27 Best Bathroom Organization Ideas That Work

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I think your bathroom is the least organized place in your house right now. It’s such an issue to deal with the mess, especially after putting on makeup, right? Brushes lying here and there, strands of hair in the sink (goss!), the wires of the dryer all entangled, toiletries all over the countertop- what a hecking mess!

But, of course, there is ALWAYS a solution. You won’t have to scratch your head anymore ‘cause I got you covered.

No matter whether your bathroom is big or small, there are some pretty simple organizing ideas to declutter all-size cluttered bathrooms. Just follow the ideas given here and you won’t have to find your way through the mess to get to the hairspray anymore! Also, spare yourself the next morning trouble to trynna clean the mess.

27 Best Bathroom Organization Ideas

1. Cosmetics Carousel

Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel, Cream

The main reason for a woman’s messy bathroom is her makeup products and appliances lying all over the countertop. If you are facing this issue, get a costemic carousel, and organize all the brushes, clips, lipsticks, and all other makeup stuff in the baskets. You can put the combs and stand up brushes in the center. Next time you put on makeup, do not forget to keep it back in the carousel.

2. Personalized Hooks

Via Sugarbeecrafts

This one’s my favorite.  It’s quite a space-saver and even looks good! Put up a board first and then install some hooks for the towels and pipe straps for the jars. You can assign the jars and hooks to each of your family members.  They’ll keep their personal toothbrush and toothpaste in their assigned jar and hang their own towel on the assigned hook.

3. Mason Jar Holder

Via Thediyplaybook

You can avoid the hooks and install only pipe straps for mason jars and put all the toiletries, different makeup stuff, and any other stuff that can fit in them. You can use tags or labels to assign the jars to different stuff. This way, you’ll save a lot of time when finding them and it definitely looks neat and creative! And for the towels, there is the usual rod, right?

4. Metal File Box

Via Dreamgreendiy

Isn’t it scary to keep the hot straightener or dryer on the sink or somewhere else, just like that? Yup, without any doubt. Okay, you got a metal file box? So use it! Screw it up on the sink wall and use it to store your hot hair appliances. It’s not flammable so you can relax. Plus, it definitely looks good.

5. Drawer Organizer

Via Organizeyourstuffnow

The drawers of the cabinet indeed help in keeping the bathroom neat but are the drawers themselves neat? Nay. All the stuff in it gets mixed up, more like get lost in it. So the best way to organize your drawer is to buy some pretty little baskets. Sort your makeup stuff in the baskets- one for brushes, one for powders, one for lotions, and so on. Organize in a convenient way- like the basket of stuff you use the most should be kept near while the occasionally used stuff should be kept deep in the drawer.

6. Over The Door Hooks

iDesign Classico Metal Over the Door Organizer, 3-Hook Rack for Coats, Hats, Robes, Towels, Jackets, Purses, Bedroom, Closet, and Bathroom, 5" x 8.2" x 12.5", Chrome

Instead of hanging your towel on the towel bar, put the bathroom door to use and install some over the door hooks on it to hang the towels. It’s much easier and also the towel dries better if it’s hung on a hook. You can give a separate hook to each of your family members to hang their personal towels. It also saves up quite some space on the wall and sure looks good.

7. Magnets

Via Themerrythought

You know the nail cutters, bobby pins, scissors and stuff made of such materials can easily get attracted to magnets. So use this science and put up some on the bathroom wall to hang stuff on them. You can also organize your medicine cabinet in this way. First, cut fabric in the shape of the magnet, use ModPodge to stick the fabric and nail it to the wall. You can even design them with paint to make ‘em look pretty!

8. Under-the-sink Caddy

Via 320sycamore

You should NEVER keep your toiletries and makeup stuff in the same place. But if you’re running out of space, you can use the shower caddy and install it under-the-sink cabinet door to store the shampoos and conditioners there. Or, you can store cleaning supplies or even hair appliances. Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t forget to put ’em back in there!

9. Ladder Shelf

Via Anawhite

Hardly ever people use the wall above their toilets. I say use it! It’s actually a wastage of space if you keep it just like that. So, build a shelf in the form of a ladder and store towels, toilet papers, and baskets of other stuff! It’s not much complicated. Just need to take accurate measurements above the toilet, glue the shelves in form of a ladder and you’ll end up with a creative bathroom furnish.

10. Hanging Wooden Box

Via Makinglemonadeblog

Another easy way to store multiple towels is to roll them up and put them in a hanging wooden box. I gave you some ideas earlier that helps to save some wall space. Use some of the saved spaces and hang up there as many boxes as you want. Trust me, your guests will be totally impressed!

11. Corner Shelf

KES Aluminum Glass Shelf Bathroom Bath Corner Caddy Basket Storage Hanging Organizer with Extra Thick TEMPERED Glass Contemporary Style Wall Mount 2 Tier, A4120A-P2

Why leave the corners of your bathroom walls? Use them too! Install corner shelves and organize varieties of toiletries on each of them. One for hair products, one for body products- any way you want to. But don’t clutter it! Like, if you store small stuff on it, they may get a little mixed up and ruin the neatness. It’s better to store bottles and stand-up products.

12. Bathroom Storage Rack

TANGKULA Wall Mount 2 Tier Bathroom Shelf with Towel Bars, 18"W X 10"D X 22"H, Chrome Bathroom Shelf, Home Toilet Double Layer Storage Shelf, Rustproof Chrome Shelf, Towel Shelf

I personally love this cute little thing! It’s definitely a space-saving technique and looks sorted. It can not only store the toiletry bottles but it also comes with a small towel bar. And the best part? Cleaning it is SO easy. Just a wipe with a damp cloth.  It’s pretty useful if you don’t have a lot of bathroom supplies to store.

Buy it on Amazon.

13. Laundry Bag

HOMEST 2 Pack XL Wash Me Travel Laundry Bag, Machine Washable Dirty Clothes Organizer, Large Enough to Hold 4 Loads of Laundry, Easy Fit a Laundry Hamper or Basket, Light Blue and Grey (Patent Design)

It’s better to keep a laundry bag in your bathroom. After changing, you can toss the dirty ones in the bag so they won’t pile up in some corner until they are washed. You can even keep 2-3 bags and assign each of them to different types of clothes- one for whites, one for delicates, etc. Make it easier for yourself by labeling each bag.

14. Two-tiered Stand

Via Goldenboysandme

Often people tend to leave their toiletries on the countertop, which may roll over to the ground, and end up with a cluttered bathroom. If you are like that, use this two-tiered stand. It’s certainly not as pretty as the magazine cover ones but is REALLY helpful. Place it on the countertop and store the toiletries in it.

15. Toilet Paper Side Stand

iDesign Axis Metal Toilet Paper Holder, Over the Tank Tissue Organizer for Bathroom Storage, 6" x 6.2" x 11", Bronze

I know, it’s not a big deal for some but there are people who have a mini-sized bathroom and this method will come in handy if that’s the case for you. You can save some wall space by installing a toilet paper stand on the side of the toilet. It even looks good and kinda unusual ‘cause not many people do this. Even if you got a big bathroom, I’ll suggest you use this stand anyway!

16. Shower Caddy

iDesign York Lyra Hanging Shower Organizer - 10" x 4" x 22", Bronze

I think this idea will make your shower days easier ‘cause you won’t have to look all around the bathroom to get toiletries WHILE showering. You can easily hang up a shower caddy by the showerhead and store the shampoos, conditioners, lotions, soaps, loofah, and other products you need for showering.

17. Shelves Above The Toilet

Klvied Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set of 4, Rustic Wood Wall Shelves, Storage Shelves for Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Office and More, Carbonized Black

It’s another great way to utilize wall space above the toilet and organize stuff on it. You can get over-the-toilet racks from the store but these are pretty basic, to be honest. But if you want something unwonted, you can spice it up a little and customize it according to your bathroom. Surely it’ll help you declutter and save some space especially if you got a small bathroom.

Buy it on Amazon.

18. Shower Dispenser

Better Living Products, White 76354 Euro Series TRIO 3-Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenser

You can easily avoid cluttering by NOT keeping toiletry bottles at all! Install a shower dispenser and put all the shampoos, conditioners, soaps, or whatever you need for showering, in it. This way, you won’t end up with multiple bottles all piled up. You can also save up a lot of space and use them for storing makeups or something else.

19. Hair Styling Station

Stock Your Home Hair Care Organizer - Blow Dryer Holder - Hair Styling Station - Bathroom Vanity Countertop Organizer for Curling Iron, Flat Iron, Hair Tools and Beauty Accessories, Black

Separate out all your hair products and appliances and organize them in this station. It’s even heat resistant so you can chill about storing the hot appliances. Plus it has a small drawer where you can store the clips, pins, bands, and small other stuff. You can place it on the countertop in front of the mirror.

Buy this product on Amazon.

20. Mirror Shelf

Via Shanty2chic

I just LOVE this idea! It’s so useful and pretty. I think everyone should use it! You just need to build a cabinet according to the height of your bathroom and attach a mirror to its door. Okay, if you don’t wanna DIY, you can buy a similar one from the furniture store and attach a giant mirror to it. You’ll enjoy looking at your pretty self before coming out of the bathroom.

21. Under The Sink Organizer

Expandable Under Sink Organizer and Storage I Bathroom Under the Sink Organizer Kitchen Under Sink Shelf I Cleaning Supplies Organizer Under Sink Storage I EXPANDABLE HEIGHT DEPTH & WIDTH

The space under the sink is often cluttered. If the same’s with yours, get an under-the-sink storage rack and organize all the supplies on it. Keep the often-used supplies on the top rack and the others on the bottom. Arrange it in a way that’s convenient for you. Either way, you won’t have to delay your cleaning chore in order to find the supplies anymore. They will be kept ready for you!

22. Hang The Products

Via Ourdailyideas

If you got quite a shortage of bathroom space, you can hang up some products by the curtain rod. Hang them up using the little hooks given in the picture. Attach the clip end to the flat end of the products. But of course, you can’t hang up just anything.  Mostly tube-like products can be stored in this way.  Go through your stuff and see what can be stored in this clever way.

23. Spice Racks

Via Ourlifeinaclick

Yup, you read that right. They can be used for bathroom storage too! Buy some spice racks, spray paint them for a better look and screw them up against the bathroom wall. If you got a very small bathroom or little space on the countertop, then this idea is perfect for you to store the stand-up toiletries. I’ll suggest you put them up near the countertop.

24. Double Shower Rod

Zenna Home NeverRust Double Curved Shower Rod, Size: Pack of 1, Satin Nickel

Often people feel awkward to dry their undies and delicates out in the open. If you are one such person, get a double shower rod for your bathroom, and dry your delicates there. You can hang up the shower curtain on one and dry your towels and delicates on the other. Install it in a way that the dripping waterfalls in the tub.

25. Under The Sink Lazy Susan

Via Maillardvillemanor

I present to you another under-the-sink organizer! If you got only a little space under the sink, this idea is perfect for you! Get a Lazy Susan with mesh baskets and organize all the products in it. You can keep the everyday use in front and the rarely-used in the back of the stand. It’s a clever idea I know!

26. Bathroom Accessories

Mason Jar Bathroom Accessories Set 4 Pcs - Mason Jar Soap Dispenser & 2 Apothecary Jars & Toothbrush Holder - Rustic Farmhouse Decor, Bathroom Home Decor Clearance, Countertop Vanity Organize - Black

Get some bathroom accessories like a mason jar soap dispenser, apothecary jars,  and toothbrush holders. You can put cotton balls or any other small stuff in the jars. It’s a good way to organize the medicine cabinet. Just to add a tad bit of fun in it, use colorful tags to label them, or paint pens will work too!

27. DIY Under Sink Storage

Via Pinktoesandpowertools

Yup, another DIY! I feel there’s no fun in the usuals. Don’t worry, this DIY is easy! Get some rigid bins from The Dollar Store, whose size depends on the space you got under the sink. Build the plastic bin tower using plywood. Some gluing and nailing or screwing on the top and bottom and BOOM, you end up with this amazing DIY. Now store bathroom supplies and other toiletries in there.

These are some wonderful organizing ideas to declutter your bathroom. Keep in mind that the ideas vary from size to size of the bathroom so choose accordingly. Rest assured that you won’t have to clean this one spot before any special guest visits. Plus, you’ll feel very happy to see your neat and tidy bathroom!

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