Bathroom Storage Solutions – 21 Clever Ideas You Need To Try

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Organizing your bathroom is not an easy task, and if you are confused about what to keep and what to throw away, I don’t blame you. There are a lot of things you have to pay attention to—hygiene, placement, space. So, it does take some effort to bring out the best results.

The good news? Small bathroom storage solutions exist and they would be very helpful when you are determined to renovate your bathroom. Be a little more creative with the furniture, turn to DIYs, keep stuff organized, and boom! You have a neat and tidy bathroom!

One of the first things to consider when you are changing your bathroom interior would be the space. Make sure you utilize the entire space, free up the floor space as much as possible, and don’t let those empty walls seat idle. The key to a well-organized bathroom would be stacking things and choosing functional shelves.

To help you out with this, we have brought 21 smart storage ideas to make the most of a small bathroom. From sassy bathroom furniture to trendy DIY decor ideas, we have it all! 

1. Add Hooks Wherever Possible

The key to efficient storage solutions in a small bathroom is utilizing whatever you have with proper planning. Nobody said you need big cabinets and shelves to store every essential in place, and I can’t agree more! 

Say no to counter space and closets right away and switch to hooks. Stick hooks onto the wall, high or low, and use it to hang stuff. You hardly have heavy items in the bathroom, and hooks can be used to hang light to medium-sized items. From towels to robes to shaving kits, hang them all. Choose metallic hooks to add some sass to your cute bathroom. 

2. Repurpose Your Bar Cart

Your favorite place to store wine and spirits might also be a good storage solution for your bathroom. Repurpose your bar cart to a full-fledged linen closet and that too, on wheels! 

You can color it to complement the bathroom’s interior, and even add some decor elements and detailing. Use rope baskets to store your towels, keep bathroom essentials on the racks, and leave the toiletries at the top. The best part would be the portability—you can place it anywhere in your bathroom and you won’t have a bad time moving it here and there. 

3. DIY Storage Ladder

Via Twelveonmain

If you want to add that rustic vibe, anywhere in your house, adding a wooden or stained wood ladder might do the job. For a small bathroom, this ladder can be a storage solution which you would love! 

There will be an extra spot to hang those towels and baskets and it won’t look clumsy, trust me. You can use wooden logs to make this ladder and stain it to give it a rustic vibe. Hang baskets at the top and towels below them for extra convenience. Go for this DIY and you never know, this might be the showstopper of your bathroom makeover! 

4. Carve A Niche

Via Studio-mcgee

You must have a dead wall in the bathroom that just stands there and is not useful at all because of its location. Make it useful by carving it and installing floating shelves. They will create more space for any items you want to keep in your bathroom. 

Install as many shelves as you like and use them to store everyday essentials, towels, cleaning supplies, and many more. If you don’t have a vertical dead wall, shift to corners. You are bound to have a dead corner in your bathroom and it’s high time you utilize it. The floating shelves with nautical candle jars for toothpaste, colorful soaps, and towels here and there would look really good! 

5. Small And Big Built-ins

Built-ins can never go out of style because they are so efficient, they look great, and are much better than bulky furniture. You don’t need a big wall to install built-in storage—build mini ones which would be around the size of a medicine cabinet. 

If you have enough wall space, go for a large one which will give tons of storage space. From towels in the basket to everyday essentials like makeup organizer and cleaning products, it can accommodate everything. Even the mini ones aren’t lagging, either use them for storage or simply as decor pieces! 

6. Framed Like A Family Photo

Via No.dizainall

For the nth time, built-ins are always a very good storage solution for your small bathroom and I am sure you are still agreeing with me on this. Here is a sassy built-in cabinet that looks like a vintage photo frame, designed with storage cubbies.

You can install something like this on any free wall and utilize it to the fullest. It will look good right top of the sink (it will replace traditional cabinets with mirrors), or maybe even above the toilet. You can also simply use this as a decor piece if you don’t have that many essentials required in your bathroom. You see, there are so many options open! 

7. Corrall Everyday Items On A Tray

Via Studio-mcgee

To achieve a clutter-free and tidy bathroom, everything needs to be planned from the beginning and I know you won’t disagree. From installing efficient storage furniture to using the surface space to its fullest, every detail can make or break the bathroom makeover. 

Arrange all your everyday items on a tray and prevent them from getting misplaced. We often leave our favorite sprays and products on the sink instead of putting them back in the cabinets. Let’s end this and arrange them in a customized tray. 

8. Hanging Baskets

Via Abeautifulmess

A smart and budget-friendly solution to every storage problem involves baskets, one way or the other. Since we are talking about storage ideas to get the most out of small bathrooms, baskets are here to the rescue! 

Just like the ladder concept, organizing stuff vertically or stacking them up is always helpful. It looks pretty good as well. Make a chain of hanging baskets in your bathroom, from large to small or vice versa, and you can store everything in them. This would look great if done with creativity and this could be a good DIY project for a holiday season! You can even use this concept for adding some flair to your bathroom!

9. Tall And Slim

If you think you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a fully functional cabinet, think again! Not all cabinets are bulky and oversized, how efficient they are when it comes to storage is what matters.

Choose a tall and slim cabinet instead of a wide and short one and you have successfully saved some floor space. Fit it in the tiniest spot available. Make sure the design is eye-catching and complements the interior walls. This is very similar to the concept of stacking things up—we know how efficient the idea is! 

10. Socker Pot With Holder

Via Iampriscillale

You must drool over fancy makeup organizers if you are fond of makeup and it is a part of your daily routine. How about using plant pots for those brushes and lipsticks? Yes, it might sound weird but it’s such a unique, compact, and versatile storage option. 

This Socker pot with holder from IKEA would utilize the available space in your bathroom to make room for your makeup kits. You can avoid clutter this way too. There are six compartments to store your essentials and you can keep it in the vanity, the built-ins, and even in those cubbies we mentioned above! 

11. Pull-out Storage

To organize your small bathroom in a clever way, you have to smartly choose the furniture. A pull-out or sliding storage has always proven its merit, whether it is in the bedroom, laundry, or bathroom. A sleek pullout magically reveals tons of space and in the blink of an eye, your bathroom will look bigger than before! Store towels, toiletries, cleaning products, and other essentials in this space. 

12. Hidden Bins Under The Sink

Via Polishedhabitat

We just want some clever storage hacks, right? A little bit of organizing under the sink of your bathroom will always bring some good. Using baskets to store things under the sink is the first step towards good organizing.

Attach some colorful baskets on the inner side of the cabinet door and tada! You have more space and interestingly you have utilized your cabinet in an unusual way. These buckets won’t cost you much and complete the look by scribbling labels on them with a sharpie. It looks so cool and is an easy DIY project.

13. Storage Cubbies

Cute cubbies are mostly found in kids’ rooms because they have lots of stuff to play with that can’t be left strewn around on the floor. Shift this efficient storage cabinet from a multi-functional family den to your bathroom.

The cubbies not only expand the available space but also help in storing things separately. You can keep bath toys down below, store towels in the midsection, and slightly expensive perfumes and soaps in the upper part. Choose the color for these cubbies wisely and make sure they gel with the wall colors. Trust me, this storage solution will earn you dozens of compliments! 

14. Basket Wall System

We did talk about making a chain of baskets to add some extra space in your bathroom, didn’t we? Now take that up a notch and build a wall of baskets! It sounds so sassy and looks attractive as well.

You would need a small and a large iron bar with a rustic matte finish, rope baskets with a vintage finish, and this versatile and compact storage solution is ready to roll. Make sure the iron bars are rust-free and choose baskets that can carry light to medium weight.

The bar hooks would make it easy to hook up those baskets and you can configure it to suit your various needs. 

15. Utilize Areas You Never Use

Via Goodhousekeeping

I am guilty of never utilizing the space right above the door in my bathroom. You might be too, and it’s high time we gear up and leverage the areas we mostly ignore. 

There is always ample space between the door top and the ceiling and if you have a small bathroom, use this area! Adding a shelf on that space would let you use up space in your bathroom to its fullest. Use it to store extra towels,  toilet paper rolls, and heavy-duty cleaning supplies that are seldom used. 

16. Organize Your Vanity Or Medicine Cabinet

Cleaning a messy cabinet not only feels good but also makes your bathroom appear a little orderly. Whether you have a standard medicine cabinet or a cute vanity, put the supplies in one place. 

Before you organize anything, get rid of things that are not usable anymore. Take everything out and throw out anything that has expired like medicine tablets, pills, and beauty products. Later, start the restocking—start with the bigger items like shampoos and cleaning supplies and then move to the smaller ones. It is always better to use trays for dividing your essentials and you can always come up with something creative for the organization! 

17. Right Above The Toilet

Via No.dizainall

We used the space above the bathroom door efficiently, now let’s turn our attention to some more ignored corners and walls. How about that vacant wall above the toilet?

Make extra room in your small bathroom by installing shelves here. You can take it up as a DIY project and customize it according to your personality. You can store anything from towels to handwashes over here.

18. Hanger And Wall Coat Rack

Via Micasarevista

This is not a storage solution for your towels and other bathroom supplies, but this could help you add some extra flair to your bathroom. So if you dress up in the bathroom, hang your necklaces along with other accessories on a hanger with coat racks. You can either drill your walls or use suction cups to hold the hanger. 

Similarly, using coat racks to hang clothes and towels in your bathroom would be a handy and efficient option. This would ensure that your clothes do not wrinkle while you are busy relaxing in the shower. 

19. Minimalism Is In Style! 

Tangkula Bathroom Cabinet, Wall Mount Storage Cabinet with Double Mirror Doors, Wood Medicine Cabinet(White)

Gone are the days when you are stuck with bulky vanities and other furniture for your bathroom. We are living in the 21st century, so say goodbye to them and welcome the minimalist approach for under-the-sink cabinets and vanities. 

With a sleek design and plenty of storage space, these new cabinets come with a toilet paper holder as well. Though they don’t look big, they can surely provide tons of space for your supplies. Choose the perfect color for the vanity and cabinet and make sure your bathroom gets a sassy makeover!  

Buy it on Amazon.

20. The Magic Of A Magnetic Makeup Board

Via Laurathoughts81

This storage solution is a smart and efficient way to utilize the space in your bathroom. You also get to play with magnets!

For this DIY magnetic board, you can paint and repurpose an old frame or simply buy one from a dollar store along with a bunch of round magnets. Buy a metal sheet from a hardware store and cut it out to fit in the frame. Finally, attach the magnets to your makeup supplies with glue and put them on the metal board after you place it somewhere in your bathroom.

It’s time to say goodbye to your messy makeup basket and shift to an organized and convenient option!

21. Shelves with C hooks

Via Makelyhome

These shelves suspended from eye bolts and long ‘C’ hooks have got the good looks and are an efficient storage solution! Many people do not prefer heavy drilling or making built-ins in the wall and I get why. The dent is going to be there forever and it becomes so inconvenient when you try to renovate. 

Choosing something like this won’t let you compromise any bathroom space and will help avoid the drilling part as well. The black and white color scheme makes the interiors look extremely elegant. Store towels and supplies on these shelves and done! You have successfully expanded the storage space in your small bathroom. 

These clever storage hacks will help you declutter your bathroom and expand the space in a smart and efficient manner. Try out your favorite DIYs from the ideas we have discussed, or buy some furniture to renovate your bathroom. Make your bathroom interiors blush! 

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