. This used to be a tragic mishap in my life until I found a magic eraser. 

It cleans my white sneakers and makes them look brand-new. You can use it for the canvases, leather ones, and suede as well. Besides, they’re recommended to clean sports shoes and leather soles. 

2. Remove Sticker Labels      

Getting rid of those sticky labels isn’t as easy as it seems. One wrong move and you’ll corrupt the whole jar or bottle. Since we’re talking about easing up things let’s do a little something for you here.

Yeah, you guessed that right! Magic erasers can easily remove the stickers. Just wet it, squeeze it, and rub it with slight pressure on the surface of the jar. 

3. Clean Iron’s Soleplate

Over the years, your iron’s soleplate starts to turn brownish-black. We’re not sure of the reason but we’ve got a cleaning hack for you which is money saving as well as effort saving. 

A magic eraser will work like a magic here to smudge off all the unwanted particles from the surface of the soleplate. Unplug the iron when you perform the cleaning or else you know the rest. 

4. Clean Grout    

Bathroom grout is one of the most used places in our homes whose overhaul is not liked by many. There are a lot of ways to clean your bathroom grout but the netizens are going bananas over this neat trick. A Magic eraser is perfect for the job which is gentle to your hands. This is possibly the least messy way to clean your grout. 

5. Scrub Off Coffee Mug Stains    

I can’t go a day without a cup of strong coffee and if you’re someone like me, you must be familiar with the grumpy stains those coffee beans leave behind. But now you can easily get those stains off your mug using a magic eraser. Just rub a dampened magic eraser on the stains and wash the mug with soap as usual. 

6. Clean Baseboards    

Baseboards are a foundation of any room be it your living room, your drawing room, or your master bedroom. It’s important to maintain its well-being and keep it clean. You can use a magic eraser to remove scuff marks from your baseboards without having to use any commercial cleaners or ‘ hard to prepare ‘ homemade recipe.

7. Refresh Dirty Piano Keys    

Incessantly using your piano has a direct impact on the beauty of those keys. Although you can’t cease to play your favorite instrument, there’s something better you can do. Clean them. Just wet a magic eraser, squish it, and rub it all over the keys gently for a couple of minutes. The job is done! Ain’t no risk of any liquid application. 

8. Shine Faucets     

Hard water stains are hard to resist. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to prevent them but there’s a way to smudge them off. Get your gloves and you’re off to clean them up with a magic eraser. Wet it, squeeze it properly, and wipe off the stains. Remember to do a patch test before you lead any further.

9. Remove Baked-on Residue 

To treat the baked-on residue that gets stuck on your microwave’s internals and baking cookware uses a magic eraser. Just soak the glass dishes in water for 15 minutes, scrub it with the magic eraser once the residue is loosened up. Simply use the magic eraser on the inner part of your microwave by squeezing it to the right extent. 

10. Revamp Dirty Window Blinds    

Fresh air and the pollution-free environment in the cities seems like a joke these days. The dust particles make their way into our homes through the windows corrupting the window blinds too. Therefore, it’s necessary to clean the pathway so that we can get as much fresh air as possible. 

Using a magic eraser is the easiest and the most feasible way to clean those blinds. Just take a dampened eraser and wipe off the blinds neatly without using any add-ons.  

11. Scrub Off Dried Paint Stains

Dried paint and nail polish stains are stubborn and I never had a good time getting them off my carpet. The task used to seem like a back aching job until I got to know about the wonders of a magic eraser. You will just have to wet it with water and use it to scrub off the stain. The sandpaper action of the magic eraser is such a life-saver! 

12. Remove Mildew And Mold From Boat Seats

Boat seats are a common habitat of mold and mildew but they just knock down the face value of your boat. Save yourself a trip to the market and head over to your kitchen to thrash away that mold. Rub all over the affected area and see the difference for yourself. You can also use it to combat the mildew growing in your bathroom.  

13. Polish Silver    

Silver jewelry losing its shine isn’t a rare scenario if you’ve got silverware it’s habitual for it to react with the moisture present in the surroundings. But you can save your articles from this tragedy by treating them with a magic eraser. It can also help you to polish them. Plus point: you can also polish your gold jewelry with the help of a magic eraser.

14. Clean Wall Art   

That little artist in your family leaves no wall untouched from her/his masterpiece. They legit draw graffiti art on the walls all-around your home. Well, don’t suppress the budding artist in them, rather remove crayons from your walls, furniture, and virtually every surface you spot dirty. 

15. Treat Dirty Electronics   

Computers, PCs, and other electronics are valuable and you just can’t use any random cleaner to maintain their cleaning. One of the tried and tested methods to do this job is using magic erasers. Make sure you unplug the set-up before you perform any sort of cleaning and dusting. Also, don’t use this method to clean monitors or screens. 

16. Remove Algae     

Algae build-up in the pools and aquariums in your home is harmful and it’s essential to cease its breeding as quickly as possible. Magic eraser banishes algae from the pool liner and the aquarium and trusts me it works like a ‘ magic ‘. Just wet the eraser, squeeze it, and scrub the algae off. Voila! 

17. Clean Leather Upholstery    

Classic leather upholstery increases the aesthetic value of your anyway boring place. But over some time, the upper layer of the leather begins to catch grime and that’s a major issue. Fret no more, just grab a magic eraser and gear up the work. You can also clean your leather accessories with this method. 

18. Remove Rust    

There’s almost nothing you can’t fix with these little blocks. Carrying along with their legacy, they can also descale rust spots from several kitchen items like cookware, drain pipes (outer region), etc. You will just have to scrub a dampened magic eraser on the rust and witness the magic. You can also fix the drain pipes of your bathroom similarly. 

19. Remove Hairspray Stains

The hairspray might be a blessing for your hair but that’s not the case with your the rest of the things. Appliances like curling iron, hair straightener, and walls don’t like the touch of hairspray. So just get rid of it by using a magic eraser. You read that right. Apply magic eraser on that stuff to make them spray-free and enjoy their improved functionality. 

20. Clean Outdoor Kids’ Toys    

Outdoor kids’ toys carry more bacteria than you can ever imagine. Moreover, the kids don’t care about maintaining hygiene while playing with them. Here’s a little something you can do to protect them. Magic erasers will help you cut down the grease, dirt, and bacterial germs from every surface with ease. Make sure you get a large-sized eraser to cover a large area at once. 

21. Wipe Microwave And Refrigerator Interiors  

The interiors of your microwave and refrigerator are more greasy than the outer surface. Ironically, the outer surface goes through more rounds of cleaning than the interior. Lol. Treat them with magic erasers now and then and ensure their upkeep. You can also wipe down their handles using magic erasers. 

Magic erasers are truly magic and these were just a few of its many hacks. If you loved them, go and share them with your friends!!!

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