27 Amazing Bathroom Shelf Ideas

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A cluttered bathroom is an eyesore—everyone wants an organized bathroom where the towels know their place and the toiletries have a permanent address. And who wants to waste time searching for perfume or shaving cream when you are in a rush?

But, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. In a small bathroom, you don’t have the space for adding extra cupboards. The place becomes congested. In a large bathroom, you want to show off the beautiful decor you invested in. A large cupboard may block the view of your pretty wallpaper or furnishings.

You’ll want a solution that will allow you to store bathroom essentials without blocking the space or making it congested. Here is a list of amazing bathroom shelf ideas that will help you use that extra wall space to stow your bathroom essentials.

27 Amazing Bathroom Shelf Ideas

1. Wall Mounted Baskets

Via Ourfifthhouse

Wall-mounted wicker baskets are perfect for small bathrooms. They take minimum space and can hold bathroom essentials like toilet papers.

They also act as excellent decor pieces as they break the monotony in a white-painted bathroom. They are utilitarian as well as fancy making them perfect for both small and large bathrooms.

2. Rolling Cart

3-Tier Metal Mesh Storage Shelf Utility Rolling Cart with Removable Handle and Plug, Indoor or Outdoor Storage Organizer, Dark Gray

Rolling carts provide a mobile storage solution that can be easily moved if need be. You can store tons of supplies from towels to creams to loofahs. It takes up minimum space and is a more convenient alternative to immovable cupboards or shelves.

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3. Shower Corner Marble Shelves

Via Goshelf

Shower corner marble shelves are space-saving alternatives that are perfect for storing soaps, shampoos, loofahs, and other small shower essentials. Keep them right beside the shower as it will be convenient while bathing.

These marble shelves also add drama to a bland bathroom. You can use mason jars to keep brushes and razors and store them on the shelves.

4. Mason Jar Organizer

Via Lizmarieblog

If you don’t want to spend huge sums on renovations, here is a DIY idea that can hold your essentials like brushes, razors, and floss. This mason jar organizer is easy to construct and will give you the added feeling of pride when you tell your guests that you made it yourself.

This DIY suits people who prefer minimalism.

5. Floating Glass Shelves

KES Bathroom Tempered Glass Shelf 20-Inch Rectangular Floating Glass Shelf with Rustproof Stainless Steel Bracket Wall Mounted Polished Finish, A2021

Floating glass shelves are space-saving options that look elegant and classy in any bathroom. They are easy to clean and readily available in stores. Glass shelves are perfect for items that you want to show off like the new Dior perfume you bought or scented candles.

6. Etagere

Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase, Open Wall Mount Ladder Bookshelf with Industrial Metal Frame, White/Gold

Etagere is perfect for users who wish to make space in their bathroom but don’t want any permanent additions. The slim and light-weight Etagere can be easily moved from one place to another. It provides a large space for storing towels, creams, lotions, and other essentials.

The easy installation process makes it suitable for all bathrooms.

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7. Ladder Shelves

Via Anawhite

Your old ladder can come to your rescue when it comes to storage shelves. It is a cost-effective method when which will let you hang wire baskets to store toilet papers or air fresheners. It can effectively utilize the space above your commode.

8. Install Floor-to-ceiling Cabinet

Via Decorpad

If you have a big bathroom, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet can be used for storing all your bulky bathroom essentials. This allows your pretty tiles and wallpapers to be on full display in the rest of your bathroom. But, it is important to remember that these cabinets can be stifling in a small bathroom.

9. Industrial Pipe Shelf

Industrial Pipe Shelves with Wood 2-Tiers,Rustic Wall Mount Shelf 36.2in,Metal Hung Bracket Bookshelf,DIY Storage Shelving Floating Shelves

You can use reclaimed wood and industrial pipes to create shelves like this. They are sturdy and allow you to store your essentials as well as display decor items like tiny plants or scented candles.

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10. Window Sill

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, a broad window sill can save extra bucks spent on shelves. You can add tiny plants on the window sill to enhance the decor. A bit of greenery can break the monotony of all-white painted or cream-painted bathrooms.

Arrange your shampoos, soaps, and towels in a linear order to give an organized look.

11. Wooden Shelves With Towel Bar

Amada Rustic Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, Solid Paulownia Wood Set of 2 for Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedroom, Decorative Storage Shelf with Removable Towel Holder, Strong Black Metal Frame

Wooden shelves with an attached towel bar can be excellent additions to your bathroom. A beautiful picture, scented candles, and tiny potted plants can be added to these shelves to get a cohesive look. Neutrals work best with these wooden shelves.

12. Under-the-sink Shelves

These shelves have double benefits. Firstly, they utilize the space under the sink. Secondly, they symbolize class, luxury, and sophistication. When you have these in your bathroom, you don’t need any other decor pieces. Your bathroom will look majestic with beige or gold under-the-sink shelves.

13. Built-in Shelves

Built-in shelves save space and are perfect for storing bulky items.

You can keep wicker baskets and towels on these shelves. A built-in shelf is a better alternative when compared to floor-to-ceiling cabinets for small bathrooms. It can also be cost-effective when compared to buying large cupboards.

14. Vanity Shelf

Via Lianeandlayne

Turn vanity shelves into functional ones by keeping handwashes, tiny plants, soaps, and soap bars on them. They are perfect for small bathrooms as they add storage space as well as character. If you have a light-painted bathroom, a dark-colored vanity shelf can make a lot of difference. 

15. Shelves with Hooks

Via Bhg

Shelves with hooks double as a storage space for towels and a vanity shelf for decor items. It’s not necessary that you have to buy this item—you can make it at home with wooden planks and some hooks.  Store anything from toilet paper to bath salts over here.

16. Shower Caddy

Shower caddies work three-fold. Firstly, they save space. Secondly, we can access our shower gels and shampoos easily because of them. Thirdly, sleek caddies like these add sophistication and class to your bathroom.

Long shower caddies are more suitable since small caddies, though pretty, can hold only a soap bar and thus provide less utility.

17. Cottage Bathroom Storage Cabinets

Via Hgtv

A storage cabinet is a unique addition to any bathroom. It is both utilitarian and fancy. It gives enough space for storing your bathroom essentials and leaves space for displaying decorative pieces like the jug and wooden box shown over here.

You know it will surely be a conversation piece for the guests due to its innovative style and design.

18. Wall-mounted Mirror Cabinet

Tangkula Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror, Wall Mounted Bathroom Storage Cabinet with Mirror Door & Shelves, Mirror Cabinet for Bathroom Living Room, Bathroom Wall Cabinet with Mirror (Gray)

This wall-mounted mirror cabinet has 6 tiny shelves for you to keep supplies like shower gels, bath bombs, or essential oils. This is one of the best space-saving alternatives because a mirror is essential in every bathroom. If the mirror can double as a storage shelf, we save extra bucks as well as space.

19. Above-the-door Shelf

Via Homedit

You can efficiently utilize the space above your door by installing a wooden shelf over there. Spare towels and wicker baskets can be stowed here easily. Storage shelves like these are best for small bathrooms where you can’t afford to waste space.

But, remember to store only those items that you don’t need regularly over here—it will be a hassle to remove items of everyday use from there regularly.

20. Unexpected Furniture

Via Housebeautiful

This antique armoire is usually seen in the living room. But, you can add this to your bathroom decor for more storage space. It is an interesting addition that is sure to intrigue people. 

Store all your bath supplies ranging from towels to bath salts in the armoire.

21. Open Shelves

Via Remodelista

Open shelves are practical and look elegant if done well. You can store wicker baskets, towels, and just about anything on these shelves. They are convenient for everyday use as items kept on them will be easily accessible.

They’ll also make your bathroom look organized and clutter-free.

22. Unique Toilet Paper Shelf

Elibbren Industrial Toilet Paper Holder with Rustic Wooden Shelf and Cast Iron Pipe Hardware, Pipe Toilet Paper Holder for Bathroom, Washroom

A toilet roll holder shelf is perfect for holding a small, pretty decor item like a small bowl or plant. But, you can put it to more important use. For holding your phone! It is no surprise that we internet addicts take our phones to the bathroom and this shelf provides the perfect place for keeping the phone safe.

23. Stool

Via Lovecreatecelebrate

Bringing a stool into your bathroom will give you extra storage space. You must ensure that the stool is made of waterproof material.

A good, sturdy stool beside your bathtub will allow you to keep your bathroom essentials within your reach. The stool must be strong enough and have a wide surface area to hold most of the essentials. 

24. Two Shelf Wall Organizer

Creative Bath 20063-NI Products Complete Collection 2 Shelf Wall Organizer with Towel Bar, Pearl Nickel finish

This is a cost-effective, space-saving two-shelf wall organizer that is suitable for all bathrooms whether big or small. It complements all colors and will seamlessly fit in with most decors. You can keep your shampoos, shower gels, loofahs as well as soap bars on this shelf. It also comes with a towel hanger. 

You must remember to place it properly in your bathroom or it might be a hindrance near the doorway. 

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25. Over-the-door Storage Rack

Over The Door 5 Hook Shelf Organizer Hanger Coat Rack Spice Rack with 2 Mesh Basket Storage Rack Rustproof for Bathroom Kitchen Storage Shelves, Brown

Don’t have enough empty wall space in your bathroom? Utilize your door by installing an over-the-door storage rack.

You can keep your room fresheners, towels, creams, air fresheners, and even tiny plants on these racks. You should remember to choose a sturdy and durable one when buying an over-the-door storage rack. They’ll give an organized and clean look to your bathroom.

Buy it on Amazon.

26. Leather Strap Shelves

FRIADE PU Leather Strap Shelves,Wall Floating Shelf, Storage Rack for Kitchen,Living Room,Bedroom,Study,Set of 2

Leather strap shelves provide storage space like other shelves but add an extra “oomph” to your bathroom. You can keep tiny plants, scented candles as well as small bottles of bath salts.

You can also make these shelves at home. This will help you save extra bucks on a new shelf and also add elegance to your bathroom. 

Buy it on Amazon.

27. Bar Cart

Haotian Bar Serving Cart Home Myra Rustic Mobile Kitchen Serving cart,Industrial Vintage Style Wood Metal Serving Trolley (Brown)

Bar carts can double as a bathroom storage option. You can keep towels, bath bombs, loofahs, and plants on it. It will keep your bathroom clutter-free and all your bathroom essentials are in one place. 

It is also an excellent addition to your bathroom decor as it symbolizes elegance and class. 

The list is carefully curated to cater to your every need whether you have a small or a big bathroom. Always remember to choose the shelf that suits your bathroom decor and needs. Now that you have gone through all the amazing bathroom shelf ideas, you must put them to good use to achieve an organized and impressive bathroom. 

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